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This app gives Age of Agility Summit attendees access to localevent information, the national tour workbook, and the onlinecommunity. Help us generate actionable strategies and tactics toimprove education-to-employment pathways across the country.---AtAmerica Succeeds, we are on a mission. Over the past year, we havezeroed in on a specific problem on the horizon: we send ourchildren to school to prepare them for the real world, which ischanging very fast, but our schools have not evolved at the samepace. Extreme innovations in technology are forcing radical shiftsin the workforce and, consequently, drastic changes are needed inhow we educate students. Technologists, futurists, and businessleaders alike are referring to this fundamental shift as the nextIndustrial Revolution. We call it the Age of Agility. Along withour tour co-hosts - the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation andAmerican Enterprise Institute - and local partners, we are takingthe Age of Agility to cities across the country to seek solutionsfor the misalignment between what is being taught in schools andthe knowledge, skills and behaviors required to succeed in themodern workforce. ---Download the app to : - View the fullconference agenda: learn more about your event speakers and thenational tour sponsors.- Network with other attendees: see who elseis attending, start conversations and share event photos.- Diveinto problem-solving: read the 2017 “Age of Agility” report, accessthe tour workbook, and join our online community.http://theageofagility.comhttp://twitter.com/AmericaSucceedshttp://facebook.com/AmericaSucceeds

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