/ May 18, 2014
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Tap Action Game; moment memory system, has been developed. This isa memory enhancing game. It strengthen capabilities to memory byplaying the game nearly every day. Let's challenge for a memorylimitation. Memorize the position of the panel, then try to tapwith accuracy. There are three modes, which stimulate brain, in thegame. ・Normal mode: Memorize the position of a yellow panel and tapthe panel ・Number mode: Memorize the position of a yellow panelnumber and tap the panel in turn ・Expert mode: Normal mode andNumber mode. Challenging area in a short storage time Let'schallenge the limit of your memory with a mode each.

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    100 memories
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    May 18, 2014
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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jp.edges.horror APK
This game contains scary graphic, sound & effect you ever findon smartphones! Experience the fear that will stay in your mind allsummer! ※This game contains scary effects and grotesque graphic,such as blood, etc which can cause trauma. ■■THE JUSOU Prologue■■ Iam standing in front of an old house. I passed this certain houseeveryday on my way home. Ten years ago, a family with a childstayed here for a while. After they moved out though, nobody hassince lived there. Maybe it`s just my imagination, but... I think isaw somebody inside the house recently. It makes me curious... So,as if possessed, I pass the gate and walk to the front of thehouse. ■■■■ Fear is contagious…
脱出ゲーム:呪巣 -零ノ章- APK
前作の超弩級の恐怖がTwitterや実況動画で感染拡大!スマホ史上最恐のホラーゲームとネット上で話題沸騰!!そんな反響を呼んだ【呪巣】の続編が満を持して登場!時は前作の【呪巣】からさかのぼること25年前。あの家で起きた驚愕な事件当日を描くストーリー。最恐のグラフィック・サウンド・演出をもって、この夏、前作を上回る心に残るドキドキヒヤヒヤの恐怖をお届けします※このゲームにはトラウマになりえる恐怖演出や血などのグロテスク表現が含まれています■■呪巣 プロローグ■■双子の姉の零が死んだ自分の半身が突然なくなったような虚無感が心にどす黒く広がっていくこの事故をきっかけに家族の空気が大きく変わった零の死からもうすぐ49日のそんな時、一枚の手紙を見つけた零からの手紙・・・。私への手紙・・・。生前に書かれたであろう零からの意味深げな”お願い”だった・・・。■■■■恐怖を伝染させるため『ニコニコ生放送』機能が実装されています。恐怖体験を生放送して、呪巣の恐ろしさを共有・共感しよう!※ニコニコ生放送機能は端末によって対応していないものもございますのでご了承ください。
脱出ゲーム:呪巣 -起ノ章- 1.0.7 APK
堪え難い恐怖がTwitterや実況動画で感染拡大! スマホ史上最恐のホラーゲームとネット上で話題沸騰の【呪巣】シリーズ最新作!!なぜあの呪いの巣は生まれたのか・・・ その原点とも言えるさらに25年を遡った曰くのストーリー 今回の呪巣は3Dマップを採用!恐怖が渦巻く廊下を勇気を振り絞って進もう!スマホ史上最恐のグラフィック・サウンド・演出をもって、最も心に残るドキドキヒヤヒヤの恐怖をお届けします※このゲームにはトラウマになりえる恐怖演出や血などのグロテスク表現が含まれています ■■呪巣 -起ノ章- プロローグ■■私には3つ上の姉がいた。 卒業を目前に控えた高校3年の夏、姉は校舎の屋上から飛び降りた姉がなぜ、自殺をしたのか、なぜ命を絶たなければならなかったのか あの優しかった姉が自殺をしたという事実が未だ受け入れることができないあれから1年・・・ 私は姉と同じ学校に入学した この学校では数年前から生徒が何人も行方不明になっている姉が入学した1965年から起こり始めたこの不可解な出来事 この学校には何かある 黒く濁った真実が・・・ 数日前に靴箱に入っていた手紙”あなたが知りたいこと・・・、22時に1年4組の教室で” 姉の死の真相が今日紐解かれていくことになる・・・ ■■■■恐怖は伝染する・・・
ブロック崩し Brick Break Animals APK
誰もが知っているアーケードゲーム「ブロック崩し」がカワイイどうぶつたちの冒険になって新登場!森のどうぶつがみんな悪い人間たちにさらわれちゃった!勇敢な子クマちゃんと一緒に、森のみんなを助けに行こう!どんどん邪魔なブロックを壊して次々と落下するフルーツをゲット!救い出した仲間やアイテムをうまく使ってステージをどんどん進もう!◆ゲームの特徴かわいいどうぶつたちと一緒にさらわれた森の家族を助けに行こう!ゲーム中に手に入れたコインを使ってアイテムのレベルをあげて、ステージを有利に進もう!弾丸、ファイアボール、スプリットボールなど様々なアイテムが登場するとっても楽しい、ポップでキュートなブロック崩しです!◆毎日ボーナスステージ毎日1回プレイできるボーナスステージが登場!次々と落下する様々してくるフルーツをゲットして大量コインをゲットしよう !Everyone"break block" arcade game that knows appeared new become adventureof cute animals!Animals of the forest had been kidnapped toeverybody bad human beings!Along with the brave child bear-chan,Let's go to help everyone in the forest!Get the fruit to fall oneafter another to break the increasingly disturbing block!And usingwell the fellow and items rescued and intend to move rapidly thestage with!◆ features of the gameLet's go to help the Forest familythat was kidnapped along with cute animals!By raising the level ofthe item by using the coin that was placed in the hands during thegame, and intend to move to favor the stage!Bullet, fire ball, avariety of items such as split ball appearedVery fun, it breaks acute block pop!◆ daily bonus stageBonus stage you can play once aday appeared!Let's get a large amount of coins and get a variety tocome fruit one after another fall!
탈출 게임 : 붉은 여자 1.0.0 APK
일본의 모바일 게임 중 『 가장 무서운 게임 』이라고 불린 공포 탈출 게임 : 주옥의 개발자가새로운 공포를 모색해는만들어 낸 공포의 탈출 게임!현실에서 일어날지도 모르는 스토커의 공포로부터 탈출해라!가장 무서운 그래픽·사운드 연출로심장이 얼어붙는 공포를 선사하겠습니다※이 게임에는 트라우마가 될 공포 연출과 표현이 포함되어 있습니다■ ■ 붉은 여자프롤로그 ■ ■정신이 들었을 때, 그곳은 이미 사용 금지된 낡은 공중 화장실 안이었다...입구에는 자물쇠가 걸려 있었고창문으로도 나올 수가 없었다.완전히 갇혀 버렸어...어두컴컴한 어둠 속에서 한 통의 붉은 편지를 발견했다안에는 본 적없는 섬뜩한 여자의 사진과 얼굴 부분이 도려내진 남자의 사진이마치 커플인 것처럼 붙여져 있는 상태로 들어 있었다사진뒤에는 빨간 글씨로 이렇게 씌어 있었다...「당신의 사랑을 확인하고 싶어」■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■Of mobilegames in Japan, "the scariest game" that horror escape game called:a gem of a developerTo seek new horror escape game of terrorcreated!Be escape from the fear of a stalker might happen in reallife!I will bring a fear catching heart froze as the scariestgraphics, sound director※ This game includes directing andexpressing fears become traumas■ ■ ■ ■ red woman prologueWhen thespirit heard, there was an old public toilet not already disabled...There were also a number of the entrance was hanging out thewindow lock.It ditched completely trapped ...In a somber dark redletters it was found in a barrelInside the camp bore a picture of aman seen in this photo with the face of a woman with no creepsAs ifthat were attached into the state as a coupleAfter this photo waswritten in red letters ..."I want to make sure you love."■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■
脱出ゲーム:赤い女 APK
スマホ史上『最恐』と言われたホラー脱出ゲーム:呪巣の開発スタッフが新たな恐怖を模索し作り上げた、幽霊の出ない恐怖脱出ゲーム!リアルに起こるかもしれない、ストーカーの恐怖から脱出せよ。最恐のグラフィック・サウンド・演出をもって、心に残るドキドキヒヤヒヤの恐怖をお届けします※このゲームにはトラウマになりえる恐怖演出や表現が含まれています■■赤い女 プロローグ■■気が付いたとき、そこはすでに使用を禁じられた古い公衆トイレの中だった・・・入口には鍵がかけられており、窓からも出ることができない。完全に閉じ込められている・・・。薄暗い闇の中、一通の赤い手紙を見つけた中には見覚えのない不気味な女の写真と顔のくり抜かれた男の写真がカップルかのごとく貼り合わたものが入っていた。写真の裏には赤い文字でこう書かれていた・・・「あなたの愛を確かめたい」■■■■お化け屋敷に入るがごとく恐怖をみんなで体験できるように『ニコニコ生放送』機能が実装されています。ニコニコ生放送をして、赤い女の恐ろしさを共有・共感しよう!※ニコニコ生放送機能は端末によって対応していないものもございますのでご了承ください。※ニコニコ動画の一般会員の方でも、一日3回の配信が無料でできます。プレミアム会員は回数無制限で配信することができますSmartphoneever "most fear" and said the horror escape game: development staffof Noroisu was created to seek a new fear, fear escape game doesnot go out of the ghost! might happen realistically, Escape fromfear of a stalker. Have a graphic sound production of the mostfear, we will deliver the fear of being fearful pounding memorable※contains fear production and expressions can be a trauma for thisgame■■ red woman prologue ■■When I noticed, there was already inthe old public toilets, which are prohibited from use ...Theentrance is key is applied, it can not come out from the window....It is completely trapped.Among the gloomy darkness, I found a redletter of one copyUnfamiliar eerie woman Photos and man of thephoto that has been hollowed out of the face had entered what wasAwa stick as if a couple is in.... That has been written this wayin red letters on the back of the photo"I want to make sure yourlove."■■■■The fear as if entering the haunted house to be able toexperience with everyone "smiling live" feature has beenimplemented.And a smiling live, try to share and sympathy for thehorrors of the red woman!※ smiling live broadcast feature somethings that do not correspond by the terminal therefore pleaseacknowledge.※ Even if you're of the general membership of thesmiling video, you can three times a day of the delivery is free ofcharge. Premium member can be delivered in an unlimited number of
Jewel Puzzle APK
Treasure of the Kings was hidden somewhere in the castle!The onlyway to find the place is to complete this Treasure Map.Let’scomplete the Treasure Map by collecting pieces of it sealed in theJewel Puzzle!There are more than 200 stages!Operation issimple!Just swipe gems up and down, left and right. Align 3 gemsand erase.Bring the piece of Treasure Map buries in gems up to thetop. When you get all of them, game is cleared!Additionally, youcan get a coin when align 4 or more gems and erase.Buy items withvarious effects, using the coin & aim at all stagescleared!Third Eye: Finds movable gems.Exchange Ring: Randomlyexchanges around gems.Fake Paint: Changes designated gem into othergem.Destruction Cane: Destroys one selected gem.Time Sand: Extends30 seconds time.
Don't Step the Black Tile APK
Insta-death if stepping on a black tile! Comes up a cool tap actiongame with an instant judgment! You must judge instantly and tap awhite tile. Tap white tiles exactly and faster than anyone else& try for high score! ◇◇Three Hot Modes Available◇◇◇ ・”Arcade”Mode:Competes in time required to tap white tiles. ・”Time Attack”Mode:Competes in how many white tiles tapped in 15 seconds.・”Endless” Mode:Competes in how many white tiles tapped, recoveringtime limit. Try for No.1 in the world in each mode! Ranking &Achievement functions available. Compete with worldwide fighters!