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AGMER - Por una escuela pública para la liberación de lospueblos.AGMER - Asociación Gremial del Magisterio de Entre RíosAGMER - Fora public school for the liberation of peoples. AGMER -ProfessionalAssociation of Teachers of Entre Rios

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    February 19, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Dolem Labs
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    News & Magazines
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    Calle Pública 2862, Concordia, Entre Ríos, Argentina CP: 3200
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com.dolemlabs.alturadelrio 2.0.66 APK
Dolem Labs
Altura de los Ríos es una aplicación que pretende acercarte lainformación de los ríos basados en los puertos apostados en ellos.La información es obtenida del sitio oficial de Prefectura NavalArgentina, la cual es actualizada por los entes competentes variasveces por día. Le proveemos información acerca de más de 80puertos. Es posible buscar puertos por sus nombres, y marcarloscomo favoritos desde la lista de resultados, también se puede verla lista de los puertos favoritos, para ver su estado general.(momentáneamente bajo desarrollo). Ya no es necesario tener o crearun usuario para poder acceder a la información, ahora puedesacceder a esta de una forma más ágil! Es posible ver informaciónsobre el clima actual en los puertos. Sección de "Puertos conalertas vigentes", en donde se muestran los puertos en los que seha decretado alerta por el nivel del río. Sección de "Alertasmeteorológicas", ahora al alcance de tu mano, los alertasmeteorológicos vigentes, emitidos por el SMN. Nueva sección deestado y previsión del clima: - Información astronómica. -Información atmosférica. - Información del viento. - Previsión de10 días. Nueva característica "Faja de calidad", que indicamediante colores el estado de la información - Verde: Informaciónbuena, actualizada y confiable. - Naranja: Informacióndesactualizada (generalmente cuando la información lleva más de24hs sin ser actualizada). - Rojo: Cuando no se dispone deinformación actualizada, generalmente cuando no se puede acceder ala fuente de datos. Nueva característica "etiqueta de nuevopuerto", que indica si un puerto ha sido añadido recientemente.Nueva sección de noticias, en donde se podrán ver noticias dedistintos medios, relacionadas a inundaciones o crecientes de losríos. Rivers height is an application that aims to approach theinformation river ports based on wagered on them. The informationis obtained from the official site of Naval Prefecture Argentina,which is updated by the competent authorities several times perday. We provide information about more than 80 ports. You cansearch ports by name, and mark them as favorites from the list ofresults, you can also see the list of the favorite ports, to viewoverall. (Momentarily under development). You do not need to haveor create a user to access the information, now you can access thisin a more agile way! You can view information about the currentclimate in ports. Section "Ports with alerts in place," where theports has been decreed alert the river level is. Section "WeatherAlerts" now at your fingertips, current weather alerts issued bythe SMN. New section status and forecast weather: - astronomicalinformation. - atmospheric information. - Wind information. -Forecast 10 days. New feature "Faja quality" which indicates bycolor status information - Green: good, up to date and reliable. -Orange: outdated information (usually when information takes morethan 24 hours without being updated). - Red: When no dateinformation available, usually when you can not access the datasource. New feature "label new port", which indicates whether aport has been added recently. News section, where you can seevarious news media, related to flooding or flooding rivers.
Dollaroid 2.12 APK
Dolem Labs
See the updated price of the dollar in Argentina and in the rest ofthe world, daily updated with our servers.- Instantly get the priceof official and parallel dollar.- Calculates the conversion of anamount to argentinian pesos or dollar (official and parallel).-Dollaroid is under constantly development and we will try to updateit periodically with new features.- Get a list of comparisons ofthe dollar value against the rest of currencies of the world.
Social Weather 1.0.38 APK
Dolem Labs
What is Social Weather?Social Weather is an application to know thegeneral status of the weather in a real time and collaborative.Eachperson can create an upload their own weather report wherever theyare, indicating the parameters to report, such as:- Weather status-Temperature- Humidity- Pressure- UV Index- Wind speed anddirection- It is also possible to write a title for your report.-And if you want, you can also write an extended detail using yourwords, or just copying and pasting a report from another site.Thecreated reports will be seen by other people, who like you, usesthe application and generate their own reports for thecommunity.Creating reports is more straightforward as ever!Now,when creating a report, the assistant pre populates the report foryou, using the current weather information, based on you currentlocation.Then you can edit it as needed and publish it. How longdoes a report have?Currently, we only have ephemeral or volatilereports, which have three hours of life. After that, they arediscarded and they will not be longer visible nor available.ReportseditionNow, a person can create an unique report, and update itlater on, as the weather condition changes.When you edit yourreport, its three hours period of validity is reinitialized.Weatherreports and measurement unitsThe reports can be generated usingdifferent combinations of units of measurement; temperature,humidity, etc.What's great about this is that you shouldn't beworry about that, you just select the measurement units what youprefer, and the reports will be adjusted to them, the values willbe auto converted, from the original values/units to the ones youprefer.Area of scope to receive reportsBy default, and to saveresources, the scope has been set to 30 kilometers, this means thatyou will see the reports generated in a distance radius of 30kilometers.But don't worry, you can expand the scope up to amaximum of 1000 kilometers.Add audio and photosNow you can add aphoto and an audio message!If you have any doubts, criticisms orsuggestions, just contact us: contact@dolemlabs.com, we willrespond to all the emails.Facebook Fan Page
Action Tracker 1.2.4 APK
Dolem Labs
- How many times has it happened that you did something, but youdon't remember when, or at what time?- Or worse still, notremembering whether he did or not, and in the doubt, you decide todo not do it?- These questions are especially important onsensitive issues such as taking medications.Do not forget thingsanymore, with this application you will be able to keep track ofyour important actions, with a single click.Later you will be ableto consult a detailed report of the number of times a task wasperformed or an event occurred, what days and at what time.- Keepyour vices at bay, keeping counts for example, every time you buycigarettes or your favorite drink.- If you suffer from chronic painof any kind, you can easily track them.- Remember the oil changesof your car or motorcycle.- How often do you feel stressed? Enterit in the application and after a few weeks you will be able to seestatistics of how often it happens, and perhaps with what it mightbe related to.- Do you want to know how much does the gas tubechange? How long does it last? You will now be able to follow upevery time you change the tube.- Do you think that you eat junkfood very often ?, that should not be in that way!, be sure if itpasses or does not pass, keep track of it!- Track any action orevent.Use qualifiers:You can use qualifiers to describe or addextra information to the events or actions.For example, if you aretracking a head pain, you can use the intensity qualifier for it,so every time you add a new track for it, you will be able toselect the qualifiers: weak, very little, moderate, strong, verystrong, unbearable, etcSome available qualifier types are:*Numeric* Roman numbers* Letters* Quality* Intensity* Star* Coloredcircle* Battery level* Signal level* Emoticons* Hour* Level*Thumbs* Size* Temperature* Days of the week* Months* AgeAs simpleas clicking, as useful as a paper note, but tidier, faster and moreversatile.
Entre Ríos Ya 1.0.33 APK
Dolem Labs
Las Noticias de Entre Ríos actualizadas las 24 horasNews of EntreRios updated 24 hours
Federal al Día 1.0.31 APK
Dolem Labs
Federal al Día - Un paso adelante en el tiempo.El portalinformativo de LRM 910 RADIO INTEGRACION.Federal Day - One stepforward in time.The information portal LRM 910 RADIO integration.
Radio Mitre News - Leé y escuchá las noticias! 1.0.30 APK
Dolem Labs
Radio Mitre - Leé y escuchá las últimas noticias!Radio Mitre,emisora de reconocida trayectoria por su programación de noticias yactualidad. Cuenta cada 30 minutos con el servicio de noticias"Mitre Informa Primero" que ha recibido 13 Martín Fierro y elpremio Rey de España 2001. Jorge Lanata, Marcelo Longobardi,Magdalena Ruíz Guiñazú, Alfredo Leuco, Jorge Fernández Díaz,Marcelo Bonelli, Diego Leuco, Cristina Pérez y muchos más integransu reconocido staff.Radio Miter - Read and listen to the latestnews!Radio Miter station renowned for its news and current affairsprogramming. Every 30 minutes news service "Miter Informa First"has received 13 Martin Fierro and the King of Spain 2001. JorgeLanata, Marcelo Longobardi, Magdalena Ruiz Guiñazú, Alfredo Leuco,Jorge Fernandez Diaz, Marcelo Bonelli, Diego Leuco Award CristinaPerez and many more make up its recognized staff.
Fair Observer - Make sense of the world 1.0.5 APK
Dolem Labs
Fair Observer is a section 501(c)(3) nonprofit media organizationin the US that educates global citizens both through its journaland its teaching programs. Our crowdsourced multimedia journal,with strong editorial processes, provides a 360° view to help youmake sense of the world. Our education and training programs forstudents, young professionals and business executives coversubjects like journalism, geopolitics, the global economy,diversity and more.We stand against ignorance and apathy. We havetaken on the role of the fourth estate to inform and educate thepublic. It is not enough to know about one’s neighborhood, city orcountry. The destinies of over 7 billion people are increasinglyintertwined. We are all global citizens and it is now time for atruly global discourse. As a nonprofit media organization, FairObserver is fostering this new elevated and inclusive discourse.Werecognize that consequential issues we face are complex. Forinstance, the drive for economic growth is often accompanied byincreasing inequality and environmental degradation. Similarly,governments claim to need sweeping surveillance powers to protecttheir citizens, but critics fear this power grab makes statesOrwellian. To understand such issues, we need to consider manyarguments. Therefore, Fair Observer propounds a plurality ofperspectives to help make sense of the world.In our global era, weare confronting enormous challenges requiring innovative solutions.Therefore, we must question our fundamental assumptions and thinkin novel ways. To do so, we need exposure to new ideas, voices andnarratives. The story of the world can no longer be told byself-anointed elites. This story is too big, too complex and tooimportant to be the monopoly of any narrow group. The top-downmodel no longer works. The story of the world has to be told by theworld itself.Each of us is the narrator of that story. Yourperspective matters to those who want to make sense of the world.Let us know what you care about, send us content in anyform—articles, reports, videos, photo features, infographics orcartoons—and write to us if you want to join our team.Finally,remember that we survive and thrive thanks to your involvement. Weavoid many pressures of for-profit media because we do not chaseprofit, and our only goal is to serve you. Support us in ourmission to make sense of the world.