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Health benefits of 50 foods that help to lead a sound life.#Nutritious value of foods # Health benefits of foods # Sideeffects(if any) The included Apples, Avocado, Banana, Blueberry,Orange,Strawberry, Fruits, Egg, Lean Beef, Chicken, Lamb, almonds,ChiaSeeds, Coconuts, Macadamia Nuts, Walnuts, Peanuts, Asparagus,BellPeppers, Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower, Cucumber, Garlic,Kale,Onion, Tomatoes, Salmon, Sardines, Shellfish, Shrimp,RainbowTrout, Tuna, Brown Rice, Oats, Quinoa, Ezekiel Bread,HomemadeLow-Carb Breads, Legumes, Green Beans, Kidney Beans,Lentils,Cheese, Whole milk, Yogurt, Butter From Grass-Fed Cows,CoconutOil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, AppleCiderVinegar, Dark Chocolate.

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শিশুর সুন্দর ও অর্থপূর্ণ নাম 1.0 APK
মুসলিম শিশুর সুন্দর ও অর্থপূর্ণ নাম, অর্থপূর্ণ রাখার গুরুত্ব, নামেরঅর্থ ইত্যাদি নিয়ে এই অ্যাপ ডেভেলপ করা হয়েছে। এখানে মুসলিম শিশুরসুন্দর ও অর্থপূর্ণ নাম, নামের অর্থ ছাড়াও যেই বিষয়গুলো আছে সেগুলোহচ্ছেঃ১।শিরকী নাম কি?২। ইসলামী ও উত্তম নাম৩।শিশুর সুন্দর নাম রাখারগুরুত্ব৪।ভাল ও মন্দ নামের প্রভাব৫। নাম নিয়ে বাস্তব ঘটনা৬। নামকরণেরসময়৭। নামকরণে কুসংস্কারের উদাহরণ৮। শেরকী আকীদা৯। নামকরণে কতিপয়লক্ষ্যণীয় দিক১০। তাহনীক ও আকীকা১১। আল্লাহর ৯৯টি নাম, অর্থ ওব্যাখা১২। আল্লাহর নামে মিল রেখে নাম১৩। নবী ও রাসূলগণের নাম১৪।নির্বাচিত পুরুষ সাহাবীর নাম১৫। ছেলে শিশুর আরও কিছু সুন্দর নাম১৬।নবীদের পরিবারভূক্ত নাম১৭। মহিলা সাহাবীবর্গের নাম১৮। মেয়ে শিশুর আরওকিছু সুন্দর নামBeautiful and meaningful Muslim baby names, theimportance of having meaningful, name etc. This app has beendeveloped. Here is a beautiful and meaningful Muslim baby names,name means that there are also factors which are:1siraki name?II.And the good name of IslamThe importance of having a beautiful name3sisura4. Good and bad effects of the5. The name of the realthing6. When naming7. Examples naming superstition8. Creed seraki9.Note the names of some10. Tahanika and akika11. 99 Names of God,the meaning and interpretation1. In the name of Allah, the name ofharmony13. The names of the prophets and messengers14. The name ofthe male apostles15. More boys names16. Prophets family name17. Inthe name of sahabibargera18. The name of the girl child morebeautiful
Paragraph Collection 3.0 APK
Paragraph writing is very much important while learning English.There are many books in market that helps to read paragraphs. Butthe collection of those books are very little in number. There arehundreds and twenty six paragraphs in this app. This app is madefor Bangladeshi Students. But it can help every countries’ studentsespecially Indian, Pakistani, Sri-Lankan, Nepali etc. This containsParagraphs for class three to HSC students or whoever needs. It mayhelp teachers while teaching. They can have a look on it when theyfeel help.All the paragraphs of this app collected by Mahbub Muradand these are stored also at his site:http://www.onlineeducare.com.
BCS Question Bank 5.0 APK
BCS is the largest public examination conducted by BangladeshPublic Service Commission to recruit people to BangladeshGovernment Civil Services. This test examines lots ofqualifications. The candidates have to know many things to overcomethis exam. Before starting the preparation for this exam one has toknow the question pattern of this exam. There is no alternative ofprevious question papers for getting the idea of questions pattern.I have prepared this app so that the candidates can get the idea ofBCS questions pattern. The app is enriched with the BCS preliminaryquestion papers from 10th to 37th exam. I hope it will help thereader very much for the BCS preparation.
BCS Guide Bangla Literature 1.0 APK
# The History Bangla Literature. # Loko Sahitto.# Mongol Kabbo.#Romantic Bangla Sahitto.# Mohakobi and Moha Sahitto. # BanglaProhoson.# Bangla Drama
Tense for Bengali Students 3.0 APK
Tense is an important English Grammar lesson. If a a student canlearn this lesson and can use it properly he/she can learn Englishlanguage very quickly. Tense is an easy lesson. But most of theBengali student can not learn it because of fear. I try to maketense easy in this app. I hope it will help Bengali students tolearn Tense as well as English language.
BCS Skill Test 2.0 APK
BCS Skill Test is an important app for BCS examinee. The user ofthis app can easily examine him/her by this app. It is like givingmodel test exam in a coaching center. Using this app is very easy.Opening this app the user can see 24 buttons those are 24 modeltests. These tests are decorated as like as BCS exam. Clicking onebutton the user can enter in the exam. There are four options in aquestion as BCS question set. After choosing right option theexaminee presses the next button to go to the next question. Afterfinishing the entire hundred questions the examinee can see a‘Finish’ button. Pressing this button the user can see his/herresult. Before sit for these model tests I suggest the BCS Examineeto install our App BCS Question Bank.
FirstAid-Bengali 3.0 APK
First aid is the provision of initial care for an illness orinjury. It is usually performed by non-experts (or sometimes by anexpert in case of an emergency), but trained personnel to a sick orinjured person until definitive medical treatment can be accessed.Certain self-limiting illnesses or minor injuries may not requirefurther medical care past the first aid intervention. This app isdeveloped in Bengali language so that the Bengali speaking peoplecan help injured or sick people without going to a doctor. If anypeople can be benefited by learning from this app I will be happythinking my attempt is successful.
Basic Biochemistry 1.0 APK
# The basic topics of Biochemistry are included briefly in thisapp.# Cells# Water# Nucleic Acids# RNA# DNA# Protein# Amino Acid#Properties of the 20 Amino Acids# Myoglobin# Hemoglobin# EnzymeCatalysis# Enzyme Kinetics# Lipid# Biological Membrane# MembraneProtein# Cell Membrane# Carbohydrate# Polysaccharide# Metabolism#Glycolysis# Gluconeogenesis# Glycogen# Pentose Phosphate Pathway#The Citric Acid Cycle# Oxidative Phosphorylation # OXPHOS#Photosynthesis# Fatty Acid Synthesis#Lipogenesis# Acetyl-CoACarboxylase# Fatty Acid Degradation# Beta Oxidation# NitrogenFixation# Amino Acid Synthesis# Nucleotide# Urea Cycle# Integrationof Metabolism# Hormone# Signal Transduction# Diabetes Mellitus# DNASynthesis and Repair# DNA Replication# DNA Repair# Oncogenes# RNASynthesis and Processing# Transcription# Regulation of GeneExpression# Protein Synthesis and Modifications# Translation#Posttranslational Modification# Glycosaminoglycans# Proteolysis#Proteasome