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Introduction: In order to help agriculture extension workersforeffective agricultural developments, Punjab PublicManagementReform Program (PPMRP) introduced an application foragriculturalinterventions named AgriSmart. The AgriSmart initiativehas beentaken to create a digital data base of: • Farmer advisoryservices• Plant clinics • Crop reporting • Pest scouting andwarnings •Farmer trainings and mega gatherings • Monitoring ofagriculturalinputs This digitization of agricultural data willenable theimplementation of long-term strategies to increase yieldsand landuse maximization. The whole idea has been designed tofacilitatefarmers and consequently improve productivity whereas thedatabaseof the reported activities shall be used to plan moreeffectiveagriculturalinterventions.---------------------------------------------------Scope: Thisapplication is covering full scope of the AgricultureDepartmentExtension Wing. Keeping in view the needs of PerformanceMonitoringSystem, HR module, User Tracking, Digitization of LeaveApprovalSystem, Complaint Management System, Soil Sampling,andModification of Farmers Training Program, application iscoveringall these activities, Moreover this application is firstever tohave checks on Quality Control of Fertilizers and keep trackonResearch Trails. Application consists of 6 modules and 19forms.Application Services: • Fertilizer Monitoring System •LeaveApplication • Complaints • Extension Activities • Reporting •PestWarning • Departmental Activities • Non-Departmental Activities•Soil Sampling • Farmer Training Programme • Feedback Forms•Research Trial

App Information Agri Smart

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SIS Punjab 5.3.9 APK
School Information System App is used by Public Schools of Punjab,Pakistan, to self-report data in real-time. To use this app, allschools must first be registered with the School EducationDepartment.
Agri Smart beta APK
Agrismart is an initiative by PunjabAgriculture department to monitor the activities of its fieldstaff. The field staff can tag their location and select theactivity which is thereafter displayed on the map in thecorresponding web app.
Pakistan Army Retribution 1.01 APK
The task ahead of you, is never as great asthepower behind you. Indulge yourself in the patriotism ofPakistan andfight against the armed terrorists. Never lose focusand stand stillon the battle ground against the enemies ofPakistan. Play as theleading role in the armed forces of Pakistanand fight for yournation’s pride in this first person shooter. Usesniper and machinegun to eliminate the terrorist forces.STORYA group of armed terrorist squad has breached the security ofanarmy school for kids. They have taken over the control andkeptstudents as hostages. Pakistan Army is best known for itscourage,bravery and determination for their nation Pakistan. Theydon’ttarget kids, they fight like real soldiers. Rushing to theschool,comes the army soldiers of Pakistan to rescue the civiliansandeliminate the terrorist.A patriot must always be ready to fight against any attack.Noone lays a hand on our beloved country Pakistan. As a Nation,wewill retaliate against any attacks and the Militants ofPakistannever quits, they always battle till the last breath.THOUSANDS LAID THEIR LIVES SO THAT OUR COUNTRY BREATHTHISDAY.NEVER FORGET THEIR SACRIFICE.PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!!!
Wasa Punjab 2.6 APK
It is an app for tracking WASA activities.There are two major features of this APP one is Monitoring andother is helpline.
Hospital Watch 2.1 APK
An application to watch Hospitals
GreenPhone Beta APK
Want a secure call for free? Just installGreenPhone. It's that simple.GreenPhone secures your conversation so that no one else can hearit.• GreenPhone provides you call functionality using your own numberso that you do not need to get another identifier• GreenPhone proffers you with encrypted calls whenever the personyou're calling also has GreenPhone installed• With GreenPhone, you get end-to-end encrypted call• Uses wifi or data, not your plan's voice minutes for call
SSC Impersonation Detector 1.0 APK
Its the Application to verify Roll Number,Candidates will enter their Roll Number,in response of valid RollNumber application will show the picture and other detail ofCandidate.
Monitoring of Polio Campaign 1.2.7 APK
Monitoring System of Polio Campaign is an initiative of the PunjabInformation Technology Board along with the Punjab HealthDepartment to develop a monitoring mechanism for the supervision ofPolio in the Punjab province. This application will help the Poliocampaign monitoring staff in supervision of the polio teams andalso enable the automation of the polio campaign with real timedata being shared , which being available via an online dashboard.The entire campaign would be monitored on a daily basis through theandroid application and the information shared at day end with theconcerned stakeholders.