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27 is a unique puzzle game that is scientifically guaranteed toimprove your spatial IQ*Your goal is simply to clear all the 27sfrom the board.The game gives you a deck of 4 numbers. You canplace these numbers anywhere on the board. Your deck refreshes witha new number each time you place one.Three of the same number in arow will produce the sum and the newly formed number will appear inthe grid space where the final number in the row was placed.Soundssimple, right? But of course there's tricky designer placement,board congestion, blocked grid spaces, exploding numbers and thedamn luck of the deck to contend with!A perfect casual pick up andplay puzzle game that will keep your brain entertained for hours.If you love playing Sudoku, are obsessed with testing and improvingyour IQ or are a fan of 2048 then this is for you!> 100s ofdifferent levels to challenge your spatial IQ> Replay levels toget a perfect score*this is not actually guaranteed at all.

App Information 27 - A Spatial IQ Puzzle

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    27 - A Spatial IQ Puzzle
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    April 11, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    9th Impact
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    Galway Technology Centre Mervue Galway Ireland
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