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Download your Add Ghost to Photo Prank andseta new trend in spooky picture editing. Install this ghostsimulatorright away and make your acquaintances shudder with fear.Place aghost in your pic with the help of your new crazy photostudio proand scare your friends. This amazing ghost effect photoeditor willhelp you think up numerous cool pranks to play on peopleand createrealistic ghost pictures that will chill everyone to thebone. Fansof crazy stickers and photo jokes are going to adore this“ghostcamera” app with scary stickers.

- Pick a sticker from the ghost booth: a great number of ghostsofall shapes, sizes and colors.
- The largest variety of “ghost stickers” for photos;
- Crazy or cute ghosts, bad or good ghosts - just takeyourpick.
- Drag the sticker with your finger and place it on the pic!
- Scale the sticker and adjust it the way you like: changeitsposition, zoom in, zoom out, remove the sticker...
- Share pictures with your friends on Facebook, TwitterorInstagram.
- Get this “ghost photo editor” for AndroidTM for free and stepintothe world of photo wonder.
-Ghost edit pictures with awesome “photo stickers” and stamps–freedownload.
- Perform stunning ghost photo pranks using this photo gridcollagemaker.

Take your time to explore various pics art options that thisphotoalteration app has to offer. If you find frighteninggamesentertaining you will find this ghost editor even more so.Spice upyour friendship and love pics with our kawaii stickers andstampsand share your “ghost prank” pictures across all majorsocialnetworks. This insta picture editor will help you perform theghostin your photo prank, which won’t leave anybody cold.

Forget about cute photo collages for a while and play aroundwithreal ghost stuff instead. Add a ghost to photos and playpranks onyour parents thanks to your new scary photo editingsoftware. Theyare bound to shiver at the mere sight of a ghoststalker in yourbeauty snaps. Your ghost cam horror jokes willcertainly frightenthe living daylights out of your buddies, or,make them go ‘lol’ ifthey get your cool prank. Get this Add Ghostto Photo Prank and makea perfect photo montage within seconds. Aphoto bucket full of picstickers is waiting for you in your newghost app to render you amaster of fun photo editing.

Choose one of the ghost photo booth stickers, decorate yoursuperselfie and let your picmix creation make jaws drop. Createsplendidworks of photo art with this ghost editing app and startwritingyour own pic story which is more terrifying than any of theghoststories you have ever heard. Try this creative picture editorandhave the time of your life putting cute stickers on yourfavoritephotos. Our Add Ghost to Photo Prank will provide you withaplenitude of photo manipulation tools in order to help you makethebest-looking insta pic collage.

Feel free to check out our other photo enhancers, picjointers,write on pictures apps as well as spooky ghost games andmake areal photo wonder out of your beautiful pictures. Take aselfie orchoose a picture from your photo gallery and start havingfun bysurrounding them with lovely photo frames and adding cutegirlstickers, deco stamps and fancy text - all these are awaitingyouin our photo apps for AndroidTM.

App Information Add Ghost to Photo Prank

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    Add Ghost to Photo Prank
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    February 26, 2015
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Paja Interactive
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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Do you want to tell everyone your gangsterstory from the hood? Yo, man, it's time to turn on some gangsterrap, use some ghetto emojis, turn your average photo into badassimage and breathe like a true thug! Download ✭Gangster PhotoEditor✭, an awesome ''picture montage'' studio maker with gangsteremojis. Every dog has its day, so install our thug life photoeditor, make funny pictures and share them across major socialnetworks! Play some gangsta music and feel like a real thief in thenight, walking down the streets in gangster city!✭ One of the top photo editing apps, very easy to manipulatewith;✭ A lot of cool ''gangsta photo stickers'' for your images;✭Choose an image from your gallery or take a selfie;✭ Apply gangster stickers and cool photo effects and feel like atrue thug;✭ Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out and drag the stickers to fit theimage;✭ Save your funny pics on your phone and set your gangsterwallpaper;✭ Attach to your pics the best collection of funny photostickers;✭ Add face stickers like glasses, masks, weed joint or coolscars;✭ Edit your pictures like a pro;✭ One of the most popular apps for AndroidTM;✭ Share your best photo montage with your friends on Facebook,Instagram or Twitter;Are you looking for some amazing image editor that will turn youinto a badass gangster? ''Edit your photos'' with our thug life promaker. You can be the most serious brotha, the king of theunderworld. Put your cool glasses using our fantastic stickers, addsome gold tooth or crazy tattoo and you will transform into aperfect gangster! Combine your thug talk with some gangsterringtones and participate in street gang fights!✭Gangster PhotoEditor✭ may help you look cool, so don't think anymore! Let's makea photo fun together!You can make a ''gangster photo'' out of your ordinary pics, soyour friends will have an impression that you're a real gangstamember, stealing cars and writing rhymes. Use our stickers forpictures and cool photo frames in ✭Gangster Photo Editor✭ andcreate an ultimate photo montage! You can share your insta gangstapic with your friends and pull some original pranks! Make yourselfthe king of hip hop and always keep it real!Do you like playing gangster hood games or online gangsta games?Then you would like to create a real gangster with your face,walking down the hood. Use our pro photo editor, put some musicwith a real groove and personalize your gangsta style! Here is afree photo editing software for true thugs! Don't miss theopportunity to download ✭''Gangster Photo Editor''✭ free of charge,to edit your snaps and act like a thug for life, having somethingto live for, but ready to die for true ideas.Upload your favorite photo and put thug life stickers into it.This application is suitable for creating crazy images and also thekids can use it! Be free to use our variety of stickers for toughguys and you will look more attractive! Enter into our stickersgallery, select gold necklace or a cigarette to adorn yourcharacter and you can save your pic or share it. Remember playingfamous gangster games with girls and feeling like a superstar? Nowyou have the opportunity to be the main chief in the ghetto!Decorate your snapshots with our photo stickers and let your famerise!Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
Scary Ghost Camera Prank 1.0 APK
Download your new realistic ghost camera app absolutely free ofcharge and play ghost jokes on your nearest and dearest. Put aghost in your picture in no time using our new spooky photo editorand enjoy the photo fun. Terrify your friends or make them laughuntil they cry with your new photo prank editor for AndroidTM.Scary Ghost Camera Prank is here to help you create creepy ghostpictures that will make your blood run cold. Take your time toexplore various picture editing tools and create perfect photomontages that will freak out your friends.-The largest variety of creepy “stickers for pictures”;- Pick a sticker from the ghost photo booth: a great number ofghosts of all shapes, sizes and colors.- Crazy or cute ghosts, bad or good ghosts - just take yourpick.- Drag the sticker with your finger and place it on the pic!- Scale the sticker and adjust it the way you like: change itsposition, zoom in, zoom out, remove the sticker...- Share pictures with your friends on Facebook, Twitter orInstagram.- Get this “ghost photo” editor for free and let the photo maniabegin.-Ghost edit pictures with awesome photo stickers and stamps – freedownload.-Perform stunning ghost picture pranks using this picsarteditor.If you are an admirer of spooky ghost games and funny phototricks apps you will find this wonder camera absolutely gripping.Make the most of our social app – try out various scary photo boothstickers, show off your insta ghost collages on all social networksand wait for the reactions. I bet, your insta followers gotfrightened out of their wits – and your new “photo editing”software is to blame. Install -Scary Ghost Camera Prank-on yourmobile phone or tablet devices and join the ghost editing craze.Add ghosts to pics in just a few clicks and watch your friendsbreak out into a cold sweat.Enter your new photo studio pro and start experimenting withlots of spooky photo effects and ghost stickers. This elegant photocollage maker will give you a chance to modify pictures in order tocreate ghost images of all times. Add scary effects to your superselfies and pics with friends and play “ghost pranks” on yourbuddies using our new photo alteration app. -Scary Ghost CameraPrank- is a photo decorator suitable for both kids and adults. Getthis scare your friend app and let cute stickers and stamps giveway to some real ghost stuff.Our “ghost picture camera” will provide you with abundant ideasfor funny image editing and will help you devise lots of scarypranks to play on people. Fans of ghost radar detectors and eeriegames are going to fall in love with this ghost app with photo gridstickers. Not only do you have the opportunity to make amazingworks of ghost art while playing with insta photo funia effects butyou’ll also get the chance to crack your friends up. Try this ghostin pictures app and have the time of your life putting kawaiistickers on your favorite photos.This ghost simulator will make your spooky picture editingwishes come true. Take hold of your scare cam, make a photosession, explore various photo manipulation techniques and makejaw-dropping ghost photos. And that’s not everything. Discover ourother ghost editors, pic jointers and insta box apps with lots ofcute girly stickers to put to pictures, lovely photo frames,beautiful wallpapers and selfie camera effects and create a uniquedeco album full of precious memories. Photo bubbles, vintage andsepia picture filters and funny pic effects will be waiting for youto help you write your own photo story.
Movie Maker FX Free 3.0 APK
You’ve always dreamed of becoming a famous movie director? Thanksto our “movie fx photo editor” pro you’ll get a few steps closer torealizing your dream! Experience the magic of creative pictureediting while experimenting with tons of cool “photo stickers” andstamps found in our new movie effects creator! Download action✈Movie Maker FX Free✈ and prepare for the craziest photo montageexperience! Use a number of special effects free of charge to makereal ghost pics or alien images! ✈ Pick a sticker from the moviebooth fx: lasers, explosives, drones, space shuttles, aircraftcrash, hand grenades, dragonfire as well as mythical beings such asorcs, wizards, goblins, …;✈ Enhance photos with movie cameraeffects for pictures!✈ Decorate your profile pics using lots ofanimated stickers with science fiction and horror elements;✈ Addface stickers such as scars, cool tattoos and scary masks;✈ Dragthe sticker with your finger and place it on the image! ✈ Add textto pictures in an instant using this write on pictures app;✈ Sharepictures with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram;✈ Thebest part of the deal is that this action movie FX effects app iscompletely free!✈ Download ✈ Movie Maker FX Free ✈ and find outwhat a film maker’s job entails!A rich assortment of nightmarestickers and photo stamps will help you evoke not only scenes fromthe best horror movies but from action movies as well! You’ll havelots of photo fun playing with filters and cool picture stickersshowing dynamite, helicopter crash, machine guns and explosives! Ifyou’re a lover of sci-fi movie scenes, you can use this specialeffects camera to depict a UFO attack, zombie assault, rocketlaunching and a spaceship battle! In case you’re an epic fantasyperson, our cute sticker photo editor for AndroidTM will help youedit pictures to make it look like you’re in the middle of theclash of dragons, troll war or a dino attack! Becoming an expert inscary photo editing is easy when you have various creepy stickersfor pictures at your disposal. Terrifying monsters, carnivorousdinosaurs, zombies, spooky ghosts and spirits will lend you ahelping hand with producing disturbing yet original photo art! Ourhorror movie editor app will provide you with everything you needto be able to play scary camera pranks on your friends andacquaintances! Our movie camera app for pictures also allows you toadd fancy text and famous movie quotes to your lovely pics in avariety of font styles! ✈ “Movie Maker” FX Free✈ is what youneed!Do you like playing war games for girls and boys and watchingscary movies? Are you in search of some fx movie apps for Androiddevices which would help you transfer some of your favorite actionmovie scenes to your beauty pics? Sticker photoshop your cute girlselfie photos using our cool pic editor with text and feel like areal movie star! If you find video editing apps interesting you’llfind our fun photo editing software with astounding “movie effects”fx even more so! Hollywood ✈Movie Maker FX Free✈ with funnystickers – download now!Our free movie photo effects app makes theprocess of mobile image editing as simple as possible! Dress up asyour favorite movie character, take hold of your cam, make a photosession and enter our art photo studio where you can try ourvarious cool stickers and “special effects for pictures”. This way,you’ll be able to make photographs which remind of those taken in areal movie studio! Use one of our barrels explosion effects torepresent a war zone or a car crash! Or point a weapon at the evilrobot and be a super hero! Possibilities for photo montage arenumerous when you have this movie picture editor installed! Freesticker download! *Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
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If you enjoy gangster pic editing, thenyoushould download ☢Gangster Hood Image Editor☢ free of charge onthemarket for AndroidTM. Try our this ''funny image editor''withstickers for pictures and create some amazing snaps! There isnotime to hesistate, if you want to be trendy and cool, don't beinlack of cute stickers for photos. Our thug life photo stickerscangive you the fame you deserve! Install our photo editorprosoftware and share your thug life pics across majorsocialnetworks! Play some gangsta rap from your cars and let thefunbegin!☢ One of the best photo editing applications, very easytouse;☢ A lot of funny gangsta stickers for pictures;☢ Choose a photo from your gallery or take a crazy selfie;☢ Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out, drag and enlarge stickers tofitthe image;☢ Attach to your images the best collection of amusing photoeditorstickers;☢ Apply thug life photo stickers and cool visual effects;☢ Save your funny pics on your phone and set your thuglifewallpaper free;☢ Add face stickers like glasses, masks, necklaces, cigarettesorcool scars;☢ Edit your pictures like a pro with our ''thug life maker'';☢ Share your most amazing photo montages with your friendsonFacebook, Instagram or Twitter;Are you searching for “gangster hood” movies with true thugs?Wewill transform you into a real gangster of the ghetto withourbadass software for editing images. Use our funny stickersforpictures like crazy tattoo, black glasses, goldentooth,necklace... Be a true gangsta in your gangster city and feelthefame rising! ☢Gangster Hood Image Editor☢ free download! Don'tbeshy, pull pranks and have a lot of fun using our high qualityphotoeditor! Be that king of the hood, everyone will admire to!Select an animated sticker from our gallery, createyourpersonalized image and set your edited photo as a profilepicture.☢Gangster Hood Image Editor☢ is an amazing image programfor photomanipulations. Make your style own gangster with ourvariety ofstickers and be a badass guy in the hood. Create yourcool thuglife photo with our “photo editor with stickers”. With ourstickersapp for decorating fantastic pics, you will make greatcreations!Use one of the best photo editing apps and enjoy inpersonal imageartwork!Do you enjoy in cartoon image editor or photo editor withdrawingeffects? Then you would like our “photo editor app” forreal thugs!Try out this newest ☢Gangster Hood Image Editor☢ freeand get theattention of everyone! You can also make thug lifewallpapers freewith ghetto emojis! If you like playing gangsterhood games or grandtheft auto thug life game, then our ultimatephoto editor will giveyou a chance to be a tough guy you havealways dreamed of! When youwrite down funny edit pictures, youwill find our gangster photoeditor with awesome options!Upload your favorite photo and adorn it into unique thuglifestikers. Install this new mobile photo editor with photostickersand decorate your ordinary photos. Download our ''gangstaphotoeditor'' and feel like a thug for life, always ready fornewadventures! Our thug life photo studio is ready to use!Installthis free photo editing software for gangsters and make thebestpicture montage of your simple photos! The best applicationwithfunny effects is now on the market, so don't wait up todownload itand have unforgettable time! Be the thug for real in thegangsterhood, let your mates admire you!Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
Hair Salon Makeover App 2.0 APK
✸Are you sick of your long hair, but you don’tknow which of those popular short hairstyles suit your face shapebest? Download the best picture editor app ever and get inspiredwith these gorgeous celebrity hairstyles. Change the color of yourhair with this fun photo studio and see what you’d look like if youwere a natural blonde or a brunette. Our ✸ Hair Salon Makeover App✸for phone and tablet devices boasts an extraordinary collection ofcute photo booth stickers which will enable you to change yourhairstyle on your selfie pics in a click. Don’t hesitate todownload one of the most popular “hair games for girls” and make aphoto wonder out of your beauty pictures for Instagram.✸ Main characteristics of ✸✸ Hair Salon Makeover App✸:✸ A large number of astonishing hair stickers forpictures;✸ Chose a sticker from our hair color booth: an amazing variety ofthe latest hairstyles for women in all colors;✸ Wedding updos, curly afro hair styles, sleek crops, easyponytails, short haircuts for women – all these cute stickers forphotos can be found in our creative picture editor pro.✸ Add hair to photos – you can edit both en face and side profilepictures in this way;✸ Adjust the sticker the way you like: zoom in, zoom out, changeits position…✸ Save your beautiful pictures of hairstyles for school to yourphoto gallery or set them as wallpaper backgrounds for your homescreen;✸ Share your cute hairstyles for girls on Twitter, Facebook, andInstagram.✸ Get this party “hairstyle changer” and join the never-endingphotofunia.✸ Play our awesome girl games and try out fantastic virtualhairstyles for round faces.✸Switch your beauty camera on, step into your awesome piclab forAndroidTM and try on hairstyles to your pictures. French braids,wedding hairstyles for long hair, bob haircuts, formal updos, curlyhairstyles – add stickers to pictures and see which of theseflatter your oval face. Want to flaunt a fishtail braid? In thatcase, you won’t have to fish for compliments. For a chic and classylook, we recommend one of the prom hairstyles for short hair thatcan be found in our cool stickers’ photo editor. To make your instapics look like magazine covers, you also have at your disposal cutephoto stickers of blonde highlights, layered haircuts with bangs,braid “hairstyles for girls” and other hairdo designs. Download ourcelebrity✸ Hair Salon Makeover App✸ and you’ll become an expert infunny image editing in no time. Best short “hairstyle try on”mobile app ever!✸ If you are tired of your straight hairstyle get ✸ “Hair Salon”Makeover App✸ for Android without delay and try out voluminouscurls or a messy hair bun. This cool picsart app makes it possiblefor you to share your easy hairstyle pictures across all socialmedia and show off your hair stylist skills. Learn how to montagephotos using this face in hole “haircut app” and watch your selfiepictures undergo a virtual hairstyle makeover. Make yourself barelyrecognizable in your insta photos – change your haircut style anddye your hair with this virtual “hair color changer” for photos.Come up with amazing prom hair ideas by experimenting with lovelyphoto grid stickers that these free hairstyles games offer and havesome photo fun.✸ Realistic hair salon games free! Try out different girlshaircut styles and make your choice. Thanks to our hair styler appfor women you’ll never again wonder how to find the adequate faceshape hairstyle for you. This crazy haircut simulator allows you tohair photoshop your selfie camera pictures and turn them intotrendy hairstyle photos in seconds. How about a short hair style ora curly hair cut? If you like playing our dress up games for girlsyou’ll adore our hair “photo editor” free for trying out cute girlshairstyles. Discover a huge photobucket full of “free stickers” forpictures in our ✸ Hair Salon Makeover App✸*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
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★ Enjoy typing and sending love text messages to your BF using ournew keyboard themes free of charge! Tired of your plain defaultkeyboard background and would like to try something out of theordinary? You can’t go wrong with any of the super love themes forAndroidTM available in this custom “keyboard app”! Only when youchange your keyboard style will you realize that keyboard symbolsand text fonts look a whole lot better with awesome red heartsscattered all over them. Download ★Cute Hearts Keyboard Design ★ -set a different “color keyboard” every day and enhance your UIdesign in a luxurious manner! ❤‿❤ How to set a “cute keyboard”skin: Click on ‘Enable the Keyboard’, check the box-field next to★Cute Hearts Keyboard Design ★and then click on the OKbutton;Return to the application, select ‘Set the Keyboard toDefault’ button and select ★Cute Hearts Keyboard Design ★You cannow customize your keyboard (choose themes, languages andshortcuts)★ Find your favorite heart themes in different colors; ★Choose among 6 cool “keyboards for Android”;★ Pink heartbackground, purple keyboard wallpaper, love heart designs, neonblue keyboard theme…★ Select the desired language and start typingon a Spanish keyboard or a French keyboard;★ Select words fornumbers and create shortcuts;★ Options to turn on and off keyboardsounds and vibration;★ Download one of the best free apps out thereand change keyboard color and pattern- it does not require GoKeyboardTM installed;★ You’ve always wanted an on screen keyboardwhich glows in the dark and displays amazing love hearts? Thistouch keyboard changer appears to be a perfect phone app for you.Why don’t you forget about frozen keyboard and cute “emoji keyboardthemes” for the time being and dive into this sea of lovelywallpapers featuring purple hearts. Download ★Cute Hearts KeyboardDesign★ and beautify your phone screen with one of our cute themesfor free! Thanks to our cute keyboard emoji you will never againlack inspiration for typing funny messages to your bestie! ★ It’shigh time you let go of your old Android keyboard skin and tried toexperiment with our new mobile themes for tablet and mobiledevices! Given that this fantastic phone app overflows with crazycolor themes, you’re bound to find here the best keyboard for yourlovely screen. These romantic love keyboard themes will make theexperience of exchanging SMS messages even more enjoyable! Changekeyboard layout and color in a few taps with the help of our sweet“heart keyboard” apps for Android! ★ Have you always been attractedto silver and gold background patterns? If you like soft colors andglitter wallpaper designs, our cool keyboards for girls in allcolors of the rainbow will leave you speechless. This photokeyboard art app presents you with a vast collection of elegantthemes with “love hearts” that cannot be paralleled by any voicekeyboard or swift keyboard designs when it comes to the level ofcuteness. You’re only one tap away from installing our cute color“keyboard themes free” of charge!★ With the help of our free appsand games for girls and boys you will be able to perform a totalscreen makeover and you are about to find out how! Enhance yourbeauty camera images with our free photo editing software, set youredited selfie pics as phone wallpaper backgrounds, add one of ourcute girly keyboards representing teddy bears, cute puppies orfluffy kittens and your galaxy mobile screen is successfullydecorated! The best keyboard background colors are waiting foryou!*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
Cool Tattoo Design App 1.0 APK
♠ All lovers of body piercing and “tattoomaker” games, greet your new insta beauty camera editor where youcan experiment with dozens of cool tattoo designs and patterns aslong as you like. Play with unique designs – tattoo letters, blackrose “tattoo designs”, love tattoos for women, skull tattoos,scorpion tattoo art – determine which of these cute “photostickers” suit you best and transform your selfie pics intoextraordinary works of photo art! Don’t miss this chance ofperfecting your picture editing skills - tattoo yourself on yourphotos like a professional tattoo artist! Download ♠ Cool TattooDesign App ♠ from the app market for AndroidTM and create the mostbeautiful photo collage the world has ever seen.♠ A wide variety of tattoo stickers for photos;♠ Choose a sticker from the tattoo booth: a large number of tattoosfor girls and boys of all sizes and shapes;♠ Cool tattoos for men, crazy and cute tattoos, heart tattoos,tattoo fonts, butterfly tattoos - just take your pick;♠ Drag the sticker with your finger and place it on the pic!♠ Scale the sticker and adjust it the way you like: zoom in, zoomout, remove the sticker;♠ Share pictures on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using thistattoo “photo booth app”;♠ Install our tattoo pic editor for free and join the spreadingphoto mania;♠Tattoo edit photos with – ♠ Cool Tattoo Design App♠ freedownload;♠ Download our cute pic makeover game and you’ll never again askyourself the question ‘how to tattoo my photo’!♠ Free “tattoo games for girls” and boys! If you’ve ever wantedto get tattooed this kawaii “photo editor” will show you what itwould be like to have, let’s say a dragon tattoo on your shoulder,a flower tattoo design on your wrist or Chinese letters on yourankle. Learn how to montage photo using our funny image editor andcreate awesome pics with tattoo picture effect in a matter ofseconds. Get this amazing photo editing software free of charge andspend hours converting your cool profile pictures into crazy tattoocollages. Install ♠ Cool Tattoo Design App ♠ for free and enjoy thephoto fun! Our tattoo me camera app for AndroidTM does miracles foryour cute girl selfies!♠ Want to become a master of photo manipulation and tattoophotoshop? Download ♠ Cool Tattoo Design App ♠ and explorewonderful picsart techniques that will enable you to edit picturesusing realistic “tattoo camera” effects! A multitude of cute photobooth stickers and deco stamps will help you make creative tattoospictures out of your ordinary snapshots – sounds unbelievable,doesn’t it? Get our free picture editor pro and see for yourself!We guarantee that you’ll be more than satisfied with this newtattoo photo grid collage maker!♠ Beautify your gorgeous selfie pictures for Instagram with cutestickers for pictures and photofunia effects and feel the buzz ofthe tattoo mania. Show off your tattoo photo montage techniques –add stuff to pictures, make funny images using an abundance of lovestickers and other tattoo stencil designs and have limitless funthanks to this picsart photo studio! Grasp your selfie camera, takea couple of beauty snaps, enter your virtual tattoo studio andexplore various image editing options. This social photo maker willnot only allow you to share your fancy tattoo images across allsocial networks but will also help you generate cute “tattoo ideasfor women” and men. Our beautiful pic collage maker is therefore, amust have app for all fancy girls and selfie addicts.♠ Cool Tattoo Design App♠ will supply you with a perfect decopack of beautiful tattoo patterns to enable you to decoratepictures like a real app photo artist. Why don’t you check out ourother funny photo editors including pic jointers and pic stitchapps for tablets – decoblend pictures to get a fantastic photomosaic or a picmix and watch your photo story write itself!