1.1.0 / November 24, 2014
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3D Classic dominos game just likerealdominos
Two parts in the game
1. design your favorite dominos pattern.
2. complete level games: connect up all parts of dominos.
It is a very interesting game and easy to play. Hope you canlikeit!


App Information 3D Falling Dominos

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Accurate Draw 1.0.5 APK
Drawing, No pen? There is a new way, easy todraw.Drawing:1.First finger touch down to focus position2.Second finger touch down to start3. First finger move for drawing4.Second finger up to stop drawingNote: Two fingers don't contactMove or Zoom or Rotate Layer1.One finger double click then keep touching2.One finger can move layer3.Two finger can zoom or rotate layerAnimator:This is an additional functionOnly save drawing as PNG to the Path
StickMan Fighting 1.1.2 APK
New StickMan is coming!!!This is small game, device with one core cpu and 512M RAM can play.The game will be update more background and morelevelslater.
Screen Brightness Settings 1.0 APK
1.The app only for device withoutlightsensor.2.The app will run two times per hour for only one second. Soitdoes not occupy memory.3.Automatically start service at device reboot.4.Click "-" or "+" to adjust brightness that will be saved.5.Reset will clear all adjust settings.Mail:junior.footprint@gmail.com
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Initial the Small Launcher was for my oldLGP705g, Now share with you.Characteristic of the Samll Launcher:It is a small size software to occupy less memory and can runfast.Only basic launcher functions, No complicated operationandsettings, is a concise launcher.Operating Instructions:There are only four screens that can be scrolled left or right.Agrid of all applications is on one of the four screens. Thegridmay be scrolled down or up cycle.Move application: Long press the application icon then choosewhichscreen to move ,and locate position to complete move. Movediconsare no longer displayed in the application grid.Add widget:First choose one screen, then click menu>addwidget,long press choose widget, then locate position to completeaddoperating.(Operation is slightly different for system version lower than4.1.Version 4.1 and higher need to add widget permission)Set wallpaper: Pick a color (you can save memory): clickcentercircle to confirm a color. or pick a image: confirmcutrectangleof image, finally click OK to save the wallpaper.Launcher Settings: Default display screen can be set, click"Back"or "Home" to return to the default display screen. You mayalso setthe application grid displayed on which screen.Email: junior.footprint@gmail.comLanguage:English;Chinese Simple;Version History:<><><><><><>June 6th, 2014 V1.0Birthday of the Small Launcher>October 3, 2014 V1.1
3D Falling Dominos 1.1.0 APK
3D Classic dominos game just likerealdominosTwo parts in the game1. design your favorite dominos pattern.2. complete level games: connect up all parts of dominos.It is a very interesting game and easy to play. Hope you canlikeit!Language:>English>Chinese