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1950s hairstyles emphasized traditional gender roles. While women'shair was long, curled and high maintenance, men wore their hair inshort, military-like cuts, or pulled down and away from the face.Men's hair that touched the ears went against the grain, and waseven illegal in some parts of the U.S.For women in the 1950s, hairrequired a lot of work. If your hair was straight, the simplest wayto curl it was to wear many small hair curlers (and/or rollers) inthe hair, and then let them set over the course of hours, or even anight's sleep. Women could also go to the hairdresser and get apermanent, which would chemically set the curls in their hair untilit grew out or (with some processes) grew slack with washing. Bangswere very popular among women; women even curled them to match therest of their hair.For African-American women, their naturallykinky or nappy hair was looked down on. Many women had their hairchemically straightened, or relaxed, while African-American menkept their hair short. 1950s hairstyles for African Americansreflected the popular styles of the day, with the limitations thatcame with relaxed hair.As the 1950s progressed, women's hairstylesgrew in volume, and stylized waves waned in favor of largerhairstyles, like beehives. These required hairspray and blow-dryingto maintain their volume. Debbie Reynolds in I Love Melvin. In the1950s, curly hair was in fashion.The 1950s saw the invention of thehair dryer. Unlike the hand-held hairdryers of today, a 1950s hairdryer was a large cap, attached by a large tube to a heater. Thecap went over the head; when the heater was plugged in and turnedon, heat went through the tube and into the cap. This was,essentially, a home version of the big, conical hairdryers youwould see at a salon.Handheld hairdryers, and curling tongs, becamemore popular in the late 1950s. Handheld hairdryers offered lessprecision for the average user, but could make the hair higher andbigger.For men, electrical shavers also grew more popular in the1950s. Men started shaving themselves instead of going to thebarbershop; this also allowed their hair to become even shorter inthe back, leading to the iconic "flat-top" hairstyle of a veryshort back with longer hair on the crown of the head.1950shairstyles for men were limited to the flat-top or pomaded haircombed away from the forehead. Adventurous young men would go for apompadour or a quiff, a combination flat-top and pompadour haircut.The D.A. (duck's ass) haircut was popular among young men, thoughit was frowned upon by more traditional members of thecommunity.Both men and women wore short hair. Due to the highmaintenance of the curled look, many women with straight hair kepttheir hair at jaw or shoulder-length. As far as I know, it was veryrare to see grown men with mop tops, or "bowl cuts," during the1950s. Even young boys imitated their elders with short hair.A fewyoung women, such as teddy girls and butch lesbians, went for amore androgynous or masculine look. In the 1950s this was very rareand even risky: a masculine hairstyle on a woman could get herarrested or assaulted for supposed homosexuality, then looked at asa perversion.

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DIY Makeup Tutorial 1.0 APK
Applying makeup can be hard especially if you're going to do it onyour wedding day. Some couples are on a tight budget and may nothave enough money to hire a make up artist. Well, you can use thesegreat wedding makeup tips to get the right look. You can do a trialand error since makeup is easy to apply and remove. You have topurchase quality minerals makeup that can last the whole day,especially with the lipstick.It would be great to look a bit maturebut not too much. Just achieve the right look using these weddingmakeup tips. Start with the choice of the foundation. Pick one thatis almost the same shade as that of your skin tone. Try it on thejaw side for 2-3 strokes and if blends well, you've found the rightshade. If you have eye bags, you can lighten it by applying theopposite color on the base before putting the foundation (e.g. grayunder-eye circles should be covered with soft pink).Never use aconcealer that is 1 to 2 shades lighter because your face willappear more muddy or gray. Create an even shade. To ensure thatthat foundation will not come off, press a folded Kleenex over yourface to get rid of excess oils. This can preserve the foundationfor more hours. Brush the powder on using a large brush. The nextthing to apply is the blush on. Apply it on your cheek apples andafterwards, you can blend it using a makeup sponge. After that,apply lipstick. Powder you lips and apply a lip pencil, the shade,blot, powder again, then apply the lipstick once more.Brush youreyebrows. Apply a shimmering cream on your brow bone, eye corners,and above/below lashes. The eyes should look neutral as much aspossible. Line the lashes with black or brown pencil. Use awaterproof mascara to prevent smudges because you might cry on yourwedding. Testing is vital prior to the wedding day. That way, youwill know if you've achieved the best looks. Use these weddingmakeup tips today.If funds are a bit tight or you would just ratherdo your wedding makeup yourself, make sure you have the right'tools', this means the right makeup products and rightapplicators. Read these handy tips about choosing the rightfoundation first so you will look your best in the weddingphotos.Foundation TipsFoundation is now seen protecting your skinfrom the ageing effects of the sun and air pollution. Many come invariants that are suitable for oily, dry or sensitive skin - theycan even balance combination skin and help fight acne. Duplicatethe look of perfect skin, rather than perfectly applied makeup.With new treatment benefits, sheer textures and believable color,foundation is your skin's new best friend.Shading TipsTo select theproper shade, test your foundation on the lower cheek area, justabove the jaw line. Select three foundation shades closest to yournatural skin tone. Apply one at a time, allowing time for it toreact with your skin's acid levels, and then check the color againin natural light. The one that seems to 'disappear' will be thecorrect shade.Don't test foundation shades on your wrist.Never gofor a darker shade in the hope that it will make you look moretanned and healthy. Not only will a darker shade look unnatural, itwill also be almost impossible to blend at the edges.Remember tocheck if the foundation has sunscreen. Some sunscreens reflect thelight so you will end up looking ghostly pale in all your weddingphotos if you haven't chosen correctly. Talk to your makeupconsultant at the beauty counter for specific product advice.Youwant to shine like a star in your wedding photos, and the rightmakeup will play a big role in that. For most women, a professionalmakeup artist is not a necessity. These are the top DIY weddingmakeup tips you need to know to get a perfect result.Just becauseyou do not hire a professional makeup artist does not mean that youcannot benefit from their expertise.
Hairstyle for Long Hair 1.0 APK
Most women enjoy having long hair because they can do virtually anyhairstyle that is known to man. From simple waves to complicatedbuns, having long hair can do just that. However, if you aregetting tired of having the same boring hairstyle, here are someinteresting hairstyles that you can try out.HAIRSTYLES FOR LONGHAIR1. Long Side PonytailThis hairstyle is simple yet romantic.Start with soft and bouncy curls with the use of a curling iron.Set it slightly with hairspray. Gather the hair on to the side andsecure with an elastic or a decorative hair tie.2. Preppy UpdoThischic and sophisticated hairstyle may seem complicated at first butit's actually really easy. Gather your hair in a low ponytail andthen start twisting it to form a bun. Secure it with an elastic.Top it off with an elegant headband and you're all set.3. TheFishtailBraids are a great hairstyle option. French braids are aclassic example, however we will take a step further with fishtailbraids. Fishtail braids may seem a bit complicated at first, butwith practice, it can be done. There are some tutorials that canoffer you easy ways to do this. Embellish your braid withdecorative clips and you are all set for a bohemian, girly flair.4.The Sleek UpdoIf you prefer having a clean updo without sacrificingvolume, all you have to do is to gather the front section of yourhair. Push it towards the front so that it will create a slightbump. Secure this section with a bobby pin. Next, gather the hairinto a medium ponytail, twist it until it forms a bun. Secure witha hair tie and you're done.5. The Half-Up BunThe half up bun isreally easy to do. First, grab the front section of your hair.Slightly push it forward to create a bump and then secure with ahair tie. Next, gather up the middle part of your hair in order tocreate a half up ponytail. Twist it until you are able to create abun. Secure with a simple elastic or a decorative hair tie. Checkto see if everything is in place. Apply hairspray to placeeverything in place. You can either leave the rest of your hairstraight, or you can also use a curling iron to create softcurls.When it comes to hair, there is nothing more appealing andattractive than long, thick, textured and coarse hair. Longhairstyles are a great way to show the glamour and shine of naturalhair. Whether it is a birthday party, a candle light dinner, or awedding, long hairs can style out to be more appealing andbeautiful.Since time immemorial long hairs were the trend for womenbut today for men also the trend is shifting from short hairstylesto long haircuts. Celebrity's hairstyles have added on theincreasing trend of long cuts and hairstyles. Hairstyles for longhairs have endless variations for both men and women.Women havealways tried various styles on their long haircuts. Some of thetools like sedu iron, dryer, crimping machine, etc. aid them tostyle their hair at home. They need not go a parlor or a stylistevery time before going for a party or wedding. Some of the mostpopular long hairstyles for women are straight, curls, waves andlayers.Long curly hairstyles are the best to go with any occasion.They need lots of maintenance, as hair tends to become dry andfrizzy. Hair gems, hair accessories and hair pins can be used oncurly hairs as adornment. If the curls are large, one can even tryfor layered hairstyle. Long layered hairstyles can transform thelook of the woman to more attractive, stylish and elegant. Not onlycurls, layers also look good on straight and wavy hairs. Anotherchoice for long hair is the pony tail, the most common hairstylehaving several variations.Men too have a range of options forstyling their long hairs. Some of the most common long hairstylesfor men are dimensional cut, layers, and hair colors. Pony tail andlayers are not only meant for women but even men today are foundwith low pony tails and light curls. Men also do pressing and haircoloring.
Grey Hair Tutorial 1.0 APK
The most popular aspect of the grey hair trend for 2015 is becauseit shows just how many people are making decisions outside of thebeauty box. This type of action of embracing new trends generallydrives folks to find themselves in a whole new way of looking atbeauty. It causes people to re-evaluate all things, from ourclothing to hair colour choice. This is why trendy fashion as wellas beauty continually advance.Grey hair was previously anunpleasant indicator of old age, however right now it appears theyare in fact a popular fashionable hair trend. Even though somepeople recognise the first sign of grey in their mid 20s, for otherpeople, grey hair will not show up until they are in their 40s.Greys appear any time the hair follicle ceases to generate melaninpigments. In spite of this, the process cannot be averted.Duringthe 1950's, according to research about 7% of most women dyed theirhair. These days, it is close to more than 95%. In the 1960s, theconvenient, budget friendly hair dye in a container reached retailstore shelves, transforming the follicle perception permanently.Thecontinuing assumption that guys with grey hair are professional andmore knowledgeable, and women with grey hair are simply just oldcould still be a concern. We simply deceive ourselves on howyouthful we appear with our dyed locks. Anne Kreamer, an Americanauthor of Going Gray is so pleased with her grey hair, nonethelessshe did not show off the grey colour until she eventually left herdaytime employment to start out as a business owner.In additionyoung celebs who definitely are not close to going grey by naturalmeans are turning to hair salons to have the grey appearance. Greyhair could possibly have distinct meaning for young fashionableindividuals, who wants to go grey for fashion, as compared withelderly men or women opting to show off their all-natural greyhair. However grey heads will likely be showing up on red carpetsas well as runways for several months to come.It could be asurprise once your hair begins to change colour. In a study, overtwo thirds of 26 to 60 year old women stated they would in no waywish to be spotted with grey locks. Most women may practicalexperience a lack of self-confidence and also have problems withtheir hair colour together with texture changes. Grey hair areoften thicker and also far less shiny, yet that does not mean tosay you cannot continue to carry beautiful hair and feel good aboutyour grey hair colour.Before you decide to rush to your firstchoice beauty salon, it is advisable to take a look at the top greyhair colour trends for 2015. In this way, it is easy to choosewhich hair shade you want to use. Grey hair colour is ratherfascinating given that other people attempt their best to hidethem, considering that this is often an indication of gettingolder. The attractive grey hair colour basically carries a mildblue colour undertone.Your locks are the very first thing manypeople notice, which is among the important marketing underlyingfactors that should make you allow grey hair, that is if you are inbusiness. Feel free to use your grey hair to always keep yourreputation in people's minds.Allowing hair get grey is a reallydifficult one for a lot of women. The majority of women refrainfrom making the choice and sadly reach for the locks dye or maybemake frequent visits to the hair salon. Hair colouring is amultimillion money business entity worldwide.To this extent, thequestion is - at exactly what stage is it best to choose to allowyour hair grey naturally and with grace? It is a personal choiceand perhaps you recognise a lot of people that want to cling towhatever real hair they have got left as long as they can. Greylocks could be a sign of growing old, however it is what you willdo with it that helps ensure you maintain a younger appearance.
Big Hair Tutorial 1.0 APK
When I think of the 80's I think "BIG". The 80's were the years ofbig everything; big hair bands, big earrings and big shoulder pads.Oversized clothes and over the top hair were seen all over.I was inhigh school in the mid to late 80;s and so was my husband, but wegrew up in different states. I grew up in New Jersey and he grew upin Kentucky. Of course these two states are and were very differentin any ways. I think in a lot of respects New Jersey was theepitome of that decade. At clubs, on the boardwalk, at the shore,in malls, Jersey girls could be seen with that big hair and thoseoversized earrings.Having visited Kentucky several times during theend of the decade, at least in the hair department, they seemed tobe keeping up with us. The females in my husband's family did havebig hair, however they all seemed to be more into the very tightperms, at least more so than my friends and family in New Jersey.Ican't begin to fathom how much hairspray I must have used, probablyat least a can a week. Today, if I wanted to go for that same look,I'm not sure I'd know how. Although I certainly had the oversizedhair and earrings and wore my share of cosmetics, I tended to bepreppie in my wardrobe.Proms and homecoming were a time to reallygo all out. Dresses were in every color of the rainbow. Dye ableshoes were quite popular because you of course needed your shoes tomatch your dress. If you were going to wear a teal dress chanceswere pretty good you were going to need shoes dyed teal tomatch.There were so many fads, parachute pants, leggings andstirrup pants were just a few interesting options. Sweat shirtswere oversized and off the shoulder. Leg warmers were anotherfabulous fashion trend of the 80's, although I never personally gotinto them. My oldest daughter dressed up as an 80's girl forHalloween and called the clothes "vintage". It was hard to believethat the things I wore in high school were now considered"vintage". Can you imagine?The 80's will always bring back fondmemories for me with all of the big hair, fashion and bands. Evenif my daughter thinks the 80's look is "vintage", it was a truly agreat time!The years during the 80's that we have left behind arenow a simple memory. Still, every year, the memory is kept aliveamong the many themed occasions, merry making and Halloweencostumes.Here are some of the guidelines on how you can create theideal 80's wig and costume:Firstly, before you jump into makingthat perfect and original 80's outfit, you have to orient yourselfwith the well-known fashion statements and designs during that era.Research and watch pictures and videos during the 80's. Famousstars like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper are the icons that might moveyou in choosing the best 80's wigs and costumes. The development ofthe style and manner of clothing has completely evolve over themany years since the 80's yet, the latter is still identified byits loud and bright, psychedelic colors and wild designs.Secondly,apart from the cool and crazy style that made the years of the 80'shard to forget is the onset of bold, permed, big and frizzledhairstyles. Nobody will halt you from styling your hair that waybut I suggest that you'd rather buy an 80's wig before your hairgets damaged and split ends due to the chemicals used to style itthe 80's way.There are a lot of pre-styled wigs that you can chooseand buy. But if you want to look like someone from the past, thenyou should make sure that you buy the wig that has bangs, and someother features mentioned above of an 80's wig. Avoid buying wigsthat are too curly or brightly colored.You can also make your own80's hairstyle by utilizing the web and checking online videos thatwill expound and teach you the proper ways on how you will be ableto achieve that perfect 80's driven façade.
Hair Braid Tutorial 1.0 APK
Long or short hair can now have a great and sleek look when it isbraided. Hair braiding is something that almost anyone can learn todo and enjoy doing for other people at the same time. Many girlslike to have their mothers put braids in their hair for school orany reason. Having braids at any age is a cute and funhairstyle.Any women that have long enough hair to braid can enjoythis look for any occasion. There is so many different look thatyou can achieve with hair braiding. You can wear your hair this wayfor work, school, or even a special night on the town. You willfeel more confident when you know that your hair looks put togetherand it is not hanging in your face.Many younger girls like to havetheir mothers do some hair braiding for them. This is such a cutelook on any school age child. They can wear them with some cutelittle ponytail holders or even some ribbon to keep them tight. Anykind of braids in the hair is cute for the smaller children andeven some of the young adults.There are so many forms of hairbraiding. There are the French braids, the pigtail braids and eventhe long braid. It will depend on the length of the hair and theconsistency to determine which braid will work better. The longerand thinner hair is going to be able to have the longer and fancierbraids.French braids can be on longer to medium hair. It is easierto do some hair braiding on this type of hair. A French braid is abraid that is made to look like it is inward in the hair. This is atighter and sleeker look to any women's hair. Sometimes it iseasier to do this type of braid when the hair is damp.Long hairlooks so nice when it is braided. There are girls who can do theirown hair braiding and do not need to depend on anyone else to do itfor him or her. This will take some skill, but it is a greatfeature to be able to do on your own. A long hair braid can be madeto lye down the back or even be formed into a bun. Either way, thisis a great way to keep your hair out of the face and keep itlooking neat and attractive at the same time.If you do not know howto do hair braiding, there are many books out there to show you thesimple steps to a braid. Once you learn it, you will have noproblem doing them. As you go, they will look neater and moreattractive with each new braid that you do.If you want to getprofessional quality hair braid results, then there are certainthings you should do before and after you get your hair braided.Follow these tips and you will keep your braids looking great.1.Before your hair is braided, wash your hair thoroughly and blow-dryit. You want your scalp to be clean beforehand since it is morechallenging to keep your scalp clean after your hair is braided.2.Treat yourself to a hot oil deep treatment prior to your hair braidappointment. This will make your hair easier to manage because itmakes hair pliable and locks in moisture. After you get yourbraids, applying oil to your scalp regularly will also help toreplenish your hair and help prevents dryness.3. If someone is elsebraiding your hair, ensure that you speak up if the hair is beingbraided too tight. Medium tension is best. The last thing you wantis for hair breakage and thinning to occur due to the pullingtension at your hairline.If your braids were braided too tight,then can get some relief by taking a hot shower. The steam from theshower will help loosen the braids a bit.4. Do not use heavyconditioners and shampoos on braided hair. These can cake residueon to your hair and can be hard to remove. You can use a "dry"shampoo or a braid shampoo. You can also mix a moisturizing shampoowith water in a spray bottle and apply directly to your scalp toremove dirt.5. To soothe an itchy scalp, which sometimes occurswith braiding, soak a cotton ball in an astringent like Witch Hazeland apply it to your scalp. This will also remove dirt as well.
Simple Hair Braid Tutorial 1.0 APK
If you want to get professional quality hair braid results, thenthere are certain things you should do before and after you getyour hair braided. Follow these tips and you will keep your braidslooking great.1. Before your hair is braided, wash your hairthoroughly and blow-dry it. You want your scalp to be cleanbeforehand since it is more challenging to keep your scalp cleanafter your hair is braided.2. Treat yourself to a hot oil deeptreatment prior to your hair braid appointment. This will make yourhair easier to manage because it makes hair pliable and locks inmoisture. After you get your braids, applying oil to your scalpregularly will also help to replenish your hair and help preventsdryness.3. If someone is else braiding your hair, ensure that youspeak up if the hair is being braided too tight. Medium tension isbest. The last thing you want is for hair breakage and thinning tooccur due to the pulling tension at your hairline.If your braidswere braided too tight, then can get some relief by taking a hotshower. The steam from the shower will help loosen the braids abit.4. Do not use heavy conditioners and shampoos on braided hair.These can cake residue on to your hair and can be hard to remove.You can use a "dry" shampoo or a braid shampoo. You can also mix amoisturizing shampoo with water in a spray bottle and applydirectly to your scalp to remove dirt.5. To soothe an itchy scalp,which sometimes occurs with braiding, soak a cotton ball in anastringent like Witch Hazel and apply it to your scalp. This willalso remove dirt as well.6. To prevent scalp burns from extendedperiods in the sun, then try applying a sunblock with an STP-15.This will help block the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays from yourscalp, just as it does with other skin cells on your body.7. Removeyour braids after three months time. If you let them stay inlonger, you have the potential to experience hair breakage orthinning.These simple hair braid care tips will help you keep yourhair looking terrific and your style in place until your nextappointment. You'll definitely agree that these little changes willmake a big difference.Long or short hair can now have a great andsleek look when it is braided. Hair braiding is something thatalmost anyone can learn to do and enjoy doing for other people atthe same time. Many girls like to have their mothers put braids intheir hair for school or any reason. Having braids at any age is acute and fun hairstyle.Any women that have long enough hair tobraid can enjoy this look for any occasion. There is so manydifferent look that you can achieve with hair braiding. You canwear your hair this way for work, school, or even a special nighton the town. You will feel more confident when you know that yourhair looks put together and it is not hanging in your face.Manyyounger girls like to have their mothers do some hair braiding forthem. This is such a cute look on any school age child. They canwear them with some cute little ponytail holders or even someribbon to keep them tight. Any kind of braids in the hair is cutefor the smaller children and even some of the young adults.Thereare so many forms of hair braiding. There are the French braids,the pigtail braids and even the long braid. It will depend on thelength of the hair and the consistency to determine which braidwill work better. The longer and thinner hair is going to be ableto have the longer and fancier braids.French braids can be onlonger to medium hair. It is easier to do some hair braiding onthis type of hair. A French braid is a braid that is made to looklike it is inward in the hair. This is a tighter and sleeker lookto any women's hair. Sometimes it is easier to do this type ofbraid when the hair is damp.
Makeup Step by Step Tutorial 1.0 APK
Many women tend to ignore their eyes completely while doing makeupor restrict themselves to just using eye liner. But the truth isthat the right eye makeup can make you look more refreshinglybeautiful as eyes are the mirror to your soul. Following this guideon how to apply eye makeup step by step can make you look your bestand keep you in style.The most important thing before you learn howto apply eye makeup step by step is to educate yourself about thevarious cosmetics, applicators and brushes that are available to doup your eyes. First of all, you need to hide all those under eyecircles using the right shade of concealer and then applyfoundation to get smooth and glowing skin. Dust loose powder allover the face including the eyelids to take away excess shine. Thenext in the guide on how to apply eye makeup step by step is to usea natural tone or beige eye base to cover the entire eye lid areato give you a base on which you can play with color.Once you havedecided which dress you are going to wear, you must also decide thecolor and shades of eye shadow you need to use. Shadow is bestapplied as three shades of the same color; to begin with, thelighter shade has to be applied just below the brows, medium shadeon the lid area and the darker shade as a thin line just above theupper lid. Blend each shade well into the other to achieve thatperfect look. You can also use two different colors altogether ifyou have the confidence to carry it off and team it with the rightoutfit.The last in the guide on how to apply eye makeup step bystep is to apply liquid liner or kohl along the upper lid and thelower lid. You could also smudge the outer edge of the kohl nearthe upper lid to get smoky eyes. Finish off with two layers ofmascara and you can paint the town red just by fluttering youreyes.There are certain steps to be followed before applyingmakeup.Start by applying cleanser on the face and neck with yourfingers.Gently massage with your fingers in an outward and circularmotion for a few seconds. Wipe off with a damp piece of cotton woolor splash water on your face, to get a perfectly clear face. Patdry with a clean towel to dry the face. Always wash face withcleansing milk.To remove the greasiness which appears on the faceafter the use of cleanser, you definitely need to use a toner.Put afew drops of toner on a piece of cotton wool and apply it on theface and leave it on. Finally use a moisturizer with your fingertips on your skin to make it soft, smooth and glowing. It alsoprovides longer wear for make up.Step by step MakeupThe first andmost important step is the application of foundation. So, Start byusing a little foundation so as to get a very thin layer offoundation to even out your skin color. You may even use a coverstick or concealer marks, dark circles and blemishes. Then applyconcealer if required. Then Brush powder for the matte finish as itcontrols oiliness.The second most important step is the Eye Makeup.It starts with the application of the eye shadow, followed by eyeliner, kajal and lastly mascara. Then using a blusher, Blush yourcheeks, according to your face shape.The last step is the lipmakeup. Finish defining the lips with a lip pencil andlipstick.MakeoversHaving the right attitude, style, accessories,clothes, footwear, body and innerwear can completely change thepersonality of a person and make him/her attractive andbeautiful.Makeup tipsCleansing, followed by toning and moisturisingis very important before applying makeup and after removingmakeup.Plan in advance how to look exceptionally beautiful on yourwedding day.Don't try the Mineral makeup unless you actually knowhow to do it.The right time to tweeze eye brows is immediatelyafter a bath when hair follicles are open. This makes plucking lesspainful and easy.Rubbing ice over face before applying foundationmakes make up stay for long.
Simple Makeup for Beginners 1.0 APK
Looking beautiful is not a sin. Everyone wants to look beautifuland a balanced makeup is just what you require to actuallyhighlight all your good features and get you that gorgeous look. Ifyou want to learn how to put on makeup for beginners, you need tofirst realize that just applying some cream and lipstick will notget you beautiful. You need to take care of your skin and this needto be done every day in the morning and evening. You can get a skincare kit that has a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and a face packthat you can use once a week.Once you learn to take care of yourskin you will realize that there will be less blemishes andproblems with your skin that will hence make sure that you don'thave to use too much concealer. The first step on how to put onmakeup for beginners is to put the foundation as dots over yourforehead, nose, cheeks and chin and slowly blend it with your skinallover using a sponge.The next step on how to put on makeup forbeginners is to use translucent powder. Apply it in the downwarddirection so that you get an even skin tone. This makes sure thatthe makeup does not wear out soon.The next thing you need to takecare of when you are learning how to put on makeup for beginners isyour eye care. Remember to keep the shades blended in three layersstarting from your upper lashes when using an eye shadow.Once youare done with the eye care you go on with the blush. This you needto apply o the apple of your cheeks that are accentuated when yousmile. You can finish off your makeup process by using the rightlipstick shade. You can make an outline with a pencil or a brushand then apply your lipstick. It is better to start from the centerand then go outwards. These are the basic things that you need totake care of initially when you are learning how to put on makeupfor beginners.Knowing the best makeup for your face and skin typeis not easy. We often get stuck up with which products to buy andwhether they will actually be of any help. But that's nothing to bedisheartened about. Once you start, you gradually learn what isrequired to accentuate your best features. Here are a few tips andtricks to get you started.1. When applying eyelash paint on thelower lashes, use a plastic spoon under your eyes. This way thepaint will not smear all over your skin. It will also give you athicker coat.2. Before applying blush, determine your face shape.It is important because blush not only adds colour but also definesyour cheek bones. The way it is applied can either accentuate orsoften your features.3. To conceal eye bags, it is best to apply adarker shade of foundation to the puffy area. It effectivelyconceals the puffy area under the eyes.4. If you want a naturallooking eye makeup, your placement of highlights should be proper.Apply lighter shades first in the inner corners, in the middle ofthe eye and just under the brow bone. Then gradually move to darkershades.5. If you want your vibrant eye shadow to look reallyvibrant, cover your entire eyelid with a white eyeliner first.Apply the color of your choice on that. It will make that colorcome alive.6. The placement of your shadow is just as important asthe choice of colour. You can make your eye appear wider, closerset and more prominent with just the placement of your eye shadow.So, determine your eye shape and accentuate accordingly.7. A tubeof eyelash paint usually dries up in 3-4 months. It starts to formlumps and becomes unusable. How can you avoid this? It's simple.Just add a little bit of eye drops into the tube and rub the wandaround inside. It'll soften the paint making it usable again.8.Invest in a white pencil if you don't already have one. Using yourwater line with a white liner will make your eye appear bigger.9.If you want that curled lash to last all day, just heat youreyelash curler with a blow dryer for 3-5 seconds before curlingyour lash.