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99 names of Allah and Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. is basically anamemeaning app which holds a complete library of 99 names ofAllahwith meaning and benefits along with 99 names of Muhammadthathelps Muslims in selecting the names for their boys andgirlsaccording to Islam and also knows the meaning of it as itreflectsa lot in the nature and behavior of boy or a girl. 99 namesofAllah with meaning provide a list of Asma Ul Husna whichincludethe names that is basically a 99 Sermons of Allah. WhenMuslimsselect that name for his girl or boy then that sermon willtransferor reflects in that person. Most of the name in the list of99names of Allah and Muhammad are divine and taken from theQuranMajeed and others are only in the hadith. There are somenameswhich appear in both.99 names of Muhammad is the names andtitlesand honorifics of Muhammad P.B.U.H. used by Muslims to calllastProphet SAW which is also known as Asma Ul Nabi. 99 namesofMuhammad are found in Quran Majeed and hadith which shows theloveof God and Muslims for our last Prophet Muhammad SAW Names ofGodprovides a list of names which includes 99 names of Allahwithmeaning along with 99 names of Muhammad that also providethemeaning of each name in different language or also providethebenefit by selecting the name for their belongings.Names of GodinIslam maintain the Quran library along with audio playerwhichrecite the 99 names of Muhammad and 99 names of Allah withmeaningand benefits in voices of famous Qari. Islamic naam workswithoutdata connection which allows Muslims to listen 99 names ofMuhammadand 99 names of Allah with meaning and benefits withoutinternetanytime and anyplace in different famous voice of Quranrecitersincluding Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais and Abdul Basit. AccordingtoSahih Bukhari, Hazrat Muhammad PBUH said that God has promisetoenter Muslim in Jannah if Muslims learn and memorize the 99namesof Allah.Names meaning app helps new Muslim to change theirnamesand select it according to Islam which defines the nameswithmeaning and benefits so that new Muslim selects according tohisbest choice and benefits. 99 names of Allah with meaningandbenefits is a proper guide for newly Muslims which includepeoplewho change their religion to Islam and want to learn Islamicethicsand listen Quran Majeed that what Allah wants to ask and whatAllahordered us to obey.Asma Ul Husna or 99 names of Allah videoalongwith different famous voices of Quran reciters includingYasser AlDo sari Maher Al Mueaqly who gives the meaning of namesfor properguidance and understanding. As a Muslim we shouldmemorize the 99names of Allah with meanings and benefits.99 namesof Allah audiogive user the option of bookmark that allows Muslimto bookmark thefavorite name in the list of 99 names of Allah and99 names ofMuhammad and maintain the list of bookmarks which can beaccessibleeasily anytime without internet availability. Islamicnames andmeaning in Urdu also allows user to share the bookmarknames of godwith their friends and family by using socialmessengers andenhance the knowledge of their belongings and alsohelps inselecting the name for their boys and girls.Themostdistinguishable features of this mobile phone appare:•StunningGraphics both in the background and of the Fonts makesUserInterface highly appealing.•Audio Narration creating ahighlysoulful and emotional effect on the hearts of thebelievers.•EasySwap option is available to switch through Nameswithout having tocome back for selecting each Title again.•All the99 Names of theAlmighty God and His Prophet PBUH are separatelymentioned.•It alsocomes up with the General and Detail Meaning ofthese BeautifulTitles for user`s increased understanding.Downloadthis at no costand user-friendly mobile application containing allthe Asma ulHusna and Asma ul Nabi so as to receive many of theblessings andtranquility from the Gracious God.

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Quran audio with Urdu and 16 + language translations contain 10lastsurahs of Quran that can help to learn short surahs by usingQuranaudio mp3. Although all of the Quran Sharif surahs haveimportancein Muslims lives, as all surahs give a unique lesson toMuslims thathelps them in their daily lives to take a decisionbetween right orwrong, but surah Yasin has much more importance inQuran. SurahYasin is the 36th surah of the Quran which is alsoknown as heart ofthe Quran Majeed.This application contains lastten Surahs of HolyQuran that hold great importance for Muslimsacross the globe. Nowpeople can learn these Surahs and understandmessage that theyenclose.Last 10 Surahs Application provides bothArabic and RomanEnglish pronunciation of Tajweed (Elocution) ofSurahs alongside theEnglish translation of all the Verses.Peoplecan also listen to theaudio of the Arabic Tajweed of these Surahspronounced inMesmerizing and Beautiful voice.Quran mp3 offlinemaintain the last10 surahs of Quran library along with audioplayer which recite the10 last surahs of Quran in voice of famousmurattil, mujawwid orqari. Quran audio offline plays the Quran mp3which allows Muslimsto listen surah Waqia and last surah of Quranin mp3 version thathelps in correct pronunciation according torules. Quran audiooffline works without data connection whichallows Muslims to listenQuran without internet anytime andanyplace in different famousvoice of Quran reciters includingAbdul Rahman Al-Sudais and AbdulBasit.Quran audio with Urdutranslation of last 10 surahs is aproper guide for newly Muslimswhich include people who change theirreligion to Islam and want tolearn and listen Quran Majeed thatwhat Allah wants to ask and whatAllah ordered to us that we shouldobey it. Listen Quran offlinewith tarjuma (translation of last 10short surahs of Quran) alongwith different famous voices of Quranreciters including Yasser AlDosari, Maher Al Mueaqly who gives thetranslation of surah line byline for proper learning andunderstanding. As a Muslim we shouldmemorized the full Quran Majeedin our mind, but all have not thatmuch ability to memorized it as awhole but short surahs of Quranshould memorized and should be inour fingertips so that we recitethem in namaz and tarawih in ourdaily routine.Listen Quran last 10surahs without internet helpsMuslim to memorize the short surahsof Quran by listening them againand again in different famousvoice of Quran reciter.Transliteration option is provided in theApp for easy learning ofholy Quran Surahs. Listen Quran withoutinternet works as a teacheror guide that taught Muslim that how torecite Quran Majeed withtajwid, which refers to the rulesgoverning pronunciation duringrecitation of the Qur'an that canmake better pronunciation.ListenLast ten surahs of Quran with Urdutranslation gives user the optionof bookmark and maintain the listof bookmark surah which can beaccessible easily. Quran audiooffline also allows user to share thebookmark Surahs as whole orshare a single ayah with their friendsand family by using socialmedia to enhance the knowledge of theirbelongings.Dailynotification feature helps in better or fastlearning by notifyingdaily new surah of Quran Sharif that can helpsin memorizing aswell as taught the meaning of surah in user’sselected language.Listen Quran offline with tarjuma gives user bestexperience byallowing users to change the default setting of appwhich includefont style of verses, font size, app default theme.Short surahlearning also allows users to select the voice of hischoice fromreciters library. Quran translation mp3 allows user toshare theSurahs as whole or share a single ayah with their friendsandfamily using social messengers and enhance the knowledge oftheirbelongings.Among the Muslims, the noble one is who learn Quranandteaches it to other.
6 Kalma - Six Kalma of Islam with Urdu translation 1.1 APK
6 Kalmas of Islam is the major aspects of Islam which coverssixsignificant parts that have importance in Muslims life.6qalmycontain 6 kalima of Islam with Urdu and Englishtransliteration andtranslation that can helps Muslim for learningand memorizing themajor aspects of Islam that is 6 Kalmas. IslamicKalma come up witha free mp3 downloader along with Islamic audiosthat would allowuser to listen and read 6 Kalmas and alsounderstand the meaning ofit and its importance.6 Kalma of Islamwith free audio provide theKalma, Dua and Darood with Urdu andEnglish transliteration andtranslation that can help for betterunderstanding and also correctthe pronunciation. Basically, Kalmais the collection of somesanitary words that is the identity ofMuslims and thus each andevery Muslim round the globe shouldmemorize 6 Kalmas and recitethem on daily basis. Islamic Kalma isthe basic principle of Islamthat connects the Muslims to Islamicspirit.First kalmah which isalso known as the kalimat tayyibah orword of purity is the firstpillar of Islam that teaches how tobecome a Muslim and how toaccept Islam. Basically, it is the doorof Islam that allows toenter in the religion of Islam. First Kalmais the declaration ofacceptance of Islam and the existence of oneGod and his lastProphet Muhammad P.B.U.H. First kalmah is the firstand importantpart of a Muslims. kalma one is recited when a personchanges hisreligion to Islam so it’s necessary to recite it alongwith properunderstanding and acceptance.Recitation and memorizationprocess ofthe six kalmas is taught in Pakistan and all otherMuslimcountries. The kalma has many benefits, first benefit ishumanitythat comes with the acceptance of Islam. First Kalma isalso knownas the Kalma Tayyab or word of purity it is the basicrequirementfor any muslim to be a true believer. Kalma 1 stands forthe remarkof evidence.Second kalmah is called the Shahadat which isthetestification that a muslim gives of his belief in AllahandProphet Muhammad (PBUH). 2nd kalmah explains the expressionofMajesty. Third Qalma is called Kalma tamjeed which isforglorification of Allah. Third kalma explains the expressionofMajesty. Fourth kalmah is known as tawheed that strengthensthebelief in the Oneness of Allah.4th Kalma is the declarationtowardsoneness of Allah Almighty. Fifth kalima is known asAstaghfar whichis the word of penitence to seek forgiveness forrepentance and toask forgiveness from Allah. Sixth kalma is calledRad a Kufr thatis rejects disbelief and submits to faith in Allahand has discretesubject of word of rejection6 kalmas of Islaminclude kalmay whichhave the discussion of oath and explain thebest examples forhumanity. Six kalma audios maintain the Islamiclibrary along withthe voices of famous murattil, mujawwid or qari.Islamic audiosplay the Islamic kalma which allows Muslims to listensix Kalma andlast surah of Quran in mp3 version in correctpronunciationaccording to rules. Six kalma does not require anysort of internetconnection as all the Kalmas and their translationalong with audiocontent is offline including Abdul Rahman Al-Sudaisand Abdul Basitaudios6 kalmay audio translation is a proper guidefor newlymuslims which include people who change their religion toIslam andwant to learn and listen Islam religion facts and rulesthat whatis Islam, what Allah wants to ask and what Allah orderedto us thatwe should obey it. Muslim kalma with tarjuma (translationof 6kalmay) along with different famous voices of Quranrecitersincluding Yasser Al Dosari Maher Al Mueaqly who givesthetranslation of each Kalma word by word for proper learningandunderstanding. As a muslim we should memorize the Six kalmasbyheart. With the help of this application every one of uscanmemorize the six kalmas along with their translationtooDownloadsix kalma of Islam on your smart devices for free tolearn 6 kalmasany where any time.
Last 20 Surah of Quran – Quran mp3 offline 1.1 APK
Quran audio with Urdu and 16 + language translations contain 20lastsurahs of Quran that can help to learn short surahs by usingQuranaudio mp3. Although all of the Quran Sharif surahs haveimportancein Muslims lives, as all surahs give a unique lesson toMuslims thathelps them in their daily lives to take a decisionbetween right orwrong, but surah Yasin has much more importance inQuran. SurahYasin is the 36th surah of the Quran which is alsoknown as heart ofthe Quran.List of last 20 surahs of Quran includeAt-Tin which havethe discussion of oath and explain the bestexamples for humanity.Al-`Alaq is the 96th surah in Quran Sharif.It is traditionallybelieved to have been the first revelation toMuhammad saw in Meccaat cave Hira. Al-Qadr is the 97th surah ofthe Quran Majeed, thissurah describes Laylat al-Qadr which is alsoknown as Night ofDecree. Al-Bayyinah is the 98th surah in QuranSharif. Az-Zalzalahis the 99th surah of the Quran which describethe environment of Dayof Judgment.Quran mp3 offline maintain thelast 20 surahs of Quranlibrary along with audio player whichrecite the 20 last surahs ofQuran in voice of famous murattil,mujawwid or qari. Quran audiooffline plays the Quran mp3 whichallows Muslims to listen surahWaqia and last surah of Quran in mp3version that helps in correctpronunciation according to rules.Quran audio offline works withoutdata connection which allowsMuslims to listen Quran withoutinternet anytime and anyplace indifferent famous voice of Quranreciters including Abdul RahmanAl-Sudais and Abdul Basit.Quranaudio with Urdu translation of last20 surahs is a proper guide fornewly Muslims which include peoplewho change their religion toIslam and want to learn and listenQuran Majeed that what Allahwants to ask and what Allah ordered tous that we should obey it.Listen Quran offline with tarjuma(translation of last 20 shortsurahs of Quran) along with differentfamous voices of Quranreciters including Yasser Al Dosari, MaherAl Mueaqly who gives thetranslation of surah line by line forproper learning andunderstanding. As a Muslim we should memorizedthe full Quran Majeedin our mind, but all have not that muchability to memorized it as awhole but short surahs of Quran shouldmemorized and should be inour fingertips so that we recite them innamaz and tarawih in ourdaily routine.Listen Quran last 20 surahswithout internet helpsMuslim to memorize the short surahs of Quranby listening them againand again in different famous voice ofQuran reciter.Transliteration option is provided in the App foreasy learning ofholy Quran Surahs. Listen Quran without internetworks as a teacheror guide that taught Muslim that how to reciteQuran Majeed withtajwid, which refers to the rules governingpronunciation duringrecitation of the Qur'an that can make betterpronunciation.ListenLast 20 surahs of Quran with Urdu translationgives user the optionof bookmark and maintain the list of bookmarksurah which can beaccessible easily. Quran audio offline alsoallows user to share thebookmark Surahs as whole or share a singleayah with their friendsand family by using social media to enhancethe knowledge of theirbelongings.Daily notification feature helpsin better or fastlearning by notifying daily new surah of QuranSharif that can helpsin memorizing as well as taught the meaningof surah in user’sselected language. Listen Quran offline withtarjuma gives user bestexperience by allowing users to change thedefault setting of appwhich include font style of verses, fontsize, app default theme.Short surah learning also allows users toselect the voice of hischoice from reciters library. Qurantranslation mp3 allows user toshare the Surahs as whole or share asingle ayah with their friendsand family using social messengersand enhance the knowledge oftheir belongings.Among the Muslims,the noble one is who learn Quranand teaches it to other.
Ayatul Kursi with UrduTranslation 1.2 APK
Ayatul kursi is the most important ayah of Quran. Hazrat ali(R.A)said ”Ayat ul kursi is the Chief of ayats of Quran” whichshows theimportance of Ayatul kursi. Ayatul kusri has designed with100%accuracy and delivered after full proof reading withoutanymistake. Ayatul kursi in English translation is anauthenticEnglish translation which is acceptable for all Muslimsscholars.Recitation with a very beautiful voice is included and youmaylisten Ayatul kursi mp3 with English translation and Arabicaudio.Ayatul kursi witrh English translation is a complete packagewithall the necessary needs to recite (Ayatul Kursi ki tilawat) ,tolisten(Ayatul kursi mp3), to read Urdu translation (tarjuma),toknow about the blessings (Ayatul Kursi ki Fazeelat) and alotmore.It is necessary for Muslims to obey the rules which aretoldin Quran because it’s for our benefits. Ayatul kursi is anexamplewhich helps us in our daily life and will help us in thelaterlife. It makes stronger our hearts and gives satisfaction andlookslike that we are companioned by Allah. Listed Features ofAyatulKursi with Urdu Tarjuma:Very clearer Arabic textAyatulkursiEnglish TranlationAyatul kursi audioSynchronized voiceandtranslation of Ayatul kursiAyatul Kursi ki FazilatAyatul Kursikitilawat Ayatul Kursi Urdu Tarjuma:To get the completeunderstandingof Ayatul kursi English Translation is the mainpurpose of thisapp. You can read ayat by ayat Ayatul kursi englishtranslationwhich is compiled very carefully and with greatexpertise to makeit easy to read and use whenever you need it.Ayatul kursi audio:Ayatul kursi mp3 is sync with the verses ofAyatul kursi withenglish translation, which facilitate you to readand listenwithout touching and scroll or button. Ayats with englishtarjumawill scroll by itself according to ayatul Kursi audiobecause ofsynchronization. Synchronization of Ayats and Audio:Thisis thebeautiful aspect of Ayatul kursi english that verses move onwithrecitation audio. Just start the ayat and listen with readingUrduTarjuma. You can also stop voice and start reading at any placeofAyatul kursi.Ayatul kursi ki Fazilat:Benefits of Ayatulkursitilawat are also available for you to get aware of theimportanceof this Ayat as this is very important ayat of Quran.Some askedfrom Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) that which ayats is theloftiest ofQuran and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said “Ayat ul Kursi”.When it tobe read:Ayatul kursi can be read in any difficultsituation and asit’s our belief that Allah will help us so readmemorize the Ayatulkursi and to understand the loftiness you needto learn the Urdutarjuma of Ayatul kursi.We always believe inproviding of uservalued apps like Ayatul kursi with Urdu tarjumaand audio whichfacilitate user with all the needed and essentialfeatures,therefore if you like our efforts then share Ayatu kursiUrdu withyour friends and family.
4 Qul Shareef - Char Qul of Quran 1.0 APK
4 Qul of Quran is an Islamic Application for Quran reading whichcontains highly effective Four Holy Surahs of Al-Quran Majeed, i.e.Al-Kafiroon, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq and An-Nas.4 Qul shareef app ismade for every Muslims around the world to recite, to learn surahand listen to 4 Qul of Quran Sharif any time. This “Char QulSharif” app have 4 Qul with Urdu translation and 4 Qul surah inEnglish which allow complete English and Urdu translation withArabic ancient. It also comes up with transliteration that make thelearning process easier. 4 Qul shareef audio & char Qul Sharifaudio app also have full audio sound; each ayah is translated intoEnglish and Urdu. Also, you can listen to each Ayat.Apart fromthis, it was the Sunnah of Prophet to recite these 4 Qul Surahs,following Sunnah is following the commandments of Allah eventuallyas Hazrat Ayesha (RA) stated at one place:“Before sleeping ProphetMuhammad (PBUH) would recite the last three Surahs of Quran andthen would blow it onto His hands and then wipe the hands all overHis body.” [Bukhari]Four Qul shareef are the most famous surahsfrom the Holy Quran. Let’s recite, learn and spread good words ofQuran. These four Qul are known as protecting powerful surahs.Surah 4 Qul is a simple Islamic “4 Qul of Islam” app that can helpyou to listen to beautiful recitation of Surah Al-Kafirun,Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq and An-Nas from Quran.There are four Qulshareef in the Holy Quran, these four Qul surahs serve the purposeof protecting us from all mischief around us.1. Surah 109 - Kafirun(The Disbelievers)2. Surah 112 - Ikhlas (The Purity)3. Surah 113 -Falaq (The Daybreak)4. Surah 114 - Nas (The Mankind)Surah-An-Nas islast Surah of the Qur'an. An-Nas means "Mankind". It’s a Sunnahtradition of reading this Surah over the sick or beforesleeping.Surah Al-Falaq which is the 113th Surah of the Qur'an.Al-Falaq means "Dawn".Surah Kafirun and Ikhlas protects from shirk.Surah Ikhlas is pure Tawheed and equal to 1/3rd of the Quran.Surahs Falaq and Naas protect from mischief of created things,envy, magic and the whisperings of the shaitan.All the 4 Qul surahsstart with the word ‘Qul’ which actually means ‘say’. Hence thefour surahs are collectively called as ‘The Four Quls’Qul shareefapp - It lets Muslims all over the world to recite, learn andlisten to beautiful recitation of Holy Quran. It is a goodcombination of surah's, you can recite and listen every nightbefore sleeping.The Messenger of Allah (Saw) said to me,” ReciteSurat Al-Ikhlas and Al-Mu`awwidhatain (Surat Al-Falaq and SurahAn-Nas) three times at dawn and dusk. It will suffice you in allrespects.” [Abu Dawood and At-Tirmidhi].Features:• 4 Qul surah inEnglish: Allows user to read in English text• 4 Qul with Urdutranslation: Allows to read and understand the meaning of these 4Qul in Urdu• Quick way for Quran reading with easy and Attractiveuser interface.• 4 Qul shareef audio & char Qul Sharif audio:Audio included with every Qul to understand better.• Translation ofchar Qul is given into English and Urdu which helps userunderstanding better.• Verse by verse translation• 4 Qul of Islamwith beautiful Audio Voice.• Every word from Surah is displayedwith its English translation and transliteration.• One can also letothers know about this char Qul surah useful app through differentSharing Platforms using Share ButtonAction Plan:1. Recite SurahIkhlas, Surah Falaq and Surah Naas 3 times after Fajr Salah2.Recite Surah Ikhlas, Surah Falaq and Surah Naas 1 time after Zohar,Asr and Esha salah.3. Blow on your hands and recite Surah Ikhlas,Surah Falaq and Surah Naas and then rub your whole body before yousleep.Get this free and easily understandable Smartphoneapplication 4 Qul of Quran to grasp the blessings and in order tobenefit from learning and listening to recitation of one of themost blessed Chapters of the Holy Quran.
Blood Group Type & Balanced Diet Plans-Fitness App 1.1 APK
Blood Group Diet is an android application which is developedto let the users aware of their blood type diet. This informativeApp contains Diet plans and other essential information to guideusers who are health conscious about what to choose and avoid asper their blood type. It is one of the complete guides for healthnutritional plans according to blood groups A, B, AB andO. With the help of this informative blood group diet app youcan make your diet plans according to your blood type. This app letthe people know about what they should eat according to their bloodtype. Also let you know about blood diet recipes that you can eatfor better health.This Blood Group Diet app has BMI Calculator too.Body mass index calculate your exact BMI with the help of yourweight and Height. Input accurate weight and height data andcalculate BMI as normal and abnormal with the help of this androidapp.Blood Group Diet app’s main screen includes:Knowing your bloodtypeCalculate BMISettings sectionIn Knowing Blood Type screen youwill have following information:Foods: Food category containsall the food items that are relevant and perfect as your bloodtype. Food includes Beans, beverages, Protein diet and vegetableswith avoid, neutral and beneficialindicator.Exercise: Complete tips on physical fitness. Itguides user which exercise to adopt and for mental and physicalstrengthBlood Type Recipes: This Section compose list ofrecipes that fit your health with ingredients and how to preparesection. Enjoy healthy easy recipes and savor eating against yourblood type.BMI Calculator screen have followinginformation:Exercise: Daily exercise tips for perfect body in caseyour BMI isn’t normalDiet Planner: Once you find accurate BMIyou can check your Diet plan by tapping further on Continue box.Weekly Scheduler is provided which entails breakfast, snacks, lunchand dinner suggested plansWater Intake: Input weight, height,age, gender to know the accurate amount of water required for yourbody as per BMISettings section include followinginformation:Settings can be used to take help regarding blood type.Weekly notification is available for user convenience.Download thisvery informative android App and know your blood group type diet.Maintain health and fitness with Blood Group Diet android app freeof cost. Download this app now and make sure to give us feedback onplay store.
Yasin Indonesia - Surah Yasin with Translation 1.1 APK
Yasin Sharif Indonesia is an app for Muslims all over the worldthatprovides prestigious surah of the Holy Quran to learn,understandand recite. The app has been highly optimized withfeatures such astranslation, transliteration, audio and many otherextensivefeatures that can be used by you to learn and understandYasinSharif with correct pronunciation. Moreover, there areseveralrecitations of Yasin Sharif by famous reciters; Al-SudaisandAl-Afasy. This is a feature that has an edge over others andyou canlisten to audio version of Yasin Sharif in voice of yourfamousreciter. Hadhrat ‘Ataa’ bin Abi Ribaah (Radhiyallahu Anhu)says thatthe Prophet Mohamed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam)reportedly hassaid, “Whoever reads Surah Yaseen at the beginningof the day allhis needs for that day will be fulfilled.”The lineby linetransliteration and translation helps to understand thetrue meaningof the surah yasin and to develop a strongunderstanding to gain thevirtues and blessings of Allah SWT. Thisapp Surah Yasin Indonesiaemphasizes to learn and understand QuranMajeed by providing valuedfeatures to its users. With Goto optionyou can jump to desired ayahto read its transliteration withtranslation moreover, your lastread transliteration can be savedin Last Read tab. This app gives100% accuracy of Arabic font toits users to read Surah Yasin. Youcan easily recite and memorizeSurah Yasin with this app. You canlisten to surah Yasin as thisapp provides the audio function aswell which is provided withextensive features of play, stop andrepeat to assist his valuedusers to listen to the audio. SurahYasin Indonesia app givesanother beautiful feature to its users toknow about Benefits &Blessings of Surah Yasin. This featuremotivates the user tounderstand and read with more concentration inorder to gain theblessings of ALLAH SWT. Moreover, it provides userwith sunnahrelated to the Surah Yasin and importance of the surahYasin indaily life of Muslims supported by authentic Hadith. SurahYasinIndonesia app has also ensured the environment and access totheapp by providing user friendly interface to its users. SurahYasinIndonesia is a complete package for Muslims which helps themtolearn, understand and listen to create a better understandingtogain virtues and blessings from ALLAH SWT. With DailyNotificationoption you can be notified to read Surah Yasin daily togain itsblessings. Customized settings feature gives you ease tochooseyour favorite reciter to listen to Yasin Sharif. Furthermore,youcan select language of translation according to your locality.Youcan turn on\off transliteration if you want to readtranslationonly. Moreover, you can turn on\off daily notificationaccording toyour desire. Yasin Sharif has lot of importance inIslam, it isnarrated as, “Everything has a heart, and the heart ofthe GloriousQuran is Surah Yaseen. Whoever reads Surah Yaseen,Allah recordsfor them a reward equal to that of reading the wholeQuran 10times.” Maqal, Tirmidhi 2812/A and Dhahabi. So, downloadthis appand gain blessings from it, also share it with your friendsandfamily so they can also get blessings from this.
Sahih Muslim in Urdu And English 1.0 APK
Sahih Muslim Urdu is a Smartphone Application that comprisestheentire collection of sayings and deeds (hadith) of ProphetMuhammad(PBUH) compiled back by Imam Muslim. This Application is inEnglishand Urdu for the native user for their best facilitation andbetterunderstandings. Most Sunni Muslims view this Muslim Sharif astheirmost trusted collection of hadiths. Imam Muslim lived a coupleofcenturies after the Prophet's (saw) death and worked extremelyhardto collect his hadith Muslim.Muslim Sharif is recognized bytheoverwhelming majority of the Muslim world to be one of themostauthentic collections of the Sunnah of the Prophet(PBUH).SahihMuslim is divided into nine volumes, each of which hasseveralbooks. Each book contains many hadith. The hadith arenumberedconsecutively per volume. The books really only serve togrouphadith together, but the volumes impose the numbering. Thereare anumber of books compiled by Imam al-Muslim(rahimahullah).ImamMuslim is regarded as the highest authority ofthe collection ofhadith. It has also been recorded that it tookImam al-Muslim aperiod of 16 years to gather the hadith and towrite the Sahih. Insome circles, it is considered the mostauthentic book after theQuran.Sahih al Muslim is one of the Kutubal-Sittah (six majorhadith collections) of Sunni Islam. SunniMuslims view this as oneof the three most trusted collections ofhadith along with SahihMuslim and Muwatta Imam Malik. Study “SahihMuslim hadees Urducomplete” translated in the Urdu language on yourAndroid phones.As it is Sahih Muslim Urdu complete app so User cansend or shareany Hadith or part of any Hadith in Urdu and inEnglish to his /her friends through many social sites. The originalquotes are inArabic but for the sake of comprehension, “SahihMuslim Urducomplete” app is translated in Urdu and English as wellas nationaland international readers.This Islamic App” Sahih MuslimUrducomplete” is designed especially for Urdu readers and viewersinwhich complete and easy Urdu translation of Sahih Muslimisavailable.The Hadith app” Hadith collection in Urdu” is therecordof sayings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), these sayingswerecollected by famous Muhadditha and formed into Hadith books.SahihMuslim Hadiths were collected by Imam Muslim. These Hadithsare anauthentic legislation for Muslims after the Holy Quran. App”saheehmuslim” contains the collection of Hadith based on differenttypeof topics of life.“Sahih Muslim Urdu Hadith Book” containsIslamicHadees collection form Sahih-al-Muslim book of Hadiths.Thisauthentic Hadith collection Muslim Sharif complete in Urduisavailable for you in Urdu language as well as sahih musliminEnglish language, so you need not translate them tounderstand.Theapp Sahih Muslim Urdu covers almost all aspects oflife inproviding proper guidance of Islam, it is a completehadithcollection, such as the method of performing prayers andotheractions of worship.Book Topics:The collection of saheehmuslimincludes hadith on topics of Revelation, Belief (Faith),Knowledge,Ablution, Bathing, Prayers, Eid, Funerals, Charity(Zakat), Hajj,Fasting, Sales and Trade, Debt, Quarles, Oppressions,Partnership,Slaves, Gifts, Witness, Testaments, Fighting for causeof Allah,Creation, Prophets, Quran, Marriage, Divorce, Food,Sacrifice,Medicine, Law, Dreams, Oneness of Allah (Tawheed).Hadeese Nabvi inUrdu include features like:• Sahih Muslim Urdu completeis Full andAuthentic Book.• Guidance book for all social andreligious issues• You can go to any Hadith by typing its number inthe bar.• MuslimSharif complete in Urdu: Translate Hadiths in Urduand Englishlanguages.• Bookmarking for the favorite andlater-to-readHadith.Following Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a directfollowing ofAllah Almighty, hence download this Application, asnothing isbetter than adopting and acting on the Sunnah of Muhammad(PBUH).