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Cute foals, ponies and horses are the motivesof this children's puzzles. Come and play in this pretty pony landfor toddlers and kids.

The free kids ponies and horses puzzle offers a simple andintuitive interface for easy use and easy games. The pets game wasdeveloped specifically for toddlers and young kids.

Aaron's foals and horses for toddlers puzzle game was developedfor Andoid tablets.

Cute ponys for young kids.

App Information Aaron's kids foals and horses

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    Aaron's kids foals and horses
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    January 15, 2014
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    01 Digitales Design GmbH
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    1,000 - 5,000
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Aaron's Cute Puppy Puzzles for Toddlers andKids PuzzlesThese free cute puppy puzzles for toddlers contain 15 youngpuppy and sweet little dog cartoon pictures that invite kids toplay.The number of pieces on each dog and puppy puzzle is adjustable.The difficulty can be adjusted by additional rotation of the puzzlepieces to the child's age. Thus, the dog and puppy game is suitablefor children aged 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 years.Aaron's cute puppy kids puzzle games offer a simple andintuitive interface for easy use and easy games. These puppypuzzles were designed specifically for toddlers and youngchildren.Aaron's cute dogs and puppy puzzle games belong to Aaron's KidsGames, a group of free educational games to promote concentrationand fine motor skills.Come and say hello to the cute puppies and all other sweet dogs!Whether terriers, retrievers, spaniels, labradors, or mutts, thesefunny dogs are ready to play!If you like Aaron’s Free Cute Puppy Puzzles for Toddlers andKids, you may also enjoy these additional free puzzle games fortoddlers and kids:-Aaron’s Kids Dinosaur Puzzle-Aaron’s Construction Vehicles Puzzle-Aaron’s Sleep Well for Kids Puzzle-Aaron’s Wild Animals Puzzle-Aaron’s Kids Underwater Puzzle-Aaron’s Kids Tiny Robots Puzzle-Aaron’s Cars and Trucks Puzzle-Aaron’s Kids Dragon Puzzle-Aaron’s Kids Playground Puzzle-Aaron’s Silly Circus Puzzle-Aaron’s Farm Animals Puzzle for Kids-Aaron’s Farm Animals Puzzle for Toddlers…And many more!The Aaron's cute dogs and puppy puzzles for toddlers free HDpuzzle was developed for Android tablets.
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Alltags- Entspannung mit Stimme (relaxÜbungen, autogenes training)In dieser App befinden sich 5 Audio- Entspannungsanleitungen fürmehr Ruhe und Entspannung im Alltag.Dadurch, dass die Übungen nur zwischen ca. 5 und 10 Minutendauern, sind sie wunderbar zwischendurch durchführbar oder alsStart in den Tag oder Abschluss des Tages geeignet.Tun Sie sich etwas Gutes, nehmen Sie sich ein wenig Zeit fürsich, denn mit entspanntem Körper und Geist gelingt vieleseinfacher.Enthalten sind folgende Audio-Übungen:- Entspannung am Morgen (05:08)- Atem-Entspannung (10:26)- Pausen-Entspannung (08:00)- Energie-Farben-Entspannung (08:40)- Entspannung am Abend (06:56)Everyday relaxation withvoice (relax exercises, autogenous training)In this app there are 5 audio relaxation instructions for morerest and relaxation in everyday life.The fact that the exercises take only between approximately 5and 10 minutes, they are wonderfully suited in between feasible oras a way to start the day or end of the day.Do something good for yourself, take a little time forthemselves, because with a relaxed body and mind succeed mucheasier.It contains the following audio exercises:- Relaxation in the morning (5:08)- Breath-relaxation (10:26)- Pause relaxation (8:00)- Energy Color relaxation (8:40)- Relaxing in the evening (6:56)
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