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50+ Fruit And BenefitsThis application is free and offlineTheseapplications can run smoothly without an internet connectionThisapplication provides details Name Your Fruits And Benefitsexample:AFruit BenefitsAvocadoAvocado contains healthy fats oleic (omega-9),vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron,copper, potassium, fiber, and acid solfat. Avocado is rich inbenefits and may protect the body from various diseases.Avocadofruit is beneficial for cardiovascular health, control bloodpressure, lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar levels, reducethe risk of stroke, cancer prevention, weight gain and also goodfor eye health.WineFruit wines contain vitamin A, vitamin Bcomplex, vitamin C, vitamin K, gallic acid, glucoside, manganese,iron, and calcium. The grapes are other compounds such aspolyphenols and resveratrol substances known as antioxidants.Thegrapes are beneficial for reducing the risk of breast, prostate,and colon. Besides grapes can also reduce the risk of stroke,control blood sugar, nourish the kidneys and digestive. OtherIngredients grape is also used for its antioxidant andanti-microbial.AppleApples contain vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin Ccontent of fiber in apples can make the stomach full longer on us,so the apples are suitable for the diet and in addition it is safefor our colon.Apples in addition helps the small intestine also hasother benefits such as reducing the risk of respiratory problems,blood sugar control, overcoming the problem of osteoporosis, helpsprevent and treat cancer, lowering cholesterol, treating diarrhea,as well as heart healthy.AcidSour fruit contains calcium,phosphorus, nitric acid, malic acid, and the acid pipekolat. Sourfruit is useful for treating canker sores.Benefits of other acids,namely to increase appetite, helps the functioning of the digestiveorgans, helps regulate cholesterol and triglyceride levels, andalso to overcome constipation.StrawberryStrawberries containsvitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, protein, fat, carbohydrates,folic acid, calcium, and phosphorus. Strawberries also containsaponins in the form of glycosides, favonoida, polofenol and hasantibacterial.Strawberries useful for treating canker sores, toalleviate the symptoms of diarrhea, helps fight cancer, as typhusmedicine and can be used to treat ulcers.And Much Much More

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