1.0 / November 27, 2017
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Do you have what it takes to master your spaceship as well ascombat on land to fight Pirate Droids in The Red Galaxy? Noteveryone can be a space agent! Follow clues flying from asteroid toasteroid and rescue your Riya, who was kidnapped from a spacecruiser on your honeymoon. Finish the story to access leader boardsand compete in space or on land with other agents online.Discover afun way to steer your spaceship by turning your phone so you haveyour fingers free to fight. When running, turn your space agent byturning the phone and use the virtual joystick to run and strafe.New and cool way to play the jump & run part of this game.Goodluck, future agent!____________________________How we show ads:Adsare displayed only after finishing first 3 levels. If you win, youcan skip an ad but if you lose, you need to watch it. Please, donot forget ads are the only way to make this game free of chargefor you.

App Information Agent Spacekite: A Galactic Adventure

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    Agent Spacekite: A Galactic Adventure
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    November 27, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Zoopa Big
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    Ul. Rymanowska 15 LODZ 93-526 POLAND
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