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When you enter the world of ADRENALYN XL™online you will find that everything is perfectly organized toplayat the highest level. You can play training and friendlymatches,and finally, professional tournaments. You also have theoption ofplaying with all available cards or with restrictions. Youcan playprofessional matches in tournaments and score points inorder tomove up in the overall ranking of all participants. Be theleaderin the tournaments ranking around the world!

Use your existing Adrenalyn XL ™ account or register for afreeaccount within the application.

Discover the new Adrenalyn XL ™ Liga Nos 2016/17 universe!

App Information AdrenalynXL™ Liga Nos 2016/17

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    AdrenalynXL™ Liga Nos 2016/17
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  • Updated
    January 27, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    5,000 - 10,000
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    Visit website Email webinfo@panini.it Privacy Policy
    PANINI S.P.A. - SOCIO ÚNICO Viale Emilio Po, 380 41126 Modena Italy
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This is the official application of Adrenalyn XL™ LaLiga Santander2018/19 of Panini, the only online card game of LaLiga Santander.Activate the code that appears on the back of the real cards of thecollection and access on the exciting Adrenalyn universe. You cancreate the team of your dreams, play, compete, lose, win and, aboveall, enjoy all your passion for football and ADRENALYN XL™. Whenyou enter the world of ADRENALYN XL ™ online you will discover thateverything is perfectly organized so you can play at the highestlevel. With NEW GRAPHICS that will bring a NEW VIRTUAL EXPERIENCEto your online matches! You can play training and professionaltournaments. You also have the option of playing with all availablecards or with restrictions. You can play professional matches intournaments and score points in order to move up in the overallranking of all participants. Be the leader in the tournamentsranking around the world! Enjoy and compete in CLASSIC or EVOLUTIONmode, where strategy is the key to be "the best" and where yourcards will come alive! Use your existing Adrenalyn XL ™ account orregister for a free account within the application. Discover thenew Adrenalyn XL ™ LaLiga SANTANDER 2018/19 universe!
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These is the official Panini Adrenalyn XL™UEFA EURO 2016™ app, to play against your friends.Active the codes printed on the back of the trading cards anddiscover the Adrenalyn XL™ universe. You can create your dream teamwith the EURO 2016 champions and fully enjoy your passion forfootball and ADRENALYN XL™.Discover the new game mode LIGA MANAGER, where you can chooseyour line-up and the system will manage your team while you areoffline.With SAGA mode you will explore the EURO 2016 venues challengingthe national teams qualified for the tournament.Discover the new Adrenalyn XL™ UEFA EURO 2016™!
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Enjoy the new official app Adrenalyn XL™ Calciatori 2019-2020, theonly official trading card game of the Italian league. Activateyour card and be part of the exciting Adernalyn XL™ community.Manage your own line-up and challenge hundreds of users all aroundor train your strategies challenging the AI. Are you ready to lineup your favorite team? Get passionate, feel the excitement andenjoy the entertainment of the Adrenalyn XL™ Calciatori 2019-2020Trading Card Game. NEW "EVOLUTION" MODE! Enjoy this novelty in theonline game. More competitive, more strategic, more exciting!Entering the world of Adrenalyn XL™ you will see that everything isperfectly organized to let you climb the rankings and become thetop player of the game. Lots of options are available: you can havefun creating dream teams, challenge your friends or join newtournaments when only skilled players can reach the final andbecome the champion! As the game difficulty grows, so too thepassion and the challenge increase. It is not easy to become thetop player of the ranking... But consider it as an excitingchallenge! Do your best to be the champion! Calciatori AdrenalynXL™: your colours, your flags, your heroes! Are you ready tokickoff?
Supergolazo Mazda - Panini 0.6 APK
Llega el SúperGolazo Mazda, la aplicación conla que podrás ganar impresionantes  premios y entrar en elsorteo de un MAZDA MX-5.Acércate a tu punto de venta más cercano, hazte con tu sobres decromos de Panini y….. ¡que comiencen los sorteos!PUEDES CONSEGUIR COMPLETAR TU ÁLBUM VIRTUAL tendrás 5 cromosdigitales para coleccionar!El procedimiento es el siguiente:1. Escanea con la aplicación el código de 12 dígitos, que seencuentra en el dorso de cada cuatro sobres de Panini, para generarun cupón de 7 dígitos.2. Rasca el cupón que se te ha generado y gana premios físicos comocamisetas o cajas de cromos reales.3. En caso de que no seas agraciado con un premio físico, recibirás5 cromos digitales aleatorios que podrás coleccionar.¡Siempre vamos a tener un premio para ti!¿TE IMAGINAS CONDUCIENDO UN MAZDA MX-5?La traca final llegará el día 31 de agosto con el sorteo delespectacular MAZDA MX-5.¿Como puedo ser el ganador ?Cada código que canjees generará un cupón que supondrá unaparticipación, por lo que cuantos más cupones generes másparticipaciones conseguirás y más posibilidades tendrás paradisfrutar de uno de los mejores coches de MAZDA, el deportivoMX-5COLECCIONA TU PROPIO ÁLBUM DIGITAL¡Nunca te vamos a dejar sin premio! En caso de que no ganes unpremio físico recibirás 5 cromos digitales que podrás coleccionar ycompletar tu propio álbum digital.Ya puedes tener a tus jugadores favoritos de LaLiga en tu móvil,Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Luis Suárez…. ¡hazte con ellos y consigueser el mejor entrenador completando la colección!MISIONESEl SuperGolazo Mazda te lo pone fácil y te ayuda a que consigasel mayor número de cupones mediante un sistema de misiones con elque podrás desbloquear códigos que te permitirán recibir cuponesextra y aumentar tus posibilidades de ganar los innumerablespremios que ofrecemos¿A que estás esperando para meter el autentico golazo delverano?¡Hazlo ahora! Descárgate la app 100% gratuita, hazte con tupaquete de cromos de Panini y empieza a triunfar con nuestrospremios!Cualquier duda estamos a tu disposición:sorteo@supergolazomazda.comMazda SúperGolazoarrives, the application that can win awesome prizes and enter thedraw for a MAZDA MX-5.Visit your nearest point of sale, grab your envelopes and Paninistickers ... .. begin draw!You can get to complete your virtual album will have 5 digitaltrading cards to collect!The procedure is the next:1. Scan the application code 12 digits, located on the back of fourenvelopes Panini, to generate a coupon of 7 digits.2. Scratch the coupon that has been generated and you win physicalprizes like T-shirts or stickers actual boxes.3. If you are not blessed with a physical prize, you will receive 5random digital trading cards you can collect.We will always have a prize for you!Can you imagine DRIVING A MAZDA MX-5?The grand finale will arrive on August 31 with the draw MAZDAMX-5 spectacular.How can I be the winner?Each code that you redeem a coupon that will generate a share, sothe more coupons generate more shares and more likely you will getto enjoy one of the best cars Mazda MX-5 sportsCOLLECT YOUR OWN DIGITAL ALBUMNever let you leave without a prize! Should not win a physicalprize you will receive five digital trading cards that you cancollect and complete your own digital album.Now you can have your favorite players Laliga on your mobile,Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Luis Suarez .... Do yourself with themand be the best coach in completing the collection!MISSIONSThe Mazda SuperGolazo makes it easy and helps you to get thelargest number of coupons through a system of missions that canunlock the codes that allow you to receive extra coupons andincrease your chances of winning countless awards we offerWhat you're waiting to get the authentic goal of summer?Do it now! Download the app 100% free, grab your pack of Paninistickers and begins to win our prizes!Any questions are at your disposal:sorteo@supergolazomazda.com
FOOT AdrenalynXL™ 2019-20 5.0.1 APK
Enjoy the new official app Adrenalyn XL™ Ligue 1 2019-2020, theonly official trading card game of the French league. Activate yourcard code, printed on the back of your cards, and be part of theexciting Adernalyn XL™ community. Manage your own line-up andchallenge hundreds of users all around or train your strategieschallenging the AI. Are you ready to line up your favorite team?Get passionate, feel the excitement and enjoy the entertainment ofthe Adrenalyn XL™ Ligue 1 2019-2020 Trading Card Game. NEW"EVOLUTION" MODE! Enjoy this novelty in the online game. Morecompetitive, more strategic, more exciting! Entering the world ofAdrenalyn XL™ you will see that everything is perfectly organizedto let you climb the rankings and become the top player of thegame. Lots of options are available: you can have fun creatingdream teams, challenge your friends or join new tournaments whenonly skilled players can reach the final and become the champion!You can also play games with all the cards of the collection, orwith a certain limit of special cards, which intensifies thematches! As the game difficulty grows, so too the passion and thechallenge increase. When you join a professional tounrnament, youcan score points playing against your rivals to move up in theglobal rankings. It is not easy to become the top player of yourcountry's ranking... But consider it as an exciting challenge! Doyour best to be the champion! Use your existing Adrenalyn XL™account or register for free inside the app. Are you ready tokickoff?
#PaniniEarthRumble 1.03 APK
#PaniniEarthRumble – free mobile applicationtouse with Panini offline card collection “WORLD OF TANKSTCG”#PaniniEarthRumble – virtual collection of 3D tank renders fromthegame "World of Tanks" and even more...Install the app, find AR game board and complete yourtankcollection!Collect tanks, get promotion and share with friends!AR game board "WORLD OF TANKS TCG" by Panini is neededforcorrect operation of the app.Open the app, scan the AR game board and discover hidden featuresofcollectible cards in augmented reality.Collect cards, scan them and create your unique hangar.Each AR card activates new tanks and hidden features.With the app and card collection “WORLD OF TANKS TCG” byPaniniyou can:- unlock tanks- change locations- change weather conditions- get promoted in military rank- post your hangar in social networks- win bonus-codes for the game World of Tanks(Attention! Bonus-codes number is limited. Terms of receivingandusage of bonus-codes read in “Terms&Conditions” part insidetheapp)Where to buy cards?22 AR cards are part of standard 275 cards collection “WORLDOFTANKS TCG” by Panini – to buy in busters of 6 cards inpresskiosks.