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The free document scanning app from Adobe, with integrated OCRtechnology to instantly recognize text. With Adobe Scan you cantransform anything into digital - scanning documents, photos,notes, tax receipts or even save multiple business cards tocontacts. Using the automatic text recognition technology you caneasily edit, copy and save your scans to an Adobe PDF - ready toshare with your contacts. HOW ADOBE SCAN WORKS: With the Adobe Scandocument scanner app, you can make anything scannable. Use the PDFscanner to quickly create a photo or PDF scan. Scan and go rightback to other important things. • CAPTURE DOCS, BOOKS, TAX RECEIPTSAND MORE. Scan anything with precision with this mobile PDF scannerapp. Advanced image technology automatically detects your documentsfor borders, sharpens scanned content, and recognizes text (OCR). •ENHANCE SCANS. Touch up scans, photos, and documents from yourcamera roll. Whether it’s a PDF or photo scan, you can preview,reorder, crop, rotate, and adjust color. • REUSE WITH THE OCRSCANNER. Turn your photo scan into a high-quality Adobe PDFdocument that unlocks content through automated text recognition(OCR). You can reuse content after scanning PDF documents thanks toOCR. Using it as a book scanner can digitize bulk pages, fast! WHATCAN ADOBE SCAN DO FOR YOU? You need a business card scanner? TheAdobe Scan photo scanner is so easy and powerful to use, you’llsay, “This is the free PDF scanner for me.” • SCAN ANYTHING,ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Capture forms, tax receipts, notes, and businesscards with this mobile scanner. The Adobe Scan scanning app can beused as book scanner or receipt scanner and even lets you scanmulti-page documents and save with a single tap. • RECYCLE CONTENT.The Adobe Scan to PDF scanner makes any content scannable andreusable. Free, built-in optical character recognition (OCR) letsyou reuse scanned content by creating a high-quality PDF that youcan work with in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Even turn Adobe Scan into atax receipt scanner so you can highlight expenses with ease. •QUICKLY FIND DOCUMENTS IN PHOTOS. This powerful scanning appautomatically finds documents and receipts in your photos and turnsthem into PDF scans, so you don't have to. Automatic OCR turns textinto content you can edit and reuse. Do you have lots of businessexpenses? The receipt scanner will help collate all of yourexpenses together. • SAVE BUSINESS CARDS TO CONTACTS. Scanningbusiness cards turns Adobe Scan into a fast business card scannerand reader. Contact information will be automatically extractedwhile using the business card scanner, so you can quickly add toyour device contacts — no typing needed. • GET MORE DONE ON THE GO.Save each PDF scan to Adobe Document Cloud for instant access andsharing. Even lengthy legal documents become manageable andscannable with the Adobe Scan scanning app, which lets you search,select, and copy text. You can also open a PDF scan in AcrobatReader to highlight key sections and add comments to yourdocuments. • GET CONNECTED. The Adobe Scan document scannerconnects you to the world’s best document services that let you doeven more with your PDFs. Edit PDF and photo scans, convert toMicrosoft Office, fill and sign, and send for tracked signatures.Terms & Conditions: Your use of this application is governed bythe Adobe General Terms of Use(http://www.adobe.com/legal/terms.html and the Adobe Privacy Policy(http://www.adobe.com/privacy/policy.html)

App Information Adobe Scan: PDF & Business Card Scanner with OCR

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    Adobe Scan: PDF & Business Card Scanner with OCR
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    February 16, 2019
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    Adobe Systems Incorporated 345 Park Avenue San Jose, CA 95110-2704
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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC is a free, powerful, yet intuitivesolution for editing, capturing and sharing your best photos.Lightroom also provides a robust premium offering filled withadvanced features to take your photography to the next level. Checkout all the features below. FREE FEATURES • PRESETS: Make dramaticchanges to your photos with a single touch • PROFILES: Use theseone-tap miracles to create visually striking changes to thelook-and-feel of your photos • CURVES: Make advanced edits tochange color, exposure, tone, and contrast • COLOR MIXER: Refineand tweak colors on your photo to make them pop • CLARITY &DEHAZE: Breathe life into your edits, by using theseindustry-leading tools • BULK EDITS: Easily edit large albums andget consistent looks by copying your favorite edits across photos •PRO-LEVEL CAMERA: Unlock your phone’s potential with uniquecontrols. Choose from exposure, aperture, wide or telephoto lens,instant presets and more • CUTTING-EDGE CAMERA MODES: Get moredetailed shots with advanced capture modes such as raw,professional, and HDR* • ORGANIZE & MANAGE: Use folders,albums, star ratings and flags to highlight your best photos •SHARE YOUR WORK: Post your photos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,Flickr, and more with the hashtag #lightroom PREMIUM FEATURES Takeyour photography to the next level with Lightroom Premium! Upgradeto unlock easy-to-use tools like the Healing Brush, SelectiveAdjustments, Geometry, Cloud Storage, Adobe Sensei features, andmuch more. • HEALING BRUSH: Take complete control of your image byremoving just about anything from your photo, no matter how big orsmall • SELECTIVE ADJUSTMENTS: Precisely edit any part of a photowith your finger or stylus, to apply enhancements with exact detail• GEOMETRY: Make sure it all lines up. Create super clean shotswith straight lines by adjusting the perspective of your image withpowerful upright, guided upright, and geometry slider tools • RAWEDITING: Import raw photos from your DSLR or mirrorless camera toyour phone allowing you to edit them anywhere • ADOBE SENSEI:Harness the power of artificial intelligence to automatically tagand organize your photos based on the objects or people that are inthem. A quick search for “mountains” or “Maria” will surface allthe photos with those elements in them • ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUDSTORAGE: Back up your original photos and edits to access them onother devices, as well as through Lightroom CC on web • ADVANCEDSHARING: Lightroom CC web galleries enable you to easily showcaseyour photos online. Edits sync seamlessly, so any changes you makeare always up-to-date *Full raw HDR capture mode is currentlysupported on devices that contain advanced processing and memorycapabilities, including but not limited to devices such as –Samsung S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, Note 8, Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, and OnePlus 5.
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Join millions of creative folks who trust and use Adobe PhotoshopExpress, one of the best photo editor and collage maker on Androidfor quick, easy and powerful editing on mobile devices. PHOTOEDITOR - Basics: Crop, straighten, rotate, and flip your photos.Remove red eye and pet eye. - Auto-Fix: A one-touch adjustment forcontrast, exposure, and white balance. - Blemish removal: Withuser, friendly one touch, remove spots, dirt, and dust from yourphotos. - Corrections: Instantly light up your selfie or photo withslide controls for clarity, contrast, exposure, highlights,shadows, blacks, whites, temperature, tint, sharpen, saturation andvibrance. - Filters or Looks: A new smart way to turn any photointo artwork - choose from over 80+ preset eye-catching fun styles.You can control intensity of your looks for realistic photoeffects. - Watermark images: Easily add custom text or graphicalwatermark on images. - Customization: Create and save your ownLooks. - Photo Frames: Add a distinctive personal touch to yourphotos with over 15 borders and frames. For a harmonious look,match the border color with the colors in the image. - Raw photosupport: Import and edit photos in raw format. - Share: Easilyshare to all your favourite social sites: Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, and more. - Image resize: Use this option to resize animage before saving. - JPEG Quality output – Customize the qualityand size of your output image. COLLAGE MAKER - Create a photocollage in seconds with our photo grid feature. - Choose from awide variety of grid layouts. - Pick any photo in the layout, andedit it the way you like with the photo editor. - Hold, drag anddrop to swap photo position, pinch to zoom in or out, or drag thehandles to resize. - Add new image or replace by simple selection.- Adjust/fix a single image and apply any look. - Change borderthickness and color. - Print directly from the application AWESOMEFEATURES - One-touch Filters or Looks: Get additional filters forfun, fresh looks! - Noise Reduction: Minimize unwanted grain andspeckling in night photos and low light photos. - Defog: Reduce fogand haze in photos. - Perspective Correction – Fix the skewedperspective photos with just a click! Choose from auto (balanced orfull auto), vertical, or horizontal correction options.- AccessPremium Features when you sign in with an Adobe ID: - Access thesefeatures when you sign in with an Adobe ID Once you’re done withthe photo editor or collage maker, share your finished workdirectly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or your otherfavorite social networks! Want to do more with your photos? Have alook at these other free Adobe Photoshop mobile apps: - PhotoshopMix — Cut out and combine elements from different images, blendlayers, and apply looks on your device — anywhere you are. -Photoshop Fix — Edit facial features, heal, lighten, liquefy, colorand adjust your images to perfection — and then easily share themacross other Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps. - LightroomMobile – Capture, edit, organize and share professional qualityimages from your smartphone or tablet. Photoshop Express supportsthe following file formats: - Photo: JPG, PNG - Raw files: arw(SONY), cr2 (CANON), crw (CANON), dng, erf (EPSON), raf (FUJI), 3fr& fff (HASSELBLAD), dcr (KODAK), mrw (KONICA), mos (LEAF), rwl(LEICA), nef & nrw (NIKON), orf (OLYMPUS), rw2 (PANASONIC), pef(PENTAX), srw (SAMSUNG) - While we aim to provide support for rawfiles from the latest camera models of most camera manufacturers,we cannot guarantee universal raw support. Photoshop Express,brought to you by Adobe the proud makers of the Photoshop family ofproducts, has the power of Photoshop CC which gives you theflexibility and control to access your images anywhere using AdobeCreative Cloud.
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Premiere Clip is a free video editor that makes it fast and fun tocreate quality videos that can be easily shared - or easily openedin Adobe Premiere Pro CC for extra polish. “A gateway into the fullfeature set and power behind Premiere Pro.” – Melissa Stoneburner,Examiner.com AUTOMATIC VIDEO CREATION Simply choose a soundtrackand select the pace — Clip artfully sets your images to the beat ofthe music. Your video is immediately shareable, or you can moveinto the Freeform editor to customize further with powerful editingfeatures. POWERFUL VIDEO EDITING Drag and drop clips and photos inthe order that you like, trim out the parts you don’t want, and addvisual polish with lighting adjustments, transitions, and slowmotion effects. Sync to Music lets you edit to the beat of yourmusic like a pro. SOUNDS GREAT Choose from stock soundtracks, oradd your own music. Smart Volume smooths audio levels betweenclips, and Auto Mix dynamically balances soundtracks with youraudio. LOOKS GREAT Apply custom lighting and color Looks from AdobeCapture CC to enhance the appearance and overall mood of yourvideos. PHOTO MOTION Add visual interest to static images. Turningthe option ON will apply a slow, subtle zoom. EASY TO SHARE Savefinished videos to your gallery, share directly to Twitter,Facebook or YouTube, or send them to Premiere Pro CC for additionalediting. TAKE IT FURTHER When you export a project to Premiere ProCC, the edits, music markers and Looks you applied in Premiere Clipwill appear seamlessly in your timeline. POWERED BY CREATIVESYNCAdobe CreativeSync ensures that your files, fonts, design assets,settings and more all instantly appear in your workflow whereveryou need them. Start your creative work on any device andseamlessly pick it up on another.
Adobe Photoshop Fix 1.0.499 APK
Image Retouching & RestorationAdobe Photoshop Fix enablespowerful, yet easy image retouching and restoration on your Androidphone. Heal, smooth, liquify, lighten and make other edits andadjustments that give you the precise look you’re after. Accessedited photos within other Adobe mobile and desktop apps by signingin to Adobe Creative Cloud to further refine them or use them inother creative projects – it’s all powered by AdobeCreativeSync.Photoshop Fix Features• Retouch and restore photosusing tools that give you the exact look, structure and feel youwant: - Face-aware Liquify – Make dramatic edits to facialfeatures. Create a bigger smile, slim down those cheeks or editother facial points with remarkable ease. - Liquify — Push, pull,rotate, swell or reshape any area to create subtle or drasticeffects. - Heal and patch — Fix imperfections using content fromsurrounding areas and then blend the result. - Smooth — Simplypaint to smooth or sharpen skin, landscapes or other content. -Lighten and darken — Add or remove light from specific parts of aphoto.• Edit and adjust photos using a variety of essential tools:- Color — Desaturate to remove all color or to create a mix ofcolor and black-and-white. - Paint — Get precise effects with aneyedropper that lets you sample colors, an adjustable brush and aneraser. - Adjust — Add vignettes and control exposure, contrast andsaturation - Defocus — Blur part of a photo to draw attention toyour key subject. • Send your images directly to Photoshop CC onthe desktop so you can refine them and take them further. Fixconverts all your edits to layers and packages your image as a PSDfile.GET CONNECTED TO CREATIVE CLOUD Love photography? Check outthe Creative Cloud Photography plan. It gives you Lightroom andPhotoshop, the most powerful editing tools around. With CreativeCloud, you can open and edit Photoshop files in Fix and send yourretouched images to Photoshop CC for further refinement — layers,masks and all. Or open and enhance Lightroom images and send themdirectly to your Lightroom Collections. All of your edits will besynced across all your computers and devices. If you make a changeon your device, it will show up on your desktop. Take yourphotography further with the Creative Cloud Photography plan.Alsotake a look at these other free Adobe apps in the App Store:•Photoshop Mix — Cut out and combine elements from different images,blend layers, and apply looks on your Android device — anywhere youare. • Lightroom Mobile – Capture, edit, organize and shareprofessional quality images from your smartphone or tablet.•Photoshop Express – Easy photo editor for applying effects andfiltersINTERNET CONNECTION & ADOBE ID REQUIREDSign up for anAdobe ID within Photoshop Fix for free. Adobe online services,including the Adobe Creative Cloud service, are available only tousers 13 and older and require registration and agreement toadditional terms and Adobe's online privacy policy athttp://www.adobe.com/special/misc/privacy.html. Adobe onlineservices are not available in all countries or languages, mayrequire user registration, and may be subject to change ordiscontinuation without notice.
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One eBook reader for all your Adobe DRM protected books across yourAndroid Devices, iPad, Mac or PC. Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) isfree-to-download and use, and completely ad-free. Use it to readEPUB and PDF books, both online and offline. Borrow ebooks frommany public libraries for use with ADE. Extend your readingexperience by transferring books from your personal computer toyour Android devices. Organize your books into a beautiful customlibrary. Experience gorgeous media rich books filled withinteractive features, videos, and more. ADE’s support for EPUB3standard allows you: consistent rendering of audio and videocontent; dynamic image resizing without loss in clarity; supportfor multi-column layouts, interactive quizzes, and math formulas.Seamless fulfillment of books across devices: With this newfeature, when a consumer fulfills a book on one device, the bookwill be automatically downloaded to all the other devices thatbelong to this consumer (activated using the same user ID). •Choose from different font sizes and five easy-to-read page modes •Highlight your favorite passages and add notes with the built-inbookmarking features • Easily find a word or a character anywherein the book with the powerful search feature • Use the night mode,or adjust your screen brightness to find the perfect lighting forany environment By downloading, you agree to the Terms of Use at,http://www.adobe.com/special/misc/terms.html
Adobe Illustrator Draw 3.5.1 APK
Winner of the Tabby Award for Creation, Design and Editing andPlayStore Editor’s Choice Award! Create vector artwork with imageand drawing layers you can send to Adobe Illustrator CC or toPhotoshop CC. Illustrators, graphic designers and artists can: •Zoom up to 64x to apply finer details. • Sketch with five differentpen tips with adjustable opacity, size and color. • Work withmultiple image and drawing layers. • Rename, duplicate, merge andadjust each individual layer. • Insert basic shape stencils or newvector shapes from Capture CC. • Send an editable native file toIllustrator or a PSD to Photoshop that automatically opens on yourdesktop. Try using Draw with: Photoshop CC Illustrator CC CaptureCC Photoshop Sketch You can also take advantage of other CreativeCloud services like: ADOBE STOCK Search for and license high-res,royalty-free images from inside Draw. Incorporate quality imageryinto your work. CREATIVE CLOUD LIBRARIES Get easy in-app access toyour assets — including Adobe Stock images, photos you processed inLightroom, or scalable vector-based shapes created in Capture CC.POWERED BY CREATIVESYNC Adobe CreativeSync ensures that your files,fonts, design assets, settings and more all instantly appear inyour workflow wherever you need them. Start your creative work onany device and seamlessly pick it up on another. GET FEEDBACKPublish your work to the Behance creative community and getfeedback without leaving the app. You can also share throughFacebook, Twitter and email. Adobe Terms of Use:https://www.adobe.com/legal/terms-linkfree.html Adobe PrivacyPolicy: https://www.adobe.com/privacy/policy-linkfree.html