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This classic 2048 puzzle is a fun, addictive and a very simplenumber puzzle game. Just swipe to join the numbers and get to the2048 tile!FEATURES✓ Extra modes (Pictures, Shapes, Colors & ABCletters)✓ Supports 4096 as well✓ Colorful and kids-friendly✓Multiple UNDOs (even from a lost state!)✓ Several themes/skins tosuit your mood✓ Lightweight & No device permissions!

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    December 6, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    6-A, Sree Dhanya, Ambalamukku, Thiruvananthapuram India 695005
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Meditate ॐ OM 16.1 APK
A simple, no-nonsense Meditation Timer, Trainer & Helper forchanting various powerful Hindu & Buddhist mantras. Care hasbeen taken to provide the most accurate versions of these ancientmantras. These time-tested vedic Om mantras will help you meditate,relax your mind and body and uplift your soul. Om (AUM) is regardedas the eternal sound which is there in the universe all the time.It is said to be the only sound you would hear when you go intodeep meditation. FEATURES ✓ 20+ meditation tracks plus custommantra slots ✓ Lot of configuration options (counts, bell, pauseetc.) ✓ Wordings & detailed meanings of all mantras provided ✓Play mantras endlessly or a fixed number of times ✓ Meditationtraining instructions for beginners ✓ Handy reporting features totrack and analyse your meditation ✓ Capable of playing audio in thebackground with screen OFF ✓ Silent Meditation mode to help BreatheMeditation ✓ Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jain mantras included ✓Customizable - Use your own track, image etc. ✓ Small in size. Nounwanted permissions In India, Om mantras are believed to havegreat healing powers. Happy Meditating!
iPlay VR Player for SBS 3D Video 6.1 APK
A simple, ad-free, tiny (less than 0.1 MB!) video player that plays2D and 3D videos suitable for Virtual Reality VR displays that usemobile as the screen, such as Google Cardboard. It supportsSide-by-Side (SBS) as well as Half Side-by-Side (HBS / HSBS) formatvideos. It works on any phone, limited only by the device's videocapabilities. If you want to use it with Gear VR, do not plug inthe usb port. FEATURES - View any video in SBS Mode for VR Headsets- Plays SBS & HBS video with correct aspect ratio - View SBS 3D& HBS 3D as a normal video - Support for external SRT subtitles(same file name) - Can be accessed from your file manager - Modefor normal, non-SBS video - Delayed start mode for time to insertmobile in headset - Does not need gyroscope-enabled phones -Lightweight, Ad-free, No unwanted permissions A few points to note:- It will play only video formats that are natively supported byyour phone (more info below) - It does not play web videos such asthose from YouTube. Use our iPlayIT app or iPlay Pro app for that.- It does not use the magnetic navigator controls, head trackingetc. Use an OTG or Bluetooth mouse instead. - It does not play 180or 360 degree Full Virtual Reality videos. Use Google's CardboardPlayer for those. - It is a player, not a converter. It cannot saveconverted files. If you are not familiar with cheap VR displaysthat can convert your mobile screen into a virtual movie theatre,checkout these links: https://www.google.com/get/cardboard/http://www.tomsguide.com/us/vr-headset-guide,news-20644.htmlRegarding Supported Audio/Video formats The app does not includeany media codecs due to its tiny size. It supports whatever theAndroid OS in your device supports. For a list of supportedformats, refer to the link below:https://developer.android.com/guide/appendix/media-formats.htmlWhile mp4, 3gp etc are universally supported, support for othervideo containers such as mkv, avi, flv etc is dependent on yourandroid flavor. Again Android does not support 5.1 multi-channelaudio formats such as DTS and Dolby AC3 unless enabled bymanufacturers. In such cases, you can use any video converter forPC/Mac such as Handbrake to convert the video to an mp4 format withstereo aac track. Please mail us ([email protected]) in case ofany doubts.
Make your own customized slide puzzle with letters, numbers,colors, shapes and photos. You can use custom pictures from yourphone/tablet, use the camera, or fetch any photo from the Internet.With an internal library of photos, you can store youir own photosas favorites. A few photo samples are included for you to startplaying immediately. A slide puzzle is one were the aim is to sortthe given pieces, using a blank slot for movement. A detailed demoof how to solve the puzzle is provided.The complexity increases asyou play. For example, you could easily create a series of slidepuzzles with your childs favorite cartoon characters, super heroesor animals. For yourself, you could try a few wallpapers oflandscapes or celebrities. Good candidate pictures for higher gridsizes, ideally should not have large areas that look the same. Youcould still use any photo, thanks to the optional number labelingof the photos. Other features:★ 8 (3x3), 15 (4x4), 24 (5x5), 35(6x6) and 48 (7x7) block boards★ Supports Numbers, Alphabet,Photos, Colors and Shapes★ Pick photos from anywhere including theWeb & camera★ Multiple screen layouts and themes★ Scoreboardand resume after exit features★ Guaranteed solution for allpuzzles★ Supports multi-block, touch moves ★ Allows changing modeduring a game (eg. alphabet to number)★ Lightweight & supportsSD Card install★ Minimal device permissionsSlider puzzles help toimprove the thinking power, agility, hand-eye coordination andpatience.
PUJA: Mobile Temple Pooja for Indian Hindu Gods 7.0 APK
Do puja for 20+ Gods in your mobile just as in a Hindu temple!Carry your puja accessories and idols of Gods with you wherever yougo.From the makers of the popular OM Meditation app, thisconvenience utility features most of the popular Hindu Gods andtemple deities of IndiaPuja, also referred to as pooja, is a prayerritual performed by Hindus to host, honour and worship one or moredeities. Pujas are performed daily at temples and Hindu homes.Thisapp aims to allow the devotee to perform puja tasks (pooja vidhi)representative of the real one in his/her mobile or tablet. Itcomes with unlimited puja accessories. You can also attach your ownfavorite puja mantra or aarti music tracks with each of the Gods tocreate the right puja/temple ambience. You can also change theimage of the deity if you have a favourite picture!Since it doesnot involve actual lighting of lamps and incense sticks, even kidscan safely learn and perform pujas. It is a great companion forthose who travel a lot since you can perform pujas anywhere in theworld.It includes most of the popular Hindu deities:Ganesha(Ganesh, Vinayaka), Vishnu, Shiva (Siva), Rama, Krishna, Hanuman,Saraswati, Durga, Lakshmi (Laxmi), Muruga (Kartikeya/Subramanian),Surya, Gayatri, Kali, Shani, Dattatreya.It also covers presidingdeities of some of the famous temples in India:Tirupati BalajiVenkateswara, Puri Jagannath, Sabarimala Ayyappa, Mookambika Devi,Madurai Meenakshi and Guruvayurappan.An auto/demo puja mode isavailable if you wish to just pray while the various puja ritualsare being performed as if by a virtual temple pujari(priest)!Information is provided regarding the significance of thePuja tasks if you are not familiar with the same. Some basic infoon the God (deity) is also supplied for your easy reference.Theinterface is very simple and menu-free. All tasks can be performedwith one-touch.Take your puja room or favourite temples and Godsalong with you, wherever you go!
iPlayIT for YouTube VR Player APK
iPlayIT is a simple SBS Video Player to playany YouTube video in Side-by-Side (SBS) format through your VRheadset. Experience watching them big in a virtual reality moviescreen!It includes a web browser to pick videos directly from the youtubesite. iPlayIT needs to be used with Cardboard, Gear VR or othersimilar VR Headsets. It does NOT require your phone to be Daydreamready. If you have a Daydream compliant phone, you can use Google'sYouTube VR app instead.It is NOT a Normal Video Player and is not meant for use withvideos that are already in SBS mode, such as SBS 3D videos. It justplays normal YouTube videos in perfectly synced left-right pairs.Depending on your device capabilities (such as gyroscope), it mayalso play VR 360 type videos as SBS.All content is powered by YouTube and the app does not carry anyvideos or recommendations. It does not require any devicepermissions.Also checkout our ad-free SBS players for local video (iPlay SBSViewer) and for local photos (iPhotoVR) on Google Play.
JUMBLE - 10000+ Words! 5.7 APK
JUMBLE is a simple word puzzle where you find the correct word froma scrambled set of letters. You need to use all the given letters.Multiple correct answers are possible.Care has been taken toinclude clean good quality words so that it is suitable for kids aswell. Easily lookup word meanings, pronunciation etc. in the onlinedictionary.The game suits solitary offline game play, but you canplay it with your family and friends for even more fun. Choose toplay leisurely with the Happy Play mode, learn new words with theWord Power mode or race against the clock in Countdown mode.It alsocomes with a Voice option. Just try speaking the word instead oftyping! Enjoy a variety of themes to suit your mood. All levels areunlocked, so if you are good at jumbles, just jump to the difficultlevels. Have unlimited fun with words, with Android's mostdownloaded jumble game today! It is free, lightweight and needs nodevice permissions.
Marble Solitaire 3.1 APK
iMarble is a game pack of all popular marble solitaire boards fromacross the world. Solutions are provided for all peg solitaireboard types. It is kids friendly with option to use colorful ballsand fruits as peg.The goal of the game is to remove marbles from aboard till you are left with just one marble.FEATURES✓ 8 popularboards (see list below)✓ Solutions to help learn the game✓Thousands of customizable HD themes✓ No special device permissions✓Kids friendly✓ Lightweight & supports SD card installThefollowing boards are included in this game pack:1. English /Brainvita2. European (French Solo Noble)3. Wiegleb's (German)4.Asymmetrical (Cross)5. Continental6. Diamond7. Square 6x68. Square9x9
Puja Pro 7.0 APK
Do puja for 20+ Gods in your mobile just as ina Hindu temple! Carry your puja accessories and idols of Gods withyou wherever you go.From the makers of the popular OM Meditation app, this convenienceutility features most of the popular Hindu Gods and temple deitiesof IndiaPuja, also referred to as pooja, is a prayer ritual performed byHindus to host, honour and worship one or more deities. Pujas areperformed daily at temples and Hindu homes.This app aims to allow the devotee to perform puja tasks(pooja vidhi) representative of the real one in his/her mobile ortablet. It comes with unlimited puja accessories. You canalso attach your own favorite puja mantra or aarti musictracks with each of the Gods to create the right puja/templeambience. You can also change the image of the deity ifyou have a favourite picture!Since it does not involve actual lighting of lamps and incensesticks, even kids can safely learn and perform pujas. It isa great companion for those who travel a lot since you canperform pujas anywhere in the world.It includes most of the popular Hindu deities:Ganesha (Ganesh, Vinayaka), Vishnu, Shiva (Siva), Rama, Krishna,Hanuman, Saraswati, Durga, Lakshmi (Laxmi), Muruga(Kartikeya/Subramanian), Surya, Gayatri, Kali, Shani,Dattatreya.It also covers presiding deities of some of the famous temples inIndia:Tirupati Balaji Venkateswara, Puri Jagannath, SabarimalaAyyappa, Mookambika Devi, Madurai Meenakshi andGuruvayurappan.An auto/demo puja mode is available if you wish to just praywhile the various puja rituals are being performed as if by avirtual temple pujari (priest)!Information is provided regarding the significance of thePuja tasks if you are not familiar with the same. Some basicinfo on the God (deity) is also supplied for your easyreference.The interface is very simple and menu-free. All tasks can beperformed with one-touch. It is lightweight (~2MB) and doesnot require any intrusive device permissions.Take your puja room or favourite temples and Gods along with you,wherever you go!