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Learn ABC letters and numbers is baby games for one year olds tolearning games for kids ages 8 and 9, pre-k letters and numberslearn how to read and trace alphabet, play with 6 mini games andsounds, free educational educreations learning games from Play& Learn Media! Learn the alphabet & numbers is an edpuzzlegame to learn english trace alphabet from A to Z and numbers 0-9.Learn how to read and learn to write letters and numbers, and manymore games for fun learning and gaining knowledge skill basedgames. You will learn from allapp : * Trace letters and numbers. *Learn to write english alphabet and numbers. * Listening andpronounce english letters and numbers. * Learn to trace letters andnumbers with alphabet tracing game. * Brain and memory trainingwith memory games with animals. * Learn to pair relationships withline matching game. * Learn to ordering with dot to dot connect thedots game. * Develop attention span, fine motor skills, creativityand imagination with animals coloring pages. With this our 6 gamesit can help you start to learn the basic alphabet read and writeletters and numbers skills. Download and play now to train youralphabet skills, let your free time be more knowledge! Rate andcomment if it is your favorite, after you have played it, forbetter development. Need help please contact us athttps://www.facebook.com/PlayAndLearnMedia/ or email atthavorn.parn@gmail.com. Educational learning game by Play &Learn Media.

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    ABC Kids & Tracing Games
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    November 3, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Play & Learn Media
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Caveman connect 3 is stone age match and link games with footprintlink connect, it is new match 3 link puzzle games for you to playnow time killing, design with stone age footprint matches puzzleand caveman theme. New match 3 puzzle game with connect style,connect 3 or more in a line games to made footprint linked and getscore a limited time. This is a challenging new match 3 lineconnect game that you should not miss, with theme of the gameconnecting footprint to get the best score, challenges with alimited time to play. Match 3 link game features: * Free matches 3line connecting games. * Intelligence training game. * Braintraining game, good for kids. * Time killing games with stone ageadventure. * Colorful stone age theme graphics. * Limited playingtime with each game. * Suitable for all ages. * Share your skillsto the world. How to play: * Open the match3 link puzzle game. *Try to connect 3 or more in a line and keep score as much aspossible within the time limit. * Enjoy to play time killer. Theline connect puzzle games is seemingly simple. But it is not easyto finish, must play to know! So, download stone age and cavemanmatch and link games it now free. Contact us for about this match 3link connecting games athttps://www.facebook.com/PlayAndLearnMedia/ Kids educational andcreativity games from Play & Learn Media.
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New memory matching game for kids should to play first, this iscasual picture memory game design for kids, also covered for allincluding kindergarten, pre kindergarten, preschool games andtoddler learning, design from dragons picture. So, this is memorypuzzle game for kids, train them to play first for good meditationand memory, do not miss this matching game free for all! Goal ofgame is just open identical 2 dragons picture until all thepictures on each game. Game feature: * All free. * Cute dragonsgraphic. * Clean user interface. * Fun and easy to play. *Meditation and memorize games for all ages. * First brain traininggame for kids. * Suitable for all ages. How to play game: * Installgame in to your devices. * Open game and select the game levels. *Play fun brain training dragons. Learn how to train brain withdragons now! Rate and review for more better developing.
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Free educational and learning games for pre-k and PreschoolChildren 3 and 4 year old and also for kindergarten kids at lease 5year old. Farm Animals Puzzle Coloring is animal matching game onthe farm and coloring for each matched hero. It's also learninggames and educational games for kids it simple game made for allages. Is a game of skill learning with pictures of animals in farmis it a cute cartoon hero. The game will be pictures, pets and farmanimals such as sheep, goat, bee, cute cows, horse, duck, geeseetc. This game are practicing visual observation, memory, sight andsound coaching skills with colorful farm animals. Along with thetraining, paired animals each animal images and correct. Other,kids can paint each animal as well. Absolutely, your children willlove this animal puzzle game. Benefits of animal puzzle game: -Free learning games for pre-k and Preschool Children 3 and 4 yearold, called preschoolers children. Preschool children want totouch, taste, smell, hear, and test things for themselves. They areeager to learn. - Learning games for kindergarten kids at lease 5year old. Kindergarten child want to learn matching, puzzle game,drawing and coloring with creativity idea, learn pattern activity,alphabets. - Farm Animal Puzzle matching, farm animals painting andcoloring pages. The game teaches vocabulary words from challengesand matching the images of animals in the game to be able to learnand practice, listen to the words as well. - Game Farm Puzzleanimals is a game of skill using a finger to drag and drop each ofthe cute animals properly. - A brain training game and visuallyobserving the animals and distinguish images better. - Kids canlearn to observe the image. Pairing portrait matching the animalsand bring them to each animal correctly. - A memory training gamethat pets and farm animals. - Is easy development a farm animalpuzzle game for any child. - A game like drawing and coloring cuteanimals, cartoon coloring pages, practice writing and imagination.- Is a puzzle games work to train painting and coloring animals asa child idea. Little kids game features: - Farm animal puzzle gamecome with a musical composition, this can be turned on or off asneeded. - A simple shadow puzzle game design, animals are cute,everyone can play. - Simple game play, just drag and drop thepicture puzzles to match the sleek profile. - There are many gamesscene and will increase more in the future. - Have a voice thatfarm animals that is. - Kids can painting and coloring, paintcartoon characters or animals that are. - Share or save drawingimages when finished coloring. Now completely free for download andplay, good learning games for little kids, pre k kids, preschoolchildren and also for kindergarten kids! Educational learning gamesfor little kids by Play & Learn Media.