1.0.7 / July 4, 2016
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Action Heroes – Special Agent is a new action platform thriller agroup of special agent heroes fight with terrorists to save theworld. Terrorists are attacking your hero from all directions. Yourgoal is to guide your hero run, jump and kill theenemies.Gameplay:*Tap the Left and Right arrow to switchdirection*Tap on the Jump button to make your hero jump*Tapcontinuously to make your hero jump higher and run farther*Collectcoins while running*Try to kill the enemies before run into themusing automatic weapon*Avoid the death trapFeatures:*Cute characterand beautiful HD quality graphics *4 different game scenes tochoose from*Use the earned coins to upgrade the weapon of yourhero*Many different enemies to kill*Smooth game control and precisephysics engine for collision detection*Google Game Play servicesintegration for leaderboard

App Information Action Heroes: Special Agent

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    Action Heroes: Special Agent
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    July 4, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Toccata Technologies Inc.
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    1491 Polaris Parkway, Suite #203, Columbus, OH 43240
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A herd of black sheep and a herd of white sheep wander and graze inthe Great Plains. In order to eat the best grass in the grassland,they start a contest to determine which herd will win.Bump Sheephas a unique mix of good strategy and quick reflex. You can play itin single-player mode against the computer. Or yon can play it withyour friend in the same device for more fun Bump Sheep is optimizedfor both phone and tablet,Game Features:EASY and FUNEasy to learnand easy to play with stunning graphics for best userexperience.PLAYER vs PLAYER or PLAYER vs AIYou can play with yourfriend on the same phone or tablet to compete at same time. Youwill be able to play both the Strategy mode and the Duel mode. Inthe Player vs AI, you can play both the Strategy mode and Duel modewith the advanced built-in Artificial Intelligence.DUEL MODEWhenthe countdown is over, you need to tap on screen at the rightmoment to beat your competitor.STRATEGY MODETap on the correctfield to place your sheep. You will gain points either by reachingthe end of the runway or by eating grass. Your sheep have differentstrengths. The key to win is to place the right sheep at the rightrunway. Sometimes, in order to win the overall battle, you may haveto sacrifice some partial setbacks. Follow us ontwitter.com/ToccataTechLike us onhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Bump-Sheep/459296940767409YouTubegame trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgnDQSxqVlM
SnowCam - snow effect camera 1.4.1 APK
The most amazing photo app SnowCam is coming to Amazon App Storeand we can enjoy the Christmas Holiday every day..During thewonderful Christmas and New Year holiday season, do you ever dreamof white snow falling outside with you curl up by the cozyfireplace inside, drinking hot chocolate? Now you can no matterwhere you live, with the amazing SnowCam!Amazing SnowCam uses ourproprietary algorithm to turn an ordinary photo into an amazingcinemagraph (video) with the most realistic snow effect. The appwill first lighten the photo background and then add a realisticsnow animation. Snow will fall in the cinemagraph, and it will alsomagically accumulate on the ground, roof, and othersurfaces.Features:• The UI is super easy to use. Just snap apicture or pick a photo from your Photo library and you are readyto be creative.• There are 10+ snow and winter filters that allowyou to simulate snow, a blizzard, lightning, raindrops, andstarlight effects• You can tap on the Random effect to combine thesnow and lightning into one• 7 bonus Christmas frames perfect forthe holidays • Scroll through the application’s Collection galleryto see the resulting videos• Save results (1 to 5 second videos)into your photo library• Share results as a GIF or video with yourfriends via Sina Weibo, WeChat, and email• Or share plain photowith your friends via Facebook and Twitter• Support both Phone andTablet
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You want to get rid of some unwanted objects or person in anotherwise perfect photo? Now you can with this powerful FotoEraserapp right here at your palm without a need to install professionalphoto editing software on your PC or laptop. Features:• The appcomes with the most advanced photo cutting technologies. You canuse the Magic Brush to draw on a photo. The app auto-magicallyfigures out which part you like to remove. You can pinch and zoomthe photo and use the normal Bruch and Eraser to fine-tune the cutout.• Move on the photo to choose an area to cover the removed spotor you can choose from another photo from Photo gallery. It comeswith 4 different blending options for seamlessly mixing• The appcomes with several awesome filters and effects such as Sharpen,Black and White, Whiten, Blur, Caron, Paint, Color Paint and manymore• Share the result photo with many social platforms or appssuch as Facebook, Twitter, Email, Sina Weibo, WeChat, MMS, and muchmuch more• Browse the result photos from the app• And much, muchmore
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Amazing Bulbman 2: Crossy Pipe (Rooftop Adventure) is very simpleand addictive platform game with brand-new innovative game playthan no other endless running game.WARNING: Extremely additive! YOUneed the IQ of 140 to go beyond level 40 How to play:Press &hold on screen to raise the pipe. Release your finger to lay thepipe to connect the roofsFeatures:- How far can you go? Challengeyourself and share it with your Twitter followers.- Quirkycharacter design and awesome HD graphics- The game isads-supported. Only IAP is to remove Ads. Otherwise, it isabsolutely free. - Login to Google Play game services for worldwideleaderboard
FotoText - Add Animated Text 1.1.1 APK
You see in a movie where some animated text appears on the screen.Wonder if you can do that on your own? Now you can with this simpleand yet powerful FotoText app right here at your palm. With justfew taps and types, you can create amazing photos with beautifulstickers with animated text to entertain your family andfriends.Features:• Super easy to use. Just choose a photo and startto type in text.• You can adjust text size, text color and textfont. And even to rotate the text to fit with your photo• You canchoose from 7 animated styles including None, By Letters, Entrance,Exit, From Left to Right, Shrink and Top Left Appearance• Come with10 cute stickers to add text and more to come• Add as many asstickers you want in a photo • The app comes with several awesomefilters and effects such as Sharpen, Black and White, Whiten, Blurand many more• Export the animated text, stickers and photo to ashort video and share the result video with many social platformsor apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, Sina Weibo,WeChat, MMS, and much much more• Browse the result videos from theapp• And much, much more
Action of Mayday: Pet Heroes 1.0.4 APK
In 2030, an unknown force invents a biochemical weapon and attacksthe Earth. The weapon spreads a virus that can mutate human genes.Most of mankind has turned into zombies. The entire civilization isat stake.However, the virus does not have the same effect ondomesticated pets, and even makes them much smarter. They take theweapons left by their owners and go on a mission to hunt downzombies. They are the only hope left to save the world!Pet Heroesis a game brought to you by the team behind the popular Action ofMayday FPS games. It is made special for all FPS fans and playerslike you.Amazing 3D GraphicsWe have crafted the most beautifulnext-generation game themes in order for you to be fully immersed.The pets and enemies are well designed with their own appearanceand characters. We have designed a fluid 2D and 3D user interface,making this the most natural to use and easiest to navigate gameamong the mobile First Person Shoot games.Awesome Game Plays• Thein-game camera is designed in the Third Person Shooter view. Youcan take two squad mates to complete a mission. There are manydifferent types of enemies with different skills and abilities tomake the missions interesting and challenging.• You cancollect/upgrade/advance 8 different squad mates from your favoritetypes of pets – dogs, cats, and rabbits• You can also collectArmors to make your character look cooler and have more power.Multiple Game Modes and Innovative Level Design• Play the Campaignmode to unlock the Dungeon mode and collect the soul stones toadvance your weapons and squad mates. Play the Dungeon mode to earnmuch bigger rewards to advance in the Campaign mode.• There are 80normal stages plus 80 elite stages in addition to 8 Dungeon stagesfor you to explore. You can play different mission types such asSniper, Raid, Defense, and Support. Many Cool Weapons to Collectand Upgrade• Collect and upgrade/advance over 30 world-famousweapons including assault rifles, shot guns, sniper rifles such asAK-47, M16, Frostwolf, and RPD as well as our own designed Sci-Figuns.• You can upgrade a weapon to increase its power and alsocollect weapon soul stones to advance weapons for a much biggerpower boost.• We have created a unique Trophy system. The moreweapons you collect, the more squad mates you own, the morepowerful your team will become.And much more• We have the bestspecial effects, Slow Motion Bullet Time technology, and thrillingheadshot effects. • We provide 4 different types of innovativeProps (Power-ups) in the game to assist you for very tough missions– Slow Motion, RPG, Auto Target, and Drone.• A global Leaderboardis integrated with Google Play Game Services.Now - what are youwaiting
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Get bored with your photo’s background? Dream about your favoritevacation places. Now you can with this powerful FotoCut app righthere at your palm. You no longer need to install professional photoediting software on your PC or laptop. With just few taps andswipes, you can create some most amazing photos to entertain yourfamily and friends.Features:• The app comes with the most advancedphoto cutting technologies. You can use the Magic Brush to draw ona photo. The app auto-magically figures out which part you like tocopy. You can pinch and zoom the photo and use the normal Bruch andEraser to fine-tune the cut out.• Paste your cut-out to a anotherphoto you select from your phone gallery. It comes with 4 differentblending options for seamlessly mixing• You can move, rotate andresize the cut-out content to best fit with your new background•You can paste the cut-out to over 20 pre-defined cartoon orartistic templates for some hilarious result • The app comes withseveral awesome filters and effects such as Sharpen, Black andWhite, Whiten, Blur, Caron, Paint, Color Paint and many more• Sharethe result photo with many social platforms or apps such asFacebook, Twitter, Email, Sina Weibo, WeChat, MMS, and much muchmore• Browse the cut-out and result photos from the app• And much,much more