1.0.4 / January 4, 2013
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Please donate if you like aagtlthis is only the donation, youshould also download the free application itself

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    aagtl donate
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    January 4, 2013
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    Android 2.1 and up
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    Wasagasse 3, 1090 Wien
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ZANavi for Android 2.0.56 APK
ZANavi for Android is an open source (GPL) carnavigation system for offline NavigationYou can download and use the whole world map with the "large mapdonate" version(careful: size over 15GByte!)report bugs to https://github.com/zoff99/zanavi/issuesyou can add translations in your language athttps://translations.launchpad.net/zanavi/trunk/+pots/zanavihttps://translations.launchpad.net/zanavi/navit-orig-import/+pots/navitmeet us on IRC:irc://irc.freenode.org/zanavibased on Navit and Openstreetmaps OSMits has similar functions as OSMAndFeatures:*) new drive-home widget (works only if the app is installed inphone, NOT sdcard)*) multipolygon support*) index search [donate version only]*) runs on Lollipop (Android 5)*) support to show GPX files*) 3D mode*) works offline (offline navigation)*) world overview map*) tunnels are visible on map*) bridges visible on map*) map turns with compass*) map management (download/update/delete maps)*) search offline OR online*) spoken directions in many languages*) uptodate OSM maps*) follow mode OSD toggle button*) oneway arrows*) select your language in the application*) select search country*) checksum downloaded mapfiles*) announcer toggle*) settings and menus translated*) map preview on search results*) aGPS*) last destination list (bookmarks)*) add waypoints*) show waypoints on map*) configure map data directory*) full world map download (special donate version!)*) configure cache size*) configure font size*) change search radius for streets in towns*) free zoom level with pinch zoom*) enter coordinates (lat,lon) manually*) switch off mapdisplay
ZANavi large maps donate 1.0.0 APK
ZANavi large maps donate Version.With this donate Version you candownload and use very large maps, like the Full World map!!Yes thefull World, offline!You can help to maintain the mapserver, andkeep updates coming.If you leave the donate version installed, yourmap downloads will be faster.Thank you!After installing, pleasedownload the free ZANavi application from the android market
aagtl 1.0.35 APK
Android AdvancedGeocachingToola Geocaching Tool for Androidyou needa "geocaching.com" username/password for this app to workproperly!*) navigate to target with google navigation*) showssun/moon position*) compass*) fast and easy display of caches onmap*) also works completely offline (download cache details athome)*) TouchScreen UIbased on work from Daniel Fetthttp://www.danielfett.de/
ZANavi for Android donate 1.0.4 APK
ZANavi donate version.You can help to maintain the mapserver, andkeep updates coming.only If you leave the donate version installed,will you be able to use the faster index search functionThankyou!After installing, please download the free ZANavi applicationfrom the android market
ZANavi Plugin 1.0.12 APK
Always know when new map updates are available and when a new Appversion can be downloadedThis app uses Google Cloud Messaging (GCM)and needs Google Play Servicesinstalled.https://developer.android.com/google/gcm/index.htmlNoprivate information will be collected (except the maps you haveinstalled to notify you of updates)
aagtl donate 1.0.4 APK
Please donate if you like aagtlthis is only the donation, youshould also download the free application itself
ZANavi Donate app 1.0.4 APK
ZANavi Donate appwith this app you can donate any amount that youlike.This will help keep the maps servers running,and to developmore features and fix bugs.Thank you all for you help anddonations!
Fasteroids 1.0.1 APK
Fasteroids, deadly Space