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Abdominal exercises Welcome to the new application of exercise forthe abdominals in which we will help you lose those extra kilosthat we put in winter. Prepare for the summer, shape your figurewith this application that will explain how to lose weight fastwith exercises at home, without having to go to the expensive gym.If you want to achieve your ideal weight and improve your health,do not hesitate more download this app for abdominal exercise,cardio, etc to burn fat quickly and that summer does not catch youoff guard. In this app we will explain how to lose weight fast withvideos of exercises such as: Lower abdominal exercises Abdominalexercises at home Cardio and strength exercises for a beautifulabdomen Flat belly exercises in 10 min a day Exercise is moreeffective than 1000 abdominals How to lose belly fat withexercises, routine and technique How to lose belly fat reduce waistand strengthen abdomen Do you know what the 3 most challengingabdominal exercises are? Exercise routine of buttocks, abdomen andlegs Toning abdomen with abdominals at home Training to reducewaist and strengthen abdomen And many more videos to train at homeand know how to lower the abdomen. It is clear that not only do wehave to do these exercises at home so that weight loss is noticed,but also a good diet to lose weight is the most convenient thing toimprove your health and reach your ideal weight. If you haveneglected a little and now do not know how to lose belly fat, lookno further, this will be your favorite application, combined with aweight loss diet, you will have a flat stomach, perfect to lookthis summer. Everyone will notice your loss of weight and they willask you for your diet to lose weight and lose weight. That is whyshare this app with your friends on facebook and whatsapp.Everything in this incredible application of abdominal exercise,browse their menus and change language, because the videos changein each language and you will have many more tutorial videos forweight loss and know how to lower your abdomen. You can alsoclassify your videos for the most shared, new videos, most viewedvideos, videos that you have yet to see and all the videos. Thebest exercise for the abdominals and exercise routine

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Learn to Read🎈🎈🎈Welcome to the new application to learn to readinthe easiest and fun way, with educational videos that willteachthe children of the house, the vowels, consonants, thealphabet,the letters, to separate the syllables, to spell indifferentlevels , etc.If you want your child to learn to read andwrite,look no further this is the app you were looking for.This appisthe easiest way for children to improve reading as if it wereagame, with these video tutorials for children, they arelearningwhile they are entertained.They will learn the alphabetwithoutdifficulty, because they will be able to see these funnytutorialsas many times as they want for free.You can also learnotherlanguages ​​since this app is in English, Spanish,Portuguese,French and Japanese, so you can change the language andlearn toread in different languages.The learning of a child isunlimited,so take advantage of that childish virtue with thisapplication andmake him learn the alphabet and learn to readinstead of playingvideo games or watching cartoons all day.Rememberthat thisapplication is free and you can share it with your friendsthroughsocial networks such as facebook and whatsapp.The besteducationalvideo app to learn to read
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Virtual reality Welcome to our new virtual reality applicationwhere we have compiled vr videos of the most suggestive topicslike, vr roller coaster, vr movies, 360 videos and much more sothat you can use and enjoy your virtual reality helmet. In thesemoments the applications of virtual reality are fashionable andthere is a great variety of vr videos, besides the most famousvideoconsoles are taking out the first vr games, to createspectacular sensations with the help of your virtual realityglasses. That is why we wanted to join this experience and offeryou the 360 ​​3d experience with one of the best virtual realityapp where you will find diversity of experiences such as theexperience of climbing a roller coaster with vr videos, or theexperience of jurassic vr where you will enter the jurassic world.We wanted to compile for you a wide selection of vr videos ofvarious themes so that you can choose the one you like the most, inaddition to vr movies, you only need your vr helmet and these vrapplications. If you still do not have your Virtual Realityglasses, run to buy them, because it is a unique experience thatyou can only live inside your cardboard. The vr applications aredesigned so that through your 3d glasses you can live a simulatedreality in 360º which prints reality to all your vr movies or yourvr roller coaster videos, you will think that it is something morethan a simple vr app, you will believe be inside the video, as realas life itself. The vr movies and vr games are the latest trend, soput your helmet and enjoy your favorite virtual realityapplications right now, you can also watch vr movies on YouTube vr.If you have been given a Virtual Reality helmet or cardboard andyou do not know the vr 360 experience, do not wait any longer,there is a great variety of scenarios for your VR box or 3dglasses, one of them is the vr roller coaster, with which you willbelieve be within a real roller coaster, you can also visit citieswithout moving from home, underwater experiences without gettingwet, play with cats, see dinosaurs, see wild animals in theirnatural habitat and much more, just with your VR box or 3d glassesand a of the best virtual reality applications. If you do not havetime to visit your favorite city, this is your lucky day, becausewe have prepared a trip that will seem like you are there withoutleaving your favorite sofa. Put on your vr helmet and enjoy thetrip. Maybe you've ever thought about diving with sharks, but youdo not have the necessary experience. No doubt you're in luck,because you can also do it from home and without getting wet, whatyou have to do is very simple, just download virtual realityapplications and put some vr box or 3d glasses. This app isavailable in three languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese, withvideos in all three languages ​​so you have three times as manyvideos to choose from. Remember that you can share this app withyour friends through facebook or whatsapp. Thanks for trusting usThe best vr apps app for your virtual reality headset.
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Fat Burning ExercisesWelcome to the new application of fatburningexercises in which we will help you lose those extra kilosthat weput in winter.Prepare for the summer, shape your figure withthisapplication that will explain how to lose weight fastwithexercises at home, without having to go to the expensive gym.Ifyouwant to achieve your ideal weight and improve your health, donothesitate any more download this app for aerobic exercises,cardio,etc to burn fat quickly and that summer does not catch youoffguard.In this app we will explain how to lose weight fastwithvideos of exercises such as:Cardio to eliminate abdominalfatBurn500 Calories 30 MinutesCardiovascular exercises to burnfatHow tolose belly fatfat burning exercises for BeginnersAerobicExercisesto Burn Fat at HomeExercises to reduce the waistHow toburn chestfat and define itexercises for abdomen...It is clear thatnot onlydo we not only have to do these exercises at home, but alsoa gooddiet to lose weight is the most convenient to improve yourhealthand reach your ideal weight.With this application of fatburningexercises you will get to know how to lose weight fast witheasyexercises at home and at your own pace.Does your health ask youtotake care of yourself a little more?Do not worry about this appanda little effort you will have everything under control.Youcanstart with some exercises for abdomen and diet of weight lossandthen continue with all the exercises that thisincredibleapplication offers you. Everything in this incredibleapplication,browse its menus and change language, because thevideos change ineach language and you will have a lot more funassured. You canalso classify your videos by the most shared, newvideos, mostviewed videos, videos that are missing to see and allthevideos.Remember that exercises to burn fat is totally free andyoucan share it with your friends through social networks suchasfacebook and whatsapp.The best exercises to burn fat that wehaveleft over.
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Thermomix RecipesWelcome to the new application offreethermorecetas in this incredible app you will find everythingyouneed to make fantastic recipes with your thermomix.Do you haveathermomix tm31 or thermomix tm5 or a food processor and areyoulooking for recipes? This is your application. In it we willteachyou a variety of easy recipes for you to use your kitchenrobot.Thedevelopers of this application have compiled for you aseries ofrecipes videos so that cooking with your kitchen robot isvery easyand fun. In the videos you will see a simple tutorialwhere we willshow you many recipes so that each day you have adifferent menu.We will teach you many different chicken recipes,many types ofsalads, easy desserts for every occasion, cookidoo,variedvegetables, pures, soups, masses for pizzas, breads, rice,pasta,and many easy recipes that will help you make your daily menuinyour thermomix.In this app of thermorecetas we will teach youmanyeasy desserts for all the occasions you have, birthdaycakes,Christmas desserts, puddings, natilllas, rice pudding, sweetsandmany more desserts that you can make with yourthermomix.Everymonth we will change the easy recipes of thisapplication ofthermorecetas so that you always have differentmenus.Content ofthermorecetas of this application:- Soup rice-lentils- Hamcroquette- macaroni carbonara- eggs- Aioli potatoes-clouds forchildren- Hake Galician- Pizza dough- recipes for weightloss withthermomix- Fideuá Seafood- Kit cake kat- salmon with fruitsauceand mango- chocolate volcano- cake donuts- white beans withlemonchard- Tips for chopping lettuce- garlic chicken recipes-omelette-Rice with rib for novices- Orange sponge cake- variedsaladsandmany more recipes and easy desserts, that you will find ifyoudownload this application.This application contains videosinseveral languages ​​and in each language you will finddifferentvideos of recipes with recipes from each country. If youwant tolearn new recipes from other countries change the languageof theapplication and you will see the videos of the recipes inthatlanguage.Remember that this application of recipes foryourthermomix is ​​completely free, and you can share any recipevideowith your friends or family through any social networklikefacebook and whatsapp Recipes Thermomix, the best recipe appforyour thermomix.
Funny Videos Free 2.0.0 APK
Funny Videos Free Welcome to the new application of free funnyvideos that we have prepared for you. In this new application ofvideos of laughter we have compiled for you the best videos about:videos of heavy jokes Videos if you laugh you lose level god videosof funny animals drunk videos Funny videos of babies funny jokesvideos crazy videos of laughter vidos of funny falls funny videosof cats etc..... If you love to spend the afternoon laughing orsending laughter videos to your friends, you are lucky. This willbe your favorite application from now on, because in it you willfind everything you need for a good afternoon of laughter with yourfriends. You will not be able to stop laughing with this greatselection of humorous videos. We also have videos in differentlanguages Funny videos in English Laughter videos in Spanish Funnyvideos in Portuguese Funny videos in Hindi Funny videos in FrenchFunny videos in Japanese And funny videos in Indonesian Everythingin this incredible application, browse its menus and changelanguage, because the videos change in each language and you willhave much more fun assured. You can also classify your videos bythe most watched, the ones you have seen and the ones that you havenot yet seen . Sure you love to watch laughter videos with yourfriends. So do not hesitate and download this free app with lots offunny videos, videos of heavy jokes, videos of drunks, videos offunny animals, videos of falls, videos of heavy jokes , videos ofhumor, funny falls ... with which you can not stop laughing all thetime. Remember that this application is free and you can share itwith your friends through social networks such as facebook andwhatsapp. The best thing you can do any day and at any time is toput this app and let the fun begin. And remember, if you laugh youlose. Undoubtedly the best application to remove the accumulatedstress during a hard day of work The best free funny videos of thisyear.
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Gregorian chants Welcome to the new free Gregorian chants app forandroid. This is an application of videos of famous Gregorian songsof monks such as the Benedictine monks of Solesmes, monks of theAbbey of Notre Dame or the mystical Benedictine Monges and videosof Gregorian chants for many occasions such as: Gregorian chants ToHeal Catholic Gregorian chants Gregorian Masses chants of thecatholic church famous Gregorian songs Gregorian music withdidgeridoo Gregorian chant healing Gregorian chant of relaxingmusic Christmas Gregorian chant and much more. If you likeGregorian music with didgeridoo and the Gregorian chants, you arelucky. In this application we have compiled a selection of the bestmusic videos of songs of the catholic church and Gregorian chant soyou can listen to free music without stopping. Your favorite songsof Gregorian music with didgeridoo are waiting for you in thisincredible free app. If you like it, you can learn to sing thesecelestial songs to get closer to God our Lord. Although the mainexpressions of the Gregorian chant are the liturgical recitative,the psalmody, the Holy Mass and the Divine Office, you can listento them as many times as you want, only for these purposes. Forthose of us who do not know much about these songs, it is importantto know how to interpret them, and understand their meaning. Thetext is written in Latin, and in general they are taken from thepsalms and other texts of the old testament. The music is writtenin escalations of special sounds to awaken in you certain feelingsthat will follow the feeling of the text, such as: recollection,sadness, joy, peace. Everything in this incredible application,browse its menus and change language, because the videos change ineach language and you will have much more fun assured. You can alsoclassify your videos by the most watched, the ones you have seenand the ones that you have not yet seen . Remember that thisapplication is free and you can share it with your friends throughsocial networks such as facebook and whatsapp. The best musicvideos of Gregorian chants.