14.8.2 / August 2, 2014
(3.4/5) (8467)


Two men, one screen - it is "2 Players Duel". Play with friends ina "hotseat" mode on one device. You control a jet plane, your aimis to destroy the enemy. Game continues till 10 wins of one player;if one faces obstacles, it is counted as a loss, ramming as a draw.That's the rules! Only tactics, strategy and smartness help you towin in this duel.

App Information 2 Players Duel

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    2 Players Duel
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  • Updated
    August 2, 2014
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Badaeva st. 8 St. Petersburg, 193318 Russia
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Two men, one screen - it is "2 Players Duel". Play with friends ina "hotseat" mode on one device. You control a jet plane, your aimis to destroy the enemy. Game continues till 10 wins of one player;if one faces obstacles, it is counted as a loss, ramming as a draw.That's the rules! Only tactics, strategy and smartness help you towin in this duel.
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