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adventures of mario world is aclassicadventure strategy game which a journey of super smash boyin amagic world, that mario needs to stay alive in 80 levels andwinall of them so he can rescue the kidnapped Princess, and it'snotgoing to be easy on him because there is so much threats andsupersmash boy need to run and jump across jungle and stop enemies.

Our adventure game has 80 level and each level is harder thantheother level, so you need to be smart and clever to win all ofthemdon't worry there are some things to help Mr Bros like themushroomwhich does changing size and flower who giveshimfireball-throwing.

Super Smash is one of the most popular and enduring series ofalltime.
Super Smash is one of the best adventures fun game which bringyourchildhood back.

Features of Super Smash :

- 80 challenging level.
- Great Backgrounds and graphics and music.
- each 20 level has a unique magic world.
- Many Things to help like : mushroom, flower, shield,hiddenblocks.
- 5 challenging fight finals with the bosses of enemies.
- 28 items and abilities
- all free you don't need to pay anything.

App Information adventures of mario world

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من سيربح المليون 1.2 APK
Rayan Dv
من سيربح المليون هي لعبة البرنامج التلفزيونيالشهير و لعبة الأسئلة و الأجوبة الثقافية من سيربح المليون مع جورج,قم بالإجابة على خمسة عشر سؤالا ثقافيا لتفوز بمليون ريال سعودي،مسابقة الذكاء والتحدي لعبة من سيربح المليون الاصدار الاخير جربهامجانا الان باكثر من 250 سؤال في جميع المجالات لتختبر معلومات عامةلديك ستعيش تجربة لعبة ممتعة ورائعة بتصميم انيق ورائعة وبمؤثراتصوتيةستعجبك بالتاكيد.تتدرج الاسئلة لعبة من سيربح المليون من الاسهل الي الاصعب فكلمااجبت بشكل صحيح اقتربت اكثر رحلتك نحو المليون.استمتع بلعبة من سيربح المليون القديمة الرائعة، واختبر معلوماتكالعامة في المجالات المختلفة، وحاول الوصول إلي المليون من خلالاختيار الإجابة الصحيحة لكل سؤال. انقر علي شروط المسابقة إذا كنتتريد معرفة الشروط من سيربح المليون، وانقر علي الدخول للمسابقة لبدأاللعبة فوراً، طبعا كما هو معروف تتكون اللعبة من عدة اسئلة إلىالمليون متدرجين من الأسهل إلي الأصعب.هل تود اختبار معلوماتك العامة ومدى إطلاعك علي التاريخ والجغرافياوالعلوم والعواصم والرياضة والى اخره؟ يمكنك القيام بذلك الآن من خلالهذه اللعبة الرائعة من سيربح المليون، تطرح اللعبة عليك مجموعة منالأسئلة، مثل: كم شهراً تبلغ مدة دوران الأرض حول الشمس؟ وعليك أنتختار الإجابة الصحيحة (12 شهراً) من بين أربعة اختيارات محتملة،لتنتقل لسؤال آخر أكثر صعوبة، حتي تصل لنهاية الطريق وسؤالالمليون.Hotspot Shield is thegame of the famous TV show and game questions and cultural answersHotspot Shield with George, then answering the fifteen culturallyquestions to win one million Saudi riyals, intelligent andchallenging game Hotspot Shield contest the latest version Try itfor free now, more than 250 questions in all areas to test GeneralInformation you will live a fun game and a great experience stylishand exquisite design Bmatheratsotah'll love for sure.Questions ranging Game Hotspot Shield from easier to harderWhenever I answered correctly approached more trip around amillion.Enjoy a game of Who Wants magnificent ancient million, and TestYour Knowledge in various fields, and try to reach one million byselecting the correct answer for each question. Click on the termsof the competition if you want to know the conditions of a millionprofit, and click on the entry for the contest to start the gameimmediately, of course, is known as the game consists of severalquestions to one million Mtdrgen easier to harder.Would you like to test your knowledge and how to check out thehistory, geography, science and capitals, sports and so on? You cando this now through this wonderful game Hotspot Shield, the gameyou pose a series of questions, such as: How many months of theearth's rotation around the sun for? And you have to choose thecorrect answer (12 months) from among four possible choices, tomove to another question more difficult, until you reach the end ofthe road and asked a million.
Betting Tips 1.6 APK
Rayan Dv
Betting Tips is an application thatprovidesTips about soccer predictions. and Our football predictionsareclose to 100% winning rate.Betting Tips help you to get the right and the good footballtipsand Our soccer predictions are really great.All betting tips are specially selecting and analyzing byexpertsDaily, most reliable and most high success rate Bet tipsshared inour app.
Bet Tips 1.1 APK
Rayan Dv
Bet Tips is an application that providesTipsabout soccer predictions. and Our football predictions are safeandclose to 100% winning rate.Bet Tips help you to get the right and the good football tipsandOur soccer predictions are really great.All betting tips are specially selecting and analyzing byexpertsDaily, most reliable and most high success rate Bet tipsshared inour app.
وصلة wasla عربية 1.1 APK
Rayan Dv
لعبة وصلة wasla العربية جديدة كليامأخودةالفكرة من لعبة كلمات متقاطعة المشهورة لكن بشكل جديد عصريومسليأكثرهذه اللعبة هي على شكل موسوعة ثقافية في كل مرحلة تجد مجموعةمنالاسئلة المشوقة والممتعة في جميع المجالات, وكذلك الغاز جميلةتشغلالمخ وتوجد هذه الالغاز على شكل صورة و جملة او معلومة.الأجوبة هي على شكل حروف متقاطعة مشتركة ما يتيح لك كشف حروفالصحيحةبشكل سهل وانيق, وصلة تعتبر من افضل العاب ذكاء الرائعة ومسليةكذلكحيث عندما تكون انهيت واجبت على كل الالغاز والاسئلة تكون تشكللكرصيد معرفي كبير.مميزات لعبة وصلة wasla :- معلومات عامة في جميع المجالات- هي شكل جديد للعبة كلمات متقاطعة- من افضل العاب ذكاء- اكثر من 100 لغز يجب عليك حلها- waslacrosswordsوصلة وصل connect link يوصل crosswordGame link new ArabwaslaMokhodh whole idea of ​​the game crossword famous but in anewmodern and more entertainingThis game is in the form of a cultural encyclopedia at everystagefind a range of questions interesting and fun in all areas, aswellas a beautiful gas occupies the brain and there are thesepuzzlesin the form of an image and a sentence or information.The answers are in the form of joint cross lettering allows youtodetect the correct letters in an easy and elegant, and the linkisone of the best games intelligent fascinating and entertainingaswell as when it is finished and I answered all the riddlesandquestions you pose are significant cognitive balance.Game features a link wasla:- General information in all areas- Is a new form of the game crossword- One of the best Puzzle Games- More than 100 puzzle, you must be solved- WaslacrosswordsThe link connect link connects crossword
football predictions 1.0 APK
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football predictions is a very importantappthat will provide you betting tips about football matches,Ourfootball predictions are very awesome because it reach morethan80% winning rate.football predictions will definitely help you to guess therightand the perfect betting tips even if you don't havea good information about football matches that's our job will doitfor you. because all our football predictions arespeciallyselecting and analyzing by experts in betting online.In our betting tips app we share daily matches from themajorleagues in the world also we share international competitionsandwe share only the reliable matches and most high successratefootball predictions shared in our app.
prayer time (athan) 1.0 APK
Rayan Dv
Prayer times is an application thatprovidesthe Muslim daily pray schedule based on user location, andqibladirection wherever you are in the world.Before using this application please set your city locationandcalculation method from settings.MAIN FEATURES:- Displaying Prayer times with a pretty good natural andIslamictheme showing the next prayer.- Qibla direction all over the world to Mecca.- Ongoing notification with next prayer indicator withdifferenttheme to choose from.- Adhan notifications:- Activate the notifications in order to be informed when itistime, so that you won’t miss any prayer.- Select the athan for which you want to be warned.- Wake up to the sound of the alarm before the Fajr.
Phone call recorder 1.4 APK
Rayan Dv
phone call recorder is a fully featuredautomatic call recording app which help you to record your phonecalls when you call someone or when you call my phone, and you canuse Our phone call recorder appin both local and international calls, There is no setup process,simply start the app and make your first call.your recordings can be played back on your phone, either throughthe handset or the speaker, Also it allows you to transferthe recordings to your computer or to another phone.Use phone call recorder when you can't remember what was said on acall or you want it to hear back later,when you want to know exactly what was said, or when you want tohear the voice of a loved one.with phone call recorder you can:- Record your phone call.- Play the recording back.- Copy recording calls to your computer.- Password protection for your confidential recordings.- use can switch it to off or On.- Manual and auto recording options.phone call recorder steps :1- just make a phone call and it will be reorderingautomatically2- digital call recorder with clear voice.3- Open the app so you can find your recording call.4- you can save them on your device or transfer them to yourcomputer or delete them after listening to them.If you have any feedback or questions please contact us atcall.reco.app@gmail.comThanks!
mp3 cutter and ringtone maker 1.1 APK
Rayan Dv
mp3 cutter and ringtone maker is an appthatcan be used to cut track music right in your phone. Fastandstable, with many formats and you can make with them afreeringtones, our mp3 cutter and ringtone maker app is alsoabsolutelyfree.The mp3 cutter and ringtone maker app enables you to makeyourfree ringtones to fade in and fade out smoothly. This isusefulwhen making a phone ringtone, see also tips on audiocutting.With our mp3 cutter app, you don’t need to install audioeditingsoftware on your computer. You can cut an music track in acoupleof clicks right on your phone, Just upload the audio file,cut thesection you want, and save it to your device.No special skills are required to use our ringtone makerapp.It’s all simple just upload the file, select a fragment usingthesliders, and click "Cut". For more details see how to cut asongbelow.No more 5 click and the app makes a free ringtones foryourphone, saving the output file in mp3 format and making it40seconds long or more depends on yo. For more details see howtomake a free ringtones for your phone.MP3 Cutter is an utility app allows you to cut and split abigMP3 to small audio pieces. With MP3 Cutter youyou can split and cut track music and enjoy listening to yourownfree ringtones when someone's calling you.How to use Ringtone Maker:- Select mp3/music from your Phone.- Select the site that you want to be chopped from youraudio.- Save it as Ringtone/Music/Alarm/Notification.