1.0 / September 10, 2014
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the city is in chaos, mass evacuation has beenordered,
but there is only one catch, can you putt your way out of thecity???

a steady aim game

20 levels

App Information 3d Urban Chaos City mini golf

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    3d Urban Chaos City mini golf
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    September 10, 2014
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
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  • Developer
    Dark Carnival Games studio
  • Installs
    10 - 50
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Have you ever played world famousketchappstyle ZigZag game? If yes, and if you have enjoyed thesupersimplicity of the unending gameplay, we can bait, that freeandroidapp Super Fast Neon Rotate Extreme will keep you entertainedforquite a long time too!The game play is extremely simple and the algorithm of theplayincludes easy hints to master your next move to rotate thecolorfulneon balls on-screen. But mastering the action isindeedchallenging where you need to coordinate the hints and youractionto match the colors of the approaching ball and rotatingballcolors. You have to rotate the neon balls in a way so thatthecolors of the balls match in 2 face style.The complexity level will be ascending gradually! More you willbeable to match the balls, new balls will be falling down withfasterspeed and you need to rotate the ball faster and faster….toasuper-fast speed!Game features:Free android game Super Fast Neon Rotate Extreme is superaddictiveand ultra-exciting with its unpredictability and supercasual gamestyle. Check its entertaining features before you startplayingthis one-touch color frenzy game.Vibrant user interface: it is extremely interesting to playthecolor matching ball game,You have to keep your reflex extra alert for matching the neoncolorballs,Your high score will be saved in the device and a voice commandwilllet you know that you have touched the height,The visual effect of neon balls is an extra attraction ofthegame,You can put a pause to the game play,Stimulating music will keep your stamina level always up!Download the game Super Fast Neon Rotate Extreme; itschallengingaction plan with simple input will keep you alert andentertained!This is one of the latest arcade games on mobile withsuper-simplepurely fun gameplay. Ask your kids to play the game;they willenjoy its awesome dynamics too!
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Dragonz :Test your reaction time in this stunning addictive 3DinfiniteFlyer game,You are the Dragon, Avoiding mountains and rapid cannonfirewhile stacking up your score streaksyou take flight, flying day and night over fantasymedievalvillages,collect the rings to increase your streak, bigger streaks makeyourscore multiplyYou will be hit by land sea and air, dodging cannon fire fromallangleskeep your eyes in the sky, watch for cannon shots from theAirBalloonsARE YOU BEAST ENOUGH TO DARE TAKE ON HARDCORE MODE?
3d Urban Chaos City mini golf 1.0 APK
the city is in chaos, mass evacuation has beenordered,but there is only one catch, can you putt your way out of thecity???a steady aim game20 levels
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Bricky Tower is an entertaining game thatwillchallenge you to build the highest bricky tower with movingblocksat your fingertips. At one go the gameplay seems to be assimple asa cake bite, but mastering the technique of stackingblocks isreally challenging. Download now……it’s all free!How to play the app?It is really easy to play the brick tower game: you need tostackfloating blocks one after another as fast as possible. If youfailto stack the right size of floating blocks on the growingtower,the game will get over. And you have to start the superstackergame from the beginning.This apparently simple puzzle game needs extra dose ofconcentrationand strategic control over motor skill. Once yourvisionaryperception is set with the floating algorithm of thetower stackergame, you can win the bait.App’s FeaturesCheck all the app integrated features before you download thefreeBrick Tower game, and start chasing the challenge of makinghighesttower of bricks.Simple user interface,Simple but smart graphics is an added attraction of thisstackbrickYou need to place the floating block exactly on the growing headofthe tower: right placement is a real challenge here.Your last score and best score on the device will be saved,You can review and rate the game.Integration to leaderboard will be added soon: you will be abletowatch how other players are stacking the bricks for makingthehighest tower on screen.Download the Brick Tower game and start playing the stacktowerchallenge. You will enjoy the addictive gameplay for sure. Youmayask your kids to play the block stack challenge. The strategyofplaying the game will improve their motor skill.
SHARK Z : the last megalodon 1.5 APK
SHARKZthanks for playing, dont forget to rate the game 5 starsanddownload games from our advertizers:Test your reaction time in this stunning addictive 3DinfiniteSwimmer game,You are the last megalodon, a prehistoric distant cousin ofthesharks today, museums and zoos have put a big price on yourhead..Dead or Alive,Avoiding coral rocks and torpedo fire while stacking upyourscore streaksyour Shark takes flight, swimming day and night over coral reefsandthrough the crags of the briney deeps,watch out for the marine biologists in their submarines,SHARKZ is completely FREE,we DONT have in app purchases, (no need to worry about yourkidsringing up your credit cards)we DONT have banners,there is no cursing,there is a low level of fantasy violence,we use minimal advertizing, please help keep our games free,andinstall a game from our sponsors,the more sponsorship wegetthrough adverts the more new cool features we can implement andthemore free games we can release,if you enjoyed or disliked this game please send me an email,wewould love the feedback..thanksplanned updates includeonline leader board .play your friendspower ups systemso enjoy playing Angry Shark endless Runner 3D,any issues, or not working on your device please mail usbeforegiving a poor rating