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Abs Workout – 7 minutes & 7 days Challenge the “safest, mosteffective, and most efficient” way to improve your health and losebelly fat.Abs Workout – 7 minutes & 7 days Challenge for womenor men, based on the training principle of “Higher intensity andlower frequency”, is a sure-fire way to get pretty flat and firmabdominal muscles.This abs workout contains schedule workouts toperform your body in 7 days ,if you have obesity problems you mightnot notice results of these exercises (flat stomach).We haveprepared for you a 30-day workout plan, as well as a set ofexercises that will create the perfect training for you. Followingthe plan of training, you will tone the Abs, and make your bodyeven more beautiful.This workout was not designed to lose belly fatbut to get flat, muscular abs/sixpack.There are 14 exercisesincluded in the workout: Jumping squats, Reverse crunch,Straight-arm plank, Russian twist, Bird dog, Burpees, Long armcrunch, One leg bridge, One leg push up, Plank, Cross arm crunch,Mountain climber, Bridge, Bicycle crunch. These exercises can fullytrain your abdominal and back muscles.Daily we will increase theload, so do not forget about the rest. Exercises are preparedspecifically for the house, they can be performed by anyone andanywhere. With these exercises you will noticeably improve theshape of your abdominals.After only a short time of abs workout forwomen or men, you will see an obvious and great difference onyourself: healthier, sexier, younger and more energetic.Abs Workout– 7 minutes & 7 days Challenge app Features:A guide you whenyou need to start 7 minute workout or rest;Adjust the circuit timeaccording to your situation;Adjust the rest time;Keep the screen onwhen you workout;Beautiful character and UI design;Workout logshows your complete workout time;Ability to pause the workout, andskip to previous or next exercise;Notification for daily absworkout for women or men ;daily abs workoutonly 6 exercisesperfectabs in just 6 weekshome workout without equipmentcustomize yourworkout or use defaultcheck your progress on photosmonitor yourweight and waisteditable spoken messages during workout (viaText-to-Speech service)30 Day Challenge - Home Workouts &Fitness 30 day Abs workout planCreate your own training of Abs fromthe set of exercisesAnimated exercises demonstrationsDescription ofthe exercisesStatistics on the completed trainings andexercisesReminder about workoutHome Abdominal and ObliqueExercisesThe Best Ab Workout For A Six-PackYou can easily keeptrack of your progress in the statistics section, and reminderswill help you do not miss training and make you even moredisciplined.There is also a pics and pdf tutorial for you to modifyand correct your motions. By taking the 7 minutes abs workout forwomen or men , you can get a six-pack, flat and firm muscles. Theperfect V-shape body is no longer a dream.The 7 Minutes Abs Workoutis coming!Just 7 minutes, to get pretty, flat and firm muscles.Just7 minutes, to achieve the perfect V-shape body.Just 7 minutes, toget a six pack either at home or the office.Notice:This applicationshouldn't be used as personal trainer. Before you start trainingask your fitness instructor how you should perform eachexercise.Download Abs Workout – 7 minutes & 7 days Challengenow it's free !!!

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Eat what you want five days a week, send your body into starvationmode for two.The part-time diet that still allows you to eat achocolate cake has defrayed the chronicle and taken off in a bigway.If we were to distill the fast-paced diet into a single bitesound, it would be all down to 5: 2.That's five days a normal diet,with little thought for calorie control and a slice of cake for thepudding if that's what you want. Then, on the other two days, youreduce your calorie intake to 500 calories for women and 600calories for men.Since you are only fasting for two days of yourchoice each week, and normally eating on the other five days, thereis always something new and tasty on the near horizon. In short, itis easy to comply with a diet that does not require you to limityour calorie intake from time to time. It recalibrates the dietequation, and stacks the odds in your favor.The Fast Diet says youshould not fast if you are pregnant or underweight, or if you havea history of eating disorders or diabetes, and you should checkwith your doctor if you are taking any medications. The diet isalso not recommended for children, teenagers, elderly people withloss of autonomy, or anyone who does not feel well or has afever.Eat normally for 5 days a week and eat very restrictedcalories on the other 2 days.Whether you opt for in-built menuoptions or create your own health meal plans increasing, FastingDiet - applying weight loss is your perfect companion as you lookto revolutionize your life. Learn how to lose weight the right way,burn extra fat and watch how fast you progress!Diet categoriesinclude:• Vegetarian• pescatarian• Low GI• Rich in protein•healthyDownload Fasting Diet and Remember to rate this app !!- toknow more about- to learn everything about
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High Protein Diet Sources Food is a free app about top proteinfoods fruits & vegetables and high protein diets for vegetarianor non-vegetarian people of all ages. We have compiled all type ofhigh protein food sources suitable for a number of purposes such asmuscle building or Rapid Weight Loss or bodybuilding or just fordaily breakfast or other meals.The High Protein Diet App is madefor weight lifters to make muscles and lose fat, this low-carb dietprotein-rich application is not a low-carb application of food butrather as you Probably know that your body big and for the mostsolid individuals, a high protein diet in general are notdangerous, especially when followed by a brief duration.In this ProDiet Rich Diet you will know what you need to eat to get proteinand make a flawless body.With the High Protein Diet App you willfeel extraordinary and you will take the muscle and you know thebest protein food you should eat every day in case you need to getthe muscles at no extra charge.Foods are displayed in order fromhighest to lowest quantity of protein. The quantity of nutrientswill be based on 100 grams of each food. Further you can see thecomplete nutritional detail for each food item.This app is anexcellent nutritional guide for more sources of protein consumed ona daily basis. Proteins are a very important part of our diet andplay a very important role in growth and repair of your muscles,bones, skin when consumed on a daily basis. Knowing the keynutrition in each of these is very important for your health.Appcontains the complete list of top protein rich foods that areeasily available everywhere in the world and are completelynatural. This compilation is not only suitable for weight gain andmuscle building but also for your Weight loss goals for vegetariansand non vegetarians. Eat healthy with these nutritious foodscontaining high protein quantity.Foods are displayed in order fromhighest to lowest quantity of protein. The quantity of nutrientwill be based on 100 grams of each food. Further you can see thecomplete nutritional detail for each food item against variousunits.
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This Android App will be a great news for all those interestedabout weight loss diabetic diet and low cholesteroldietMediterranean cuisine varies by region and has a range ofdefinitions, but is largely based on vegetables, fruits, nuts,beans, cereal grains, olive oil and fish.Congrats you’re joiningthe millions who are finally getting success they deserve with theMediterranean Diet. It works. No doubt. However the biggestchallenge with all diets is, “WHAT DO I EAT!” Diet boredom is thenumber one reason why all diets fail. This app will help you stayon track by providing you with some of the most creative recipes touse in conjunction with this Diet. strong and healthy,didn’t we?Not to mention, we got pretty accustomed to that comfort-foodtaste. So why on earth would we want to switch tounadorned,whole-grain cereal and fruit for breakfast, or salads andvegetable soups for dinner, with (the horror!) no cream and butterto help them go down? Why would we want to eat whole-grain breadwhen the neat white stuff is so cheap and readily available (andpresliced!)? And why would we give up that big dish of ice cream,slab of cake, or wedge of apple pie à la mode for dessert in favorof a bowl of fruit? Then again, why would we want to eat in amanner that has made America one of the leading countries in thenumber of heart attacks per year? Surely Mom’s home cooking hasn’tbeen killing us off—or has it? The irony of the situation is thatwhile 1950s Americans were happily downing forkfuls ofhigh-fat,highly refined fare in enjoyment of their prosperity, atthe same time in history, the people living around theMediterranean Sea, in regions less wealthy and with food budgetsfar lower, were eating what scientists and researchers haverecently discovered is one of the healthiest ways to eat in theworld. Today, as Americans struggle to retain or regain theircoronary health, they are turning to the latest, cutting-edgeresearch for guidance, and that research is pointing with increasedfrequency toward the traditional cuisines of the working class inthe Mediterranean region as seen during the 1950s and 1960s andbefore. Sometimes, progress means looking backward—and, in thiscase, to another continent. The problem is, Americans love theirfood, and aren’t quick to adopt any program, guideline, or advicethat takes them away from their beloved burgers and fries. Butlet’s give the traditional Mediterranean diet a second look. Whatis so special about the traditional diet? Why,for the past fortyyears or so, have researchers been excited about the traditionaldietary habits of the people around the Mediterranean Sea? Aren’teating habits from so many years Features of Diet App:All AboutMediterranean Diet.The Basics.What to Drink?.Healthy MediterraneanSnacks.Myths, Facts, and Health Benefits of Eating theMediterranean Way.How to make the change?What to do about mercuryin fish?
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