2.5 / July 3, 2014
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Quickly touch the numbers in order!Aim of the real number onematches!Touch the order of 1 to 25 digits that compete on speed.Theranking will be reflected in real time, let your mind behotter.Aim! Ranked No. 1 in the world!

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    1to25 speed touch
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    July 3, 2014
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    Android 2.2 and up
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BIBLE (Multi Language) 25.1 APK
[Free Bible for All] Access the Bible with convenient functionssuch as letter size control so that older people can easily see thetranslation of various languages without using the Internet.[Developer's Word] "Come into the Lord's goods, whoever can throwaway the material!" "Tell me that the Lord is around." "I'm alwayslooking at you." [Copyright Information] This Bible app complieswith copyright policy and supports multilingualism. [Introductionto access limit] You will be informed of the access rights requiredfor the service. 1.[Required access] - Internet access/externalmemory storage and reading authority [Bible data] 2.[Optionalaccess authority] Permission not granted. If you do not allow it,there is no restriction other than the functions related to thedenied rights.
불교경전 지장경 1.4 APK
* 불교경전 *쉽고 빠르게 볼 수 있습니다.[반야심경]완전한 명칭은 “마하반야바라밀다심경[摩訶般若波羅蜜多心經]이다. 그 뜻은 ‘지혜의 빛에 의해서 열반의 완성된 경지에 이르는마음의 경전‘으로 풀이할 수 있습니다광명진언[光明眞言] “옴 아모가 바이로차나 마하무드라 마니 파드마 즈바라 프라바릍타야 훔“* Buddhist*You can quickly and easily see.[Heart Sutra]The full name is "Mach Banya baramilda state of mind [摩訶 般若 波羅蜜 多心經]. That means you can pool in the 'works of the mind leading to acomplete state of Nirvana by the light of wisdom'Light mantra [光明 眞 言] "Om Mani Padma's Armor is looking to steala car or Mach mudeura take Pradesh bareut to buy"
버스 와 지하철(실시간 버스,마을버스,서울지하철) 2.9 APK
[버스와지하철] - 마을버스 까지도!!!서울시 마을버스 정보도 나오는 실시간 버스도착정보!포함되는 기능 : 마을버스,시외버스, 지하철 등을 모두 한앱에!어디까지 왔나? 언제 오는지 등을 미리 파악하여 출/퇴근에유용히 사용하세요~* 위정보는 서울시교통정보 센타에서 실시간으로 바로 제공하는 정보를 그대로 보여줌으로써 다른 지하철앱에서 발생하는 시간이느리거나 맞지 않는 등의 문제를 해결하였습니다.이제 곧바로 서울시교통정보 센타에서 제공하는 실시간 100% 신뢰성 정보를바로 확인해 보세요.출근시간에 사용자가 많이 몰려 화면 로딩이 오래되거나, 이상하게 깨질경우 종료하시고 다시시도해주세요^^[Bus and subway - even the village bus !!!Seoul Villagereal time bus arrival information Bus information iscoming!Features included are: village bus, intercity bus, subway,etc. in both hanaep!Where watna up? When coming to suchpre-identified by the Department / workUse yuyonghi ~* Theinformation above has solved the problem of the time just byshowing real-time information to be provided directly in the centerof Seoul traffic information from other Metro apps do not slow orincorrect.Now check out immediately as soon as 100% reliablereal-time traffic information provided by the Information Center inSeoul.Users have gathered a lot of time to work this long loadingscreen, or, if strangely broken, please try again Please end ^^
Kids Book(Korean Story) 7.3 APK
Your child will learn to read with confidence using Read MeStories.It's perfect for beginning readers. 5 million parents, justlike you, have downloaded Read Me Stories to teach their child toread.Is your goal any of these?* Get a new book every day*Entertain your child* Read bedtime stories together* Your childlearns to read these stories by him/herselfThen Read Me Stories isfor you!If you want your child to learn to read by themselves andgraduate an awesome and confident little reader, you can help themaccomplish that!* Learn ABCs, phonics and pronunciation* Gain areading vocabulary of 1000+ words* Tap to sound out words andletters - learning phonics on the fly* Learn word and sentenceformation* Read along as the words highlight* Enjoy reading from alibrary of hundreds of educational children’s stories* Start atyour child's current reading level* Get more books (to learn newskills) at your child's paceJoin our characters on an engagingadventure, get a new story every day, and make everyday reading abreeze.For over 12 years our qualified teachers have achieved 98%success in teaching kids to read one-on-one. This proven curriculumand pedagogy is at the heart of this app.Is your child in primaryschool and struggling with early reading? Read Me Stories is greatat achieving amazing turnarounds with kids that fail reading teststandards in school.Want to avoid that? Give your child a superhead start with Read Me Stories - it works great for preschool,kindergarten or concurrent with early primary school.Worried aboutwhether this is at the right level for your child? The app containsan easy step-by-step assessment to start your child at theirreading level!We're here to help you help your child achieve theirbest. So reach out to us for anything, from technical questions toadvice from reading specialists.5 million parents, just like you,have downloaded Read Me Stories to teach their child toread.Download now and start your child on their path to readingsuccess!Is your child bored with books, or even disliking them? Ourinteractive storybooks engage your child with Disney-caliberillustrations and voices like they've grown to expect from modernanimated movies, achieving higher engagement than traditionalpicture books.The library is filled with interactive tales ofadventure, animals, trucks, planes, amazing places like the SouthPole and outer space, classic stories like 'Little Red RidingHood', etc. And check out the books with songs, like the 'FiveFabulous Frogs' theme song.Read Me Stories a positive introductionto reading and will nurture your child's education development.Maybe you're just worried about technical stuff like Common CoreStandards, reading level correlation, leveled readers, phonics,assessment, reading intervention, miscue analysis, readingrecovery, supporting multiple children, etc.? Or maybe you're aprofessional tutor or teacher with even more questions? We've gotyou covered. Just write to us and we'll answer all of yourquestions about curriculum, pedagogy, and how Read Me Storiesdovetails with your learning paths.
택배 조회 (Delivery Search) 11.3 APK
문자가 오면 자동으로 택배코드가 입력이 됩니다.배송조회코드를 입력하시면 조회코드가 저장되며 손쉽게 실시간 확인을 하실수가있습니다문자입력이 실시간으로 이루어 지지만 혹시 에러가 발생하면 메일 주시면 적극 바로 수정하겠습니다불편하신점 메일주시면수정토록 하겠습니다.문의메일 : hklovecw@gmail.comWhen a character is enteredautomatically and the courier code.Please enter the code lookupTrack code is stored in what are welcome to try our real-timeconfirmationThe character input in real time, but perhaps I'll justmail us strongly modified when an error occursMail us uncomfortablethat we will ever fix you.Contact e-mail: hklovecw@gmail.com
한자공부(급수별한자,한문제공) 3.8 APK
한문과 한자공부를 통해 한자시험을 치루는 학습방법에 최적화 되어있습니다. 1급 부터 ~ 8급까지 다양한 한자를 통해쉬운학습을 터득해 보세요. 어렵지 않은 간단한 버튼 작동으로 쉽게 한자 공부를 하세요.기능)1. 따라 쓰기 기능 (한자를 보고 손으로 써봐요 )2. 1급~8급까지의 다양한 한자를 공부할 수 있는 기능 지원문의 및 개선사항은 메일 주시면즉시 반영하도록 하겠습니다.문의: hklovecw@gmail.comTake the test over the Chineseand the Chinese kanji study is optimized for learning. First gradeclass from 1-8 to try learning through a variety of easy-to-learnChinese. Easy not easy with a simple button operation please theChinese study.Function)1. In accordance with write capabilities(-Use on hand looking for Chinese)2. The ability to study a varietyof Chinese-class support to the first grade 1-8Contact andimprovements we will mail you'll immediately.Contact:hklovecw@gmail.com
Kids Songs Korea 1000 4.0 APK
Baby SongsMost ViewedBEST KIDS SONGS Features★1 full HD video flashplayer2 Most popular songs for kids from 0 to 53 Easy to learn songlyrics 4 Number 1,000 songs..5 Beautiful graphics and adorablecharacters 6 Kid-friendly interface 7 Compatible with both Androidphone and Galaxy Series8 Operates without wi-fi after downloading
숫자왕(치매예방덧셈게임) 26.3 APK
숫자왕은 제한된 시간 내에 제시된 숫자를 X + X = 25(제시된 숫자) 의 X를 눌러서 빠르게 더하며 찾는게임입니다. 치매예방의 목적은 단일 숫자의 더하기의 꾸준한 연습에 달려있습니다. 1+1 = 2 , 5 + 7 = 12등... 반복적 학습으로 치매를 예방하십시오! *개인정보처리방침을 준수하며, 내부 권한은 모두 광고를 위한 활용이며,수집하거나 개인정보를 다루지 않습니다. 자세한 사항은 하단 개인정보처리방침 URL를 확인하십시오. The numberking is a game that looks for more numbers by pressing X of X + X =25 (the number presented) within a limited time. The purpose ofprevention of dementia depends on the steady practice of adding asingle number. 1 + 1 = 2, 5 + 7 = 12 etc ... Prevent dementia withrepetitive learning! * Comply with the privacy policy, all internalrights are for advertising purposes, do not collect or deal withpersonal information. Please check the privacy policy URL below fordetails.