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House and room to let, rent or lease, landed property for sale app.Post availability instantly and wait while this same app connectcustomers to you. This app is for hoteliers, housing estate agents,off-campus students and travelers. This app also extendsopportunities to landlords who may wish to make money from theirGuest House or vacant rooms. Tourists, travelers and Off-CampusStudents who may find home stay much more affordable and sociallyintegrating especially for long duration than the Hotels will optfor home stay. How it works: Simply click Post Properties buttonand agree to terms and conditions to post your properties. You willbe prompted to take a photo shot of your property, select yourproperty from a list and add price to post. Use Get or ManageProperty button to make reservation or remove over-subscribedproperty. To make reservation, select the property of your choicefrom a list to display photograph and location on map. Click on themarker and info window and proceed to make payment of 10% propertyprice for reservation. This is a commitment fee and forms part ofthe property price. After this, the application will connect youwith the property owner. Enjoy.

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    August 18, 2018
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    Contritrack Innovations
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    ICT Division, Contrivances Engineering Ltd No 7, J.S Oluyemi Close Off Iffe-Ijumu Street, Ifetedo Community Agbabiaka Road, Ilorin, Kwara State Nigeria
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Stealthy Share 98 APK
This is a sharing application designed for use in emergency. Itcould also serve as anti-theft app if used by an unauthorizedperson. The application icon is advised to be placed conspicuouslyon the home screen after installation. Please read and understandthe function of this app before you rate or make review. Thiscurrent version gives you hope of recovery if you already lost yourandroid phone. All you need to do is view this app in Play Store byfollowing this link on your PC:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.contritrack.phonemaking sure you are logged in to your google account. Find yourdevice and install this app remotely from the page. The phone willreport user's data(Cell & SIM information) when the thiefattempts to use the application and you can access it from anotherphone using the target phone's tracking Qr code. 1. Run the app byclicking the Stealthy Share icon. When contacts open, a detailedreport will be available. It is free to download and use. Thisapplication will also protect your android phones and tabletsagainst theft. You can now use Google Pay to subscribe to Proversion to remove ads. If you lost your permanent tracking ID, getit from menu. Menu is now password-protected for Pro users!
Inbox 3.0 APK
Inbox is essentially an anti-theft softwarebutdisguises as SMS receiver and Reader. When you receive amessage, itpops up in the notification bar. By clicking thenotification bar,the application is called to the foreground whereyou can read yourmessage or enable Text to Speech Engine to haveit read to you. Thisis particularly useful when you are bored. Youmay disable TTS ifyou prefer silence especially when in a meeting.These are all thefascinating and innocent features that arepublicly declared. Even athief will want to retain the applicationfor use.The secret instruction for the device owner on how theanti-theftworks is hidden but made available during installation.It is alsorevealed in the screenshot attached here. You are advisedto readthrough notifications that pops up during installation.Allinformation requested are to be saved to phone for theapplication.We don't take your personal information.With inbox installed on your phone or tab, you don't have toworryif stolen or misplaced. Any unauthorized user will normallywant toexit the application after reading a message by clicking theBackbutton which triggers the app to send location informationanddevice information to a friend's phone number. You'll also beableto track the phone by SMS or Email. It is free totry.Enjoyit.
SOS Nigeria 5.0 APK
SOS Nigeria is an indispensable safetyutilitytool for everyone living in Nigeria in times like these. Itis anandroid application that enables user send distress alertwithlocation information to appropriate authority at the touch ofabutton. Now with SOS Nigeria, security threat, fire incidence,roadaccident, medical, etc, whatever emergency situation youfindyourself, help is within reach.The current version integrates NSCDC button that enablesuserreport illegal activities such as public utility vandalizationandoil theft in his domain. It also integrates facebook postbuttonfor members of contritrack facebook community to alertfriends whenin distress and also get notified of danger zone toavoid and staysafe. Every user is therefore advised to join here:https://www.facebook.com/contritrackIn the free mode, the application will tell your locationandenable you send test SOS message to your email . To enablemainemergency buttons, click Activation button forfurtherinformation.Made by Nigerian for Nigerians.Enjoy it!
SMS Reader 4.0 APK
SMS Reader is essentially ananti-theftsoftware but disguises as SMS receiver and Reader. Whenyou receivea message, it pops up in the notification bar. Byclicking thenotification bar, the application is called to theforeground whereyou can read your message or enable Text to SpeechEngine to haveit read to you. This is particularly useful when youare bored. Youmay disable TTS if you prefer silence especially whenin a meeting.These are all the fascinating and innocent featuresthat arepublicly declared. Even a thief will want to retain theapplicationfor use.The secret instruction for the device owner on how theanti-theftworks is hidden but made available during installation.It is alsorevealed in the screenshot attached here. You are advisedto readthrough notifications that pops up during installation.Allinformation requested are to be saved to phone for theapplication.We don't take your personal information.With SMS Reader installed on your phone or tab, you don't havetoworry if stolen or misplaced. Any unauthorized user willnormallywant to exit the application after reading a message byclickingthe Back button which triggers the app to send locationinformationand device information to a friend's phone number.You'll also beable to track the phone by SMS. Tracking by Email isavailable onlyin the PRO version which can be obtainedhere:http://contritrack.com/store.htmlIt is free but ad-supported. Enjoy it.
Damog Smart Alert 3.0 APK
Damog Smart Alert is an Emergency Applicationfor all who need prompt help in times of distress.When in distress, click on Damog button to send instant alert withlocation information and Map. All subscribed users including ourtrained security men in your domain will be alerted. The Policewill not only be alerted but mobilised to swing into action on yourbehalf. We leverage on the location features of the application andour strategically positioned offices and bits to guarantee promptresponse at all times.If you are not yet registered with Damog Guards, you may downloadthis app and try our service. Click on Damog button and select TRYSERVICE. We'll be glad to get back to you immediately.Damog Smart Alert is a value-added service for our valued Clientswhich promises to bring us closer together in our servicedelivery.Always ensure you have internet Service on your phone and enableGPS.Enjoy it!Team at DAMOG GUARDS.
Traffic Radio 15 APK
Motorists and travellers especially in thecities can now breath a sigh of relief with the release of trafficradio android application to google store.You may now get traffic report in your area at the comfort ofyour home, office and even on the move. Consequently, you will beable to schedule your outing and switch route when necessary toavoid heavy traffic, drive without stress and save precious time onroads. Every traffic report is provided with a link to the exactlocation and 'trafficlip', a short traffic video clip. The locationinformation shows two points- from , to which give information onthe direction of the traffic reported. The current version has beentotally re-engineered for live experience with 'trafficlip'. Nowyou can view short video clips of traffic scenes in yourneighbourhood. To capture and send video clips without hassles, youwill need to set video quality to low or select video size 320x240depending on your device camera settings option. A short clip ofless than 5 seconds size 320x240 will present a file size of lessthat 1Mb which is adequate in information and guarantees short dataprocessing time and minimal internet bandwidth.Traffic Radio is a community application that enables a user tobroadcast and receive traffic report within his domain at the touchof a button.Traffic Radio also enables user to send emergency alert so otherusers including Road Safety officers nearby can helppromptly.Accident and safety threat on the road may be reported at the touchof a button for prompt intervention. Sending and receiving of smartalert is location-based and guarantees that responsible officers inyour neighborhood receive your message. This message received linksgoogle navigation engine that leads the rescue team step by step tothe location of the incidence.This application is capable of location-based announcements by F RS C, Nigeria or any organization responsible for Road Safety in anyCountry to warn you ahead of any danger on the road. Such messageslike, "Narrow bridge ahead. Please slow down", Rail crossingsahead. Drive carefully", "Official speed limit here is 40Km/hr.Slow down!" come as soon as you are approaching the location. Thisis an important feature of this application. Trafficlip gives youthe option of capturing scenes being reported live!It is free to download and test. Recommended for all road users.Share it freely to build users community for optimal benefit!Engr. Patrick Olusanya ElishaFor Contritrack Innovations
Life Guard 1.4.1 APK
Life Guard android application protectsyourprecious phones and tabs against theft and also makes thephoneprotect you. It is a tracking software that reports theuser'slocation in real time and integrates an SOS button for use intimesof distress.It keeps reporting location even when the SIM card is changedsothere is no need to worry when your phone is stolen.Thisapplication works with Contritrack Server which providesnumerousmanagement features that make it a must-have applicationforeveryone.After installation and setting up on your phone, you will needtoregister at http://contritrack.com/track usingyourPC.Login to add your phone IMEI and set up Events. Availableeventsinclude SOS, Zone-in and Zone-out (Geo-fence), and speedlimit. InNigeria, we take advantage of the SOS feature to integrateto SOSNigeria Mail Client for Security Service Providers. Thisfeaturemay be found appropriate for other countries too.Transporters will find this application useful for the managementoftheir drivers and hence their vehicles.If you feel vulnerable to attack or kidnapping by reason ofyourposition or office, get Life Guard. It is recommended forhighprofile individuals, politicians and Banks in Nigeria.
Abundant Lifers Forum 2.0 APK
This is a meeting place for all AbundantLifersall over the World. A chat application that integratesperiodicalmessages from the General Overseer, Rev. Mrs JaneOnaolapo andaffords users the opportunity to explore the Church'swebsite.You'll have the opportunity of sharing your testimonies andevenyour pains here.Get Godly counsels and prayers as youinteractfreely in the forum.Visit www.abundantlifenigeria.com for further information