/ October 26, 2014
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Slide your finger across the screen movingthetiles to merge them together. Every time two tiles with thesamenumber are connected they will be merged into a single tilewith anumber twice as big… and your score will increase the fasteryoumerge the tiles.

Try to get to the 2048th tile and then celebrate yourvictory.Thanks to the Gramble social bar, you are connected withotherplayers and can share your achievements and score ontheleaderboards.

This game is based on 2048 created by Gabriele Cirulli http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/

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Mock GPS with joystick APK
This app configures a mock GPS on your device and the other appswill get your fake location as real. When the app is running youcan easily update your location using a joystick available on thescreen. Features - Teleportation - Joystick - Configurable -Recents Requirements - Location's mode has to be "High accuracy" -Enable mock locations in the Developer Options
flashME APK
flashME will be your light notification inyour Android phone.The flashlight embedded in your device will promptly blink as yourphone is ringing, or a new text has been received. Moreover, youcan set/unset the flashlight blinking for each differentnotification event (Facebook or Twitter update, calendar alert, anyother apps events). You can decide to have your light notificationonly when your cell phone is upside down, and the light willcontinue blinking till you get the notification.This app is greatly helpful for people with hearingdisabilities.Some features may require the full version.We are aware that flashME could not properly work with some deviceconfigurations. This is not a bug, and the issue could be fixedafter a custom device configuration. Please contact the developerfor any feedback and any further comments.(*) If you buy the full version with Jelly Bean 4.1.2 the followingprocedure is required to fix a problem with TalkBack: go toSettings -> Application manager -> All - Disable Google TTS(text to speech) - Disable Samsung TTS (text to speech).----------------Help me to translate flashME in other languages, please send anemail to android.support@marlove.net for more informations.----------------
SPoB - Soft Power Button APK
Now you can easily power on your device simplymoving your finger over the proximity sensor!You can choose your preferred settings* for SPoB to avoid anyannoying situation (like disable SPoB if in landscape mode whentexting, if a specific app is executing or if the phone is in apocket**).SPoB also offers a useful widget that allows you to activate anddeactivate the service quickly with one touch without opening theapp.Take a look at the app stats and count how many times you skippedthe physical power button. You won't miss it anymore!*Some functions are available for the full version only**Light sensor required----------------Help me to translate SPoB in other languages, please send an emailto android.support@marlove.net for more informations.----------------
Material Compass APK
Material Compass is a tool to monitor your smartphone's sensors(the actual availability depends on device):- compass,- level,-light,- magnetic field,- pressure,- proximity,-temperature.Material Compass is completely free, no ads or in-apppurchases inside the app.
Remote Phone APK
Remote Phone is the best way to manage yourAndroid device from any browser directly fromhttps://remotephone.mobi/.# GENERAL #Remote Phone requires a Dropbox account, if you don't have one,register herehttps://www.dropbox.com/referrals/AAAirWPufhebkelliFExQt7-ADAWW9-ks1cand get your 500 Mb extra space for free!A new way to interact with your smartphone has born! Call log,contacts, texts, device position, battery status... will be nowavailable just for you on any computer or other portabledevice.Sitting in front of your browser, you can text, change the ringingsettings (*), send an alarm beep, start a phone call, set yourwi-fi and bluetooth services (*), make your phone speaking (*)...use your smartphone even though far from your hands.We use your Dropbox account for a recurrent back-up of all data inyour phone; it will be available anytime, even with your smartphoneoff.Don't panic anymore if you loose your smartphone: Remote Phoneallows you to block your device with a PIN, as well as take apicture, start audio recording, locate and wipe it (*).We are really concerned with your privacy. You only have your data!All data are transmitted over a SSL channel; all data are stored onyour Dropbox account only.# FAQ #Q: I got an error message while uninstalling the app: why?A: All apps requiring device administrator permission cannot beuninstalled. Please disable this option in the menu beforeuninstalling RemotePhone.Q: I purchased the full version, but I do not receive events fromRemote Phone.A: Open the app and select "Restore purchase". If the payment wascorrectly processed, this option will not be clickableanymore.Q: I signed up for my Dropbox account through the link in homepage:how do I get the extra 500MB of space?A: The extra space will be recognized when you complete theactivation of your account by installing the Dropbox application onyour computer.(*) Some operations require the payment of the full version.
Morse APK
Morse is the best translator for converting text into morse codeand vice-versa.
Tivitti APK
Tivitti (in Italian "I saw you") is a card game very popular inSicily and Calabria. To play, you need 40 cards, 10 each of foursuits: cups, coins, swords and clubs. The cards' value is thenumber of the suite objects shown on the card, or for the facecards: the woman has the value of 8; the horseman has a value of 9;and the king has a value of 10. Tivitti is a two player game, eachplayer starting with 20 shuffled cards.Accumulate groups of suitesin the center of the table as the game progresses. The aim of thegame is to get rid of your cards before your opponent by followingsome simple rules:1) On their turn, each player flips over one cardfrom their pile. If the player has a card that is the next in anumber sequence, either one up or down from the opponents, or thenext up in the sequence of suites in one of the elimination pilesat center of the table, they can place their card there and mayturn over another card from their pile;2) If the card turned overis the next higher or lower from that shown in the opponent's pileof any suite, it can be placed on their pile;3) If the card turnedover is an ace, that card starts an elimination pile for that suitein the center of the table. If the card is the next in the sequenceof a suite that already has an elimination pile on the table, theplayer may place the card there;4) If the card turned can go eitheron the opponent's pile, or to one of the elimination piles on thetable, the card should always be placed on the elimination pilefirst;5) If the card turned over by a player cannot be placed inany of the piles available, the player leaves the card in theirpile and the turn passes to the opponent;6) At the time of yourturn, before flipping over a new card, you must ensure that thelast card turned by your opponent cannot be moved to one of theother piles on the table;7) If you make a mistake and move a cardin a way not allowed by the rules, or if you neglect a rule, youropponent may call out, "Tivitti"(I saw you), the call causes theplayer to "freeze" the current turn, returning the cards to theposition before the mistake was made. The opponent now may make thecorrect move and the turn passes to them.The winner is the playerwho eliminates all of their cards first.The game can have manyoutcomes. If you find any bugs or errors, please contact thedeveloper for support.From the developer - I dedicate the creationof this app to my grandparents, with whom I spent countlessafternoons playing Tivitti!
Tap Tap Emoji APK
Just one rule: avoid the bombs. Feed the monkey with fresh food andkeep the bombs away.You think it's too simple? Give it a try andchange your mind!