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Aaaargh Treasure.. Help the pirate run fromthe evil captain. Collect treasures and avoid obstacles in theisland of treasures.

- Discover different power ups.
- Rare collectables.
- Change the look of your pirate with many different items.

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Tarneeb Online APK
Join the world's most popular Tarneeb Game andPlay Live with real Players.Tarneeb, the classic two-player card game you know and love is nowwith MultiPlayer mode.You can always enjoy the power of Single Player and challenge yourskills and play against a computer opponent or Join a Room and PlayTarneeb with your friends for FREE and challenge new TarneebPlayers from all around the World.​Connect through 3G,4G and Wifi and Play Tarneeb Online.You can also start as a guest account or connect your Facebookaccount to personalise your game play.In Single Player mode the opponent players are crafted usingsophisticated Artificial intelligence so it plays like a humanopponent!​Tarnib and join the thousands of players that download Tarneebacross App Stores. Play Tarneeb - 4 player 2 team card game - andwith your partner choose between Tarneeb 31, 41 or 61.See if you can win the near life players and share your score withyour friends. Get extra free rounds when you challenge yourfriends.In Tarneeb, you play your best suit and bid from 7-12 or a FullHouse or Kaboot.Count your cards, some luck and your partner makes you win or lose.Tarnib till the morning.Checkout our latest updates & News on our Official FacebookPage :https://www.facebook.com/maysalwardJoin us on Twitter and Tweet about our Games :https://www.twitter.com/maysalwardAlso checkout our website for Latest Mobile Games:https://www.maysalward.com
Cocktail Mania 2.6 APK
Cocktail is a fast paced game selecting the right fruit for theblend. If you are thirsty for FUN the game is for you. Goal issimple. Select the right fruit for the cocktail blend before thetimer counts down.Go from cocktail level to another in diamond time to open upspecial cocktails Bonus Stages. Look out for magic fruits and itemsbut beware of bad fruits that will end your cocktail adventure.How to Play ?Pick the right fruits to blend against the clock. Move from onelevel to the next to open it up.If you reach record time in each level and awarded Diamondstatus for 3 levels, a bonus level is opened up. Each 3 levels havea different objective starting from against the clock and moving tobad fruits, time check, life and other surprises. Fruit baskets andspecial items make you gain extra points but keep away from bad& evil fruits. Magic fruits have special bonuses.
زينة و نحول 1.3 APK
المعلمة سلمى تحتاج لمساعدتك في جمع الزهورلاعطاء الدرس التالي في مدرسة النحل !انه يوم الحظ بالنسبة لزينة! بينما كانت تحلق في المرج دخلت في حقلفيه انواع من الزهور النادرة التي تعطي افضل انواع العسل ... و طارتسريعاً الى الخلية لتري الجميع ما وجدت ...في طريق عودتها الى الخلية وجدت المعلمة سلمى التي هنأتها بسبباكتشافها .... و طلبت منها جمع اكبر عدد من هذا النوع النادر منالزهور و اكتشاف المزيد منها و جلبها للمدرسة ....و هنا تبدأ مغامرة زينة الجديدة و التي تحتاج الى مساعدتك ...طير مع زينة و صديقها نحول في مغامرتها و احذر كل العقبات التيستقابلك في جمع الزهور المطلوبة قبل نفاذ العسل . اعبر من خلالالبوابات لتنتقل الى اماكن اخرى او ان تطير بشكل اسرع ...الميزات :- اكتشف او اعد اكتشاف البيئة من خلال زينة.- لعبة ممتعة و مميزة و يمكن ان يلعبها الاطفال .- طير قدر ما تستطيع و اجمع النباتات و الزهور .- استكمل اهدافاً اضافية لترفع نتيجتك .- العب مع صديق زينة نحول .شكر خاص للفنانة و المذيعة القديرة رندا كرادشة التي قامت بتسجيلاصوات الشخصيات في اللعبة.Salma parameter you needto help you collect flowers to give to the next lesson in theschool bee!It's a day of luck for decorations! While flying in the meadowentered in a field in which types of rare flowers that give thebest types of honey ... and quickly flew to the cell to seeeverybody what I found ...On her way back to the cell and found Selma parameter thatcongratulated because .... discovered and asked her to collect thelargest number of this rare type of flowers and discover more ofthem and brought to the school ....And here begins the new adventure Accessories and that you needto help you ...Accessories and bird with her boyfriend in her adventure andwarn all the obstacles that meet you in collecting the requiredflowers before honey into force. Cross through the gates to move toother places or to fly faster ...Features:- Discover or re-discover the environment through decoration.- A fun game and the distinctive and can be played bychildren.- A bird as you can and collect plants and flowers.- Complemented by additional targets to raise your score.- Play with a friend Accessories turn.Special thanks to artist and able Randa Karadsheh broadcasterwhich has registered the voices of characters in the game.
Qismah Naseeb 2.2 APK
500 new subscribers every day of both genders respectful honest onehundred percent High integrity The application does not ask you anypersonal information or phone number or e-mail or Facebook accountor pictures So you never worry about stealing your information orany harm in any way If the application does not he tell you thereare people in this region do not be surprised because we do notcreate fake profiles 100 free message in the free application andan unlimited number this application send to the person thatmatches the specifications you're looking for Good Luck in findingyour spouse
Aaaargh Treasure 1.9 APK
Aaaargh Treasure.. Help the pirate run fromthe evil captain. Collect treasures and avoid obstacles in theisland of treasures.Features:- Discover different power ups.- Rare collectables.- Change the look of your pirate with many different items.
تحدي الفضاء 7.1 APK
إنطلق بمركبتك والعب لتربح جوائز فورية. ديربالك من الإصطدام بالكواكب والمجرات الفضائية. في الطريق ابحث عن الجوائز الفورية من خلال التقاطك شعار زين. كلشعار بهدية فورية .... و كل ما طرت مسافة اكبر صارت الهدية اكبر والشاطر الي بوصلها بالاول...يمكنك استخدام نظام الطائرة الشبح ٣ مرات في كل لعبة لتفاديالاصطدام. و كل اصطدام برجعك لنقطة البداية.. الهدايا الفورية تستنىالطيار الشاطر ..Scurry your vehicle andplay to win instant prizes. Monastery of mind from the spacecollision planets and galaxies. On the way look for instant prizes through pick you up Zain logo.Each slogan Instant gift .... and all I flew a greater distance hasbecome the largest gift to Bosslha Shater and the former was ...You can use the stealth aircraft system 3 times in each game toavoid the collision. And each collision Bergek to the startingpoint .. instant gifts Tstny pilot Shater ..
Nitro Nation APK
Race, mod and tune dozens of licensedcars.Start a team, invite your friends, win a tournament together.Tradeparts with other racers online and build a unique car. Nolimits on“fuel”, no “pay-to-win”. This is Nitro Nation – the mostcompleteracing experience.LOTS OF CARS - we included more than 20 hottest brands.That'sright, 20+ BRANDS, including Mercedes-Benz/AMG, Koenigsegg,Pagani,Jaguar, SSC and many more!FAIR PLAY - no ""fuel"" that you have to wait for. No""deliverytime"" for cars or upgrades. Every vehicle is competitiveandthere's no ""premium"" upgrades. It's all about your skillanddedication.REAL RACERS & TEAMS - there's always an online rivalwaitingfor you. Start by racing any distance from 1/8 to full mile,joinor create a team, win tournaments, work your way up therankings,or test your nerves in wager races.EPIC UPGRADES - choose from thousands of upgrades and buildaone-of-a-kind vehicle. Ever dreamed of smoking an exotic inyour800 HP Volkswagen Golf? Happens every day on the streets ofNN.PERSONAL TOUCH - browse dozens of cool decals, arrange themtheway you like and choose your own color for every bit.Addaftermarket rims, or mix a unique paint to show your style.CAR GEEKS WELCOME - we have the most realistic physics engineinthe genre, meaning that everything works the way it does inreallife. Detailed specs, dyno graphs, gearing charts and advancedracestatistics will help you put your knowledge to use.AWESOME COMMUNITYIt's all about the players! connect with other car fanaticsandenjoy NN together:Maysalward Nitro NationWebsite:http://www.maysalward.com/nitronationFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/maysalwardTwitter: https://twitter.com/maysalwardTROUBLESHOOTING:- If the game doesn't start up, runs slowly or crashes, pleasegetin touch and we'll do our best to help.- If you forgot your password, you can reset it usingthecorresponding option on the login screen. Check your e-mailforinstructions.- If you haven't set up a recovery e-mail, or if you forgotyourusername, please contact us at support@creative-mobile.com andtellus everything that can help identify your account.If you have any questions, make sure you write us:info@Maysalward.com or our FacaebookPage:www.facebook.com/maysalward
لعبة التركيز وقوة الملاحظة : عين الصقر 2.3 APK
لعبة عين الصقر من العاب التركيز و قوة الملاحظة. انظروا وانتبهوا ثماحزروا الشكل المختلف واعرف اذا كنت تمتلك عين صقر. لديك ٦٠ ثانية..... البداية سهلة وبعدين بتصعب شوي. في اللعبة مجموعة من الصورتختبر قوة ملاحظتكم ولكن بشكل مسلي وممتع للغاية، فبعض الصور تطلبتركيز عالي. شارك وتحدى آصدقاءك على حمل اللعبة واتسلى ... يسعدناتلقي مقترحاتكم وملاحظاتكم : - اضغط لايك على صفحة ميس الوردhttp://www.facebook.com/Maysalward - تابعنا على تويتر من خلالwww.twitter.com/maysalward ضل شغله وحده ما تنسو تكتبو تعليقاتكم وتعطونا تقدير خمس نجوم عشان نقدر نضل نعطي تحديثات للعبة ونطورها ...