1.0 / December 4, 2016
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Let's go hunting with Jungle Animals hunter in African wildlifehunting. This is an amazing realistic & accurate 3d besthunting game and best sniper shooting game. People who love to huntas alone sniper will love this animal first person sniper shootinggame where you don't have a team & you have to do it all alone.Use your gun to shoot wild jungle beast hunter like, lion,elephant, zebra, crocodile, hippopotamus, and rhinoceros. You goingto have the different accurate experience with every wild animalshoot. There are some furious wildlife creature, they always attackthe hunters. Deer and stags are the most favorite beast hunter.This game gives you an awesome experience with accurate real 3Dgraphics, sound effect and the environment. Don't forget to takehead shot in this hunt area of wildlife creature. Jungle Hunting ishere in African jungle. If you're looking for a sniper game whereyou need to hunt for all kinds of beast. This game is one of thejungle adventure from other shooting games and wildlife beasthunting games, it might be said that you are facing the challengeof sparing jeopardized creatures on earth to make them silly sothat veterinary masters can review them for restorative treatment.This game tests your energies, temper, and courage and how good youare in accepting the challenge.STORYIn this animal hunting game youare the alone sniper, pick your most loved animal you think aboutand affection to help for their medicinal treatment. You got LION,ELEPHANT, ZEBRA, CROCODILE, HIPPOPOTAMUS, and RHINOCEROS. You got 5levels to play with every beast. African forest sniper shootinggame is never ending fun & adventure and most importantly itshows how much you care about saving endangered species of animalson earth.Features:1. Dangerous Realistic Forest Environment 2. Wildcreature out there to chase 3. Hunting among different animals4.Realistic Sniper Shooting Hunt stacked with standard ammo 5.Different animals to select as target 6. Multiple levels againstevery animal. 7. Best Sniper Shooting Experience in Forest 8.Superb designHow to Play:1. Select the endangered animal to focusfrom LION, ELEPHANT, ZEBRA, CROCODILE, HIPPOPOTAMUS, andRHINOCEROS. 2. Complete level by hunting all creature in that levelto open next level 3. Take zoom shoot at target with gun; make sureanimals are at your reach. 4. Navigate in forest on swiping at leftof your phone5. You can use zoom and then press shooting buttons tohit6. You can check help screen before playing

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    African Wildlife Animal Hunter
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    December 4, 2016
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Balloons Arrow Shooting game is the best one for shooting loverusers. If you like balloons then have a look at this shooting game,which is quite simple and amazing. Once you choose this game toplay surely you will not leave it until completion of all levels.In this game Arrows are used to shoot balloons. If you are willingto score more and more then you will get a high score otherwise youwill lose the competition of shooting all the balloons. BalloonsArrow Shooting is a simple archery game. Users will enjoy theinteractive game play of this game. How to Play:• Pull back theArrow from your bow and burst the balloon.Game Features:• Balloonsare flying towards sky.• Arrows are used to burst the balloons.•Balloons are of different sizes and multiple colors
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Now Your mission is to win beads Star, passthe levels and try to get all stars in every levelJoin Beads with exciting match-3 puzzle & adventure through thebeautiful Beads land!Discover secrets of the Beads Land, create combinations of 3,4 or 5Beads or gemstone . Enjoy each and every level with unique ultimatechallengesDownload match 3 beads for FREE now!Features:- Play 298 LEVELS to unlock more Levels of Beads or gems fun.- Stunning graphics and Superb effects.- Incredible powers and bonuses.- power combos to Smash colorfull explosions.- Special rewards all the time.- Build your own Beads Land.How to play:- Match 3 or more identical Beads.- Match the Beads until the board transparency,the beads star willappear.- Make the Beads star down to last line to clear the level.- Match 4 Beads can win the Beads's bomb .- Match 5 Beads can win color-changing beads.- The Color-changing Beads can eliminate to any other coloredBeads.- The Power of bead can eliminate beads in one row
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