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Action Movie Photo Maker is a very unique photo editor and 1st ofit’s kind in market. This app has high quality action and adventureframes. It gives you an action movie environment around you. Wehave many adventure sport effects. It has sky diving, bungeejumping, skiing, jet sky and more adventurous sport frames.Selectframe from list, which you like most and to do desperately. Andchoose a photo of yours from device gallery or capture usingcamera. Set photo properly into the frame and share with yourfriends. Surprise everyone with these photos. This app has veryreal effects, on those your friends won’t even believe. It changesyou into a stunt man from Hollywood, who acts in movies. Features:-40 action and adventure photo frames- Effects look real and in highquality- Select any action/adventure photo frame- Apply your photowith the frame- Adjust photo properly on frame- Save and Share withfriends and familyThis photo editor is basically a photo studio inwhich you can give pictures a different touch. This app changesbackground of photos into a movie scene. It makes photo a realmovie poster. And has many adventurous games frames which are maybe not possible to do in real life. But now this is all possiblejust in few steps. You can see yourself doing sky diving, jetskiing, water surfing, bungee jumping and more.

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    Action Movie Photo Editor
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    September 9, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Mobi Studios
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Movie Effect Photo Editor is an editing booth, which helps you tochange background of photographs. You can apply amazing movieeffects, super power effects, VFX/FX/SFX effects, Sci-Fi effects,war zone effects, animation and more.Add many special effects toyour photos. We have 70 unique and amazing special effects. You canapply these effect objects to your photo and surprise anyone. Thisapp is a total fun for all action/ sci-fi movie lovers. This apphas many kind of objects from those movies.This app contains UFOs,Clouds, Helicopters, Fire, Asteroid, Alien, Dinosaur, Bomb Blasts,Twister, Thunder Storm, Dragons, Animation Characters, Alien Shipsand more movie FX effects. It has several kind of objects fromanimation, action and Sci-Fi movies.All objects are in High qualityand from Hollywood movies. After applying these objects in yourphoto you feel like you are a famous action movie character. Thisapp gives you a feel of great movie FX effects and you can live alife like a movie by using these VFX stickers. Features:✰ Create aphoto using movie effect objects✰ Decorate photo with amazing moviestickers✰ Selects from UFOs, Clouds, Helicopters, Fire, Asteroid,Alien, Dinosaur and more ✰ Give your photo an adventure movieeffect background touch✰ Just capture a photo using device cameraor select from gallery✰ Apply FX/VFX/SFX movie effects to photo andchange background totally✰ Save photo and share with your friendsand family Now be prepare for alien attacks, world war, dinosaursand blasts. Transform any photo with this amazing app. This is aphoto lab, where you can edit photos y applying frames, objects andstickers to your photo. Get this Movie Effect Photo Maker now andexperience a whole new movie world in your device.
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“Independence Day – 15 August” app gives you is a very unique wayto celebrate 15 August. Celebrate Independence Day with the wholenation. Start applying Independence Day theme objects and stickersto your profile pictures. 15 August is a very great day in Indianhistory. On this day in 1947 many freedom fighters fight for ourfreedom. This is the time to remember them again. Give wishes totheir family and may those all fighters will rest in peace. This“Independence Day – 15 August” application is a photo editor withmany effects. You can edit your photo with Independence Dayobjects. Apply these Independence Day stickers to photos and createsome profile pictures. You can post these photos with IndependenceDay effects on social media accounts and celebrate 15 August withthe nation. Start spreading joy and happiness with this app.Because our nation give us pride and honour. Features: IndependenceDay photo editing effects 20+ Independence Day effects to celebrate15 August Apply effects and stickers to photos and make somememorable photos Save photo and you can use these photos as yourprofile picture of any social account
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Enter in the Gangster or Thug world with this whole new photoeditor, which is gonna makr you a thug. It is a most hilariousprank photo editor with many Gangsta effects and objects. Addgangster and thug stickers to your photos and be a gangster. Enterin the world of underworld.Lookin' for some cool photo editorwhich's gonna make you the baddest gangsta in town? Gangsta PicEditing has come to your turf to give you some hilarious montage topull pranks to your gangsta friends. Download this studio, put somestickers and walk around the hood showing your new artistic work ofyou as a true thug of the ghetto. Create “funny pictures” andbecome the king of the underworld! Go edit your pictures in gangstastyle, download Gangsta Pic Editing, and have fun!Start editingyour pics in gangster style with this amazing “Make Me Gangster”application. Be the most famous gangster in your city. Apply thugeffects to your pictures. This app is very easy to use and has userfriendly interface. Convert old boring photos into a blasting imagewith some cool and bold gangster objects. Select stickers from listand apply to photo. “Make Me Gangster” will bring more fun in yourlife with gangster attitude. This app is very addictive andcool.Features:◕ Many cool objects for your photos editing◕ Make avery cool prank photo with Cigar, Cap, Gold Chain, Gold Teeth,pipe, Face Mask, Glasses and more◕ Lots of different kindGangsta/Thug stickers◕ Easy interface and user experience◕ ApplyGangster/ Thug sticker to your photosModify photos with Make MeGangster app and save photo in device gallery. Share photos withfriends make them fool. You can share photo directly to socialmedia accounts. Use your saved photo as your device wallpaper oryou can use as you display pictures on your social accounts.
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Ayurvedic Upchar App gives you knowledge about many health problemsand how to cure them.Ayurveda is the oldest and the holistic way ofcuring various kinds of diseases from the ancient times and it isbelieved to be a 5000 year old concept. The ayurvedic way is thebest way to heal. This application contains several ayurvedictherapy, tips, treatment and medicine in Hindi language.AyurvedicUpchar contains knowledge about Ayurveda. Ayurveda advisesundergoing panchakarma at the seasonal changes to both keep themetabolism strong and keep toxins from accumulating in the body aswell as the mind. The process finds the way to the root cause ofthe problem and corrects the essential balance of mind, body, andemotions. “Ayurvedic Upchar “ has idea about Home remedies andnatural cures or medicines made at home from natural ingredientssuch as fruits, vegetables, herbs are catching a lot of attentiondue to its very nature of cure: simple, no side effects, nochemicals, inexpensive, plus the pleasure of being able to cureyourself.App includes -> Disease and Ayurvedic Treatment>Healthy life> Treatments are purely based on herbs, spices,fruits and vegetables with no side effects> Information forvarious common Ailments, their causes and natural cure or homeremedies