1.0 / January 21, 2014
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Race to get the most airtime! 2 Games in 1.Wetried to create one of the most fun free racing games on theplaystore. Step on the gas pedal and race for the jump. Go for theMegajumps in the special Bonus tracks. Jeep Jump puts you incontrol ofa super fast 4x4 truck. More cars appear after yousuccessfullypass enough levels. All access - all free. Nothingextra to payfor. Over 75 different racing tracks + Special Bonustracks withMega High jumps. Rally racers ready?

The goal is to get the most airtime possible per round.Airtimeis the time the car is off the ground. You get more airtimebyracing over the off road jumps or by jumping into tress andoverrocks. You are given 60 seconds to jump as many times as youcan.Avoid the rocks - or use them to get in a last second jump.Youwill advance to the next level for every minute ofairtime'sgained. Race to get the most airtime per track. The Bonusgame willappear after you have achieved just 3 minutes of airtime.The firstbonus off-road 4x4 truck will appear after the 5th levelis passed.( Here's a hint: its a car no longer legal in America)The secondsuper rally car will appear after the 10th level.

Great 3D off road racing action. This racing simulator givesyouthe feeling that you are driving. Exciting interactivegraphics.Obstacles such as animals, rocks, trees, and mud pits -you will bethankful you are in a 4x4 racing. 75 Tracks included +BonusTracks. Collect a star for each level passed.

Try all the tracks - you might find some fun surprises.

Note : This app performs best on quad core devices. Ifyourdevice is not quad core, or more than 2 years old, itwillunderperform.

Off Road Racing has never been more exciting. Download thisfunfree app and start jumping!

App Information 3D Jeep Racer Offroad Racing

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    3D Jeep Racer Offroad Racing
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  • Updated
    January 21, 2014
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.1 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Boris Tsarkov
  • Installs
    100,000 - 500,000
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    Visit website Email bormandallas@gmail.com
    445021, Russian Federation, Samarskaya obl, Togliatty city, Golosov st. 107-108
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This version contains unlimited dynamite andunlimited time. There are NO ads in this version.Ever wondered what would happen if you let a goat run wild withsome sticks of dynamite? Mass hysteria? Total goat mayhem? Yes andyes. You control this wild goat as he makes his way through theforest and city. Given plenty of dynamite, this goat can do largeamounts of destruction. You may have played the other Goatsimulator apps, but nothing comes close to this one. Full 3D GoatAction."Totally hilarious - goat simulator at its best" - Jan fromChicago"BAAH-d flippin goat, so much fun" - Francis from GeorgetownThis goat simulator game contains 2 levels:Country Level and City LevelIn the Country Level, you will encounter plenty of animals -Cows, Horses, Sheep, Chickens, and more. You will also encounterFunny Characters that you can have fun interacting with. Plenty offun animals interaction.In the City Level, you will encounter cars, people, and manyother fun objects.Goat Gone Wild is the Goat simulator you have been waiting for.Plenty of 3D action and adventure.Live the Goat life.