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3D/VR Mosquito Swarm is a free 3D and virtual reality styled demogame that works with a Google Cardboard or similar HMD (headmounted device) on your phone. You need a phone that hasaccelerometer, gyroscope and compass sensors along with a hardwareGPU (Graphics Processing Unit).To play, move your head to positionthe centered reticle pointer over a mosquito and then give it aswat with a magnet pull, screen tap, external USB keyboard ENTERkey, or Bluetooth remote controller ENTER key. If you miss, a newmosquito will be added to the swarm, lowering your point score. Thegame score results from the number of swats minus bites over theshortest time, until you eliminate all mosquitoes on alllevels.Please email your comments, problems, or suggestions. Thankyou for your interest.

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    3D/VR Mosquito Swarm
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    March 12, 2016
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Tekla Inc.
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    716 Dekalb Pike #200 Blue Bell, PA 19422
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3D/VR Stereo Photo Viewer 3.3.1 APK
Tekla Inc.
Attention: Samsung S8 users - You should disable Google VR Servicesapp in Settings->Apps to prevent problems from Daydream, swipeto show navigation buttons in VR, and make photos brighter inheadset. What's new: - Added Settings option to prevent tap screenfrom advancing photo. The option requires use of a Bluetoothcontroller to advance photo. - Added Settings option to choose panand zoom modes in VR. Default is pan and zoom on. Sets the initialzoom to maximum zoom out that can be changed with volume up key inVR mode. - Display 3D photos from twin phone cameras running OpenCamera Remote app with HTTP server via URL links. - Supports 360 3DPanorama Photos and 180/360 Swivel VR for Architectural photos.Turn your phone into a dynamic stereoscope with zoom capability!The 3D/VR Stereo Photo Viewer app lets you quickly and easily viewyour 2D or 3D stereo photos stored on your phone or found in Webpages. With a Cardboard VR viewing headset or a stereoscope, youcan zoom into your 3D photos and see detail in stereo. The 3D/VRStereo Photo Viewer displays side-by-side (stereoscopic parallelMPO, JPS, JPG, PNG, individual filename suffix _L and _R ) photos.You can access stereo photos on the Web with URL links pointing togalleries or individual photos. The app loads Web photos from a QRcode URL link, a clipboard URL link, a server URL link, orleft/right photo server URLs stored in Settings option. Use free QRcode reader "Barcode Scanner" app by the ZXing Team to read QR codelinks and view photos with the app. You can swap left and rightphotos using a Settings option or remote bluetooth key controller.Remote controller keys provide many convenience features. Bluetoothmouse control also supported. Capture 3D photos using the CameraCha-Cha technique launched from the menu, or volume up button. Youselect the camera. Use Open Camera Remote app that supports cha-chaleft/right photo overlay. Get app here:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?d=net.sourceforge.opencameraremote&hl=enThe app displays stereo photos intended for viewing with GoogleCardboard type stereoscopic viewers, a smartphone stereoscope, suchas a Lorgnette stereoscope, or the Cyclopital3d View-Vasterstereoscope. Enter the Cardboard VR viewing mode with menu optionor configurable long press on the screen and insert your phone intothe viewer. With a Cardboard VR viewer you can zoom in and out of astereo photo by rolling the viewer right (zoom-in) or left(zoom-out). With the zoom feature you can see more detail in highresolution photos on a smaller resolution screen and by zooming outyou can see foreground subjects with more comfort. In VR modephotos up to 6K (6144) pixels per side will display withoutdownscaling the image. The viewer only resamples/scales photos witha total size larger than the product of 6144 by 6144 pixels or anyside greater than 8192 pixels. You will see the best zoomed 3Dstereo photo only when you view MPO or individual left/right eyephoto files with _l and _r suffix. The phone must have enough heapRAM memory, 512MB, which is available with Samsung Galaxy S6/7/8phones, for example. To re-position the image with the viewer lookup/down (pitch), or left/right (yaw) slightly to begin movement,and then stop movement by returning your headset to its originalposition. This will move the photo in a window to show areas ofinterest. The headset move technique is named "couch viewing"because you can recline on a couch and view photos that will stayin position. The Zoom feature can be disabled in the Settings menuor in Cardboard VR mode with the volume up key. Zoom and photomovement may also be controlled by a mouse in VR mode. For help anda full feature list, including more remote key controller options,please see the user guide athttp://www.tekla3d.com/3d-vr-stereo-photo-viewer-user-guide.html
Open Camera Remote 1.46.7 APK
Tekla Inc.
Documentation at https://andymodla3dvr.blogspot.com The Open CameraRemote app is a modified version of Open Camera. It gives you focusand shutter trigger control remotely over a local WiFi network. Yousend this app broadcast control messages to operate focus andshutter release using another app, WiFi Remote Capture, install athttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andymodla.remotecapture&hl=enYou trigger and capture photos and videos nearly simultaneously onlocal network connected phones running this app. Depending on yourlocal network, the number of phones can range from 253 to 4093maximum. For security reasons some WiFi routers will blockbroadcast messages. You may have to set up your own private routerthat allows broadcast messaging. There is a built-in Web HTTPserver you can enable for downloading your photos with a Webbrowser. It only works with your local network while the camera appis running. In Settings there is a option to turn on the HTTPserver and to show the URL of the server as a QR code or text.Information about using the Open Camera app can be found at :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.sourceforge.opencamera&hl=enThe Open Camera Remote app has Settings under More Camera Controlsfor photo and video filename suffix and Time/Number format forfilename with reset. The suffix string appended to the filenamehelps you determine from which phone camera a photo was shot. Thisallows you to merge all the photos from multiple cameras into asingle folder for editing. You can capture 3D images by takingsequential left and right eye photos when choosing a Settingsoption. The filenames will automatically add suffixes _l and _r.View 3D photos by purchasinghttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andymodla.apps.vrstereophotoviewer&hl=en(not supported by all phones). This app can be launched frompreview thumbnail button if you select the 3D/VR Stereo PhotoViewer. Another feature lets you align the scene you are shootingwith your previous photo to help with taking 3D (left/right),composite, or stitched photos when you edit using other apps. Theopen source code for Open Camera Remote (modified from version 1.46Open Camera) is available athttps://sourceforge.net/u/ajavamind/opencamera/ci/master/tree/Modifications for Open Camera Remote were added by Andy Modla. Usethe HTTP server at your own risk. The Nanohttpd HTTP server isCopyright (c) 2012-2013 by Paul S. Hawke, 2001,2005-2013 by JarnoElonen, 2010 by Konstantinos Togias All rights reserved.Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or withoutmodification, are permitted provided that the following conditionsare met: Redistributions of source code must retain the abovecopyright notice, this list of conditions and the followingdisclaimer. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the abovecopyright notice, this list of conditions and the followingdisclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials providedwith the distribution. Neither the name of the NanoHttpdorganization nor the names of its contributors may be used toendorse or promote products derived from this software withoutspecific prior written permission. THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY THECOPYRIGHT HOLDERS AND CONTRIBUTORS "AS IS" AND ANY EXPRESS ORIMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIEDWARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSEARE DISCLAIMED. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER ORCONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL,SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, BUT NOTLIMITED TO, PROCUREMENT OF SUBSTITUTE GOODS OR SERVICES; LOSS OFUSE, DATA, OR PROFITS; OR BUSINESS INTERRUPTION) HOWEVER CAUSED ANDON ANY THEORY OF LIABILITY, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, STRICT LIABILITY,OR TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE) ARISING IN ANY WAY OUTOF THE USE OF THIS SOFTWARE, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OFSUCH DAMAGE.
3D Stereo Photo Viewer 2.7.1 APK
Tekla Inc.
Use this app to quickly and easily view, with a stereoscope, your3D stereo photo portfolios stored on your phone or on the Web. Andyou can view your 2D (monocular) photo folders and portfolios too.The 3D Stereo Photo Viewer displays side-by-side (stereoscopicparallel) photos stored on your phone or embedded in many Web pagephoto galleries. You locate Web galleries using a QR code URL linkor from a clipboard URL link via the menu or Settings option. Theapp can use QR code URL links to reference web pages embedded withphotos you want to see using this app. The app supports the stereofile formats MPO and JPS in addition to parallel (side-by-side)left/right JPG, PNG files, and individual left/right files.You cancapture stereo photos using a Camera Cha-Cha technique functionlaunched from the menu, or volume up button. Use "Open CameraRemote" app because it has a volume up and screen tap feature totake a photo, among other helpful configurable options.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?d=net.sourceforge.opencameraremote&hl=enTheapp displays stereo photos intended for viewing with a smartphonestereoscope, such as a Lorgnette stereoscope or the Cyclopital3dView-Vaster stereoscope. When the distance between the left andright eye image on your phone, center to center, nearly matches thedistance between your eyes, it may be possible for you to "freeview" the photo to see it in 3D stereo without a stereoscope orother viewer. To learn more about the free viewing technique, do aGoogle search "how to free view stereo (3d) images". DO NOT freeview or use this app, if it gives you eye strain or discomfort.Toview 3D photos with a Google Cardboard VR viewer, there is apurchase app available. Please seehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andymodla.apps.vrstereophotoviewerThepay version has 360 degree 3D panorama viewing and 180/360 swivelchair modes with zoom.For help and a full feature list, includingremote key controller options, please see my user guide athttp://www.tekla3d.com/3d-stereo-photo-viewer-user-guide.html
3D/VR Mosquito Swarm 1.3 APK
Tekla Inc.
3D/VR Mosquito Swarm is a free 3D and virtual reality styled demogame that works with a Google Cardboard or similar HMD (headmounted device) on your phone. You need a phone that hasaccelerometer, gyroscope and compass sensors along with a hardwareGPU (Graphics Processing Unit).To play, move your head to positionthe centered reticle pointer over a mosquito and then give it aswat with a magnet pull, screen tap, external USB keyboard ENTERkey, or Bluetooth remote controller ENTER key. If you miss, a newmosquito will be added to the swarm, lowering your point score. Thegame score results from the number of swats minus bites over theshortest time, until you eliminate all mosquitoes on alllevels.Please email your comments, problems, or suggestions. Thankyou for your interest.
WiFi Remote Capture 1.9 APK
Tekla Inc.
The WiFi Remote Capture app triggers photo or video recordingcapture for multiple compatible phone cameras simultaneously. Itemulates wired focus and shutter control cables connected tomultiple cameras. The app transmits capture commands to all theOpen Camera Remote apps running on phones that are connected to thesame local WiFi network. You can use this app for 3D stereophotography, multi-camera angle video shoots, multi-camera VRpanoramic image capture, etc. The local network must supportBroadcast messages. At a social gathering, party, photo shoot, orother group event all the participants need to use the Open CameraRemote app to take photos or videos and all participants have toconnect to the same local WiFi network. With the WiFi RemoteCapture app you can then trigger all the participants camerasnearly simultaneously to take pictures at the same instant. The appworks with two cameras: 1. Open Camera Remote App (phone camera)The Open Camera Remote app listens for broadcast message commandswhen connected to a local WiFi network. The Open Camera Remote appshould be set in either photo or video recording mode beforecapture with that mode. The camera app is available athttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.sourceforge.opencameraremote2. Samsung NX500/NX1 Cameras These cameras have to be modified withNXKS2 firmware that runs a broadcast receiver server. The app willsend camera focus/shutter and video record/pause/stop commandsusing broadcast message commands over a connected local WiFinetwork. See https://github.com/ajavamind/NX500Capture forinformation about the camera firmware updates and setup you need tocontrol your NX camera from this app. Here are some tips fortriggering multiple camera phones (Open Camera Remote app) nearlysimultaneously: 1. Use a local WiFi router network not connected tothe Internet. 2. In Google Chrome, log off your account to preventbackground operations from slowing down network signaling andprocessor time used by the camera app. 3. In Settings Turn onAirplane mode. This will turn off all radios. Next in Settings turnon WiFi only. 4. Exit all applications. Next, optimize usingSettings->Device Maintenance->Battery->Save Power to putto sleep background apps. 5. Start the Open Camera Remote app. 5.Use a separate phone or tablet running WiFi Remote Capture fortriggering your multiple phones. 6. Make sure each camera phone canfocus on the subject(s). If a camera phone has to hunt to get intofocus, it will be delayed and not fire its shutter with the otherphones. This means use manual or auto-focus, not continuous focusoptions in the Open Camera Remote app. When finished taking photosall your photos, be sure to restore your previous Settings byturning off Airplane mode and logging back into your Google Chromeaccount. NOTE: For the Pixel XL phone with Google WiFi assistantfeature turned on. This phone feature adds extra WiFi security VPNthat blocks standard IP BROADCAST messages. Please try with WiFiAssistant turned off. NOTE: Chromebook blocks BROADCAST messages.NOTE: Some Telecom supplied WiFi routers, for security reasons,block BROADCAST messages on the routers local network. In this caseyou must use your own local WiFi router. NOTE: Your WiFi signal maybe competing with other routers on the same channel, causinginterference and dropped shutter focus/trigger messages. To avoidinterference, you will need to reconfigure your router channel to aquiet 2.4 GHz channel or 5 GHz channels. A WiFi Analyzer app canhelp you find a quiet channel for your router. Please see yourrouter documentation explaining how to change the default WiFichannel. Make sure your phones have a strong enough WiFi signal ateach phone location and WiFi signals are not blocked by walls, etc.
3D/VR Reel La Boqueria Photos 1.1 APK
Tekla Inc.
View 3D photos from the food market "El Mercat de La Boqueria",Barcelona, ES.The app demonstrates the Cardboard viewer featureused in the 3D/VR Stereo Photo Viewerapp.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andymodla.apps.vrstereophotoviewerAlsolook at http://www.tekla3d.comRoll Cardboard viewer to right tozoom in and see image detail, and roll left to zoom out.Re-positionthe viewing window by moving viewer left/right (yaw), or up/down(pitch).
3D/VR Reel Mary Kate Fashion Photos 1.2 APK
Tekla Inc.
For Cardboard VR headsets, view still 3D photos of Mary Katemodeling for a fashion photo shoot.Click on screen or use remotebluetooth controller Enter key to advance to the next photo.Bydefault the app is in Zoom mode. Pressing the volume up key togglesbetween zoom or fixed modes. In Zoom mode you roll your CardboardVR headset right to zoom in (magnify) and roll left to zoom out(shrink). Reposition to an area of interest by moving the headsetup/down or left right. Press the volume up key again to save thezoom level and continue viewing photos at your preferred fixedmagnification level. Or stay in Zoom mode and advance to the nextphoto with the Enter key and reposition as you like.In either zoomor static mode you can use a bluetooth game controller in "game"mode to zoom and move within the photo. See controller key layoutat http://www.tekla3d.com/3d-vr-reel-controller-keys.htmlThe MaryKate fashion photos are stored as 4K images. With a high resolutionphone like the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7 you will be able to seefiner dress detail when you zoom in.You can purchase a generic3D/VR viewer app in the Google Play Storeat:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andymodla.apps.vrstereophotoviewer
3D/VR Reel HGI Fashion Photos 1.3 APK
Tekla Inc.
View 3D photos from a HG Inspired Fashion shoot with Elysianmodels: Samantha, Cassie, Kenzie, Angie, and Molly. HairstylistCyndi Griffiths and Make-Up-Artist Chelsea Banks created the look.The April 2017 workshop photo shoot was sponsored by the SouthJersey Photography Co-Op in Oaklyn, NJ, USA. Andy Modla is thephotographer for the photos in the app.To advance to the nextphoto, click/tap on screen or use a remote bluetooth controllerEnter key.The app starts in Zoom mode which allows you to tilt orroll your VR viewer headset clockwise to zoom in (magnify image)and counter-clockwise to zoom out (shrink image). Pressing thevolume up key toggles between variable zoom or fixed zoom modesetting. Re-position the photo to an area of interest by movingyour headset up/down or left right. Toggle the volume up key tosave the zoom level and continue viewing photos at your preferredfixed magnification level for each photo. In fixed zoom mode youcan use a bluetooth game controller in "game" mode to zoom and movewithin the photo. See controller key layout athttp://www.tekla3d.com/3d-vr-reel-controller-keys.htmlTwin SamsungNX500 cameras captured the left and right images, and postprocessing for 3D alignment corrections were made with Stereo PhotoMaker software. The NX500 cameras used either Nikon 50 mm or Nikon24 mm lenses with adapters requiring manual focus. Wirelesstriggered strobes or constant light fixtures provided the lighting.The fashion photos are stored as 4K+ high resolution images. With ahigh resolution display phone like the Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, or S8you will be able to see fine detail when you zoom in.This free appis derived from a generic 3D/VR photo viewer app in the Google PlayStoreat:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andymodla.apps.vrstereophotoviewer