1.0 / April 28, 2018
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This add-on turns existing mobs in Minecraft into some ofyourfavorite characters from the Walt Disney universe. Theincludedcharacters are Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse.Allcharacters have some nicely crafted models and textures whichmakethem look very similar to their original versions. All of themarefriendly so this means you never have to worry about themhurtingyou or your friends.The easiest way to find one is to spawnthemusing a spawn egg. All of them spawn with 20 health points(10hearts).DISCLAIMER: NOT AN OFFICIAL MINECRAFT PRODUCT.NOTAFFILIATED OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG.

App Information Add-on for MCPE Disney Characters

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    Add-on for MCPE Disney Characters
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    April 28, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Become a ultimate master of machines created by the Engineer inTeam Fortress 2.You can find these machines wery usefulconstructions for survival mode, when you need a little extra helpin certain hardcore areas. For example, the sentry gun will becomeyour personal bodyguard and will scan for enemies and shoot them onsight, if they get too close and create dangere for you.Toolbox:The Toolbox will replace a shulker, becoming the base item whichyou will need to construct any of the other items. Place it down onthe ground where you want your machine to be positioned. (Use theshulker spawn egg in creative mode or type /summon shulker ifyou’ve cheats enabled in survival mode).Sentry: The Sentry is aautomatic turret with machine gun mounted on it. It willautomatically scans the areas, detect threats and eliminates them.It is build by using a Lapis Lazuli dye on the Toolbox(Shulker).Dispenser: This machine will heal players, cows, pigs,sheep and chicken by shooting healing bursts at them. You can buildit by using a Rose Red dye on the Toolbox (Shulker).
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You’ll basically be able to have full access to the creativeinventory while in survival mode and vice versa. As much as it’suseful for single player use, there’s no denying that it can alsobe used for malicious intent. But don’t worry, further down on thispage you will find information how to protect your server againstpossible misuse.The first thing you’ll need to do (assuming you areusing a tablet or a smartphone and not a computer) is to set theuser interface profile in Settings to Classic.Press the inventorybutton to open the new inventory menu. Even though it’s notpossible to see, I really was in survival mode all the time whiletesting this addon. But it doesn’t really matter which gamemodeyou’ve enabled since it works for any of them.You can access thesame types of tabs as before but the difference now is that theyare explained by text instead of icons. E.g. “Tools”,“Miscellaneous” and so on.
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Dead by Daylight PE is a multiplayer horror survival minigame basedon a famous video game.The map contains 100x100 blocks territory,where survivors can escape by activating 5 different generators andmain gates, while being hunted by another player, who plays aKiller role.How to play?This map is recommended from 2 up to 5players. Before assigning roles to players - wait in the lobby foreveryone to spawn. You can randomize a killer or play in some kindof order, if you play in party with your friends .Survivor'smission is to activate the generators and ultimately escape out ofthe gate.Killers are equipped with a scythe and your task is toslay the other players before they can break trough. You must notlet them activate the generators!The minigame is held in an oldforest (100x100 blocks) in the midnight. The killer’s goal is toslay the other players.Survivors have to continuously run inpurpose to escape a killer and turn on a generators. You can set uptraps to outsmart a killer.Stay near the generators when activatingthem. When light are up - it means a generator is on now. Gates canbe opened only why all five generators are up andrunning.Important: To reset the map you will need to re-downloadit. Hopefully there will be a World Template file in the future.
Addon One Night At Frankies MCPE 1 APK
One Night At Frankie’s is a horror minigame that brings outstandingatmosphere to our beloved MCPE.It is based on original series,borrows some elements from that game and brings them to Minecraftas a map. There are multiple jumpscares which might freak you out,so it’s obviously not something for the fainthearted. Great customsounds bring horror atmosphere combined with command blocks andredstone create an exciting and well worth playing map.Gamemechanics is based on well known horror game with few exceptionsthat it is still good old Minecraft.Avoid Golden Frankie at alltimes by using the camera (wooden button).Controls:Wooden button =CameraStone button behind you = GeneratorStone button in front ofyou is the hall lightsLevers = Door locksDISCLAIMER: This is anunofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Thisapplication is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. TheMinecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets areall property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rightsreserved. In accordance withhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines
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Super Mario Bros Mod brings SuperMariouniverse creatures to MCPE.This add-on create high detailised mobs, so you willdefintelyrecognize them, if you are familiar with Mariogames.Finaly you can experience Minecraft in brand new way, that youhavenever played before, especially in survival mode.The main feature of thes add-on is replacement of mobs bycreaturesfrom the Super Mario games. You will find most of them,not alltho, hostile towards the player and have a uniquecombination ofattacks or other skills.Here is detailed overview of the different mobs, includingtheirstats and abilities.The Fire Piranha Plant (ex-Creeper) is an extremely hostilemob,almost like a boss from Mario, which will shoot fireballs attheplayer.Mobs:Fire PlantReplaces CreeperHealth: 17.5 heartsHostile mob which attacks by shooting fireballsDrops fireballs (snowballs)Brows with cloudReplaces GhastHealth: 22.5 heartsDrops coins (diamonds), flying poison (Bottle o’ Enchanting)KupsReplaces HuskHealth: 12.5 heartsMelee attack, poisonousArmored TurtleZombie PigmanHealth: 15 heartsMelee attack, causes weakness effectDrops coins (diamond)BombReplaces SkeletonHealth: 10 heartsHits and explodes with a great power (2.3 power)Drops coins (diamonds), gunpowderSquid and Squid babyReplaces SquidHealth: 5 heartsCan be pulled with a rope, friendlyGhostsReplaces VexHealth: 10 heartsCan fly through walls and cause 8 damage per hitDrops coins (diamonds), 1 life (totem)CloudReplaces BlazeHealth: 25 heartsYou can mount it and fly it by the use of a rope, it also gotachest.Flyable with Flying Poison (Bottle o’ Enchanting) – Throw itatit)ItemsFireballs (snowballs)Coins (diamonds)1 life (totem)Flying Poison (Bottle o’ Enchanting) – Used for flyingtheCloudFlower of fire (lighter)Star Mario (golden apples)Cloud invoker (hen’s egg)Thunder rod (fishing rod) – Thunder and levitation effect for10secondsDISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application for MinecraftPocketEdition. This application is not affiliated in any way withMojangAB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and theMinecraftAssets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectfulowner. Allrights reserved. In accordancewithhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines
CSPE Shaders for MCPE 1.0 APK
CSPE Shaders (short for Creeper Shaders) is one of themostrealistic looking shaders available for PE. It tunes up most oftheaspects related to in-game graphics, making it much moreimmersiveand brings absolutley new expirience for our beloved PE.Thisincludes everything from much more realistic water to an entirenewskybox with shifting clouds. Works best with high-end AndroidandiOS devices.Features:-Improved shadows-Movingleaves/grass-Muchmore realistic sky with shifting/movingclouds-Realistic sun andmoon-Heavily improved watergraphicsDISCLAIMER: NOT AN OFFICIALMINECRAFT PRODUCT. NOTAFFILIATED OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG.
Mod for MCPE Pocket Heroes 1.0 APK
Pocket Heroes adds 21 superhero armor sets to the game. It alsoaddsloads of villains like The Joker and the Winter Soldier whichyouneed to fight in order to unlock more superhero armor sets.Some ofthe available superhero sets include Ant-Man, Spiderman,Batman andWonder Woman. Most of them have special abilities andtools whichonly they can use.Craft Start Something Epic and tapwith it on theground to obtain an empty comic book. The emptycomic book can beused for crafting the full comic book.StartSomething Epic (3499) –1 book + 2 diamonds + 2 iron blocks + 2redstone blocksPocketWiki(3498) – creative inventoryThen tap onthe ground with the full book(in this case Captain America #1 –Red Skull) to fight the firstvillain boss.Use the empty comic assimilar to before to spawn thenext suite of bosses and fight themto obtain the 22 differentsuperhero armor sets.•DC ComicsSuperheroes•BatmanBatman armor suitincreases speed, strength andjump. Mask (3500)Suit (3501)Leggings(3502)Boots (3503)GrapplingHook (3700)•SupermanOne of the mostpowerful superheroes isSuperman.Suit (3504)Leggings (3505)Boots(3506)Hook (3700)•FlashTheFlash is the most agile superhero of themall. Mask (3507)Suit(3508)Leggings (3509)Boots(3510)•AquamanExplore the ocean inAquaman suit.Mask (3511)Suit(3512)Leggings (3513)Boots (3514)Staff(3701)•Green LanternPut onthe Green Lantern armor suit and harnessthe power of the GreenRing.Mask (3515)Suit (3516)Leggings(3517)Boots (3518)Ring(3702)•NightwingNightwing is known for hissuper human agilityskills.Mask (3519)Suit (3520)Leggings(3521)Boots (3522)Stick(3703)•Green ArrowIncreased speed, strengthand jump.Mask (3527)Suit(3528)Leggings (3529)Boots (3530)Bow(3711)•Wonder WomanWonder Womanis the only woman superhero in thismod. Mask (3523)Suit(3524)Leggings (3525)Boots (3526)Lasso(3710)•SpeedySpeedy isspeedy! As him you will be able to run veryfast and your jumps willbe boosted.Mask (3531)Suit (3532)Leggings(3533)Boots (3534)Bow(3712)•BatHis skills are quite basic too:increased strength andnight vision.Helmet (3535)Suit(3536)Leggings (3537)Boots(3538)•Marvel Superheroes•WarMachineIt’s an armored battlesuit.Helmet (3600)Chestplate(3601)Leggings (3602)Boots (3603)•IronManNo superhero mod iscomplete without the Iron Man armorsuit.Helmet (3604)Chestplate(3605)Leggings (3606)Boots (3607)•TheHulkUse the special GUIbutton to do a hulk smash.Head(3608)Chestplate (3609)Leggings(3610)Boots (3611)•CaptainAmericaThis armor suit is one of thebest looking-ones in myopinionMask (3612)Suit (3613)Leggings(3614)Boots (3615)Shield(3704)•ThorThor is a God of thunder andhis abilities areimmense.Helmet (3616)Chestplate (3617)Leggings(3618)Boots(3619)Mjolnir (3705)•Ant-ManShink in 3rd persononly.Helmet(3624)Chestplate (3625)Leggings (3626)Boots(3627)•Black PantherHelmetThe Black Panter has similar abilitiesto a cat. Helmet(3628)Chestplate (3629)Leggings (3630)Boots(3631)Claws(3707)•SpidermanSpiderman has his own special toolwhich can be usedto shoot web on mobs (or on the ground) to trapthem or swing (orrather teleport) from one location toanother.Helmet(3632)Chestplate (3633)Leggings (3634)Boots(3635)Web Shooter(3706)•WolverineWolverine can toggle auto healthregeneration byholding the special GUI button.Helmet(3636)Chestplate(3637)Leggings (3638)Boots (3639)Claws(3708)•DeadpoolDeadpool isvery fast and quite strong.Helmet(3640)Chestplate (3641)Leggings(3642)Boots (3643)Sword(3709)•WaspShrink in 3rd person only.Helmet(3644)Chestplate(3645)Leggings (3646)Boots (3647)DISCLAIMER: NOT ANOFFICIALMINECRAFT PRODUCT. NOT AFFILIATED OR ASSOCIATED WITHMOJANG.
FlowsHD Textures for MCPE 1.0 APK
High-quality Flows HD textures will make your game moreelegant,make the gameplay more enjoyable due to the beautifulsurroundingsand a pleasant game atmosphere. Suits high-end andlow-enddevices.Every texture is very clean and gives Minecraft averybright and joyful feel. The great thing about this pack is thatitgot both a lot of textures which are suitable for interiordesignas well as outdoor. A great pack for somebody who wantsacombination of both. Creepers never looked so goodbefore!Important notice: It might take up to several minutes for aworldto load once you’ve got this texture pack enabled.