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37th Escape Game app by QuickSailor. Escape Games-Midnight Room has25 3D Rooms to Escape! Midnight Room is a Room Escape Game App.It's late in the night and you were going back home after a smallparty, as you need the place, by mistake you enter into someoneelse house and get stuck without knowing what to do, all you needto do is, there are a lot of useful hidden objects and clues allover the place which will help you to escape from the housesilently, but the only thing is you need to get pass two levels toescape from this midnight house. Go ahead play this app and have anawesome playtime. Enjoy! Download this free Quicksailor MidnightEscape game app and have a cool playtime! Have fun! How to playMidnight Room: Go through the place find all the objects and escapefrom this midnight. Enjoy playing escape games! EscapeGames-Midnight Room Features: • New Levels added Regularly • 100%Free to download • Attractive Graphics • 25 3D Rooms Escape Game •Find Hidden Objects • Puzzles to Solve. • Escape Game App Join withQuicksailor for New Updates Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/quicksailor Google +:https://plus.google.com/+QuicksailorGames Twitter:https://twitter.com/qsailor

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    November 24, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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77th Escape Game App by Quicksailor.Escape Games-Puzzle Library has19 Rooms to Escape. Puzzle Library is a Room Escape Game app. Youare going to find the books for your project work and while you aresearching the books, you have got an interesting book related toproject. Then, you decide to read a book. You open the book andstarted to read. The book was very interesting and you forgotyourself. You are reading the book page by page slowly, that thebook admires your mind a lot. Even you didn’t notice the time, youcontinually read the book. You didn’t move from the place. Untilthe librarian shouted that, time up all should move from the place,but you didn’t hear his voice because you are fully covered by thebook. Within few minutes librarian locked the door, he didn’tnotice that you are inside in the library, because you are in theold books section.After finishing your book, you didn’t find anyonein the library and then you went to the main door with fear but itclosed and locked. You thought that, someone else will be availablein the library backside. So you are moving fast to the backsidedoor. You didn’t know where the backside door of the library is.Suddenly you went to the other room of the library it was dark anddusty so you got fear to see that room and you saw the switch boardthen you ON the light. You saw the place fully, there is no way toescape and then you are moving from the room and go back to theback side door. You found the library backside door, but it’s alsolocked. You trapped in the puzzle library if you want to escapefrom puzzle library room, search for useful hidden objects insidethe room, use the book to collect the hidden objects, solve puzzleswith your knowledge, and also collect the hidden hints and use thelibrary cupboard and system and then also notice every object inthe Puzzle library. It guides you to escape from the Puzzle librarywithout any trouble. Good Luck…… Enjoy the game with fun…PuzzleLibrary Escape is free game app. Download this free room escapegame app & have an interesting playtime. The librarian nevernotices that you are inside and closes and the library. After youfind yourself stuck all alone inside puzzle Library, You have tofind useful hidden objects inside the puzzle Library and use themsmartly. Solve puzzles by using your intellectual skills to escaperooms inside puzzle Library. Boys, Girls & Kids can play thisRoom Escape Game app. Download this free Room Escape Game App ofQuicksailor. More 116 Escape Games App available to play for free.Have quick fun.How to Play Puzzle library rooms Escape Game:Explore Puzzle library Rooms to Find Hidden Objects and use themaccordingly. Solve Puzzles quickly to escape from this Puzzlelibrary rooms. Have an easy and quick playtime!Puzzle Library RoomsEscape Game Features:• 100% Free to Download.• 13 Rooms EscapeLevels Available• Room Escape Game App.• Find Hidden Objects• SolvePuzzles.• New Levels UpdateRemember to ** RATE THE GAME** for morebetter games from Quicksailor