1.1.6 / May 2, 2018
(4.5/5) (3580)


A RPG x MOBA game with a striking hero style, amazing skill, andtactical game play!Recruit your best heroes, explore all places,fight honorably, and defeat your enemies with strategy!Enter theexciting and colorful world of 7 Paladins. Build your strongestteam with more than hundreds of cool and cute heroes![BackgroundStory]The universe is full of infinite power! The dark lord isdetached from its seal.The 7 Paladins that have once locked thepower of the dark lord has disappeared from the face of the earth.But everyone believes that the powers of the seven paladins existamong its descendants.[Main feature]◆ SPECTACULAR 3D RPG ◆3-Dgraphics with a detailed character design, armor and weapons!◆MARVELOUS VISUAL EFFECT ◆Jaw breaking skill animation! Cast spellor attack your opponent with style.◆ STUNNING HEROES ◆Recruithundreds of heroes! Knights, Ninja, Mage, Demon and othermysterious secret characters.◆ SIMPLE YET EXCITING GAME PLAY◆Breathtaking battle! Unleash hero skill with a single tap!◆ TOWERDEFENSE ◆Select and build your strongest tower to defend theemperor.◆ MOBA MODES ◆Charge with full attack, or wait for thecreep wave in MOBA modes.◆ REAL TIME PVP ◆Duel, Team battle, andGuild War! The most epic battles start here!◆ WORLD BOSS ◆Defeatthe strongest Monster with your partner! Do not let the dark lordconquer the universe!◆ UNLIMITED FEATURES & EVENTS ◆Variousintriguing features will help you fulfill your destiny as 7Paladins!Website: http://7p.maingames.com/Fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/7PaladinsNA/Access required:*READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - To support login using different accounts*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - To support login using different accounts*READ_PHONE_STATE- For player analysis and data*ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - Needed for analytics tracker, to identifybehavior for specific users.* GET_ACCOUNTS - Needed for analyticstracker, to identify behavior for specific users.

App Information 7 Paladins Thailand: 3D RPG x MOBA

  • App Name
    7 Paladins Thailand: 3D RPG x MOBA
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    May 2, 2018
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.1 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
  • Price
  • Category
    Role Playing
  • Developer
    PT MP Games Kebayoran Lama 12240 Jakarta Indonesia
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Conquest 3 Kingdoms is a new simulation & strategy game basedon the Romance of the Three Kingdoms saga. Build your own kingdomand feel the heat of war in ancient battlefields like in ThreeKingdoms Era! Plan your strategy to achieve eternal victory andunite all the kingdoms under your rule! The time has come tofulfill your destiny, as the strongest EMPEROR in the history ofthe world!•Manage your Kingdoms•Build and expand your cities,increase your wealth, repel all the enemies that threaten yourkingdom! •Live the Story•Became a part of history! Finish scenarioquests that are based on historical events from the Three Kingdomsera, pitting yourself against many legendary characters such asGuan Yu, Cao Cao, Zhuge Liang even Lu Bu along the way!•ENDLESSWAR•Enemies can attack your kingdom 24/7! So be prepared to protectyour kingdom at all times!•Godly Equipment•Collect unique andexotic equipment based on mythological creatures such as Phoenix,Dragon or Tortoise, each with its own special powers!•Became theEMPEROR•Think you got what it takes to become an emperor? Thenprove your might, conquer all Three Kingdoms and make your kingdomthe strongest of them all!•Legendary Generals!•Recruit LegendaryGenerals from the Three Kingdoms era to lead your army! Use theirmighty skills and plow your road to victory!•VOICE CHAT!•Use voicechat to plan your strategies with other players in your Kingdom!Don't let your enemies know your strategies and get the upperhand!For further details please visit:http://goo.gl/nmQdQiThe READ_PHONE_STATE -Permission is needed by our analytics tracker, to identify behavior for specific users. ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION-Permission is needed by our analytics tracker, to identify behavior for specific users.GET_ACCOUNT-Permissions is needed by our analytics tracker, to identify behavior for specific users.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE- Permission is needed to read credentials &images to support multiple accounts login.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE -Permissions is needed to save credentials &images to support multiple accounts login.RECORD_AUDIO -Permission is needed  to use voice chat in thegame.For any questions or comments on the awesome real timestrategy, multiplayer online war game Conquest 3 Kingdoms, email usat: [email protected] Facebook : https://goo.gl/jAqAmA
Dewa Ngamuk : Strategy RPG 4.4.5 APK
Most Exciting RPG Strategy, behold the Strongest General from3Kingdoms: Guan Yu, Lu Bu, Zhao Yun, and Mighty Heroes fromJourneyto The West: Sun Wu Kong, Tong Samchong, Nazha.BackgroundStory:Inthis universe, things were going well and peaceful betweenGods ofthe Underworld, Sky, and Earth. Everything changed when theGod ofthe Underworld was defeated during a card game against SkyandEarth Gods. He felt dejected, angry, and he grew suspicious ofthemboth. As he unleashed his ultimate demon power, his revengeisunstoppable.Crazy Gods (ID) Game Feature★Unique game play,RPG+Strategy Games★Addictive and Unique combination of RPGplusStrategy, feel the adventure of Journey to the West, andexcitingbattle of 3 Kingdoms.★Summon your heroes for free★Recruitheroesout from 3 realm, human, god, and demon. More than 300hundredheroes and 3.000 formation. Build your strategy and bethestrongest.★Guild for all, all for guild★Join or create guildwithyour friends. A lot of benefit and rewards wait to beclaimed.Weapon fragments, Experience, bunch of silver. Fight indungeonevent with another guild members.★Unique Skills Combo withStunningAnimation★Stunning animated skills makes your jawdropped!Unlockthe superb Combo Skills by combine unique heroes onyourformation!Such as Guanyu, Liu Bei, Zhang Fei peach gardencombo,also Lu Bu & Diao Chan Lover skills.★Cute Pet★Go onanadventure alongside your adorable pet that gladly assistsyou.Collect and raise your pet! It can help you in battlesbyunleashing lots of different supporting skills!★WorldBoss★Immortal Dragon once almost destroy the universe. Now heisback! Join forces with thousand player on server to defeattheDragon. Epic loot awaits!★Features and Events★Endless event,startfrom daily, weekly with massive rewards, claim free gold, giftpackand another awesome perks in 365 days. You won’t skip a day toplayCrazy Gods.Join usonFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/CrazyGods.maingamesPermissionsneeded:*ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - Needed for analytics tracker, toidentifybehavior for specific users.* GET_ACCOUNTS - Needed foranalyticstracker, to identify behavior for specific users.*READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Needed to read credentials & imagestosupport multiple accounts login* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Neededtosave credentials & images to support multiple accountslogin*READ_PHONE_STATE- Needed for analytics tracker, toidentifybehavior for specific users.
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Here comes Crazy Gods, the most exciting Strategy RPG! Behold theStrongest General from 3 Kingdoms and Mighty Heroes from Journey toThe West. Assemble your heroes to avenge the God of Underworld'swrath. Take part in the most exciting adventure to crush evilbosses or clash with other players to snatch their trophies and bethe champion!Background StoryIn this universe, things were goingwell and peaceful between Gods of Underworld, Sky, and Earth.Everything changed when God of Underworld was defeated during acard game against Sky and Earth Gods. He felt dejected, angry, andhe grew suspicious of them both. As he unleashed his ultimate demonpower, his revenge is unstoppable.Crazy Gods Game Feature★Uniquegame play, Turn-Based Strategy RPG★Addictive and Unique combinationof RPG plus Strategy Game! Feel the adventure of Journey to theWest and exciting battle of 3 Kingdoms. This game will test yourgaming skill to fight with 7 heroes at once!★Legendary Heroes fromPopular Mythology★Poweful Swing of Guan Yu from 3 Kingdoms, MightyStomp of Monkey King from Journey to the West and Blazing Flames ofNa Zha from League of Gods will thrill you in the most breathtakingbattle! Choose your all-rounder champions to accompany you in yourjourney!★Summon your heroes for FREE★Recruit heroes out of 3realms: human, god, and demon. More than 300 hundred heroes and3.000 formations. Build your strategy and be the strongest!★Guildfor all, all for guild★Join or create guild with your friends andbe prepared for the massive battle against other guilds. Claim yourthrone and reward through fierce battle!★Unique Skills Combo withStunning Animation★Construct your formation with the best strategy,because a certain pair of heroes has abilities to unleash ultimatecombo skills! Pair your 3 Kingdoms Heroes in unbeatable combos suchas Guanyu, Liu Bei and Zhang Fei in Peach Garden Combo, along withLu Bu & Diao Chan in their Lover Combo, Icy Fire Dance.Stunning, jaw-dropping animated skills will awe you!★Cute Pet★Go onan adventure alongside your adorable pet that gladly assists you.Collect and raise your pet! It can help you in battles byunleashing lots of different supporting skills!★PvPSystem★Challenge and beat your opponent using the best formationand strategy. Battle your 3 Kingdoms generals with the gods fromLeague of Gods and Journey to the West! Reach top rank and rule theUniverse!★World Boss★Once, the Immortal Dragon almost destroyed theuniverse. Now he makes his comeback! Join forces with thousandplayer on server to defeat the Dragon. Epic loot awaits!★Featuresand Events★Endless events are waiting for you, starting from daily,weekly with massive rewards! Claim free gold, gift pack and otherawesome perks in 365 days. You won't skip a day to play CrazyGods.Join us onFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/CrazyGods.maingamesPermissionsneeded:* ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - Needed for analytics tracker, toidentify behavior for specific users.* GET_ACCOUNTS - Needed foranalytics tracker, to identify behavior for specific users. *READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Needed to read credentials & images tosupport multiple accounts login* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Needed tosave credentials & images to support multiple accounts login*READ_PHONE_STATE- Needed for analytics tracker, to identifybehavior for specific users.
作妖计:全球最火爆卡牌RPG 4.0.5 APK
实时PK大乱斗,释放无限战逗力!一场横跨三国、西游、封神榜的大冒险就此开启。2016年度现象级手游《作妖计》,击穿无聊,消灭节操!★创新玩法,策略为王★首创无双RPG策略玩法,穿越三界,一招不慎,满盘皆输,挑逗你的脑细胞!★立体卡牌,抽到手软★天界、人间、地狱武将全新进化!千万邀约15位知名画师亲自操刀300余张立体卡牌人设,超过3000种战斗阵容,打造属于你的最强阵容。★工会资源,战个痛快★工会资源应有尽有!神将,神武器,各种宝物碎片……尽在军团商店。公会温泉扔肥皂,大大获得公会贡献,经验和硬币哦!跟朋友们一起征战好友副本吧!不怕神一般的对手,就怕猪一样的团友!★合体大招,爽到碎屏★一样的经典角色,不一样的鬼畜人设!三藏,齐天大圣,猪八戒一起上阵,释放合体技“大师兄来了”,威力逆天;刘备,关羽,张飞一起上阵,释放合体技“桃园结义”,秒杀全屏!这里,武将缘分不只是数值,合体技能爽到屏碎!★超强福利,良心游戏★全年365天,大量元宝,礼包,奖励等你来领!让你HIGH到爆,爽炸天!登录天天送免费奖励,最良心的手游,没有之一!《作妖计》官方声明:笑炸膀胱概不负责!需要权限:*ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - 用于辨认用户行为以及数据统计* GET_ACCOUNTS -用于辨认用户行为以及数据统计* READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - 用于支持多账号登录功能*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - 用于支持多账号登录功能* READ_PHONE_STATE -用于辨认用户行为以及数据统计官方Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/CrazyGods.maingames
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Behold Chibi 3 Kingdoms, a brand newMobile-Action RPG set in the era of The Three Kingdoms!Conquer your enemies and unite all China with the help ofgenerals you admire the most! Team up with your friends win big inthe action RPG of the year!• Strategy On Demand •Plot and scheme! Attack or defend? Victory or defeat? The fate ofall China remains in your hands!• In the Heat of War •No time to rest! Defend your kingdom from opponent guilds! Getready to feel the heat of the never-ending war!• Recruit Generals •Relive the magnificent history of Three Kingdoms. Recruit yourfavorite and most powerful legendary generals! Plan ahead and findyour best combo!• Upgrade Armies •Recruit and upgrade your troops! Infantries, bowmen and cavalriesare in your service! Dominate the land!•Features and Events•Over hundreds of features and events are ready to entertain you!Don’t miss every single chance to grow even faster, even stronger,and take down your enemies!Gear up, march on and claim your victory!Permissions needed:* ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - Needed for analytics tracker, toidentify behavior for specific users.* GET_ACCOUNTS - Needed for analytics tracker, to identify behaviorfor specific users.* READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Needed to read credentials & imagesto support multiple accounts login* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Needed to save credentials & imagesto support multiple accounts login* READ_PHONE_STATE- Needed for analytics tracker, to identifybehavior for specific users.Minimum RequirementsResolution: 800x480RAM: 1 GB
Pendekar Langit - To Liong To 1.5.5 APK
Pendekar Langit adalah Game MMORPG Mobile.Diangkat dari cerita Dunia Persilatan yang sangat terkenal,TOLIONGTO (Pedang Langit dan Golok Pembunuh Naga). Rasakanpengalaman mengarungi Dunia Persilatan, pelajari berbagai IlmuKungfu, dan kalahkan semua musuh untuk menjadi yang terkuat diPendekar Langit!Official Website: http://pl.maingames.com/Official Fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/pendekarlangit.maingamesFitur Game:★★★Job Keren★★★Tersedia 3 Job keren dengan kelebihannya masing-masing yang dapatdipilih untuk menguasai Duia Persilatan: Ksatria, Pendekar danTabib!★★★Pet dan Mount★★★Terdapat berbagai pilihan Pet dan Mount yang sangat unik danmenarik. Pilihlah Pet dan Mount kalian, latih mereka agar semakinkuat untuk menemani petualangan kalian didalam DuniaPersilatan.★★★Arena★★★Kalahkan semua musuh dan jadilah Pendekar terkuat di Arena PendekarLangit.★★★Daily Event★★★Nikmatin berbagai Event yang menarik dan seru untuk membantu kaliandalam memperkuat Karakter setiap harinya.★★★Cross Server★★★Fitur Antar Server yang sangat seru dan menantang, memungkinkankalian bertemu dengan pemain dari Server lainnya.Swordsman sky is MMORPGMobile. Lifted from the world of martial stories are very famous,TOLIONGTO (Sky Sword and Dragon Sabre killer). Experience the worldof martial wading, learn Kungfu Science and defeat all the enemiesto become the strongest in the Sky Warrior!Official Website: http://pl.maingames.com/Official Fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/pendekarlangit.maingamesGame Features:Cool Job ★★★ ★★★3 Available Job cool with their respective advantages that can bechosen to master the martial duia: Knights, Martial Doctor!Pet and Mount ★★★ ★★★There is a wide selection of Pet and Mount a very unique andinteresting. Pick a Pet and Mount you, train them to be morepowerful to accompany your adventure in the world of martial.Arena ★★★ ★★★Defeat all the enemies and become the strongest swordsman in theSky Warrior Arena.★★★ ★★★ Daily EventNikmatin variety of interesting and exciting event to assist you instrengthening the character every day.Cross Server ★★★ ★★★Inter-Server features a very exciting and challenging, enabling youto meet with players from other servers.
Legion Hunters 5.01 APK
Prepare yourself for Legion Hunter, the newestFantasy Mobile Action RPG!Hunt all the Legions to kill the Death Lord and discover placesfor hidden information! Strengthen yourself to be the very best ofthe best Mobile Action RPG game this year!• More than 50 Legions to hunt •Hunt down all the Legions available and make the strongest,unbeatable combo out of them all!• Upgradable Weapons, Wings and Fashion •Various weapons are waiting for you to be upgraded! You can alsoshow yourselves off with the most fashionable attires and wings inVaroland!• PvP and Team Raid •In the middle of Saar City, you can challenge any player in thetown for a duel! Give us your best skill!• Travel with your Pets •You're not alone! Cute, adorable pets are waiting for their master~Different pets give different attributes for you!• Mini-games Here and There •Entertain yourself with our numerous mini-games! Collect treasures,defend the Gaia statue, and kill the Evil Lord!•Features and Events•Over hundreds of features and events are ready to entertain you!Don’t miss every single chance to grow even faster, even stronger,and take down your enemies!Be the Legion Master!The READ_PHONE_STATE -Permission is needed by our analytics tracker, to identify behaviour for specific users. ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION-Permission is needed by our analytics tracker, to identify behaviour for specific users.GET_ACCOUNT-Permission is needed by our analytics tracker, to identify behaviour for specific users.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION-Permission is needed by our analytics tracker, to identify behaviour for specific users.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE- Permission is needed to read credentials &images to support multiple accounts login.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE- Permissions is needed to save credentials &images to support multiple accounts login.Minimum RequirementsResolution: 800x480RAM: 1 GB