1.0.0 / August 1, 2016
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4G VOIZ is feature-rich mobile VoIP application for making longdistance or international calls at low rates. It is an interestingfind for end users who have their friends and families scatteredall around the world. The mobile application is available on thewidely popular Android. So, end users can easily download theapplication on their favorite device and use VoIP services to getstarted. App Highlights:Processes calls even in lowbandwidthsIn-built noise and echo cancellationG729, PCMU, PCMAcodec compatibilitySIP softswitch compatibility Address bookintegrationNAT traversal on Private IP SIP SignalingDownload 4GVOIZ now to make VoIP calls to your near & dear ones.

App Information 4G VOIZ 1.0.0

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MAC Dialer is the proprietary mobile VoIP application of VoizCommunication. The mobile application offers complete VoIP callingexperience to end users at low rates. Users of all ages can easilyoperate the mobile application to connect with their loved ones.The inbuilt noise and echo cancellation technology of MAC Dialerensures crystal clear voice quality for end users. The applicationis available on Android and iPhone. One look at the features listwill tell you how deeply the application is built for good userexperience. App Features:- Address book integration- SIP softswitchcompatibility- G729, PCMU, PCMA codecs- SIP signaling- Jitterbuffer implementation- NAT traversal on Private IPTo explore morefeatures, download MAC Dialer now!