1.6.0 / April 27, 2017
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Explore the prehistoric world with our dinosaur tyrannosaurus rexsimulator and play with different type of dinosaurs in thisdinosaur simulator!!Imagine reviving the Jurassic Period with ourbest tyrannosaurus rex simulator! Experience a survival dino attackin a jurassic dinosaur race in this tyrannosaurus rex simulator!Start fighting in a survival dinosaur simulator!In thistyrannosaurus rex simulator you will have to deal with differentsort of jurassic dinosaur attack trying to pull you out of thejurassic dinosaur simulator. Dodge every dino attack and win inthis in this dinosaur simulator game against fearsome dino attackcompetitors! Revive the free wild safari dinosaur life and join usin a jurassic dinosaur race in our dinosaur simulator!- In thischallenging dinosaur simulator you need to be real fast: Get yourfavourite jurassic dinosaur and start racing in this tyrannosaurusrex simulator!- Addictive tyrannosaurus rex simulator: Enjoy therealism of this jurassic dinosaur simulator!- Easy mobile controlduring the jurassic dinosaur simulator: Choose your favouritejurassic dinosaur!- Appropriate for kids and adults who lovetyrannosaurus rex simulatorEnjoy this free dinosaur simulator! Stayalive as long as possible in this dino attack jurassic dinosaursimulator!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook: www.facebook.com/LabCaveGames

App Information 2017 Dinosaur Simulator

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    2017 Dinosaur Simulator
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    April 27, 2017
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Cheese Hole Games
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    Calle Quintana 2, 2ª Planta 28008 Madrid Spain
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