1.0.0 / December 3, 2015
(3.7/5) (20)


Over 80,000 downloads!Let the zone of the red to 77.7%.Blue is theenemy.Do not hit the enemy while you are painting.Blue enemy ismighty.Can you paint all?Brain-training and painting puzzle game.

App Information 77.7% - Painting puzzle game -

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    77.7% - Painting puzzle game -
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    December 3, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Happy Gamer Inc.
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    大阪府大阪市浪速区日本橋5-5-24 森本ビルI 303号室
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Curse of the Exorcist 1.0.5 APK
Total 200,000 downloads topped!***You will experience the mostscary horror game.******It is true fear.***In the room, nobody.But,certainly scream is heard.You to experience the consequences of theimpact.And will be a horrible experience ...※ " Curse of theExorcist " is scary better to play with there sound.※We do notrecommend this game to people who feel very horribly the ghosts,supernatural, horror, grudge, malicious spirit ,tenseatmosphere.※Text in the game is Japanese, but please rest assured.A very simple operation, you can understand immediately how do.
脱出!人狼学園-ひとりで遊べる人狼ゲーム- 1.3.14 APK
★ 累計60,000ダウンロード突破! ★★ 今大人気の人狼ゲームをはじめてみよう!★****ひとりで遊べて、笑える人狼アプリが登場!****T都S市に存在するというとある男子寮。そこで一人の生徒が、人狼に噛みつかれてしまう(「アッー!」される)という事件が発生する。犠牲者は口を閉ざしたまま学舎を去ったが、寮の中にはまだ他の生徒達をアッー!しようと企む、人の皮を被った狼が潜んでいるのかもしれないのだ。君は寮の一員となり、善良な学生と人狼を見分けて、人狼を排除していかなければならない。※本作中の「アッー!」は、人狼に噛み付かれるといった意味合いの造語であり、それ以外の意味を何ら含んでおりません。****人狼ゲームとは?****テレビなど、各メディアでも取り上げられている人気のパーティーゲームです。10人~20人が集まり、その中に”人狼”が紛れ込んでいますが、誰が人狼なのか、人狼自身とその仲間にしか分かりません。人狼は、夜になると人間を食べていってしまう恐ろしい存在です。プレイヤー達は、占いや議論しながらこの”人狼”を見つけ出し、見事”処刑”する事で人間が勝利する事ができます。逆に、人狼を見つけ出せなかった場合、正体を隠していた人狼が勝利を収めてしまいます。誰が人狼かわからないドキドキ感、自分が人狼になった時の緊張感がやみつきに!その人狼ゲームを、1人でカジュアルに楽しめる本格的アプリこそが、「脱出!人狼学園-ひとりで遊べる人狼ゲーム-」なのです。****かんたん! 遊び方****・学生を無差別にアッー!してしまう人狼を寮から減らしていきましょう。・生徒達は投票により、人狼と思わしき人物を寮から追放できます。・人狼は、毎夜学生をアッー!して、再起不能にしていきます。・誰が人狼なのか、ハッカーや委員長の力をかりて、推理しよう!・さあ人狼脱出ゲームを…やらないか?**** 役職の紹介 ****・学生特別な力も趣味もない、普通の男子です。・人狼哀れな学生男子を毎夜アッー!する邪悪で、悪夢のような存在です。参加人数に比例して数が増えます。他の誰が人狼かがわかります。・ハッカー夜の間に男子の中の1人を選んでPCをハッキングする事で、人狼かどうかを調べる事ができます。セキュリティは無意味です。・委員長全ての男子生徒の連絡先を知っており、追放された男子が、学生か人狼か、男子の親に聞いて調べることができます。・カップルお互いをベスト♂パートナーと認めた二人です。邪悪な人狼を憎むカップルは学生達の味方です。・レスリング部学生を一人だけ、人狼のアッー!から守る事が出来ます。ただし、自分自身を守ることはできません。・狂人人狼に加担するBLackな危険人物です。人狼の勝利時は、狂人も勝利になります。誰が人狼かを把握していませんが、議論を混乱させるために嘘をつきます。・茂美茂美とは男子寮にもぐり込んだ謎の人物です。美しい彼女は人狼にアッー!されませんが、怖い彼女がゲーム終了条件(全人狼追放など)を満たしているときに残っていると、茂美の単独完全勝利となります。でも対策はあります。彼女はハッキングされると恥ずかしさのあまり、学校を去ってしまいます。よかったですね。うまれてきてよかった!**** ここがポイント! ****・登録不要、課金要素一切なし、お手軽に遊べる!・ひとりでできるので、暇つぶしにも最適のおもしろアプリ。・おもしろネタ、ちょっと怖い話が満載!・イケメンや、美少女(のようなかわいい男の娘)、本気のガチキャラなど多彩なキャラクターが登場!**** 公式サイト ****攻略情報や、フリー素材も配信中!http://ahhhh.happygamer.co.jp/**** 公式ツイッター ****フォロワーになって、最新情報をチェックしよう!https://twitter.com/infoahhhh**** 表現について ****※本作中の「アッー!」は、人狼に噛み付かれるといった意味合いの造語であり、それ以外の意味を何ら含んでおりません。また本アプリにはどのような社会的意図も含まれておらず、一般の娯楽作品と同様に差別等を助長するものではありません。**** より人狼学園を楽しむには ****色々な役職を体験してみよう!人狼、ハッカー、委員長、レスリング部、狂人、茂美でのプレイは、「カスタムプレイ → 難易度:むずかしい・絶望」で可能となります。★total 60,000 downloads topped! ★★ Let's start now popular werewolfgame! ★**** In play alone, laugh werewolf app appeared! ****Shallbe deemed to be replaced male dormitory that exists in TMetropolitan S City.So one of the students, would be bitten inwerewolf (which is "A~tsu!") Incident that occurs. Although thevictim left the Campus while tight-lipped, A~tsu still otherstudents in the dorm! and trying to plot, he might be lurking wolfwho suffered human skin. You became a member of the dorm, you candistinguish the good students and werewolf, we must eliminate thewerewolf."A~tsu!" Of this Sakuchu ※ is a coined word of meaning,such as bite into werewolf, do not include any of the other meaningof.**** And people wolf game? ****Such as TV, it is a popular partygame that has also been featured in each media.10 people to 20people gathered, but has slipped a "werewolf" in it, who is whetherit is a werewolf, I do not know only their companions and peoplewolf itself.Werewolf is a horrible existence that would go to eathuman when it comes to night.Player who, while fortune-telling anddiscussion to find this "werewolf", Stunning "executions" humanwill be able to win with that.Conversely, if you did notMitsukedase a werewolf, werewolf who had hidden the identity youwould be victorious.Who is a feeling of pounding that do not knowor werewolf, addictive tensions when he became a werewolf!Thewerewolf game, what earnest app where you can enjoy a casual oneperson is, "escape werewolf Gakuen! - Werewolf game can play alone-" a I.**** Easy! How to play ****And students indiscriminatelyA~tsu! Let the people wolf that would be going to reduce fromdormitory.· The students vote, you can banish the werewolf andOmowashiki person from the dormitory.And human wolf, A~tsu studentsnightly! And then, we will continue to incapacitated.· Who is theperson wolf, with the help of hackers and chairman, is trying toreasoning!Saha person or wolf not escape games ... do it?**** TitleIntroduction ****And studentsSpecial forces also not even a hobby,it is common for men.And human wolfThe pathetic student male andnightly A~tsu! the evil to be, it is like a nightmare.Increases thenumber in proportion to the number of participants.Who else shouldknow whether werewolf.HackerIt is possible to be hacking the PC byselecting the one in the men during the night, so that you candetermine whether a person wolf. Security is meaningless.·ChairmanIt knows the contacts of all male students, exiled boys,whether student or werewolf, you can check to ask maleparent.CoupleEach other is the two people who were recognized asbest ♂ partners.Couples hate the evil werewolf is a student ourally.Wrestling sectionOnly one person the student, the werewolfA~tsu! Will be able to protect from.However, you will not be ableto defend themselves.· MadmanIt is BLack dangerous personscomplicit in human wolf. Victory when the werewolf, will also win amadman.Who does not know whether the werewolf, but you lie toconfuse the discussion.· Shigemi Shigeru and beauty is the mysteryof the person that crawled boys dormitory. beauty Shii she A~tsu towerewolf! Will not be, fear There she meets the end of the gameconditions (such as whole werewolf exile)When the had remaining inRutoki, it will be alone complete victory bushes. in There is alsoa countermeasure. Or shameful When she is hacking and of too much,it will leave the school. good It is bought. It was good cormorantsand or are coming!**** The point here! ****And registration notrequired, without charging any element, handy to play!- Since canbe alone, best of Funny app to kill time., Funny story, a littlescary story is packed!· Twink and, beautiful girl (cute Otokonokolike), appeared colorful characters such as serious ofGachikyara!**** Official Website ****During capture informationand, also free material delivery!http://ahhhh.happygamer.co.jp/****Official Twitter ****Become a follower, and try to check the latestinformation!https://twitter.com/infoahhhh**** For expressed****"A~tsu!" Of this Sakuchu ※ is a coined word of meaning, such asbite into werewolf, do not include any of the other meaning of.Alsoincluded is not without any social intended to this application,Itdoes not encourage the same manner as discrimination, etc. andgeneral entertainment.The **** to enjoy a werewolf Gakuen than****Let's experience a variety of positions!Werewolf, hacker,chairman, wrestling part, madman, play in the bushes,It becomespossible: "Custom Play → difficulty difficult-despair".
【関西弁版】ゆるヤミ彼女と100万件のメッセージ 1.0.8 APK
ワイには彼女がおる。優しいし、べっぴんやし、めっちゃおもろいし…ワイなんかにはもったいない彼女や。そう、このごっつい数のメッセージさえなければ。彼女はメンヘラなんやろか。せやかて…。*** ゆるヤミ彼女公式ツイッター ***https://twitter.com/Sendergirlgame*** メンヘラスタンプ無料配布中 ***http://happygamer.co.jp/sendergirlstampShefolds the Wye.And to friendly, and palm Beppin, and to Truly Omoroi...Something too good and she Ya in Wye.So, if there even number ofmessages Konogottsui.She or Yaro do a Menhera.... Te Seyaka.*** Theloose Yami her official Twitter***https://twitter.com/Sendergirlgame*** Menhera stamp freedistribution in ***http://happygamer.co.jp/sendergirlstamp
Mio’s Kitty - Neko Story - 1.1.1 APK
Over 250,000 downloads!◆A short story game app for cat lovers thatanybody can enjoy.◆A heart-touching story that takes about 15minutes from start to finish features a cute kitten and hisowner.Mio finds a kitten that lost sight of its mother in therain.This was their first fateful encounter.This is a growing-uptale of a kitten and its owner that will appeal to all cat lovers.*Turn on the volume when playing this game for maximum effect.* Itis recommended to the person who enjoy the "Neko Atsume:KittyCollector".
秒で100億円 1.2.7 APK
タップでお金が降ってくる!?かんたん操作の"お金"育成ゲーム!■「秒で100億円」の遊び方1.画面をタップしてみよう!タップするたびにお金が増えるぞ!2.増やしたお金を使おう!爆買いでもっとお金が増えるぞ!3.ランキングに挑戦しよう!あなたは世界で何番目のお金持ち?■こんな人にオススメ・暇つぶしにキャラクターを育てる、育成ゲームが好きな人・お金(コインや札束)がヤバいくらいに増殖するのを味わってみたい人・貯金や買い物に興味のある人もちろん無料で最後まで遊べます!とりま秒でプレイしてみて!Comeraining money on tap! ?Easy operation of the "money" traininggame!■ How to Play "100 billion yen in seconds."1. Let's tap thescreen!More money every time you tap!2. Try to use the increase wasmoney!Increase is more money in the 爆買 physician!3. Trying tochallenge the ranking!What number of rich you are in the world?■Recommended for Travellers· Killing time foster the character, thepeople who like training game, Money (coins or WAD) is I want totaste to grow to about dangerous people- Savings and shopping areinterested in peopleOf course you can play for free until theend!Toba try to play in seconds!
ひとりぼっちのノラ 1.0.14 APK
◆ねこ好きのための絵本風アプリです。◆誰でもカンタンに楽しめます。ノラは生まれてからずっとひとりぼっちでした。そんなノラの前に一人の人間が現れて・・・。感動だけでは終わらない、野良ネコ「ノラ」のものがたり。  ◆こんな方にオススメの無料ゲームです。1.猫(にゃんこ)が大好き!2.ペットを育成している、動物を育てるのが好き。3.泣ける小説や漫画をよく読む、暇つぶしにまんがアプリやまとめを使っている。◆it is a picture book style app for cat lovers.◆ Anyone can enjoyeasy.Nora was much alone from birth.... Appeared the one person infront of such a Nora.It does not end impressed alone, story of thestray cat "Nora".◆ recommend a free game it to this.1. Cat (cat)love!2. And to foster a pet, I like to raise the animal.3. Readgood cry novels and comics, we are using the cartoon apps andtogether to kill time.
いつ死にますか:恐怖の脱出ホラーゲーム 1.0.1 APK
高校生活最後の夏休み私は友達と学校で肝試しをすることになりました幽霊なんて信じてないし、皆との思い出を作りたかったのですただそれだけだったのに……「いつ死にますか?」次々と起こる怪奇現象、連鎖する呪いのメッセージそして友達の死……あなたは、この真相を解くことができますか?※「いつ死にますか?」は心霊体験ホラーゲームです。※強い恐怖や不安を感じる内容が含まれておりますのでご注意ください。◆こんな方におススメの無料ゲームブックです。1.学校の怪談や肝試しなど、怖い話が好き。2.心霊現象がテーマのまんがや小説、幽霊が登場する漫画や脱出ゲームが好き。3.夏休みを謎解きホラーゲームで涼しく過ごしたい。Highschool life last summer vacationI became to be a test of courage inmy friends and schoolIt does not believe ghosts, I wanted to makethe memories of everyoneBut ...... but that was it"When will Idie?"Unnatural phenomenon that occur one after another, of thecurse that chain messageAnd the death of a friend ......Do you, youcan solve this truth?※ "When will you die?" Is a psychic experiencehorror game.Please note that we have included the contents feel astrong fear and anxiety ※.◆ it is a free game book of recommendedit to this.1. Such as schools of ghost stories and test of courage,like the scary story.2. Psychic phenomena is the theme of comicsand novels, like comics and escape game the ghost appeared.3. Iwant to spend cool in solving the mystery of the summer vacationhorror game.
Exorcism to! Curse of the room 1.0.7 APK
Total 200,000 downloads topped!*** The real fear, you do not knowyet****** Challenged the limits of smartphone, the most scaryhorror game ***"Sakura" Japanese girl visited been called bestfriend old was apartment room.She was supposed to be exorcism in aroom that was cursed in favor of a close friend.And will be ahorrible experience ...※ "exorcism to! Curse of the room" is scarybetter to play with there sound.※We do not recommend this game topeople who feel very horribly the ghosts ,supernatural, horror,grudge, malicious spirit ,tense atmosphere.※Text in the game isJapanese, but please rest assured. A very simple operation, you canunderstand immediately how do.