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Get lean and strong like a spartan warrior without wasting timeinthe gym. This professional boxing workouts will help you totrainat home. It works as if you have a boxing coach at home. Learntobox with no equipment. In this bodyweight training programyou’lllearn how to fire up your metabolism to burn body fat, buildmusclestrength and endurance and reveal your true Spartan Warriorbody.Our workout challenges and exercises have been selected fortheirfunctional value. Bodyweight movements have been selected tobuildexplosive agility, as well as to challenge the grip andstamina. Wecreated a challenging body transformation plan thatpromisesresults in 30 days based on body weight training exercises.This30-day plan based on Spartan Warrior training willhelpmoderately-fit people get stronger and reveal moremuscledefinition with four workouts a week. Train like a boxer: wehavethe best 30 exercises to get you in fighting shape. Boxingishaving a mainsteam moment, but you dont need to go to a specialgymto try it. These boxing exercises can be done at home usingjustyour body weight. The cardiovascular training is a kind ofworkoutthat typically does not focus on losing weight, but itdevelopsyour endurance. It works your full body and boosts yourcorestrength and general muscle tone. Fighting techniques topracticein your home. You don't have to be a professional MMAfighter to goa few rounds at home, but you might benefit fromtrying an workoutdesigned by a professional fighter. We designedthe best programsto give you an MMA workout experience to try athome. Features: ★Quick effective spartan workouts; just 7 to 20minutes per day. ★All exercises can be performed with your own bodyweight. ★ Thechallenge gradually increases exercise intensity for30 days (or 4weeks). ★ Suitable for both beginner and pro, men andwomen. ★ Allworkouts can be done at home. ★ Records trainingprogressautomatically. In just 30 days the high-intensity workoutsin thisapp can give you the physique of history's greatestsoldiers.Spartan Warrior Workout takes you from merely being inshape tohaving the strength and endurance to withstand the ultimatetest.

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