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This app is inspired by the 7 minute workout that wasoriginallypublished in ACSM’S Health & Fitness Journal and thencoveredby the NYTimes.7 Minutes Workout is scientifically proven asthebest remedy for weight loss and other health problems. 12highintensity body weight exercises. 30 seconds per exercise,10seconds rest between exercises.Features:-* Very Easy touse*Beautiful character and UI design* 12 Exercises withoutline*Perform workout with countdown timers and prompting soundfor eachexercise and breaks* Customise difficulty levels* BMIcalculatorwith metric and US units* Workout Log* Set Reminder fornextworkout* Its Absolutely Free

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Pocket Duas 2.1 APK
This application has the collection of Duas for Dawoodi BohraCommunity with neat and User Friendly Interface. The Latest Updateof Pocket Duas requires 2 permissions which will be asked to you onopening the app for the first time after update, that are: 1)Access Media Permission: As you all know this app is offline sothis app requires you to accept this permission to store the Duasand Kalaams on your device for offline purpose. 2) Manage CallsPermission: As per users request we have added a new audio featurein the app, now imagine if you are playing an audio and a callcomes and still the audio keeps on playing, will you like it!! Tohandle this situation the app requires you to accept thispermission so that it can pause the audio when call comes andcontinue the audio when the call ends and you can have a good talkon the call without disturbance. Kindly accept these twopermissions without any hesitation, and please don't hesitate toaccept these permissions as we WebArtDevelopers are not at allcollecting any data of yours, as it is against the Google PlayStore Rules, we have just requested these permissions so that theapp can serve you better and give you a better experience. If youhave any queries please feel free to email us. Features: *ItsFree!! *Its Offline so, it is only one time download and theninternet is not required to run the application, so Duas are alwaysavailable *It has the collection of all Duas such as Daily Duassuch as Dua e Yamani, Dua Kamil, Nasr wal Mahaba, Dua Kumail etc.and Specific Duas for Special Occasions such as Ramdan Duas, Washekand Eid Duas, Jumua Duas, Ashara Ayyam Duas, Daris etc *Duas areclassified properly into categories so searching a Dua is easy withthis app *Duas list are sequenced *Add and remove bookmark/pagemark, for as many Dua's, you want *Enter page number and go to thatpage number in a single click *Navigation Button to Top or Bottompage *Has Vertical page swipe with finger or thumb *Has RotateFeature *Has Zoom Feature *Has Index in each Duas for better UserExperience *Has Feature of Continuation of Dua after Closing theApp *Has All Kalaam which is accessible Online as well as Offline*Has Notifications to remind you which Dua to recite on miqaatdates *Has Quran with Audio *Calendar, Tasbih and Radio Added inSlider *Has Audios of Duas, so that you can read and even listenthe duas *** If you have any queries you can whatsapp on+917359524325 *** Khuda ta Aala, Aqa Moula Syedna MufaddalSaifuddin Moula TUS ni umr shareef ne qyamaat na din lag daraz anedaraz kare...Ameen
Pocket Radio (Bohra Tarannum) 1.0 APK
Pocket Radio (Bohra Tarannum) is specially designed for the DawoodiBohra Community. In this application you will be able to listen tobeautiful Madeh, Matami Noha, Salaam Noha, Dua, Quran etc. at anytime i.e. 24*7. Features:* Play/Stop the beautiful and melodiousKalaams, Duas, Quran etc. on single click on play button.*Notification Bar with Play, Pause and Close button* Supportsbackground play, so you can work on other apps while the radio isplaying* Supports interruptions, so the radio pauses itself when acall or message comes and continues to play.* Displays CurrentProgram, Next Program and Timings* Displays the Weekly Schedule*Add Weekly Reminder Option From The Schedule, so the applicationwill notify you when your favourite Program is going to start.*Sleep Timer Feature, so that you can set timer to automaticallyStop the Radio* Easy volume control* High quality user interface*Requires an internet connection**Note**- Keep the power saver offwhile using this app as the power saver affects the performance ofthe app for playing the radio smoothly and continuously as itblocks the Background network usage.- In rare case, if you seedifference in the Program Schedule and currently playing audio,kindly close the app and restart it, it will play the currentProgram audio. *** If you have any queries you can whatsapp on+917359524325 ***Khuda ta Aala, Aqa Moula Syedna Mufaddal SaifuddinMoula TUS ni umr shareef ne qyamaat na din lag daraz ane darazkare...Ameen
Fast Backup And Restore 2.0 APK
Fast Backup And Restore is a way of tool to backup data and restoredata in android. Using this app you can backup your SMS,Application, Contact, Bookmark and Call log in SD Card, Gmail orCloud Store app and extend your memory space. Take Backup and Freeyour important space. If any time backup data is required, it canbe restored by one simple step. Format of Backup:- * SMS, Bookmark,Call log in .xml File * Application in .apk File * Contact in .vcfFile Features:- * Backup And Restore All Data Easily * Store Backupin SD Card, Gmail or Any Cloud Store * Show Backup Information *Easy to Restore * Its Simple and Easy to use * Its multilingual,contains: - English - French - Arabic - Spanish - Japanese - Korean* Its Absolutely Free to download How to backup and restore apps?First of all open Application Backups tab (Android Symbol icon),the list of all your apps will be displayed, click on the backupbutton to backup your app and your backup is complete. Now openinternal storage from File Manager, there you will find a foldernamed "SMSContactsBackups", open it, in that open "Application"folder, there you will find your app backup apk. Now you can uploadthis app apk on the google drive or cloud or keep it in your localfile, when you want to restore that app, just install the apk andyour app restore is complete.
Math Challenge 1.0 APK
This is a math game. It is an easy to play game that consists threedifficulty modes i.e EASY, MEDIUM and HARD. The user will be given10 questions depending on the difficulty chosen and has to answerquickly. All the questions will be generated randomly.Get a highscore and challenge your friends to beat your score, Best of Luck.
Mobile Screen Recorder 1.0 APK
Capture full HD resolution videos directly on your phone. MobileScreen Recorder is the best app to record the screen of yourMobile. It does NOT require root access, no time limit, nowatermark and very easy to use with one action to start and stoprecording.Features:* You can set a countdown before recording!* Youcan stop recording by click on status bar* You can record games,incoming and outgoing calls, Skype video calls and many otherpurposes!* Record external sound.* You can customise frame rate andvideo bit rate!* Show screen touches while recording.* No limit onrecording time.* You can record the microphone audio, so you cancreate promotional videos, tutorials and comment the game play ofyour favourite games* Simple & easy to use* Its Absolutely Freeto download
Fancy Text And Card Creator 1.4 APK
Fancy Text And Card Creator, With this app, you can decorate yourtext by choosing from different font styles, copy them to yourclipboard & share on social media chat conversations. Apartfrom fancy text, you can also use fancy art for creating fancycards for special occasions and festivals and greet your dear onesby decorating them with stylish designs & patterns.AppFeatures:-* Collection of 50+ stylish font styles for fancy textwriting* Easily create your fancy text, tap to copy to clipboard& share* Designed for stylish chat conversations on WhatsApp,Facebook, Snap chat, Twitter etc.* Cool fancy art features forcreating stylish text writing on pictures and creating stylishdecorative cards.* Amazing collection of ASCII art* Amazingcollection of Decorative Text * Simple & easy to use* ItsAbsolutely Free to download
10 Min Daily Yoga 2.0 APK
Need a little more energy to start your workday right? Try on this10 minute yoga sequence for size to balance your body and focusyour mind. And no special workout gear or studio spacenecessary—these beginner-friendly yoga poses can be done on a mator in the comfort of your living room. Let this yoga routine wakeyou up with flexibility, balance and strength so you can face theday with a zen mindset. There are 30 yoga exercises. 20 seconds perexercise, 10 seconds rest between exercises. Features:- * Very Easyto use * Beautiful character and UI design * 30 Exercises withoutline * Perform yoga with countdown timers and prompting soundfor each exercise and breaks * Customise difficulty levels * BMIcalculator with metric and US units * Yoga Workout Log * SetReminder for next yoga workout * Its Absolutely Free
Color Jump 1 APK
Color Jump is an addictive game play It’s a simple color game yetVERY addictive. Jump across each obstacle as many as you can. Itsendless, you won’t get bored. Color Jump is the best choice amongfree games.How to PlayTap the ball to jump across each obstacle.Your ball color must match the color pattern on each obstacle tocross it. Be careful not to pass through the wrong color. Thehigher you can jump the more you get.