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Counting numbers and ABC are the two foremost lessons kids andtoddlers need to learn at their early age. In our app, ABC SONG INA ZOO, kids and toddlers sing along the song and learn alphabet andnames of 26 animals with their names starting with each letter ofthe alphabet. Because kids love the song in our App, ABC SONG IN AZOO, they surprise their parents by learning, in a short period oftime, 26 letters of the alphabet and names of 26 their favoriteanimals. ABC SONG IN A ZOO is a phonic App with a kid singer and agreat music. Quality graphics, animation, and good music make thisapp most enjoyable for kids from toddlers to kids of all ages, andtheir family.Check rest of our Apps those are directed towardslittle minds.

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    December 18, 2016
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Every one of us has hidden powers we seldom explore, develop oruse. Many of us lack relaxation, and let our physical,intellectual, and spiritual potential buried in side us for good.Meditation is a great process to relax our body and mind, anddevelop our potentials hidden inside us —happiness of mind,spirituality and goodness of our hearts. By doing Meditation, wenot only relax our body and mind, but also become more spiritual,and better human beings. Gotam Buddha attained great revelation bydoing the Meditation. Try it; you will find great happiness, peace,and spirituality.Meditation Song and Lesson is a great app. Thesong inspires to do Meditation, and the Lesson teaches the proper,yet, an easy method of doing this thousands of years old and greatMeditation.