4.59.02 / March 22, 2017
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2048 Craft is an addictive number game.Join the numbers and gainthe number tile.Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles with thesame number touch, they merge into a larger one. You can choosedifferent type to enjoy. Adventure or time model for youexplore.Features,***Really FREE for you;***Three types for youenjoying; Every type also has different model;***Each double givingyou surprise;***Suitable for all ages;***Leaderboard foryou;***Share it.

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Balloons Branches 4.59.02 APK
Balloons Branches is a link game (a branch flow game), that willshape a balloons flow, there are one or more brooks in thechessboard, can you link these balloon brooks? It is also anrelaxing game. Try it now! Features, *Suitable for all ages; *CoolUI and Sound; *6 Models and 10 levels pack; *Hints; *Challenging;*Share it. Thanks for your supports and feedback!
Circle Naughty Rabbit 4.59.02 APK
Circle Naughty Rabbit, a classic puzzle game.Just one rule, gentlytap the screen, circle the naughty rabbit, do not let it runaway.Features,**Maybe, there will be two rabbits;**Maybe, therewill be six directions to go for the rabbit;**Cute;**Easy toplay;**Share it.
Birds Link Saga 4.59.02 APK
Birds link saga is a match game. Link the same birds as fast as youcan, enjoy the storm of birds linking. Features, **Props for you;**Score; **Cool birds; **Cool UI; **suitable for all ages; **Levelrecorded; **Good sound; **Share it.
Gems Link 4.59.02 APK
Gems Link is a classic flow game, but it is especial, when you linkthe same gems, the line will become a line flow, it is funny! Gotit Free! Feature, ***5 Models are here for you; ***Shining gems;***Nice sound; ***Sweet UI; ***Suitable for all ages; ***Share it;
Candy Ball Blitz 4.59.02 APK
Candy Ball Blitz is a funny eliminate game. The rule is simple, tapcandy balls, they will be selected, tap them again , they willeliminate. When you tap it, each ball will give you a differentcandy. Features, ***Endless model and Levels Model for you;***Leader Board; ***Delicious candies; ***Nice Sound; ***Coolaction; ***Props for you; ***Cool particle; ***Share it withothers.
Fruit Fire Monster Saga 4.59.02 APK
Fruit Fire Monster Saga is an attractive eliminate game, and alsois an action game. The rule is simple, using the eliminate fruitsto fight the monsters, when the monsters are dead, you will win.Three or more fruits seeds will grow up to sprout,and then thethree or more fruit budlets will grow up to flower, and then tofruits. So, in this game, you can enjoy shooting the monster, atthe same time, you also can enjoy the eliminating the fruits.TheMonsters can attack you too, and will occupy your position, orfreeze you. Features: ***The level is random, they are differentwhenever you start it; ***Cool particle; ***Level recorded;***Powerful Props; ***Special efficiency; ***Delicious Fruits;***Cool Sound; ***Share it with your friends. If you have ideaabout it, you can feedback to us, we are appreciated to it!!!Thanks all for support!!!
Face Digger 4.59.02 APK
Face Digger is a relaxing game, similar to 3 match, but it also canbe eliminated only two match.Tap the Face block, they will becrushed, and if they are near to the Ground, the mud will becleared too. The goal is to dig the soil to gain the Treasures orhigh score.You can choose different difficuty, enjoy the fun ofdigging! Maybe, you would be the Shovel Heroes and give us a digstory!Features--Difficulty setting;--Props are here;--Cooleffect;--Map;--Success recorded;--Share it;Thanks for your supportand feedback!
Cool Sudoku Deluxe 4.59.02 APK
Cool Sudoku is a puzzle game. Free It is easy to learn but achallenge to master, puzzling players all over world. There isreally only one rule to Sudoku: Fill in the board so that thenumbers 1 through 9 occur exactly once in each row, column, and 3x3box. Your initial game board will consist of several numbers thatare already placed. Those numbers cannot be changed. Your goal isto fill in the empty squares following the simple rule above. Testyour powers of observation and memory. Fill it as fast as you can,challenge it! Features, ***4 difficulty settings; ***Smart notes;***Error checking; ***Hints; ***Nice Sound; ***Pretty UI; ***Shareit with your friends. Thank you for your support!