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THE BEST RACING GAME SO FAR!Drive your car over the mountainterrain through the blushing trees and plants as you keep fromtipping over and crashing. Have Fun!3D Car Drive : The Real CarExperience is a true-to-life automotive journey featuring the mostprestigious cars in the world!Experience the richest racingsimulation ever released on Android devices - and the best part isit won’t cost a thing to get started right now! Download the gamefor FREE and take your first steps into the huge and fascinatingEnvironment.Burn up the street with the fastest and mostexhilarating 3D racing action in Racing today! 3D Car Drivecombines stunning, high fidelity graphics. With astonishingphysics, eye-popping tracks, and awesome cars, 3D Car Drive createsa new type of racing experience for Android users.Maintain yourspeed and shift gears at the perfect moment to get a smooth drivingexperience. Download this game and find out how fast can you beat ahighest score!Enjoy the good gaming experience on android, Rate andfeedback if you like the game, thanks for the support. Be a goodbike racer. its a car speed racing game, race with your androidphone, its totally FUN!!!Key Features:- Cutting Edge 3D Graphicsand gnarly impact-crash sound effects- Total Control of your RacingCar- Incredible arcade physics- Fast paced, intense game play-Realistic sound environment and Music***HOW TO PLAY*** - Tap screento speed up your car at insane speeds and get double scores. - Tiltleft and right to control driving direction.

App Information 3D Car Drive : Fast Speed Racing 2018

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    3D Car Drive : Fast Speed Racing 2018
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    January 6, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Are you ready to challenge the best drivers of Drift Spreed RacingGame? Mountain Racing : The Real Car Experience is a true-to-lifeautomotive journey featuring the most prestigious cars in theworld! Experience the richest racing simulation ever released onAndroid devices - and the best part is it won’t cost a thing to getstarted right now! Download the game for FREE and take your firststeps into the huge and fascinating Environment. Burn up the streetwith the fastest and most exhilarating 3D racing action in Racingtoday! Racing combines stunning, high fidelity graphics. Withastonishing physics, eye-popping tracks, and awesome cars, MountainTrack Racing creates a new type of racing experience for Androidusers. Game Features:
 - Cutting Edge 3D Graphics and gnarlyimpact-crash sound effects 
- Total Control of your Racing Car
-Full 3D Real Time rendering 
- Incredible arcade physics
 -Realistic sound environment and Music 
- Select the Camera -Amazing Island
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Mastering the realistic bullet trajectory physics of Desert SniperForce Shooting won’t be easy alone. This hardcore FPS simulatesbullet fall over great distances, wind, and trigger-pull.That’sright, you’ll have to smoothly pull the trigger for an accurateshot. Sounds tricky, right? Prepare yourself for the army andpractice your combat shooting skills with a powerful sniper rifle.When you are fighting in the Desert Sniper Land then you will meettougher Solider, so keep your skills fresh and stats high. Prepareyourself for a world you won’t forget... Game features ★ Use thetelescope to aim the enemy at far distances ★ Enemy intelligencecontrol system: by adjusting the number of enemies andintelligence, so you fight more rich and wonderful. ★ Realisticvisual effects and the world's best battle music. ★ Great graphicsand environment ★ Scope adjustment. ★ Day-night cycle period inreal time ★ Realistic long range shooting system How to Play: 1.Touch and move the screen to aim the enemy 2. The enemy will notattack you until you fire your first shot 3. Use the telescope toaim the enemy at far distances 4. Shoot as many times you want, butit is better to shoot once and accurately 5. Use fire button toshoot 6. The gun will reloaded itself Like us on facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Xaavialogix?ref=hl A Game By: XaaviaLogixGames Studios