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Solve the secret in these japanese style room, open the door andescape!Features▶ Japanese style room escaping game.▶ Open the doorto go to the next stage.▶ This is a free application and morestages will be added!▶ There are various Achievements!▶ Can youfind the 14th Achievement?

App Information 100 Washitsu :room escape game

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    100 Washitsu :room escape game
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    June 18, 2015
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Cybergate Technology Limited
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    Room 6-7, 20/F, Saxon Tower 7 Cheung Shun Street CHEUNG SHA WAN, KOWLOON Hong Kong
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【やめて!】スカートめくり 水着編 ~無料暇つぶしゲーム~ 1.0.2 APK
海の季節がやってきました!やっぱり海にも希望がたくさんあります!ありがとうございます!パレオなんてなんのその!というわけでうちわであおいでスカートの中にPOPな未来を見出そう!気付かれたらめっちゃ怒られるからね!※絶対にゲームの中だけで遊んでね!ペタペタポコポコあおいじゃおう!■遊び方操作は超簡単!「あおぐ」をひたすら連打しよう!うちわでめっちゃあおぐよ!気づかれそうになったら鼻歌まじりにごまかせ!君は夢を見られるか!?■おすすめポイント1.操作が簡単!誰でも遊べる!2.いつでもどこでも暇つぶしができる3.思わずハマる!4.楽しめる無料ゲームだよ!5.夢と希望にあふれたアプリだよ!6.GameCenterで世界中のイタズラ好きと競い合えるよ■こんな人にオススメ・簡単だけど、はまるゲームをやりこみたい・通勤、通学途中の空き時間に暇つぶししたい(ちょっと目立つかも。。)・ヒラヒラするものに弱い方・気配を感じさせない自信のある方【注意】ダメ!絶対!・実際にやると怒られるだけでは済まない可能性があります・最悪海で一晩過ごすことがあります。以上のことを守って、楽しくゲームをプレイしてくださいね!Seaof ​​the season came!After all, there are a lot of hope in thesea!Thank you very much!Pareo Nante Nan'nosono!Let's find a POPfuture in the skirt in blue in the fan in the mean that!It becauseMeccha yelled Once noticed!Absolutely I play only in the game※!Petapeta Pokopoko Jaou blue!■ How to PlayOperation is supereasy!Let earnestly battered to "fan ~ with"!It shall be soughtTruly in the fan!If you noticed it is likely to fool thehumming!Whether you are dreaming! ?■ Recommended point1. Easy tooperate! Anyone play!2. can kill time anywhere at any time3.involuntarily addictive!4. enjoy it's free game!5. It is a dreamthe app full of hope!The Ru Kisoiae and mischievous around theworld in 6.GameCenter■ Recommended for TravellersIt 's simple, youwant speedrun a game that fitsCommuting, you want to kill time inthe free time of the middle school (little noticeable be ..)• Theflutters and weaker to thoseA person of, does not feel the signconfidence[Note] No! Absolutely!With only - it is angry whenactually do there is a sorry possibility-Worst sea you may spendovernight.Guarding of the above, but please play fun games!
【やめて】スカートめくり JK編 ~無料暇つぶしゲーム~ 1.1.0 APK
男の希望が詰まった魅惑のスカート。ヒラヒラするものに寄って行ってしまうのはもはや本能!男の野心(?)はいくつになっても変わらない!スカートの中にPOPな未来を見出そう!今度はJK!扇風機で制服のスカートをそよがせろ!可能性は...無限大!!気付かれたらめっちゃ怒られるからね!※絶対にゲームの中だけで遊んでね!爽やかな風と熱い思いを送っちゃおう!■遊び方操作は超簡単!「送風」をひたすら連打しよう!扇風機であせらずあわてず、そよがせよう!気づかれそうになったら鼻歌まじりにごまかせ!君は夢を見られるか!?■おすすめポイント1.操作が簡単!誰でも遊べる!2.いつでもどこでも暇つぶしができる3.思わずハマる!4.楽しめる無料ゲームだよ!5.夢と希望にあふれたアプリだよ!■こんな人にオススメ・簡単だけど、はまるゲームをやりこみたい・通勤、通学途中の空き時間に暇つぶししたい(ちょっと目立つかも。。)・ヒラヒラするものに弱い方・いくつになっても希望と諦めを失わない方【注意】ダメ!絶対!・実際にやると怒られるだけでは済まない可能性があります・最悪クラスで孤立することがあります以上のことを守って、楽しくゲームをプレイしてくださいね!Captivatingskirt hope of man is jammed.Is no longer instinct from beingcarried out by the one that flutters!Man of ambition (?) Isunchanged at any age!Let's find a POP future in a skirt!Now Let meSoyoga uniforms skirt in JK! Fan!The possibilities ... infinity!!It because Meccha yelled Once noticed!Absolutely I play only inthe game ※!Let sent a fresh wind and passion!■ How to PlayOperationis super easy!Let earnestly barrage the "air"!Do not panic and donot rush in the fan, and trying Soyoga!If you noticed it is likelyto fool the humming!Whether you are dreaming! ?■ Recommendedpoint1. Easy to operate! Anyone play!2. can kill time anywhere atany time3. involuntarily addictive!4. enjoy it's free game!5. It isa dream the app full of hope!■ Recommended for TravellersIt 'ssimple, you want speedrun a game that fitsCommuting, you want tokill time in the free time of the middle school (little noticeablebe ..)• The flutters and weaker to those- Some even made for thosewho do not lose the resignation and hope[Note] No! Absolutely!Withonly - it is angry when actually do there is a sorry possibility-It may be isolated in the worst classGuarding of the above, butplease play fun games!
Exsilium - 3D Physics RPG 1.0.3 APK
Exsilium is a physic based 3D action RPG game!Explore differentworlds with your customized character, fight with sword or gun inthese challenging levels! Don't forget to level up and learn skillsto fit your battlestyle!==================================================After theinvention of the warp drive, humanity had reached the era of spaceexploration. The V.E.P., Voluntary Explorer Program is aiming atdiscovering new possibilities in the outer space.As one of theexplorers of V.E.P., you have been assigned to survey a newlydiscovered planet. However, as soon as you arrived, the whole shipwent out of control.It was drawn by the gravity of the planet andstarted tofall...==================================================GameFeatures:- Explore the mystrious planet There are various themed 3Dlevels- Different battle styles Go hack n' slash or gun blazing asyou want- Physic based battle system Push enemies around to dealextra damage and unveil hidden elements- Character creation systemCustom create your own character- A wide range of equipmentselection Choose your weapons and armors with different functions-Level up and skill set Customize your character's attributes andunlock different skills to fit your battle styleCheck news at ourfacebook page:https://www.facebook.com/CGTLimited
【やめて!】スカートめくり ~無料暇つぶしゲーム~ 1.1.0 APK
男の子の希望が詰まった魅惑のスカート。ヒラヒラするものに寄って行ってしまうのはもはや本能!牛だってヒラヒラするものに弱いからね!というわけでうちわであおいでスカートの中にPOPな未来を見出そう!気付かれたらめっちゃ怒られるからね!※絶対にゲームの中だけで遊んでね!ペタペタポコポコあおいじゃおう!■遊び方操作は超簡単!「あおぐ」をひたすら連打しよう!うちわでめっちゃあおぐよ!気づかれそうになったら鼻歌まじりにごまかせ!君は夢を見られるか!?■おすすめポイント1.操作が簡単!誰でも遊べる!2.いつでもどこでも暇つぶしができる3.思わずハマる!4.楽しめる無料ゲームだよ!5.夢と希望にあふれたアプリだよ!6.GameCenterで世界中のイタズラ好きと競い合えるよ■こんな人にオススメ・簡単だけど、はまるゲームをやりこみたい・通勤、通学途中の空き時間に暇つぶししたい(ちょっと目立つかも。。)・ヒラヒラするものに弱い方・気配を感じさせない自信のある方【注意】ダメ!絶対!・実際にやると怒られるだけでは済まない可能性があります・最悪クラスで孤立することがあります以上のことを守って、楽しくゲームをプレイしてくださいね!Enchantedskirt desired boy is jammed.Longer instinct from being carried outby the one that flutters!I from weak to those that flutters Evencow!Let's find a POP future in the skirt in blue in the fan in themean!It because hella yelled Once noticed!Absolutely I play only inthe game ※!Petapeta Pokopoko Jaou blue!■ How to PlayOperation issuper easy!Let intently battered to "Aogu"!Shall be sought Truly infan!If you noticed is likely to Gomakase to humming!Whether you aredreaming! ?■ Recommended point1. Easy to operate! Anyone play!2.can pass the time anytime and anywhere3. involuntarily Iaddictive!4. enjoy it's free game!5. It's a dream and app full ofhope!The Ru Kisoiae and mischievous around the world in6.GameCenter■ Recommended for TravellersIt 's simple, you wantSpeedrun a game that fitsCommuting, you want to kill time in thefree time in the middle school (little noticeable be ..)• Thefluttering is weaker to thoseA person. · Does not feel the signsconfidence[Note] No! Absolutely!With only, is angry and actually dothere is a sorry possibility· You may have to orphaned in the worstclassTo observe the above, but please play a fun game!
W. 1.0.0 APK
「あなたは流れる光を導くことができますか?」パネルを置いて光を導く。光と音楽が彩る、ヒーリング物理パズル『W』パネルを使って光の流れを変え、ゴールを光で満たせばステージクリア。しかし自由に流れる光を思い通りに動かすには、少し頭を働かせる必要があります。動きを予測し、すべてのステージに明かりを灯すことができますか?静かなステージを飛び交う美しい光と、それを彩る幻想的な音楽。他とは一味違ったパズルをリラックスして楽しんでみませんか?「失敗してやり直し」はありません。中断されることなく、光と音の世界に浸ることができます。さらにプレイに役立つサポート機能も搭載。難しいステージは、ヒントを見たり友達とシェアしてクリアの手がかりを掴みましょう。■Wおすすめポイント・指一本で誰でもできる、直感的で簡単操作のパズルゲーム・何度でもリトライ、ヒント機能も搭載。自分のペースで遊べます。・無料アップデートでステージを追加予定。長くお楽しみ頂けます。"Canyou direct the light flowing?"To guide the light by placing thepanel.Light and music decorate, healing physical puzzle "W"Andchanging the flow of light using a panel stage clearance satisfiesthe goal light.However, the move he wanted to a freely flowinglight, you need to work a little head.It predicts the movement, oryou can light a light to all the stage?And beautiful light flurryof quiet stage, fantastic music that decorate it.Why not enjoy torelax a little bit different puzzle the other?"Failed to tryagain." There is no. Without interruption, you can immerse yourselfin the world of light and sound.In addition also features supportfeatures that help to play.Difficult stage, let's grab a clue ofClear to share with your friends can see the hint.■ W Recommendedpoint- Can anyone with one finger, intuitive and easy operation ofthe puzzle game· Any number of times retry, also hints featured.You can play at your own pace.· Add plan to stage free updates.Enjoy your long.
100T Earth Defender 1.1.3 APK
100T Earth Defender is a crazy battle trillion simulation game.Build bases, send infantry against the monsters! And don't forgetto arm with your secret weapon in the mother base! Save the Earthnow!In year 20xx, an unknown lifeform appeared and started toevolve into monsters. The survival of humanity is at stake!However,we will not surrender! We must stand up and fight! We are the lasthope of humankind!One man is powerless, but 1 TRILLION will makedifferent!Guard the earth now!We are the united force of the Earth.We, are the Earth DefenderCorps!================================Game Features:-Send trillionsof infantry towards the frontline, non-stop!-Kill monsters. Gaingrounds. Build new forward bases to deploy more powerfultroopers!-Use the secret weapon built in the mother base to win thebattle!-As a commander, your presence will boost the morale of thetroops and they will fight better!
Popipu Evolution 1.0.2 APK
One day in a small town, it appeared. At first, people didn't evennotice, except some kids. They named it Popipu and played withit.At first, Popipu will only move around and react to stimulationsby instinct. But with enough interaction with people, it willevolve!Just like anyone's life, the path of evolution is anuncertainty! The way how Popipu evolves depends on severalconditions!What will be the fate ofPopipu?================================Game Features:- Simply tapon the people to let Popipu *play* with them and gain exp!- Evolveinto many different forms that are definitely out of yourimagination!- Path of evolution depends on how Popipu *plays* withpeople. Discover up to 6 possible endings!- *Play* with rarevictims! Win the minigame challenge for exp multiplier!- Usespecial items to help Popipu on its path of evolution!- Meet theGod of Friendship! Invite your friends to *play* with Popipu anddiscover new evolution possibilities!- Are you scared of a littleblood and gore?
R. Physics Puzzle Game 1.0.16 APK
Drag and cut the blocks! "Can all the block REALLY fall off thescreen!?""R" is a simple, yet mind challenging physics puzzlegame.Tap and drag on the screen to cut the blocks. You will win if80% of the blocks fall off the screen.Sounds easy? Try to use leastcuts to make 100% of the blocks fall!Found it too hard to win? Trythe "hint" function.You can also share the screenshots with otherfriends to solve the puzzle together!What's special:- It's simplyhard. A good chance to train your mind.- Stage is short. Play itwhenever you want.- It's easy to play. Everyone can play it.