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ZoomCam : HD Camera application allowyou to make excellent pictures very fast and simply, utilizing alladvantage of your phone.

Designed for high-resolution photos and videos in HD quality is anexcellent camera, create photos with different effects.

Take different photos in Ultra HD quality.

The best and greatest application will be on your mobile phone andon your tablet.

It is the best quality camera and video application designed sofar.

With up-to-date features, up-to-date design, up-to-date content andnew style zooming camera and video application with you.

Full HD Camera application is designed for you to take betterquality and more pictures.

Capture and decorate your memories with Super Ultra HDcamcorder.

Create high-resolution HD photos with excellent effects, photos andvideos designed for videos and videos.

You can take top quality photos with professional camera which isprepared with attention to user satisfaction.

Only a few steps are extremely simple as selecting photo, rotatephoto, collage , move, decorate your photos with a few funnystickers and art icons ... you've got one extremely beautifulphotos to share with your friends.


❂ Option to auto-stabilize so your pictures are perfectlylevel
❂ Zoom via multi-touch gesture and single-touch control.
❂ Yes you can take a selfie (also known as front camera), includessupport for "screen flash".
❂ Video recording (including HD).
❂ Configurable volume keys.
❂ Optimise GUI for left or right-handed users.
❂ Support for HDR and Exposure Bracketing .
❂ Expose your camera's functionality: support for focus modes,scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO, exposurecompensation/lock, face detection, torch.
❂ Apply date and timestamp, location coordinates, and custom textto photos; store date/time and location as video subtitles(.SRT).
❂ Handy remote controls: timer (with optional voice countdown),auto-repeat mode (with configurable delay).
❂ Countdown Timer
❂ Option to lock orientation to portrait or landscape for photo orvideo. Upside-down preview option for use with attachablelenses.
❂ Option to take photo remotely by making a noise (e.g., voice,whistle), or by voice command "cheese".
❂ Disable shutter sound.
❂ Optional GPS location tagging (geotagging) of photos and videos;for photos this includes compass direction (GPSImgDirection,GPSImgDirectionRef).
❂ Dynamic range optimisation mode.
❂ Small file size.
❂ Set Wallpaper directly
❂ Own Album

Now, Come to ZoomCam : HD Effect Camera to make art photosand extremely pro visual effects to share with friends.

Thank You!

App Information 4K Ultra HD Camera : ZoomCam

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Photo Video Maker with Music/ Photo Video Convert 1.1 APK
Movie Maker : Photo to Video create photo slideshow with music tosave Love video in your mobile, you can share Love video to yourfriends and family.Select your photo from camera and gallery andmake video and also you add different music or add and give effectyour photo and make video and add different text on your image alsoyou share this video share with your friends or families throughsocial app.Photo Video maker with music creates video slide show ofphotos. And you can add music with it.It is amazing thing for yourfriend and family to create movie for them at special times likeLove couple photo. and share with them to make them special.VideoMaker helps you to create beautiful Love Wishes videos for yourloving ones from photos and music with Romantic Love videothemes.Photo Video Maker app helps you to make videos with you andyour loved one photos with adding a song and convert them into abeautiful video. Create your own greetings with beautiful andlovely themes that are available in this app to integrate it withmultiple photos and share it with your loved ones.Create VideoStories from your photos and music with photo to video converter.Photo to Video maker with music is video editor tool forandroid.Select your photo from camera and gallery and make videoand also you add different music or add and give effect your photoand make video and add different text on your image also you sharethis video share with your friends or families through social app.Movie maker with music app convert photos into stunning videos.Convert your photos to video with video editing tool Photo VideoMovie maker. Add background music from your own music, whilecreating Video using Video Maker App. Video Movie Maker is the bestvideo editor, photo slideshow maker & movie editing app.Nowcreate video stories from your photos and music with Video MovieMaker. Video Maker with Music is movie creator/video creator applets you create slideshows or videos. Create video stories andShare with your friends and family using Photo to Video Makerapp.Here You can having more than 10+ Themes and 30+ Stickers formaking your Photo Slideshow amazing.Photo Video Movie Maker is theeasiest way to create, edit and share amazing photo music videosand stories. Photo video maker with music is the best video editor,photo slideshow maker & movie editing app.Video Maker is easyto used and make best video maker story from your celebrate photosfrom choosing gallery or album. You have to arrange birthday photoaccording to your slideshow maker at time of choosing and to addmusic related to your video story maker.Feature :- ₪ Selectmultiple photos from your album to create video. Add Pictures fromgallery as many as you can₪ Select each and every pictureindividually and edit selected picture as your wish.₪ You can Setfilter, Add text, Add sticker and rotate your selected photos.₪ Nowyour video is ready. You can Add music to your slideshow video. ₪Create high quality videos with your photos instantly on yourmobile device.₪ Set your desire frame rate to your creation videoaccording your style..₪ Now you play your video in your defaultplayer.₪ Save your video to our App Gallery of your phone.₪ Shareyour final creative video to any social media.Movie Maker is makingsuch a amazing movie of Love photos and it is also known as LoveVideo Maker with music, Happy Love Video Maker, Love Slideshowmaker, Love Photo Video Maker, Love Video Maker with Song, LoveMovie Maker with Song, Happy Love Movie Maker.Which really feelsmuch excited if There is collection of your all friends of school,collages, & relatives streams on video with best moments ofyour life with an excited music playing with it Movie Maker : Phototo Video app to created Love video story within one minute andshare via social links.Enjoy with best Movie Maker and Slideshowmaker app.Thank You !!!
Movie FX Photo Editor 1.9 APK
By using Movie FX you can adjust your photograph by includingexceptional film impacts! You can envision VFX/FX/SFX impacts onyour own photograph, reason for various sort of film impacts,similar to: Horror, Action, Animation, Si-Fi and numerous moreimpacts. Movie Effect Photo Editor is a free to used all the MovieEffects stickers like: Explosions, Bomb blast, Zombies, Aliens,UFO, Dragons, Helicopters, and Dinosaurs and set into yourphotograph and make it fun it. Utilizing Movie Effect Photo Editoryou make cool Movie Effects looks utilizing just your photographand change your self into a Movie Effects rapidly and simple. Inthe event that you like watching activity motion pictures and youcherish altering your photographs, experiment with this film makerphotograph montage creator now. Get your boring pics and make amiracle out of them. Apply some realistic pic stickers from MovieFX Photo Editor app that will make your photos look like an actionscene from the movie. Add a meteor crush or explosion effects andleave your friends speechless. Set your car on fire or imagine thatthis is a war zone. Imagine that there is an outsider intrusion -make an incredible photograph control with a UFO and make the bestphotograph trick ever. Features:☃ Movie FX Stickers- Multiple MovieEffect Stickers.☃ Move / Zoom - Support move and pinch gestures tocontrol the blending.☃ Swap- Swap your selected movie stickers.☃Effects- Apply effects to make photo even more beautiful.☃ Overlays- Apply overlay to give double exposure.☃ Sticker- Add differentStickers on your photo.☃ Text- Add text with different pattern,color, font , blur on your photo.☃ Save & Share- Save yourcreation and Share any social networking platform like whatsapp,facebook etc.Movie FX Photo Editor is likewise know as: > MovieEffect Photo Editor> Movie FX Photo Editor> Movie EffectStyle photo editor>>> Enjoy all the photo fun brought toyou by our awesome Movie FX Photo Editor! <<<Thanks!
com.photoapp.multiplephotoblender 1.3 APK
Multiple Photo Blender and Photo Mixer Photos reflection Stackedphotos Is an application blender photo that is gaining popularity.Trendy stacked with photos. Among teens As App's Blender CameraPhoto Blender new photo app blender camera photo blender oroverlays photos. Are you tired of combine two pictures byPhotoshop? Or are you into the amazing effect of double exposure?Multiple Photo Blender is your best choice. Make your normal dailyphotos more interesting with ease, just select a picture from yourgallery or capture from camera and mix this picture with ourexisting stunning picture collection or choose another picture fromcamera/gallery and blend them together to get an amazing result.Create professional photo effects with advanced tools like Effects, Sticker, Overlay, Brightness, Rotate, Flip, blending, mixing,effects and many more. With the Photo Mixer you can create anamazing poster of your photo by blending them into one. PhotoBlender is the Perfect App to create BLENDING photo in the mostCREATIVE way. Love photo blender mix up app is similar like photocollage means you can add multiple photos in one photo. Make yourimage look creative in seconds without using a professional editor,Just select two or more pictures and blend them together with thehelp of Photo Mixer, Photo Blender and Photo Eraser to get doubleand multi exposure pictures. Photo Blender app is used to createamazing blending effects to your photos by mixing it up withmultiple photos and embed into one nice frame. Photo Blender createdouble-exposed images by blending two photos, or createmulti-exposed images by repeating blend steps with a differentphoto each time. Multiple Photo Blender also work like DoubleExposure allows you to blend two photos together to create a doubleexposure effect! You just need to pick pictures or take photos. Itblends or merge two or many of your Photos into a single Photo.With the superimpose picture effects, you can create an amazingposter of your photo by blending them into one. Become a ease andquick photo expert instantly using this Photo Blender app andenhance your photo edits in a most likely way! Also it gives widerange of blending Effect. Just load your image from gallery orcamera and pick the best available theme, and you are done withawesome photo blender image. Create Blend Collages with AmazingBlend Pictures on Nature Photo Backgrounds and Innovative PhotoBackgrounds with wide variety of backgrounds to choose from forCollage Background. This Photo Blender is an amazing app that canblend two of your photos into a single photo to build fascinatingposters with simple taps. Also match your photos in equalproportions with a spontaneous crop adjustment and set your blendimage transparency with easy swipe gestures! Photo blender : PhotoMixer helps you combine photos in a grid. Make your photo collagesusing hundreds snapshot stickers, animated filters, grids, layoutsand discover photo frames for the best pic collages. Photo Blenderis a simple but powerful app, it blends two of your Photos into asingle Photo. With the Photo blender app you can create an amazingposter of your photo by blending them into one. Features: ◧Mixer/Blender - Mix and blend two or more image with advancedblending tools. ◩ Effects - Apply effects to make pictures evenmore beautiful. ◒ Orientation - Adjust orientation to get perfectview of photos. ◭ Overlays - Apply overlay to give double exposure.◮ Crop - Crop photos for Instagram or other use. ◑ Border, Frames,Sticker, Text and many more - To give photo your personal touch. ◕Save & Share - Save your creation on SD card and Share anysocial networking platform If you love this app then don’t forgotgive valuable review and rating. Thank You..!!!
DSLR Camera Effect 1.13 APK
DSLR Camera with image blur tool allows you to blur the backgroundof your photo very fast to create amazing photos with blurredbackground.DSLR Camera Effect is a photography app to make yourphoto with best effective blur styles.If you want to focus in yourphoto at particular area you can easy download this DSLR camera -Blur Background app. Blur image lets you selectively blur orun-blur the parts of your pictures so that you can manually focuson the subject properly.Obscure picture lets you specificallyobscure or un-obscure the parts of your photos with the goal thatyou can physically concentrate regarding the matterappropriately.DSLR Camera-Blur Effect is the best photo blur toolto blur image background and create real DSLR Camera effect. DSLRCamera Blur Effect is a photography app to make your photo withbest effective blur styles.DSLR Camera with image blur tool allowsyou to blur the background of your photo very fast to createamazing ✺ lens blur DSLR Camera is the best free alternative tocommon applications such as Blur Backgrounds Blur Image - DSLRfocus effect and DSLR Pro. ✺ DSLR Camera app-Blur Effect is thebest photo blur tool to blur image background and create real DSLRCamera effect. DSLR Camera Blur Effect is a photography app to makeyour photo with best effective blur styles.✺ This DSLR Camera HDPro lets you take excellent pictures,, is a very quick and easyway, moments with your camera on the front and back.✺ Share yourcapture to social media. with your family and friends.✺ DSLR CameraPro is a professional camera app designed to mimic a DSLR as goodas possible. It's ergonomic, powerfull & easy to use - mostsettings can be reached in just one tap.✺ It is very powerful andeasy to use with high quality DSLR HD design.✺ Log in withDSLR-capacity function, feel your Android looks DSLR and makes yourmoments more amazing.✺ DSLR Camera-Blur Background.How to Use DSLRCamera : ✺ Select image from your gallery.✺ Crop your selectedimage.✺ Blur image background on rangebar change movement✺ UsePhoto editing tools like Brush Size, Undo, Redo, and more toaccurately blur photos.✺ Add Text with colour, pattern, style onimage.✺ Add Sticker on image.✺ Set Brightness and effects onimage.✺ Touch to Zoom-in and Zoom-Out✺ Share your blur imagebackground images with your friends and family via whatsapp ,Facebook and other Social Media.✺ Own Album Features of DSLRCamera: ✺ Crop your photo✺ Brightness✺ Effect✺ Blur✺ Sticker✺ AddText✺ Undo Redo Option✺ Shadows/Highlights✺ Focus✺ Own AlbumEnjoyand have fun with DSLR Camera application!Thank You !
Pixel Smoke Effect Editor 2017 1.1 APK
This smoke effects / Photo effects smokingwill let you add simple fake smoke effects, artistic smoke effects,colored smoke effects as well as rainbow smoke effects you willfell like you are in world of a fake smoke effect.Now with this Smoke - Photo Editor Effects camera effects you amazeyour friends and let them believe that you are using realisticsmoke effects the will think it's real smoke effect on photo.Smoke Effect Photo Editor is fantastic Smoke Effect maker enablesyou to convert your beauty selfies into extraordinary pics withSmoke Effect picture effect in a matter of seconds.Smoke Effect Photo Editor is an app to make easy for do notpurchase any Smoke Effect just to set by this app and see how youlooks in that Smoke Effect after that you can easily purpose whichyou like to prefer. Here Youcan having more variety of Smoke Effect stickers for your best facephotos.Smoke - Photo Editor Effects is one of the best smoke effects onthe store that let the users able to add fake smoke effects ontheir photo without using the internet and easily.Paint module to cut picture and apply different style of pixeleffects. Transform photos with the tap of a finger. Use simple, yetpowerful, photo editing tools to apply particle dispersion/pixeleffect.Feature :-+ Easy to use UI.+ Make your photos extra fun with creative pixel effectstyle.+ all direction particle dispersion effect.+ Auto particle dispersion tool for any photo.+ save your art in your phone gallery.- All the users can easily use this app by following simplesteps.- More than 40+ Style available for your Smoke Effects PhotoEditor- Change the size according to your face shape.+ Post your pics easily on Facebook, Twitter, and evenInstagram.Smoke Feature:-● Free Smoke effects● New smoke effect pack● Quick Smoking photo editor● Smoke photo booth● fake smoke effect● smoke photo effects● smoke camera effects● free smoke editing software● smoke video effects● cool picture editing apps● smoking picture photo filters● smokers post photography editor● smoking image editing app● Smoker app photo makeup● Realistic smoke effects● artistic smoke effects● Smoke effect Photo Editor maker● Smoking picture editor● Cool smoke photo stickers● Save your photos with smoke effectsThank You…..Give us Best feedback….
Name Art : Stylish Name Maker 1.8 APK
Stylish Name Maker free is braceletmaker app to make your name brackets. Stylish Text Creator containsthe beautiful.You can select different key chains frames, Locket frames, HeartShape Frames and many designed frames.This application allows you to write your name or nickname indifferent and unique styles with beautiful and stylish photoframes. If you want to write your name, your baby girl, baby boyname in fancy and stylish styles, Stylish Name Maker app generatorapp is perfect for you.You can write name on different lovely frames with unique and coolwriting styles.You can edit, re-size/modify can change text color and can changefonts.This application can help you to create stylish names withbeautiful backgrounds. You can also write the name of your lovedones with different unique and amazing styles.Our stylish name generator app is the unique and the best way togive happiness someone. A very useful stylish name maker whichshows your love for someone.Wish someone with some cool and beautiful pics and your name ontheir pic, Download My name pic App now. Create your own card andsend it to your loved ones.You select your photo from gallery or camera and write differentmessage on your photo and make your image to awesome.Features:- HD card images with message- HD Love Locket images- Attractive decoration materials- Awesome for greeting cards- Write your name on that selected card or locket background.- Can rotate, scale,and change the color & Font of the nametext- Download Favourite pics and write name on that pics.- Add Font Size facility so that user can re size font according toused.- Add font facility with font style as well as font color choose byuser.- Name on Pics image you can set as wallpaper.- Can export your final name creator image once it is done- Share created image with friends.- Own AlbumThanks for using this app
Color Splash Effect 1.18 APK
Color Splash Effect which gives you theopportunity to turn yourself into the best photo magician.It provides you the most easy-to-use enhancements for creating artphotos and convert your photos into an attractive & beautifulart.Color Splash lets you selectively color your photos that are turnedinto Black and White Photos, Old Photos and Sepia Photos by usingtouch.Color Filter your photos with Gorgeous looking Photo Filters anduse advanced photo color features like Zoom Photos, Photo BrushSize and Photo Editor like undo and redo.Create a piece of art with the photo editing tools of Color SplashEffect Photo Editor. With our new photo collage maker, you willhave hundreds of grid and collage templates. Use photo editor toolsfor single images or stitch photos together with the photo collagemaker, all these photo editing and collage tools has been combinedfor you in Color Splash Effect Photo Editor.Color Splash Photo Effect take amazing classic Splash effect withtouch, with fingers, you can create best color photo effects.Do you want to give an impeccable color splash effect to your pic?Then color splash photo is the ideal photo editor app to doso.It is a color photo editor which allows you to create awesomeimages by converting images to grey color or apply colors to yourimages. It’s a free color splash effect application.It comes with inbuilt photo Editor with high quality photo framesand filters,effects ,etc.Color Splash Photo Effect is a simple way to have some photo funwith your photos without learning advanced editing techniques andshare with your friends, family members & social sites.Features of Color splash photo Effect♣ Select Photo from gallery.♣ Paint color photo follow free color, smart color anderaser.♣ Add Text on Photo, Draw on Picture, add fun sticker and lovelyicon.♣ Crop, rotate, resize and adjust pic with simple touchgestures.♣ Apply effects♣ UI feature, photo and PIP camera will help you get more photoframes unlimited.♣ Save image in JPEG and flexible control JPEG quality♣ Color Splash Effect is completely free download.♣ Remove wrinkle, optimize skin tones and tap to remove it.♣ Color Splash Effect makes you a celebrity.♣ Add fun stickers and easily edit by fingers.
Thank You
BlendMe Editor : Photo Blender 1.4 APK
Photo Blender is a powerful app, it blends two of your Photos intoa single Photo. With the Photo blender app you can create anamazing poster of your photo by blending them into one.Createamazing mixed pictures by overlaying two or more pictures on eachother.Blender Camera Blends photos with effects and frames. PhotoBlender create double-exposed images by blending two photos, orcreate multi-exposed images by repeating blend steps with adifferent photo each time. Create professional photo effects withadvanced tools like Effects , Sticker, Overlay, Brightness, Rotate,Flip, blending, mixing, effects and many more. With the Photo Mixeryou can create an amazing poster of your photo by blending theminto one.Photo Blender is a simple but powerful app, it blends twoof your Photos into a single Photo. With the Photo blender app youcan create an amazing poster of your photo by blending them intoone.App's Blender Camera Photo Blender and Photo Blender MixerPhotos reflection Stacked photos Is an application blender photothat is gaining popularity. You can share your created picture onany social media directly from the app.How to Use:☼Select two yourphotos or your friends photos or family photos or your childrenphotos. from camera or gallery.☼Adjust selected photos with easyswipe gestures options.☼Set Opacity of your two photos.☼Finallysave your designed photo.☼Share designed photo using social networksites like facebook, whatsapp , email , etc. Features:◑ Blender-Mix and blend two or more image with advanced blending tools.◑Swap- Swap your photo from two blending images.◑ Move / Zoom -Support move and pinch gestures to control the blending.◑ Effects-Apply effects to make photo even more beautiful.◑ Overlays - Applyoverlay to give double exposure.◑ Sticker- Add different Stickerson your photo.◑ Text- Add text with different pattern, color, font, blur on your photo.◑ Orientation- Adjust orientation to getperfect view of photos.◑ Save & Share- Save your creation andShare any social networking platform like whatsapp, facebooketc.Photos blender numerous app's photo blender camera effect and areflection. Photo Mixer : Blender Camera.Thank you for your useapplication photo blender mix photos.