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Want to know the definition of agility? Check out those adorablepooches that tear up the obstacle courses on ESPN2. They can run attop speed, stop short, change direction, and start again, all in afraction of a second. You need similar skills so your muscles canreact Jack Russell–fast, whether you're blowing by an opponent ordodging people at a crowded airport.We asked our fitness columnist,Amy Dixon, an exercise physiologist and the group fitness managerat Equinox in Santa Monica, California, to design a workout thatwill fine-tune your agility. Do the moves two noncon­secutive daysa week and we guarantee you'll be fleet of foot in four weeks.FANCYFOOTWORKCan't make it to the gym? Kill time during commercials withthese three living-room-friendly agility drills from Mike Mejia, acertified strength and conditioning specialist and personal traineron Long Island, New York.SHUFFLEStand on the left side of an eight-to 10-foot-wide room (or rug) with your feet shoulder-width apartand hands at your sides. Step to your right, first with your rightfoot, then with your left, repeating all the way across the room asexplosively as you can. When you get within a foot of the rightwall, lean to the left to shift your momentum and shuffle back.Repeat five times.SQUAT THRUSTSStand with your feet together. Squatand place your palms on the floor outside your feet. With your armsmostly straight, jump your feet back into plank position. Thenimmediately jump your feet up between your hands and stand up.Repeat eight to 10 times.LADDER DRILLTape a two-foot square on thefloor. Straddle the box. Step quickly into the box with your rightfoot, followed by your left; then out with your right, and out withyour left. Repeat 10 times. Switch the leading foot and do 10more.Fine-tune your coordination in four weeks flat. Do these movestwice a week to train your muscles to respond quickly. Opt for aweight at which you can barely eke out the last rep of your finalset with perfect form.

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Build Muscle and Lose Fat 1.0.0 APK
It's not easy, but it is possible.It sounds so simple, right? Whyshouldn’t we be able to do it?Well, some people say it’s a fool’serrand. Others say you need to follow “special” forms of dietingand training. Others still say it takes steroids.They’re allwrong.Building muscle and losing fat simultaneously (or “bodyrecomposition,” as it’s often called), isn’t beyond the power of usmere natties.It’s doable, and it doesn’t require esotericknowledge, fancy or newfangled methodologies, or drugs.There’s acatch, though.You may or may not be able to do it, depending onyour body composition, training experience, and more.In theold-school world of fitness, you only focused on one goal at atime: either losing fat or gaining muscle. But what if you want totrim down and get stronger? Can you strive for both at the sametime?“Building muscle and losing fat at the same time is likeBeyoncé performing at your birthday party,” says Boston-basedstrength coach Roger Lawson, C.S.C.S. “Everyone wants it, but it'sonly likely to happen under a very specific and magical set ofcircumstances.”While it can be super tricky, accomplishing both ofthese seemingly contradictory goals at the same time is doable.These tips will help you crack the code.The reason why many peoplethink building muscle and losing fat at the same time is a pipedream has to do with something called “protein biosynthesis” or“protein synthesis.”Every day, your cells undergo “maintenancework” whereby damaged, faulty, and degraded cells are eliminatedand new cells are created to take their place.Protein synthesisrefers to the creation of new cells and protein degradation refersto the elimination of unwanted ones.Under normal health and dietarycircumstances, muscle tissue is fairly stable and the cycle ofcellular regeneration remains balanced. That is, the average persondoesn’t lose or gain muscle at an accelerated rate–his or her leanmass more or less remains level on a day-to-day basis. (If we don’ttake actions to stop it, we actually slowly lose lean mass as weage, but you get the point.)Now, when we train our muscles wedamage the cells in the muscle fibers, and this signals the body toincrease protein synthesis rates to repair the damage.Our bodiesare smart, too, and want to adapt to better deal with the activitythat caused the muscle damage. To do this, they add cells to themuscle fibers, and this is how muscles get bigger and stronger (andwhy progressive overload is so important for building muscle andstrength).Thus, what we think of as just “muscle growth” isactually the result of protein synthesis rates exceeding proteinbreakdown rates over time.In other words, when your bodysynthesizes (creates) more muscle proteins than it loses, you havegained muscle. If it creates fewer than it loses, you have lostmuscle. If it creates more or less the same number as it loses, youhave neither gained nor lost muscle.This is why bodybuilders doeverything they can to elevate protein synthesis rates and suppressprotein degradation rates, including…High-protein and high-carbdietingHeavy compound weightliftingPre-workout and post-workoutnutritionEating protein before bedLimiting cardioSupplementation
Rooster fight - Cookfighing 5.0.0 APK
Rooster fight - Cookfighing is an ancienttradition dating back to the origin of the man himself. It hasremained alive and latent thanks to fans around the world, in thisapplication created especially for those fans who love thissport.In the following application you will find the followingtopics:History of the fighting cocksRacesGenetics in the roostersColors of cocksLaw in different countriesPowerTraining for the roosters of fight (of to peak and of to knife)We hope enjoy this application .
Best Acne Diet 1.0.0 APK
It’s true—eating healthy and hydrating often are beneficial both toyour body on the inside and for looking good on the outside. It’sno wonder greasy pizza and sugar-heavy snacks wreak havoc on skinand cause breakouts—where’s the health component in those types offoods? Additionally, eating foods heavy in toxins is a key offenderin harming your skin. “You are what you eat” couldn’t be a truersentiment.Don’t get us wrong; we love snacking on junky foodsduring a Netflix binge just as much as the next person, but weunderstand that we’re not doing ourselves any favors while doingso, especially when we wake up to a big breakout the next morning.Let´s find out what to eat to stop acne and get glowingskin.Searching we have found on a few insider dietary tips forclear skin, the first (and most obvious) being hydration: Shesuggests having two to three liters of water every day andincorporating some detoxing green tea (the Ezisoul InsulatedStainless Steel Water Bottle, $20, is great for toting around bothhot and cold beverages). Next, Bella urges you to incorporate leanprotein and fiber with every meal and snack, as well as reducesugar and dairy intake—two food groups that are proven acneaggravators. Lastly, Bella suggests eating a diet rich in omega-3fatty acids and vitamins A, E, and D to help clear your skin.
TOP Costumes for halloween 1.0.0 APK
The best Halloween costumes are inspired by the year’s mostmemorable moments, and 2016 has been nothing if not memorable.We've had the starbucks drinks and a snapchat filter, whichdominate headlines (and Facebook timelines!) every four years.Throw in a masterpiece visual album from Beyoncé, the hypesurrounding Pokémon Go, and the candy-colored, quotable crazinessof Suicide Squad, and 2016 is basically begging for a Halloweencostume bonanza.Major moments: This is the year that Pokémon Gotook over the world, and as the most popular mobile game in UShistory, nearly 10 million Americans have tried to catch 'em all.Diehard Starbucks fans love to show off their obsession onHalloween, dressing up as frothy Frappuccinos or drawing othercaffeinated costume inspiration from the brand. The so-called"rainbow drinks" (variations of Starbucks Refreshers and fruityteas that show off the color spectrum) blew up Instagram over theSummer. Because Starbucks is a widely beloved brand and theInsta-famous drinks are an easy costume to replicate, we totallyagree with their prediction!Beyoncé's Lemonade visual albumpremiere on HBO drew an impressive 787,000 viewers when it debutedon April 23, and all 12 tracks from the album rested comfortably onthe Billboard Hot 100 charts following its release. Lemonadequickly became a cultural phenomenon, sparking politicalcontroversy and inspiring fashion trends . . . which is exactly whyit makes a great costume idea. The iconic look from "Hold Up" is agreat way to channel Bey's flawless fierceness, especiallyconsidering that you only need a few key pieces to re-create theget-up for Halloween.Eccentric Suicide Squad front runner HarleyQuinn was the most talked-about part of the film, which was one ofthe most profitable movies of the Summer. After raking in $300million at the box office, Suicide Squad became a bona fide part of2016's pop culture; specifically, Harley Quinn's daring look andquirky attitude made her appealing to a broad group ofwomen.Honorable mentions: Millennials will also gravitate towardemoji-inspired costumes this Halloween, proving yet again that it'sway better to communicate with modern-day hieroglyphs than withreal words. Emoji are a vital part of teens,' 20-somethings,' and30-somethings' communication styles, and many tech-savvy folks havea "spirit emoji" to emulate. They're easy to replicate witheveryday items like red dresses or sunglasses, so emoji will hopoff your iPhone screen and into the real world on Oct. 31.
TRX for Beginners 1.0.0 APK
You may have seen those black-and-yellowstrapshanging from the ceiling at your gym and wondered how theheck touse them. This deceptively simple piece of equipment is theTRXSuspension Trainer, and it was developed to deliver anincredibletotal-body workout using only your body weight asresistance. If youwant to define and tone your entire body whiledeveloping functionalfitness and looking and feeling your best,then you should try TRXSuspension Training. Give this shorttotal-body workout forbeginners a try and see for yourself howsuspension training canhelp you achieve any fitness goal.One of the key TRX’s benefits is that you are able tocompleteendless number of exercises with a single trainingtool.Given that you can boundlessly adjust your body position to addordecrease resistance, this workout is safe and effective forpeopleof all fitness levels.TRX is portable and provides greater performance andfunctionalitythan large exercise machines costing thousands ofdollars.The centre of gravity in the human body lies right above ourhipsalong the central axis of the body. Centre of gravity changeswithevery move of your body.However, it stays within the limits of the body when you doregularcommon activities. While moving, the body controls thecentre ofgravity with muscles.Doing sports and everyday exercises require our bodies to moveinvarious planes. Suspension training enables you to domulti-planarexercises, just the way we do in every movement weproduce. It doesnot require that you sit down and do an exercisefocused on oneisolated muscle in a single plane.FYI:-If you are over 40, not accustomed to any exercise, or more than20pounds overweight, consult with your physician. Unless you haveaknown health risk, your doctor will probably encourage you tobegina run-walk program, but it’s always wise to check. -Scheduleyourworkouts. You won’t find time for them unless you make timeforthem. Put them in your phone, computer, daily appointmentplanner,on the front of your refrigerator, or wherever else youkeep yourschedule.-Expect bad days. Everyone has them, but they pass quickly, andthenext workout is often better than the previous one. So stickwiththe program.-Don’t rush. In the fitness world, rushing leads to injuriesanddiscouragement. Be patient, and go slow. The goal is to reach30minutes of continuous running, not to set any recordsgettingthere.
Results After One Workout 1.0.0 APK
Muscles aren't built in a day—but that doesn’t mean a solid workoutcan't give you instant definition. See, by performing certainmoves—think, three to five sets of eight to 12 reps—you force a tonof blood into your muscles’ fast-twitch or power fibers. Long storyshort, this makes your worked muscles bloat in a good way, saysErica Suter, C.S.C.S., a Maryland-based trainer and strengthcoach.The result is a sneak peek of how awesome your muscles willconsistently look after weeks of training, she says. (It's also asecret strategy among fitness models everywhere—nature’s Photoshop,amirite?) A recent Strength and Conditioning Journal shows thatthis technique—called the “pump”—can also prevent the musclebreakdown that often occurs when you’re working out to lose weight(we're looking at you, cardio queens).Take any of the followingseven exercises for a spin, then check yourself out in the mirror,good lookin'.
Master these lower abdominal and oblique moves to bring out your"sex lines."Scoring even the slightest visible abs through anintense training regimen and finely tuned diet is no easy feat foranyone who isn't genetically predisposed, but how do you step upyour game even further and bring legitimate definition in thearea?Your money maker is the v-shaped cut in the lower abdominalregion that goes from both sides of the oblique and funnels atangles that sort of point into the groin. Do you have a moneymaker?These can be devastatingly sexy, I agree. For those of youwho don't know what a Money Maker is... let me explain. It is a "V"shaped cut in the lower abdominal/pubic region that goes from bothsides of the oblique and funnels at angles that sort of point intothe groin. They are really cuts from being lean enough to see thehollowed out lines it creates. It can only show of course if youwear your pants low enough to see the effects of all your hardwork.If you have never seen your Money Maker, you will have toexperiment to see how long it takes for you to get there for thefirst time. Take note: some people are born with these leanabdominal region genetics and don't have to work to see them. Theselucky freaks can eat anything and not do any exercising; they havethis naturally. For the rest of us, we have to work to getresults.The most important aspects of reaching this goal will be inyour food and water intake, what that food consists of,cardiovascular exercise and resistance training if needed.Your mainMoney Maker goal is leanness. To be low fat you have to eat lowfat. For most men, you will have to be below 10 percent body fat tosee your Money Maker. Women can be at a slightly higher percentageand still get the look.Go get your body fat checked at your localgym. This will give you a good idea on how far you have to gobefore you get into the 10 ranges. Check with your health careprofessional before starting any new program of nutrition orexercise for a clean bill of health and the go ahead.Your foodintake will be boring but effective. Eat everything as plain aspossible; No fats, wheat, dairy, or fruit. Condiments in moderationare ketchup, mustard, teriyaki, soy sauce, salsa, and non-fat saladdressings.Coffee and Tea are without milk or cream. Use non-fatvanilla soy or oat milk for a try. Diet sodas are fine inmoderation - they do not count as water!Carbs will come from mealreplacement shakes and any green type water based vegetable.Complexcarbohydrate starches consist of oatmeal, rice, potatoes, yams andlegumes (seeds, grains, beans). Be careful of corn, which is superstarchy. Even though it is a vegetable, count it as one of yourstarch servings. I like to mix 1 cup of corn and 1 cup of steamedrice together as a carb option.Eat 4-5 small meals a day. Eatcomplex carbohydrates only once or twice a day. Eat protein andvegetables at all other meals.
Apply makeup as a man 1.0.0 APK
A little makeup can go a long waytowardaccentuating your best features and hiding flaws. Too muchmakeup,though, and you risk looking "made-up". The key to applyingyourmakeup is striking the balance between how much you use andwhereyou use it.Remove your makeup every night before bed. Leaving makeuponovernight isn't good for your skin. At the end of the day,washyour face again to remove makeup. Finish by using moisturizer.Usea richer moisturizer at night if you have dry skin.Despite what modern cosmetics ads may want us to believe, menarewearing makeup and are damn proud of it. The following sevenmakeuptips, tricks and hacks go out to all the guys who know theirlinerfrom their stick, and to all those who are just startingout.Contouring and highlighting are two crafty techniques thatcanenhance your best features. They can define your cheekbones,evenout your skin, give you a natural glow and even create theillusionof a slimmer nose.Numerous late nights, hard liquor and genetics catching up toyou?Reducing dark circles and “bags” is as easy as 1-2-3. The quickfixis to apply concealer and blend away.To help your brows look their best, you’ll need three things: agoodpair of tweezers, brow pencil and brow gel.It’s important for makeup wearers to stay committed to theirskincare regimen. Any guy who wears makeup should be aware ofthebenefits of using cleanser, toner and moisturizer on adailybasis.