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Record your weight with only one click, view the BMI in the tableand analyze it in the diagram. The app supports metric (cm, kg) andimperial (ft, in, lb) units. Consider to buy the upgrade if youlike the app. It removes the ads.

App Information 1Click Weight Recorder

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    1Click Weight Recorder
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    April 22, 2019
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Health & Fitness
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    257 Clarence St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
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Transform your Android Wear watch into a smart alarm clock thatlets you wake up well. Wake up alert and in the right mood! Can’tremember the last time you woke up fresh and energised? Are youstuck in an endless cycle of sleeping through or ignoring youralarm clock? Based on maximising the science of sleep, Wake Up Wellhas been designed to wake you up at the optimal time. Unlike thetraditional alarm clock, which works to wake you up at a specifictime, Wake Up Well wakes you up gently with vibrations at theoptimal time – when you’re rested, relaxed and in REM or Rapid EyeMovement sleep. What is REM? REM Sleep was identified by sleepresearchers as a phase in sleep in which a person sleeps lightly.It occurs throughout various times during sleep; one of the lastinstances it occurs is close to morning. It is said that duringREM, the brain activity behaves similar to the brain activityduring hours you are awake. How it works Wake Up Well detects theoptimal time to wake you up. When using alarm clocks, most people’sbodies are not yet prepared or still in deep sleep. Notice thatwhen you wake via your alarm clock’s command you’re often groggy,have a cloudy mind and lacking in energy? That’s because your bodyis still in deep sleep. With Wake Up Well, you’re gently awokenduring REM – when your brain is more active and your body isnaturally ‘waking up’. Wake Up Well detects your slight movementsduring REM and in the ‘wake up window’ you set. It is during thistime Wake Up Well monitors when to wake you up. Start the day withmore energy with Wake Up Well. Features: - improves your sleep -assists in improving your mood - lets you wake up fresh, animatedand more energised - uses vibrations to wake you so your partnerisn’t disturbed - especially designed for Android wear watches -operational on the watch only, no Smartphone needed - detect bestwakeup time - repeating alarms (Premium only) - wakes up at thealmost awake moments - shows wake up screen immediately - supportsall Android wear watches - set wake up time directly on the watch -set a wake up window in which it wakes up at the best timeregarding sleep phase (Premium only) - configurable snooze time -configurable alarm set reminder In-app Products: - Premium: Unlockrepeated alarms and adjust the wake up window - Donation To set analarm first open Wake Up Well on your watch. Touch "New alarm",then scroll to the time you need to wake up. This is the latesttime the alarm will go off. Swipe to the right for options. Thewake up window will determine the earliest time the alarm will wakeyou up - based on your sleep pattern. After setting your wake upwindow swipe to the right again and touch the days you want thesame alarm to repeat. If you want just a single use alarm do nottouch any days. Once you have finished setting your alarm, swipeleft to return to the original screen and swipe again to receive aconfirmation window. Use the ‘Wake Up Well’ Comlication on newWatch Faces to show the next alarm time. The frames of the watchesin the screen shots are licensed under Creative Commons:http://wakeupwell.pete.ch/cc-attribution.txt
1Click Tracker 4.2 APK
Record your important events with one click, the first three oneeven from the notification drawer. You then see them on thecalendar, evaluate them with graphs and export them by email usingPDF. For the calendar view, statistics per day/week can beactivated in the settings.The tracker is easy to use and allows thesupervision of any event. It is possible to enter an infiniteamount of events and a color can be chosen for each. With thecolors, the events can be distinguished easily on the calendar andthe graphs.Possible events include:- sport like gym, biking,hiking, running, skating, stand up paddle- visit the parents- visitfriend X- candle light dinner- water plants- taken pill X- playgame X- play music instrument X- eaten veggie, eaten dessert- beingcreative- ride the motorbike- noise from neighbors- medicalsymptoms like migraine, backache, palpitations, sinus headache,high blood pressure, high/low insulin, stomach ache, influenza,insomniaConsider to buy the upgrade if you like the app. It removesthe ads.
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Record your medicines to see them on the calendar, evaluate themwith graphs and show them to the doctor by exporting it by emailusing PDF.The simple pain diary is easy to use and allows thesupervision of medicines also with daily receipts. It is possibleto enter an infinite amount of medicines and a color can be choosenfor each. With the colors, the medicinies can be distinquishedeasily on the calendar and the graphs.This app of only free as atrial and offers in app purchase to unlock the full version.
1Click Weight Recorder 3.0 APK
Record your weight with only one click,viewthe BMI in the table and analyze it in the diagram. Theappsupports metric (cm, kg) and imperial (ft, in, ln) units.Consider to buy the upgrade if you like the app. It removestheads.
1Click Weight Recorder 1.2.2 APK
Record your weight with only one click, view the BMI in the tableand analyze it in the diagram. The app supports metric (cm, kg) andimperial (ft, in, lb) units. Consider to buy the upgrade if youlike the app. It removes the ads.
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This app is for developers only. It allows to copy/pastebetweenphysical devices or emulators and the development PC usingthe adbconnection (USB-Cable or adb over Wifi). There aremultiplesolutions for clipboard sharing using external servers.Inrestricted environments like banks, developers are oftennotallowed to use such external servers. In these cases, AdbClipboardcomes in handy. This app does not request internetpermission andtherefore does not send anything outside of yournetwork.
ch.pete.enumbers 0.2.0 APK
Point your camera at the additives list and uncover how harmfulorharmless the ingredients are. Uses machine learning to show youtheresults instantly. Main icon made by Those Icons