1.0 / August 15, 2018
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He has made amazing plan to looted the nation four time. Hethinksthe army is fool and for biggest corruption he do not wantsto stayanymore.The jail is occupied with commandos but still hewants tosteed from Adialaa Jail at any cost. He has great walkscore and hethinks nobody can caught him. He ruled the nation threetime thatwhy he thinks He can do corruption as much as he wants. Hewants toruled but he do not believe in democracy and right ofopposition.He Thinks shockwave can't also stop him. He wants to runfrom thejail box But as a great police man officer its isyourresponsibility to stop him for 10 years. His brother also thinkthenation is deep fish and both brother and their family can fooluswith fishing rod. He wants to play again round game with thearmy.Jump run can't stop it from you. He Will makes million excusesandwill say Khan is not good but please not forgive him. Fromourmoney he enjoyed dine restaurant and cafe world lot. His familyisthe cancer for our country. He wants to looted us forth time.PlayHours and hours and protect the nation. Key Feature: FreeToDownload and Play Entire Game. We optimized. Easy in startanddifficult at the end. Enjoy Real Physics. SmoothControls.Different Amazing Levels. Show Love with Addictive Gameplay.

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    Adialaa Jail Run
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    August 15, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Play Infinite Race GameX
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The SRK needs to love with his FAN. He is Earning and Fame justbecause of his Fan. His FAN is every thing for him and he isnothing without his FAN.How To Play:In this game the Star and hisbodyguard are your enemies and you have to finish them. One thingyou will be keep in your mind, you will not Hit form the back sideyou will be hot form the Side to Damaged them Maximum. The Gamehave 800 Different Challenging Levels and Every levels is Difficultfrom the Previous one. You Will never give up and Finish your allenemies ...One thing always in your mind You have Five Power upsand use them rightly and wisely. The use of the right power giveyou a right big advantage !!!Thanks for your Sports !!!!
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If star do know how to respect his FAN !! How much important thelove of FAN ? Then SRK do not have the right to become the STAR. Heis earning money just because of US (FAN). He is Flaying from oneplace to other place just because of us. He is doing romance formSweets girls just because of UsIf he can not love us then he do nothave right to remain the STAR. You will finish his all theProtector then finally kill him as well or take your five Minutes.The choice is Your !!!!!
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If the SRK do not know how much is need to give the respect to thestar then you have to teach him ..In this game you are suppose tofinish your all enemy and Do not allow them to Run away. This gameis all about use your powers right away. The racing game isdifferent as compare to others game. You are not only suppose tocome first while you will also hit the cars of others to boost yourpower and fill your fuel full.In this game you are suppose todominate in the racing field. You will hit and try to give themdamage as mush as you can.Thank you so much to download the Game!!!!
Diamond Sultan Bheem Hunt 1.3 APK
Sultan is a bheem biker which is going to face lot of problem.The enemy on the bike will attack on you. Sultan if you will remainrelax in the game then you will enjoy the game. With the passage oftime you will find the game will be more complicated for you if youwill not play well.   you are the true biker of the townand you need a Casual attitude. you will find some zombies onthe bike they will create problem for you. you need a strongattitude if you think the enemy is creating trouble for you. Neverstop your Journey in this way you will loose the game. This isthe clean clash between the bike and you have to proveyourself.  If you will not play well then the enemy willconsider you a garbage. A true  legend do not know how toloose the interesting game. Some time it is Unknown way foryou as  a great biker then you will enjoy the game. If thesituation is difficult then you have to dominate at any cost. youwill do your best in the game because you have to prove yourself.There will be a fire on the bike but you can save yourself. You will select one bike in the start of the game. If during thegame you will like the bike of the enemy then you can not swipe thebike. you are playing on the plain ground not on  Galaxy.Wisdom of the bheem is famous all around the world. you can't winsif you will not go to the extreme level. you can change the colorand paining of the bike. Here is the platform where your crazyskills are going to work here. true sultan always like to performvery well. This is the beginning of the new chapter. you will partyour bike in the detention center. Very new level will give you newfun I hope you will like the fun.  
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In My Cut Sultan Brother Lite Manager has reached into mountains toperform well in the game. The Game have 35+ cool levels.This gamegives you more pleasure to drive in mountain then any other game.When you will ride this amazing stunning bike then you will lovesthe games most. The Game is never gonna bored for you because youare gonna race in Different Scenes with different kind ofobstacles. Every Levels of the Game is Different from Previouslevels. Your Goals is run and caught as much soon as you can. OhAre you excited about new levels and you wants also change yourbike then Unlock new players by earning coins. You also need toperform well on the pipe. In road puzzle means you need to find theway. We are never saying this is most addictive physics based butyou can feel sometime you will feel need to play the level againand gain.Race, jump and enjoy your way and never allow anyone toWin. This Game could be make you Winner in War but only insimulation. If you will play well then every body will say you arethe right sultan. Armed with a Bike and Reached to your Flags soon.Never go down form the mountain(You will be fall in the see)otherwise the game will be over soon. Sultan Brother Lite Managerwill test your One bike rider abilities and will see how much superbiker you are. Never try to become wrongdoing masters in the gamebecause in this way you can loose your Passion. You Could Dominateon the Enemy and Become the Real master in the game. In your wayyou can find holes and stone and in your way. Your goal is Perfectsimple to reach to the goal. Always Keep in mind before the newlevel began, This level have new challenges and some different kindof new mission. Locking Forward to see you in the game. I hope youwill enjoy the game. Key Feature : 3D Cools Graphics. Easy GamePlay. Simple but cool and neat Graphics. Well Optimized awesomeRealistic animations 3D Rewarding bonus in Coins form HD RealisticEnvironment. The Game is Easy & Fun. Challenging Different kindof mission.
Bike Bheem Game Race 4 1.8 APK
Happy Valentine Day to our all player. If true Lover can't die thenGood Player can't sop playing. I hope you will like our game at thedepth of your Heart. Get the realistic experience of DragonMountain in the Uphill Mountain. It a great Chance and Opportunityto check your Driving Skills On the Mountains. Bike Bheem Game Racehave the realistic mountain deep Amazing Environment. Do Crazystunt as a super Bheem sultan. If you are the real Bheem sultanthen do the highest points in every Challenging levels of game.Never think about to give up and In Bheem Dragon Mountain there isnot Rule so go with highest speed. The Driving on Mountain onDragon Road will give you an amazing Mountain bike drivingexperience. You Will find the game Amazing, Super, Nice, Easy toMaster and stupid gaming idea because you need a Passion to clearthe all Levels. Always Keep in mind its never easy to drive on aroad to hell Where no body Will come to rescue you only Bheem.Dragon temple and Stones Will never allow you to clear theChallenging Level. Act as Best Mountain Bheem driver and drivethrough the dangerous Mountain and Dragon hill roads. Don't messwith the Big stones and hurdle in the game. As a little Bheeemmaster when you will be play new level then you will find nextlevel Challenging, Addictive and Difficult to master. If you arenot enjoying your current bike then after collecting coins on themountain you can have New Amazing bikes.Never forget to customizethem. Prove you are the best bheem rider of the kindom. DiveYourself where you are only the master. Key Feature: Nice ControlAwesome Forest Theme Multi Camera Angle All game Entire Free ToPlay Super Chance to Become Sultan Master Ultra Boost After usingNOS Realistic Physics Of Bheem Bikes Last Levels are Challenging 3DCool Graphics Well Optimized
Ambulance Stunt 2020 1.4 APK
You are the perfect stunt driver of the ambulance. Due to Slicethere is violence in the town. You know very well how toprotect the tomb. you can protect the people even if you havepassed the rope. Your services are better then local services. Ifyou would face trouble in one level then next level you would facedouble problem. Your stunt is going to become your identity. Everychallenge will bring problem for you and you will face difficult toface that. Nobody can stop you to become the ultimate stunt driverand you have the ability to challenge any one. Do you know why youare getting fame in the city because can not see the Destruction ofthe city. To show stunt with ambulance on the street is never aeasy job.   Dear Player your city is under attack and youare supposed to play a great Role and show your best stunt toprotect the city. The Fire is Kick the Buddy so and very excitingnew features not seen before. Become the number one Ambulance Ridermanager to protect the Building. If you Will not reach on time yourbuddy will be burnt. You have been chosen to bring the peace backin the city. Aim carefully and protect the city at any cost. Tosurvive on this burning city , you must upgrade your ambulance. Buyand upgrade New Ambulances and join to protect the city! test yourAmbulance transport simulation skills. Take part in this Ambulancetransport game and being a good elite ambulance driver expertise.Do not panic just drive carefully and to complete all task toprotect the buildings in the city. Ambulance Stunt 2018 gametesting your abilities of driving skills. and new ambulances can beunlocked using these coins, and enjoy the most addictive ambulancefree simulator 2018 game.
Bike Bheem Racing 5 1.11 APK
In Bike Bheem Racing 5 ready to tell your enemies Who you are ? HowMuch you are Motivate about your country. Never Feel Fair inparticipated in a racing tournament. Great Time to play Bike BheemRacing 5 free now. The Game is easy to play and Difficult tomaster. You Will never bored during this game because every levelis different from Previous level. Soon you will start the addictionin the game. Easy to understand and enjoy Game play. Master andShow your Skills. Play now and have super Control on bike. Dominatein the game before you Out from the game. The game is the greatChance to test your skills and show your Passion with the game. InBike Bheem Racing the game is full with danger and hurdles but youhave to show you are not going to give up. Every Next Level isDifficult ads compared to previous level. The More coins to getmore difficulties you are going to get. Always Make your strategyright and last levels you can not pass with only one try. The gameis for those who do not want to drive the bike normal like otherpeople drives. Its for those Who wants to show stunt and skillswith the bike. Its does not matter which kind bike you have. Stonesand hurdles cannot stop you. Because you know how to show the stuntto the world in the game. finish the track in the least time ascompared to others and of course this is not going to easy. Whenyou Will master your game then you will learn how to ride the bikethrough curvy paths only in Simulation. Use NOS and other Power upsat the right time, this is also a great way to win. Key Feature : 4Different types of Bikes. Collect Coins to Upgrade your Bike. GamePlay is Fun and Addictive. Challenging Levels. Ultra-super controlsNo Need Wifi. You can play Offline. Very Fast racing tracks andUnique Bikes. Simple and easy to understand. Multi Camera UniqueSuper Bikes