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Learns effectively and quickly to count while having fun in a gamethat links finger numbers between them so that they are addedtogether to achieve the exact result of the requested operation. Asharp help during the game facilitates the child to discover thegood result. Two-digit addition and subtraction.

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    Addition Subtraction
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    December 4, 2017
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    Gobert Patrice
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    26 allée des boulleries 77176 Nandy France
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Nouveau module d'écriture de plus de 1000 mots entre CP et CM2(sera porté à l'ensemble des mots devant être connus en fin de CM2au fur et à mesure).Le module d'écriture offre la possibilité defaire écrire ses propres mots.Installez à vos enfants l'outil quileur permettra agréablement d'apprendre le tracé des lettres del'alphabet (cursives et d'imprimerie : minuscules etmajuscules).Cette application ne se contente pas d'indiquer le sensdu tracé des lettres, elle le leur montre en le dessinant, tout enémettant le son qui la désigne.L'audio et la vue amèneront l'enfantà une mémorisation plus simple.L'application trace 4 types delettres:Majuscules et minuscules d'imprimerie, ainsi que lesmajuscules et minuscules cursives (comme à l'école). Cette versiongratuite n'intègre que les listes CE2 et le tracé des lettre estsimultané (lettre après lettre dans la version pro à venir, oiurCP,CE1, CE2,CM1,CM2)Une zone d'exercice pour apprendre à reproduireles tracés de lettre.tag: écriture, écrire, lettre, lecture,enfant, alphabet, abécédaire, dessiner, apprendre, tracer, cursif,cursive, majuscule, minuscule, énoncer, facile, abc, 123,gratuitNew writing module over 1000 words between CP and CM2 (willincrease to the set of words to be known at the end of the CM2As).The writing module provides the ability to write their ownwords.Install your children the tool that pleasantly allow them tolearn the layout of the letters of the alphabet (cursive andprinting: case sensitive).This application does not merely indicatethe direction of letters drawn, she shows them by drawing, whileemitting the sound that designates.The audio and the view willbring the child to a simpler memory.The application draws 4 typesof letters:Uppercase and lowercase printing, and uppercase andlowercase cursive (like at school). This free version only includesCE2 lists and plotting simultaneous letter (letter after letter inthe pro version to come, oiur CP, CE1, CE2, CM1, CM2)An exercisearea to learn how to reproduce the letter plots.tag: writing,write, letter, reading, child, alphabet, ABC, draw, learn, draw,cursive, cursive, uppercase, lowercase, articulate, easy, abc, 123,Free
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Instal in your children the tool which will allow them agreeably tolearn the line of figures and the simple addenda of the fingers ofthe hand. (to 5+5)This application does not content itself withpointing to them out the sense of the line of figures, it shows itto them by drawing it, while issuing the sound which indicatesit.Audio and view will bring the child to an easy memorisation.Aspace is reserved for the writing to learn to reproduce the shownlines.One games of note installed a sound system is permanentlynear them fingers to give them instants of recesses and to amusethem between training stages.Tags: writing, to write, amounts,number, reading, child, to, to teach, to draw, tracer, draws,printing, easy, express, example, ABC, 123