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Ka~tsu, I only slept fortwo hours over, Ka~tsu.

I awake at 2 hours just.
Oh! It's 2 hours after 5 seconds!
When the place in 2 hours perfect Certificate!
Index also enhance ★

App Information 2時間しか寝てないアプリ

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    November 28, 2014
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    Retro Web
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    100 - 500
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    Visit website Email [email protected]
    Meguro-ku MeguroHoncyo 1-15-8
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Tap cat RPG 1.9.9 APK
Retro Web
Ascii art cat's idle and tapping RPG.It has been exciting forseveral years.
Touhou speed tapping idle RPG 1.5.9 APK
Retro Web
One night, the evil touhou titans appear! The world fate is up toyou! Let' tap!Let's join realtime eventranking!http://hisapo.sakura.ne.jp/touhoutap/api/ranking/showRanking.php?type=event――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――▼Outline――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――Thisis touhou's tapping and idle game. You can use many skill, manyauto chara(Siki-gami), strengthening, evoutuion.Enemy is over 1500types! If you defeat enemys, you can collectthem.――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――▼Somegoal――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――①Aim for stage 1000.②Collect shopall items.③Collect all normal enemy.④Collect all SR enemy.⑤Rank inranking.⑥Rank in Hall of Fame.⑦Challenge hourai-mountain's hardstage.⑧PVP for your rivals.――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――▼ScreenDescription――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――①Home : You can battlemany enemy. In boss battle, sometimes other user come up!②SKILL :Lv UP tap shot and get new skill!③PARTY : Lv UP auto battleSiki-gami and get new Siki-gami!④SHOP : You can buy rare item ,rare skill, using Onmyo-dama!⑤Collection : You can collect over1500 type enemys and 3 stages of the rarity!⑥PVP : You can battleyour rival, ranking ranker!⑦RANKING : You can challenge dailyevent, daily, weekly, total, hall of Fame, yourselfranking!⑧Hourai-mountaion : This is quest. You can battle very hardboss and stage jump and rankineasier.――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――▼Skill's (You can see detailin app.)――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――①Bom : Mastar spark②Exorcismbar : Auro Tap③Curse doll : Critical④S item : Speed UP⑤P item :Power UP⑥Ooiri-bag : Gold RUSH――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――▼Item's(You can see detail inapp.)――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――①Onmyo-dama②ZUN beer③GoldenOnmyo-dama④Hakurei amyuret⑤Time freezer⑥Hakke-ro⑦Zayaku⑧MoonRoket⑨Kanama stone⑩Monster dance⑪Yukari'sSUKIMA⑫⑨⑬EREEEN!EREEEN!⑭Bad's apple⑮Hakurei's largeBarrier⑯Hakurei's lucky bag⑰Moriya's lucky bag⑱Koumakan's luckybag⑲Meikai's lucky bag⑳Marisa's Mushroom picking(Loginbonus)――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――▼For authors like image / Soundand the like in the app assets――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――It hasbeen introduced at the following page.Very very thank you verymuch.http://hisapo.sakura.ne.jp/touhoutap/sozai.php――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――▼Other(AboutThis App)――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――This app is Touhou'salternative fiction.There is a case that contains the differentsettings and interpretations such as the original.This app is afree app of individual production.Support correspondence will besoon available capacity of producer Please note.This app we havebeen produced in a personal hobby.Team Shanghai Alice-like andother secondary creative work at all with people that have beenmade that there is no relationship, please note.If there is achange to the original bidder of regulation, I will followquickly.Due to the nature of Android, you might not be able to usesome features by the terminal and OS.It might take a long time toload only the first time the screen remainsdark.――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――▼Targetuser――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――Touhou(2HU) project doujin gamefavorite user.Idle rpg clicker game favorite user.TapTap gamefavorite user.SpeedTap defeat game favorite user.Moe kawaii retrodot pixel rush emoji favorite user.Timetap titans damages can knockdown milanos monster tapping game favorite user.Free lotterytreasurechest(treasure box) game favoriteuser.――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――▼Special thanks!!――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――Teacher of translation by DaleAllder, Psycadelic Raver――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――▼Privacypolicy――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――yukuri.xsrv.jp/privacypolicy.php?lang=en
Manga cat fishing 1.0.7 APK
Retro Web
[How to Play]Let's swipe your Fishhook to fish. If fish is hit,Let's tap rapid-fire and get rare fish cat!!You will able tocollection complete!1. The bait (hook) in swipe, it is closer tothe signs of fish.2. A certain period of time continue to bring thefood and signs of fish, signs of fish is spewing heart, to reachstate!3. Let pick up by tapping the screen Once you hit. If fish HPis zero, you can get fish!4. After the exp is accumulated to thenext sea area!5. Power up the equipment Once the coin isaccumulated! Let pick up fish gradually becomes a formidableenemy.6. Gradually finished to go picture book character.Certification Award to the whole character Comp the character!7.Let's challenge to the ranking. Once you become a first place inthe day or weekly, permanent Hall of Fame![Shop Items]1. LvUPFishing rod ... tap damage rise of fishing rod!2. LvUP Reel ...self-winding damage rise!3. LvUP Thread ··· GREAT damage rise!4.LvUP Fishhook ··· CRITICAL damage rise!5. LvUP food ... suspendreward rise!6. LvUP Magic ground bait ... not acquired charactercreature appearance of magic or if in battle, HP50% largedamage!!(consumption items)... Other than might item exists! ?※Ifyou can not defeat enemy in time.When you are ready,Plz tap "BOSSremach" Button In the upper right corner.※ But given the damagewithout having to tap the signs of fish center directly, largedamage in GREAT Once you tap directly, very large damage inCRITICAL Once you tap the needle tip!※ Because of the self-winding,the catch in its own way and also be allowed. And also to go backif the coin get close the app!※ signs of fish will escapeoccasionally. Rare degree it will run away as good as high.Discouraged not to re-challenge!※ If it is not unlikely eventregistered heavy rankings, etc. at night, and if you keep sorry totrouble you, but to clear the stage, it is registered somewhere. .※When the luck is good, "Plastic" and "angels" and "God" be AAappears! ?Music by (50 japanese HIRAGANA order)PANICPUMPKINlikeDevil soul likeYuurabo 8bit sound studio like
モナーハンター 2ちゃんキャラを集めよう★ 1.1.1 APK
Retro Web
モナーたち懐かしのAAキャラを、ワナでゲットして集めよう!キャラクターは全240体!図鑑としてもたのしめるよ。全部あつめると、良いことが!?操作は簡単。キャラをなぞってゲットするだけ。一定時間ごとにキャラがワナに落ちるよ。アプリをずっと見てなくてもOK!時々おきるフィーバーは大チャンス★ツイートすると、1日1回フィーバー確定!ゲットしたキャラはマニーになるので、高級なエサでレアキャラを狙おう!レベルがあがると、どんどんいろんなキャラがゲットできるようになるよ。▼出現キャラ一覧1.モナー属2.ギコ属3.モララー属4.しぃ属5.おにぎり属6.ショボーン属7.シャキーン属8.アヒャ属9.フーン属10,1さん属----------------11.8頭身モナー属12.ぃょぅ属13.ウワァアン属14.しまむら属15.荒巻属16.ズコー属17.イイ!!属18.オワタ属19.ドクオ属20.ブーン属----------------21.クマー属22.ちんぽっぽ属23.ふさふさ属24.エビフライ属25.脇役属26.お断りです属27.顔デカ&ゾヌ属28.激しく忍者属29.ニュッ&ニューソ君属30,けんもう属くん----------------31.ズコープラモ属32.モナ天使属33.神AA属PCブラウザ上でのプチ体験版はこちら(体験版はデータ保存されない場合があります) http://goo.gl/ufwnJh
100億匹のモナー 1.1.2 APK
Retro Web
モナーを100億匹生産しよう!最初は1匹ずつしか生まれないけど、建物をたくさん建てると、キャラがどんどん増えていくよ。建物はショップで強化も可能。レアキャラ図鑑、ランキングもあるよ!最初の起動だけ、10秒くらいかかることがあります。ゲームジャンル的にはクッキークリッカーゲームです。建物は色んな種類があるよ。建物はモナーと交換で建てられるよ。たくさんモナーが必要な建物ほど、たくさんモナーが生まれるよ。モナーの生まれるタマゴをタップ連射しても、モナーを増やすことができるよ。アプリを起動していない時の生産率は1/3になるから、よく起動しているほどたくさん生産できるよ。ショップでは建物をレベルアップ(強化)できるよ。安い建物でも強化すれば、たくさんモナーを生産できるようになるよ。生産数ランキングもあり!フィーバーボタンを押すとフィーバーするよ。フィーバー中は生産効率2倍でかつ、レア以上のキャラが確定だよ。レアなキャラほど生産効率が高いよ。生まれた瞬間は3倍~100倍の生産効率になるよ。レアの段階はノーマル<レア<激レア<超激レア<神レアShareボタンからは、現在のプレイ画面と匹数をツイートできるよ。図鑑で全キャラ揃えると、認定証がもらえるよ。100億匹を超えると、1000億匹、1兆匹、1京匹の世界に突入!?Musicby(50音順) PANICPUMPKIN様 魔王魂様 ユウラボ8bitサウンド工房様※時計ズラしチートすると、値がマイナスになったり、ランキングでチートがバレたりするので気をつけてね。
Retro Web
It is possible Kendama on SmartPhone!? You can play 13art's, 100quest's, 100 skin's!▼Usage・Throw Ball → Shake SmartPhonelengthwise.・Move Ball Left and right → Tilt SmartPhone Left andright.・Rotate right → Tap screen right side.・Rotate left → Tapscreen left side.・Hold Ken → Tap Ken,・Hold Ball → Tap Ball.・ChangeKendama skin → Tap upper right quest button, and select favoriteskin.If you clear the quest, you can get a new Kendama skin. Numberof skins quests more than 100!▼You can play below Waza(techniques)1. Ozara2. Kozara3, Cyuzara4, Tomeken5, Hikouki6. Kenisshu7. Nihon isshu8. Sekai isshu9. Toudai10. Touritu11.Sakaotosi12. Tubame gaesi13. MosikameIn the wake of this app, I amglad if you could have interested in Kendama even a little.MusicbyPANICPUMPKIN likeDevil soul likeYuurabo 8bit sound studio like
Yukkuri tap coin idle game 1.3.3 APK
Retro Web
10,000 or more types of AA character appearance! ! Collect skill,Yukkuri 2HU AA!▼ gameTap + idling(Auto) + skill fight game.Coinshot will shoot indefinitely. Sometimes powerful coin shot (giantcoin and homing) is issued.Skills can get in the lucky bag.Skillswill recover at a certain time."Yukkuri gem" can recover the skillsto 1 battle once.Once to six times, the boss will appear. Pleasedefeat within a certain period of time.If you lose to the boss, ifyou press the upper right corner of the BOSS rematch button fromgetting to some extent strongly, at any time You can re-challenge.▼strengtheningConsuming experience, you can enhance the manual tapand automatic tap.Character appearance changes and accumulate acertain gauge, also dramatically strength.▼Lucky bagsConsuming"Yukkuri gem", you can get rare skills, rare charactors the (basicattack force x 1.5-fold).※ Rare charactor is not same the rare ofthe picture book.If you can't get, you get the experience for onehour. Furthermore rare winning rate up."Yukkuri gem" will get oneif complete watch free videos.You get in the daily login bonus. Youget in free gifts from the room.▼Picture book(Collection)You cancollect the 10,000 characters or more of the characters.And defeatthe enemy will be registered in the picture book.Acquisitioncharacter is a favorite registration, the avatar setting, you cancopy and tweet as ASCII art.Rare from the upper left of the tab,you can also select rhea picture book.Rare and super rare is, itwill be appear to comp a normal character.If you collect all thevarious characters, you solved the seal of the secret of the page.▼roomYou can see your status and Avatar.Status and Avatar of otherusers also you can see.To free one day three, you can "Yukkuri gem"gift.If the other party receive the "Yukkuri gem", also get a"Yukkuri gem" myself.▼ rankingsYou can challenge the six types ofrankings.▼ other, about this Touhou secondary creation app? Thisleft the game contains the secondary creation of the Touhouproject.The Touhou project original might have been included in adifferent setting and interpretation, and the like.? This left thegame is a free app of individual production.Support correspondencewill be as soon as available capacity of the producer thereforeplease acknowledge.? This app is tap game that are produced in apersonal hobby.With people that has been produced the Team ShanghaiAlice-like and other secondary creative work of the East projectisPlease note that there is no relationship at all.? If there is achange to the east project original bidder of regulation, thisbarrage game will follow quickly.・ Android on the nature, dependingon the terminal and the OS might some functions may not beavailable・ First time only because there are times when the screentime is left loaded black-consuming, please acknowledge the top.▼Music by PANICPUMPKIN様 魔王魂様 ユウラボ8bitサウンド工房様 And other specialthanks gods.
オタサーの姫~サークルクラッシュを回避せよ!~ 1.0.2 APK
Retro Web
オタサーの姫の、サークラチキンレース登場!オタサーの姫の左右に、オタ部員が座っているので、反対側のオタ部員にバレないように「LOVEボタン」を押しまくってね。LOVEってない方のオタキャラが喋り出したらすぐに振り返るから、すかさず「ごまかす」ボタンをタップ!再びオタ部員が顔を背けたら、またLOVEりまくってね。LOVE中にLOVEってないオタ部員から目撃されちゃったら、サークルクラッシュ!!LOVE回数が多ければハイスコア!オタサーの未来はキミのテクニックにかかっている!図鑑でオタ名言150種類以上あつめよう!セリフの元ネタ判ったらすごい!ランキングは日間、週間、総合、殿堂入りまであるよ。殿堂にはその日か週間で1位になれば入れるよ。目指せ殿堂入り!週間で殿堂入りしたら超すごい!Music by(50音順) PANICPUMPKIN様 ユウラボ8bitサウンド工房様Of Otasa of princess,Sirclass chicken race appeared!To the left and right of the Otasa of princess, because OTAstaffis sitting, I like crazy press the "LOVE" button so that itis notBarre on the opposite side of the OTA staff.And because Otakyara of those who do not me LOVE look backonsoon began talking, split second "cheat" and tap thebutton!After the OTA staff is turned away again, also I like crazy RiLOVE.If I been witnessed from no OTA staff me LOVE in LOVE, Circlecrash!! LOVE number of times if is greater high score!Future of Otasa rests on Kimi techniques!Let's gather OTA Quotations more than 150 in thepicturebook!Wow Once you know the original story of the dialogue!Between rankings daily, weekly, comprehensive, some up totheHall of Fame.Add To proceed with first place in the day or week in the HallofFame.Aim Hall of Fame!Super wow After Hall of Fame in weekly!Music by (50 alphabetical order)PANICPUMPKIN likeYuurabo 8bit sound studio like